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Emotional Cheating

“Hiya love.”

Harry greeted from the doorway of your shared bedroom, his eyes looking discreetly at the clock that stated it’s 1 AM in the wee hours of morning.

“Told you not to wait up for me.”

He took his polo off that was slightly damp from his swear along with his jeans, leaving him in his boxers, going to the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth, feeling the extra fatigue come to his system once he felt fresh from having been tired in the studio and having a few drinks in the bar.

He went to your side of the bed and pressed a kiss on your cheek, a downgrade of what used to be a long kiss on your lips or a hug in where he’d nuzzle his face on the crook of your neck, completely inhaling your scent before pressing little kisses.

“How was your day?”

“’S good, finished some backing vocals. Had a few drinks with Nick and Kendall.”

Your stomach slightly felt queasy at the mention of her, but the feeling lifted for a second to realize that Harry’s your boyfriend, not her’s.

You weren’t blind to not see the older pictures of Harry and Kendall every time you scrolled down your feed of any social media account, nor the times Hardy made clear and evident that she was just a friend yet with him being a bit more talkative when she was there.

Yet deep inside you, you had the assurance that Harry loves you, yet not eaxactly as much as expressive as you are.

“You tired, baby?”

You asked, your hand going through his hair which made him release a sound of comfort, his head pressed upon your palm, humming out an answer you expected.


You immediately relaxed once you heard Harry’s voice the moment he accepted your call, the bass of the loud music as his background not going unnoticed.

“Where are you, love?”

“O — oh! I forgot to tell you this morning! It’s Kendall’s birthday today!”

The plan of spending a special night with Harry crumbled underneath your fingertips, making you take a deep breath to control yourself.

It was supposed to be a night to be spent completely between the both of you, especially now that you were promoted a rank higher in your job, something that you’ve hoped for ever since the start.

“What time are you going home, H?”

He hummed, the image of Harry probably looking at his watch striking in your mind, making you wait anxiously.

“Maybe a few minutes after midnight? And Y/N, baby, I told you not to wait up for me. ’S the reason why you’re always tired in the morning.”

“God forbid I get tired, Harry. Wish her a happy birthday for me, will you?”

“Will do, love,” he almost shouted since he couldn’t hear himself through the music, the sound of his name being called by probably one of his friends being heard by the both of you.

“Okay. I love y-…”

You were cut short with the line being completely dropped, upsetting you maybe a bit more than it should, making you turn your attention to the drink in front of you.

“Cheating. They call it emotional cheating.”


Harry’s eyebrows immediately furrowed from what you were saying, stopping himself from putting some clothes in his duffel bag that would last him for a day and in his toiletries, his attention completely turning towards you whose arms are crossed and standing in the doorway.

“Love, what the hell are you saying?”

He asked, nearing towards you and putting his hands on your shoulder, a concerned look on his face.

“Is this about your birthday tomorrow? Baby, I told you I would make up for it. You know I promised James I would come to his baby shower. Which happens to be in a yacht for a day.”



“I would be lying if I tell you that I didn’t notice how invested you are in Kendall. Every time you see her, the picture; the conversations.”

Harry breathed out since he noticed you lately of you changing your habits slightly, of how your eyes looked tired.

Yet beyond that, he didn’t seem to notice on how much you compromised. On how much you adjusted your life around him so you could be simply with him.

“Love, it just happens that James invited Kendall too. It isn’t my decision.”

You stared at your feet, feeling the hollowness in your heart for what felt alike in the past few months, your hands being put on top of his shoulders.

“You love me, right?”

“I do.”

It was obvious.

The moment Harry appeared on the door from the night after James’ baby shower, he already knew that you knew it.

And in fact, you already knew it, if it wasn’t for the people tagging you on posts numerously that your phone blew up with notifications, nor the text James sent saying that he’s sincerely sorry because if he knew, he wouldn’t invite either of them and even scold Harry.

He was looking at you expectingly, the tears already flowing out of his eyes as his heart dropped on the sight of you sitting silently on the couch, cussing himself silently of how much he messed up.

“Please say something.”

His voice cracked, pleading for you to say anything, whether it would favor him or not because at that moment, the silence was killing him slowly. He knew how well you could give a silent treatment and remembered a promise to himself long ago that he wouldn’t cross you again because he hates it.

He hates every single bit of it.

“That’s a nice birthday present.”

His heart tightened of what she just said, regretting the things he’ve done faster than when he did it, fully knowing that you can’t and you’re not looking into his eyes.

“I’m giving you a choice. So you wouldn’t think of me as being selfish.”

You stood up, looking down the floor until your feet was a good ruler away from his shoes, making it as a basis so that you wouldn’t get close to him.

“Five days. First choice is I stay here and not talk nor do anything that has to do with me interacting with you. Second is that I stay in a hotel and we could talk. On the phone, one call. Five minutes a day.”

“Love-…” Harry cut himself short, clenching and unclenching his fist at the weight of the moment he carries.

“It would kill me to not either see you nor talk to you.”

You wanted to fight him with what he said, but you took off the urge, your gaze still fixed on the floor.


Harry gulped, desperately wanting to fix what he caused in the first place.


“Fucking pick.”

He knew it. He knew it better than anyone should to not break your trust. Especially when you cussed at him while fighting. And yet again, he brought it upon himself. The both of you suffering.

Harry hiccuped out his answer amidst his tears, feeling the pain sear right through his seams that he felt shitty to say the least.


Would he use his five minutes now?

It was less than thirty minutes after you left the house on the same day he went home, bringing yourself and nothing else but your car, your keys, your phone and your cash.

You figured that you would buy clothes in the mini boutiques the hotel has once the air gets too suffocating in your room.

You figured that you would rely on the hotel’s complimentary incentives for the toilteries.

You figured that you would have a drink or two from the mini bar they consider that’s in their mini refigerator.

Harry thought of it for a moment if it would be a good time to use his five minutes. Even better is what’s he going to say.

Your commitment is hanging on by five phone calls he’s going to make, your judgement, and maybe includes his prayers for you to be back on his arms.

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Reputation Secret Sessions LA: My Story

Ive been really busy with work and school these past two days but I finally have some downtime. I have had my blog for about 7 years and 5 out of those 7 years, I have dedicated my blog to Taylor. I have met the most amazing people on here thanks to Taylor. She never followed me, never liked any of my posts. As far as I knew, she had no idea who I was. I always wished I would be able to meet her and be able to thank her in person for all she has done for me, but I was realistic and accepted the fact that it wasn’t going to happen. Then last Thursday, all that changed.

As I was brushing my teeth Thursday morning I received a DM from Taylor Nation here on tumblr. I began shaking as soon as I opened the message. I could not believe that they had reached out to me! I gave them my information and later on received a call from them inviting me to a fan event. I was hopeful that it was a secret session but I did not want to get my hopes up. Once I arrived at the meeting point, I went to check in and I saw the wristbands that said “Los Angeles” in the reputation font. In that moment, I knew that I was about to meet the person that inspired me for the last 8 years!!!

I was able to meet 4 of the sweetest girls Abbey, Candice, Cindy, and Holly. We clicked immediately and decided to stick together through the entire night. When we arrived at Taylor’s house they had us wait in the back yard until the entire group arrived. There was pizza, sushi, rep cookies, and rep M&Ms. The last group finally arrives and they escort us into the living room area. We immediately head towards the chair at the front which was where Taylor was going to be sitting. About 5 minutes later Taylor walks in with Jack, Alana, Ruby and some other friends! My heart was beating so fast! There she was, the woman whose music and character saved my life. She makes her way to the front of the room in MY DIRECTION!! She goes to hug me and says with a huge smile “Hi honey!” I honestly don’t know how I didn’t pass out right then and there.

So she goes ahead and plays us the album and explains details about each song. And let me just tell you, this album is so fucking good! Ya’ll are not even remotely ready for it! I honestly can’t wait to hear it again in about two weeks!!!! So she tells us that she is going to freshen up and get some water and then she will take pictures. Everyone is mingling as her team is setting up for photos.We just so happened to be standing where the line began. I was the sixth person to take a picture with her. I walk towards her, my heart beating rapidly, hands and feet shaking. We hug and she says “Hi, I’m so glad you’re here. Thank you for coming.” I said “I love you so much” and she said “I love you too. Oh my god you are so beautiful and your skin is so flawless! Do you even have pores?!?” I told her “Thank you. I just want to thank you for everything you have done. You have no idea you saved my life with Red. ” and she goes “YOUR SKIN SAVED MY LIFE!”. At this point I was ready to cry! I was so emotional and my eyes were filling up with tears. I said “Red got me through such a difficult time and when you released Clean, I felt like everything I had gone through was made better. You knew exactly what I couldn’t say and put it into a song. So thank you.” Then she said “No, thank you. That is the best compliment anyone could give me. I’m so glad that Cleans means so much to you and is so special to you.” Then she hugged me again and asked if I knew what I wanted to do with our picture and I told her I just wanted a picture of us hugging. So we go take our picture and when we have to say goodbye, we hugged, she grabbed my hands, looked me in the eyes and said “Thanks again for coming. I’m so glad you could make it. I had so much fun with you. I love you. Hopefully I’ll see you soon” and we hugged one last time and I was escorted out.

The whole time I wondered how I ended up in Taylor’s living room on a Sunday (specially the Sunday that marked the 5 year anniversary of Red!) having a dance party to Look What You Made Me do. She mentioned in during the secret sessions that she had hand picked all of us over the last year and a half. I still cannot believe that this happened to me. It feels so surreal. I cannot wait to get my picture and share it with all of you.

I hope that none of you ever lose hope that this may happen to you. It happened to me and she doesn’t even follow me! Taylor loves all of us and she has proved that time and time again. If you read all of this, thank you, I know it was really long lol.

Good night!


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I’m on a bit of a Batdad kick and I’m trying to write stories that focus on Bruce bonding with his kids. This one is Bruce and Cass bonding. I hope you guys enjoy.

Summary: Bruce takes Cass to a ballet 

Rating: G

Words: 3k (ish)

AO3 Link

Bruce adjusted his tie, straightening it in his mirrored image before he reached into his jacket pocket to make sure the ballet tickets were still in his pocket. With how much funding he gave the theater they were more for appearance than an actual requirement, but they felt important all the same. He pulled his coat back into place and checked the tie one more time before a voice called his attention to the door.

Cass stood frowning at him. “We will be late.”

Bruce turned to smile at her, undaunted by his daughter’s apparent impatience. “Alfred is a fast driver; I think we can spare another minute or two. What do you think about this tie?” he asked his tone teasing.

Cass ignored his jab and stalked forward, “No messing around, not tonight.” she was stern as she pushed him from behind, out the door and down the hall.

When she reached the stairs she paused to move next to Bruce and hooked her arm through his own and continued to pull him down. Bruce let her drag him the whole way, an amused smile tugging at his lips. He loved the bright eager impatience pushing her feet to make sure they made it on time.

They were just passing the living room and Dick, when he leapt to his feet and darted in front of them both, camera in hand.

“Move.” Cass told him.

Her hands went to her hips, dragging Bruce closer in the process, since their arms were still locked. Cass didn’t seem like she was going to change poses soon so he stepped over to relieve the pressure, and looked to Dick. His oldest was shaking his head.

“I want at least one picture. Alfie’s not here to take it, so you’re stuck with me.”

Cass crossed her arms and frowned at him for a moment. Then she went to push past him, and drag Bruce with her, but Dick scuttled in front again.

“Dick, you know the paparazzi will take plenty of pictures, pay one of them for some.” Bruce said as he was jerked to another stop by his children’s bickering.

“Just one, Cass. Please?” Dick asked, all his attention on her. “The reporters will photoshop all the pictures and none of them will be natural.”

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We’ve Gone Way too Fast for Way too Long (Part Three)

Originally posted by mertcannn

Pairing: Sister!Reader x Jax Teller (Sons of Anarchy)

Words: 1,759

Based off: This imagine

Forever Tag List: @capandbuck @bummblebeeblue @sarbear429 @bea789 @xtina2191 @lovethefandomsuniverse @evyiione @trustnobodyshootfirst @motleymoose @thegoodhunterrr5 @bookaddictedhedgehog @gurlwitafro @magicalsis11 @aquabrie @fanboyswhereare-you @percussiongirl2017 @dionnemaria @sherlockslove112 @sesshomaru-lover @freaksforthewin @neishax-butler @hi-pixzza @cookee50 @captainidjit @imasunflower13 @clairedelalune @swimmer-sarcasm @lovelife-tothefullest @dylcole @almightyunnie @winchesterswantmypie

Warnings: Guns, alcohol, patching up people

Author’s Note: Here it is! Part 3! I hope you all like it! I think just one more part will go to this small little series and we’ll be done with it. Title take from Young and Menace by Fall Out Boy- Haley xx 

Your name: submit What is this?

Part One

Part Two

Jax was pissed off at me, I could tell. Whenever Juice pulled the van into Teller-Morrow parking lot and we all filed out, I tried to help Jax inside but he shrugged me off. Everyone else was staring at me like I had lobsters pouring out of my ears; like I was the freak kid at school all the other kids thought I was.

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Caught Up In You 2

Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Warning: Swearing, Stalking, Angst, Sass, Anxiety, potential life of death situations. I’m not really sure. But it’ll have cute fluffy pieces too.

Being famous isn’t always a piece of cake, sometimes you down right regret it. when a fan starts sending you frightening letters, claiming his love for you, and declaring you as his property when you’re about to start your Europe tour. Your manager and tour team start making calls to get you help. When a man shows up asking for the details of the stalker, things he’s sent, the letters, pictures.
The Kingsman agree to help you out, sending Eggsy and Merlin to your aid. When you and Eggsy start to get close, the media starts running a whirl wind of rumors. Sending your stalker on a new craze and Eggsy’s boss on a rampage. Will Eggsy keep you safe, or will you continue to regret your career choice??

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For You, I’ve Got All the Time in the World

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Author: T💕
Request: “Can you do a Teen Wolf imagine where the reader is Issac’s sister and after suffering from so many years of abuse from their father along with her bother she is scared of males, (excluding Issac) because of it. -Thank you😊”
Warnings: Mentions of abuse
Author’s note: I changed this just a teeny bit.

                                                       Y/N’s P.O.V 

       "Hey, Princess.“ My brother, Issac, greeted as he walked into the class that the two of us had together.
       I smiled, "Hi, Issac!”
       My brother sat beside me. “How are you feeling. Like, you know…” I knew he was talking about the beating I had suffered the previous night from our dad.
       I winced at the thought of it. My hand drifted to the right side of my rib cage. It was covered in bruises and shallow cuts. It was a sad metaphor of how I felt on the inside. “I’m okay. Nothing we haven’t dealt with before, right?” I laughed at the cruel humor of mine and Issac’s life.
       "Hey, Y/N. Hey, Issac.“ Scott greeted with a crooked smile.
        I sank down in my seat and mumbled a "hello”. I saw the way Scott’s face dropped after our interaction. I know that Scott has feelings for me, and of course I have feelings for him, but I can’t trust any man because of my dad. Well, other than Issac. But you build trust for someone fast when you grow accustomed to eachothers screams and cries in pain.

                                                      Scott’s P.O.V

     I swear I could feel my heart break into pieces. I know what Y/N is going through at home. Well, not personally, but I could feel her pain. No girl like her deserves to be treated like that. Honestly, neither of them do.
       Issac pulled me to the side. “Hey, man, don’t take that to heart. It’s nothing you did, it’s our dad. She has this mental block when it comes to trusting men. She’s alway afraid of getting hurt. Emotionally and physically.”
       I rubbed the back of my neck. “But, I wouldn’t do anything to hurt her, Issac. She has to know that…”
       He put his hand on my shoulder. “She’s trying, believe me. But, she flinches everytime a man raises his hand around her. I mean, she had a panic attack when Derek tried to highfive her. And Derek couldn’t lay a hand on Y/N if his life depended on int.”
       The bell rang and Issac and I went to our seats.
       I looked over to Y/N’s seat and met her gaze. I saw her cheeks get red and heard her heartbeat speed up. She smiled a small smile and then waved at me. Dumbstruck, I waved back and smiled at her.

                                                           Y/N’s P.O.V

       As soon as Scott and I locked eyes, I didn’t think I would ever have the amount of courage it took for me to have any sort of interaction with a man other than my brother. But I waved and smiled at him anyway.
       Issac saw what happened and smiled at me so wide that I thougnt he was going to break his cheeks. “Look at you!” He whispered and put his arm around my shoulders like he always does. “It’s all about progress and taking baby steps, Princess. You got this.”

                                            X    X    X   X   X    X    X   X   X   X

       The bell rang and we all packed up our stuff. “Y/N?” Scott said from behind me. Issac nodded encouragingly at me when I looked at him.
       I smiled at Scott. “Yes?”
       I never thought I would ever see anyone but my brother smile at me the way Scott did. As a matter of fact, nobody has ever smiled at me the way he did. Issac smiles at me, but it’s always a sibling love behind his eyes, but there was something different about Scott’s.
       "Do-uh-do you mind if I walk with you to your locker?“ It took me a second to gather my thoughts. All I’ve ever known is the pain and abuse from men. I don’t know if I can trust Scott. I don’t know if I can trust anyone but Issac…
       A voice in the back of my head telling me that I should try to trust Scott. Maybe it’s the way he looks at me the same way people look at the stars in the midnight sky or fireworks on the Fourth of July. Or maybe it was the fact that I can see in his eyes that there is nothing that he wouldn’t do for me. I can see a fire behind his eyes, and I have a feeling that I was the fuel that made those flames erupt. "Not at all.” I smiled.
       As we walked out of the classroom, Issac asked me if I needed him to walk with Scott and I.
        I shook my head at my brother with sincerity. “No. It’s okay, Issac. I’m okay with walking with Scott.”
                                                             Scott’s P.O.V

       "…I’m okay with walking with Scott.“ Y/N’s words echoed through my head on a loop. I don’t know what to say or what to feel. The fact that Y/N trusts me makes me feel like my life was finally complete.
       She’s gone through so much when it comes to men, and choosing to place something as fragile as her trust in my hands, made me feel like there was nothing I couldn’t do. And I would do anything for Y/N Lahey, anything at all.
       "Scott? Hellooooo? Earth to McCall!” Y/N waved her hand in front of my face.
        I blinked away my thoughts and gave her a small smile. “Sorry, love. Let’s go.”

                                                             Y/N’s P.O.V
       Scott and I walked down the hall a few dozen feet to my locker. I out in my combo and popped open my locker. The inside door was littered with pictures of my brother and I.
      Scott looked them over. “You guys really are close, huh?”
      I pulled a picture down and held it. The picture was of me and Issac during my softball tournament. My bat was slung over my left shoulder, my uniform was covered in dirt and chalk, my eye-black was streaked down my face, but my smile was so effortly displayed on my face. Issac wasn’t looking at the camera, but he was looking at me with so much love in his eyes and in his smile. I couldn’t help but grin a little. “Yeah. But with a life like ours, we’ve gotta be.”
       "Y/N, can I tell you something?“ Scott asked me warily.
       I nodded. "Of course, Scott.”
       "I just-I want you to know that I would never, not in a million years, do anything to hurt you. I know why you have trouble trusting men. I know why you and your brother both do. And I just want to reassure you that; you can let your guard down around me. I-I know I’m not perfect, but for you, I would try my damnedest to be. I would sacrifice all I had just so that I could keep you safe. And,Y/N, I know you only really trust Issac, but I want you to try and trust me. I want you to let me in. It makes me physically sick to know that you don’t love yourself the way you should. And if you let me in, I would treat you the way a real man should. Now, I’m not asking you to trust every man, I’m just asking that you trust me the same way you trust your brother.“
       I couldn’t think of how to react. All my life my brother and I have been our dad’s punching bags. And now, Scott McCall is standing in front of me, begging me to let him in. And maybe I should. Maybe I can find some comfort from everything my dad has ever done to me in him. Maybe Scott can help me feel everything in my life that has been broken or hurt. Maybe Scott McCall is my safe heaven.
       I took a deep breath. "Okay, Scott. I will let you in. But just-just don’t try to rush the healing, alright? I know it’s going to take some time to learn to trust another man that isn’t Issac.”
       Scott lifted my head up with his hand, making me flinch ever so slightly. “Y/N, I don’t care if it takes forever. I will be here for you through hell and back, and nothing and no one will ever change that. Not in this life or the next.”
       "You promise?“ I ask in a whisper.
       "I promise.” He said.

I will always
Write my words to you
With trembling fingers
Dipped in blood,
As I paint a picture
Of the ashes
That were you and I.
I will give to you
My beating heart,
Held in these nervous,
Inadequate hands
As I kneel at your feet,
And broken,
Just as you left me
Bleeding out on your bedsheets.

I wonder sometimes,
If my scent still lingers
In your pillowcases,
Or if you have tried to
Erase the girl
Who loved you
With open arms
And tears in her eyes,
Confidence in shambles
And a stuttering soul.
And still,
I will love you
With the pieces of me
That remain;
Every open wound
Screaming your name -
A lament
For what could have been.

s. k. g.

[for MG]

Timing - Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Ahh this story has been the death of me but I really liked how it turned out and I hope you do too!

Requested: yes!! @saint-toes I hope you enjoy this!!

Words: 1,742

Part Two?: Nope! I’m really happy with how this turned out

Warnings: Swearing, some unrequited love, brief Alexander x reader

Please let me know if I need to tag anything else as a warning!



Thomas and James were at the library after school and working on Government homework. Of course, they didn’t didn’t need to work on it at the library.

That was all Thomas’s doing. He has been entranced by (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N) since his first day of freshman year when he saw her in the towns public library.

Thomas and (Y/N) were both seniors in high school now.

(Y/N) worked in the library every day after school, reading to children and re-shelving books. James went there to work on homework. Thomas went there to watch (Y/N).

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Aaron Hotchner (& Rafael Barba) |Snipped (Two)| Tempting Fate

Part One

Imagine falling in love with Hotch when you weren’t supposed to (Soulmate AU) 

Pfft. I think my inner Pokemon fan came out in this. I really wish sometimes my nephews were into Pokemon, but they are all about that Power Ranger life. Anyway! I hope you guys enjoy this second part, and finally, we will be getting into some more drama in the next part!!

Originally posted by stallingdemons

Originally posted by eighthmark

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After All These Years (Drake x MC, Liam x MC)

So, @heartinecstasy asked for a Liam x Drake scene using “I never meant to hurt you” and “I just came to say goodbye.”  I thought that those prompts went well with what I wrote yesterday, so this is a follow up to When You Wish Upon A Star.  Also, this was slightly inspired by @joyfulchoices who wrote a really amazing piece a few weeks back about the confrontation between Drake and Liam over MC.  It got me thinking about what would happen if there were pictures of her and Drake, and that’s what got this fic rolling.

Summary: Now that Liam has chosen Madeline as his bride, Drake confronts his friend about what’s really going on.

Rating: M for language… look away, children!

           Drake slowly closed Riley’s door, careful to make sure that he didn’t make any noise as he slipped out into the hallway. After hours of sobbing, she’d finally fallen asleep and he wasn’t about to wake her, not when she had nothing but a nightmare scenario to wake up to.

           Sighing, he raked a hand through his hair and strode down the hallways of the palace.  It was quiet now, save for a few servants clearing glassware and spilled champagne. No one seemed to pay him any mind as he walked up to Liam’s room and knocked on the door.

           “Liam?  It’s me.”

           There was no response, but Drake tried the handle anyway, surprised to find it unlocked.  He stepped in and scanned the mostly darkened room.  Liam sat in a chair by the window, still wearing his tuxedo even though his bowtie was undone and hanging limply on his shirt front.  On the small round table beside him was a half-filled tumbler of clear liquid as well as a mostly empty bottle of some expensive, imported alcohol.

           “Liam,” he said, “what the hell have you done?”

           Liam whirled on him, his eyes red and bloodshot and his face surprisingly pale.  He looked dangerous and unhinged, like a wild animal caught in a trap who knew it was about to die.

           “What the hell have I done?” he hissed.

           He stood and picked up the crystal tumbler, throwing it at Drake’s head.  It crashed into the wall a few inches to the left, shattering as it made a small but noticeable dent in the plaster.  Drake flinched and raised his elbow up to block the splatter of the liquor and the glass shards as he thanked his lucky stars that for all his charm and other skills, Liam had always been shitty at sports.

           But just when he’d thought the assault was over, Liam picked up the bottle as well and hurled it with an anguished shout. It went wider this time, smashing into the door and soaking the expensive carpet.

“Have you lost your goddamn mind?” Drake asked, reaching up to cover his face as he moved towards Liam.  

Liam whirled around and reached for the last thing on the table, a thick, manila folder.  He flung it towards Drake, but it only made it a few feet before it opened and its contents flew into the air, falling like snow as it covered the room in black and white.  Drake caught one and turned it around, his brow furrowing as he realized it was a picture of him.  The photograph was grainy and obviously done at night, but there was no doubting what it showed.  It was him, leaving Riley’s room as he adjusted his shirt that night that Tariq had tried accosted her.  Crumpling the photo, Drake looked down at the other images on the floor.  There was another of him sitting on Riley’s bed, shirt off as she ran her hands over his ribs and back, and even another of her standing at the edge of her bed as she faced him, clad in nothing but her underwear.

           When he spoke, Liam’s voice was equally sad and furious.  “After everything we’ve been through—“

           Drake kicked at the photos, fury exploding though his entire body.  “Exactly! After everything we’ve been through, why didn’t you come to me and ask me for an explanation?

           “There was no time,” Liam muttered, turning to look for his drink before he remembered he’d thrown it.  “Besides, the pictures are quite self-explanatory.”

           “Horseshit,” Drake shouted, advancing on his friend.  “You want to know what happened?  Tariq accosted her in her room and I ran in to help her.  She gave me some ice for my ribs, and I left.”

           Liam swayed dangerously on his feet, then fell into his chair as he ran his hands over his face.  “I’m not stupid, Drake.  I’ve seen how you look at Riley, how you act around her.  Are you honestly going to deny that you love her?”

           Drake sighed.  “No.  I think I’ve been in love with her even longer than you have.  But she doesn’t feel the same way.  I asked her that night if she could have ever seen things being different between us…. But she told me no, Liam. She was only here for you. Everything she’s done, all the shit she’s endured, it’s all been for you.”

The two men waited in silence as they stared at one another like they were strangers instead of best friends.  When the silence became unbearable, Drake finally spoke.  “I never meant to hurt you.  And I know you didn’t mean to hurt her.  She’ll forgive you, I know, if you just go and tell her—“

           “It’s too late now.”

           Drake was incredulous.  “Too late?”

           Liam let his head fall back against the chair. “After Leo’s madness and everything this season… the royal family can’t withstand another scandal.  I can’t throw Madeline over.  What’s done is done and I’ll have to live with that.”

“Are you serious?” Drake asked, taking a step towards him. “You’re just going to let her walk away?”

Liam said nothing, but turned away from Drake to stare out the window.  Drake snarled, balling his hands into fists.  “You don’t fucking deserve her.”

           Liam frowned.  “Leave.”

“With pleasure,” Drake said, stopping at the door to look at his friend one last time. “I thought I came to talk you out of this insanity.  I guess I just came to say goodbye.”

He left Liam’s room, slamming the door. He rushed back to the guest wings, his heart breaking for her and for his best friend with every step he took.  He’d always known this terrible place would destroy her, he just hadn’t known that watching it happen would destroy everyone else he cared about as well.

taylor swift’s older songs meme

Some of the lyrics have been modified to fit in plausible rp threads. Of course any pronouns at all are free to anybody to change accordingly!

  • “I’ll bet she’s beautiful, the girl you talk about.”
  • “I laughed ‘cause it’s so damn funny.”
  • “He says he’s so in love, he’s finally got it right.”
  • “I wonder if he knows he knows he’s all I think about at night.”
  • “[Name] walk by me, can he tell that I can’t breathe?”
  • “She better hold him tight, and give him all her love.”
  • “I’ll put [Name]’s picture down.”
  • “Maybe I’ll get some sleep tonight.”
  • “You’re saying sorry and that face of an angel comes out just when you need it to.”
  • “I honestly believed in you.”
  • [Muttering to self] “Stupid. I should’ve known.”
  • “This isn’t a fairytale, and I’m the one you sweep off her feet.”
  • “I was a dreamer before you went and let me down.”
  • “I was naive, and I never really had a chance.”
  • “You had to fight to have the upper hand.”
  • “I had so many dreams about you and me — happy endings. But now I know.”
  • "I’m gonna find someone someday, who might actually treat me well.”
  • “This is a big world, and that was a small town.”
  • “All this time I was wasting hoping you would come around.”
  • “I’ve been giving out chances and everytime all you do is let me down.”
  • “It’s taken me this long, but I’ve figured you out.”
  • “You don’t have to call anymore, I won’t pick up the phone.”
  • “You’re not sorry.”
  • “Could’ve loved you all my life if you hadn’t left me waiting.”
  • “You’ve got your share of secrets and I’m tired of being the last to know.”
  • “You used to shine so bright.”
  • “I see your face in my mind as I drive away.”
  • “None of us thought it was gonna end that way.”
  • “People are people, and sometimes we change our minds.”
  • “It’s killing me to see you go after all this time.”
  • “It’s the kind of ending you don’t really wanna see.”
  • “I don’t know what to be without you around.”
  • “And you know it’s never simple, never easy.”
  • “You’re the only thing I know, like the back of my hand.”
  • “I can’t breathe without you, but I have to.”
  • "It’s 2 AM, and I’m feeling like I just lost a friend.”
  • “You might think I’m bulletproof, but I’m not.”
  • “I’m sick and tired of your attitude!”
  • “Yes, I remember what you said last night.”
  • “You could write a book on how to ruin someone’s perfect day.”
  • “I got no one to believe in.”
  • “You tell me that you want me, then push me around.”
  • “There’s something about the way the streets looked when it just rained.”
  • “I wanna ask you to dance right here. In the middle of the parking lot.”
  • “Hey, [Name], I know looks can be deceiving but I know I saw a light in you.”
  • “I didn’t say half the things I wanted to.”
  • “I think you and I should stay the same.”
  • “I’ve never seen nobody shine the way you do.”
  • “You’re so in love, that you act insane.”
  • “I never knew I could feel that much.”
  • “He’s close to my mother, talk business with my father.”
  • “I like the way you sound in the morning. We were on the phone and your laugh was the best sound I have ever heard.”
  • “All I can think is we should be together.”
  • “Baby, I’m never gonna leave you.”
  • “Six months gone and I’m still reaching, even though I know [Name]’s not there.”
  • “Come back to me.”
  • “If this was a movie, [Name]’d be here right now.”
Easy [ConstantinexF!Reader] [One-Shot]

So I meant to have this done on Valentine’s Day, but I was really busy with Cosplay and then one of my best friends celebrated her birthday and I just didn’t get around to finish it until now, I hope you can forgive me ^^’

I also know I should be working on my requests (and I swear I am!) but I just got over a real bad writer’s block and needed something that I really, really wanted to write with a character I’m most in love with at the moment - and that’s this bastard.

Anyways, a very late, very happy Valentine’s Day everybody and I hope you like it! :3

[If you enjoy my writing, feel free to request something when requests are open! ^^]


Fic Summary: She always liked to look for the easy way out. But when John Constantine was involved, easy just didn’t seem like an option.

Word Count: 5,7k

Warnings: language, mentions of sexual situations, blood and death

Running a hand through her (h/c) hair, the young woman plopped herself down on the couch in the Mill House, uncapping a bottle of whiskey and taking a big gulp from it. Fuck this day. She’d never liked it, but ever since… No. No. Nope. Not going there again. She let her eyes wander across the room, trying to find something else to distract herself with except for the bottle in her hand. However, when her gaze reached the mirror across from her and a pair of green eyes met her (e/c) ones, she immediately let her eyelids flutter shut and rested her head against the back of the couch.

“Fuuuuuuck…” she whined, trying to block out an onslaught of memories.

“Oi, keep it down, would ya? Some people are tryin’ to work ‘ere.”

She nearly jumped out of her skin at the all too familiar voice coming from the floor above.


A few seconds later, footsteps clambered down the spiral staircase, revealing the blond in question.

“You called?”

“What the hell are you doing here?”

“Well last I checked, I live here. As opposed to you, love.”

“Sorry I just… I thought I was alone. But honestly, what are you doing here? Tonight of all nights to be 'working’ - or whatever it is you’re actually doing up there.”

“Why, is tonight special? Did I forget your birthday again?”

“Yes, but that’s beside the point. It’s Valentine’s Day.”

“And this specific date should hold a special meaning to me… why, exactly?”

“You’re kidding.” she stared at him completely flabbergasted. “Dozens of bars, littered with desperate, lonely men and women? Isn’t that, like, exactly you’re kind of thing?”

“Didn’t feel like it.” he simply stated.

She raised her brows questioningly.

“You didn’t feel like it? Is John Constantine losing his touch?”

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Viviane x Kallias

Hey, guys! It’s been a while (so sorry i’m busy with college). Anyways, after reading acowar I was dying because I loved Viviane and Kallias so much. So here’s my attempt of writing a fanfic about them. This is just chapter one, please let me know if you have some thoughts about it or if you think I should write chapter two (I don’t know if i’m in the mood). Dedicated to my beautiful wife, mate and best friend @feyrearchsron  ♡

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or… photographer harry

category: fluff & angst

If there was a flat you were forced to stay in for the rest of your life– you would have to choose Harry’s. Y/N doesn’t know if it was the fresh plants hanging from different parts of the ceiling, on every flat surface (tops of his refrigerator included) or the welcoming aroma of ground coffee from his morning meal, she just felt at home. Being one of the first people Y/N’s met after moving out to Glasgow, he’d immediately had a significant presence in her life. It’s a bit deeper than that now, with him being her boyfriend, but significant presence nonetheless. 

“Day-O is definitely a favorite. We should do this again next time ‘round.” Harry says, peeling yet another orange. “Movie’s great too.” 

“That’s why you want to re-do this day again? Because we’re watching Over the Hedge? Not because of your mess of a fruit?” 

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Lost Pet Spell

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 brown candle
  • 4 white candles

Set up your altar as you see fit and invoke the gods of your pantheon. Particularly gods that are guardians of domestic animals (Reye, Herne, Artemis and so on). Never invoke a god that is not of your faith.

Perform first prayers and gift your offerings.

Place the white candles in the 4 directions of your altar (north, east, south and west) Take up the brown candle and charge into it brown animalistic energy and images of your lost pet. Say the following 9 times:

May this candle come to be
__(Pets name)__, who I want to see.
__(Pets name)__, come home to me,
And as my will, so mote it be

Place the candle down in the middle of the the 4 candles and light them all. Hold your hands over the candle display and say the following 9 times while picturing your pet returning:

May the wind blow in the direction of my love,
May the sun light your way home so long as you are lost,
May the rain quench your thirst, since I can’t,
May the Earth give you strength beneath your feet,
And may the Goddess ______ hold you in her arms.
And if you can’t find your way home to me
Find a new home with someone as loving as me

Let the candles burn as long as you can let them. It may take a few days for your pet to return, so be patient.

anonymous asked:

can you please do a nessian prompt with "she loved so hard because she knows how it feels to be loved so little"? i came across this quote on pinterest, and i immediately connected it with your type of writing. plus it screamed nessian, so yeah. thanks :)

I think this is sort of a rambling. I hope this lived to some sort of measure in your expectations. It’s almost twelve at midnight here and I should be doing my physics free response. No regrets. Yet. 

“With a love so sweet it makes me sad
Can we go back to the world we had?”

She loved so hard because she knew how it felt to be loved so little.

Nesta had adopted to her Fae body too well. 

The Cauldron had apparently known that she would have embraced death with open arms, unlike her sisters and her sisters’ friends. The Cauldron had created her younger sister differently to mock her own transformation. The Cauldron had ensured that Hell would be always fingertips away from her, a measure she could glance at quickly, but never fully hold and embrace. 

A dimension that she could dream of in her good nights, but never cross over into, no matter how hard she tried. 

It might have borderlined suicide, really.

In fact, it was.

Cassian had been outraged at first. Until he realized that no blade could penetrate her skin and that the skin remained smooth as time passed. Until he realized that her sense were sharper and remained sharp. Until he realized that her cold exterior wasn’t a facade, but an integral part of herself. 

When Elain had spotted a wrinkle on her face, and Feyre had noticed her joints had hurt from winnowing, they had ventured to the Suriel. The magical creature had informed Feyre with almost disappointed grumpiness that Nesta would outlast the other Archerons not because she was the eldest, but because the Cauldron had injected within her the curse of a tie.

As long as the Cauldron existed, so would Nesta. 

Rhys told her to accept it as a gift. That near immortality was considered an aspect of the High Fae. 

Nesta didn’t want to be Fae, much less a High Fae. How could she allow herself to accept this body, a body of destruction and might that had ruined her human society so thoroughly? She was a living weapon where no longer were her words barbed.

“Are you going to join us for dinner?” a sweet voice chimed, interrupting Nesta from the thick book of Velaris’s history that laid within her lap. All the celebatory festivals of rebirth and resurrection, of freely living life without stringent regulations —

Nesta looked up into the eyes of Mor, the female who had told her of her history with Cassian a thousand years after she’d met Rhys’s Inner Circle. A small part of her had delighted that Mor had seen nervous and almost afraid of Nesta’s reaction. That someone she respected actually feared her.

Nesta shook her head softly, offering a slightly edged smile at Rhysand’s third in command. She lifted the book off her lap in explanation, and Mor gave her a quick nod of her head. 

Before the Fae danced out of the room, she looked quickly over her shoulder. Hesitation lined her face, as if something sour stuck in her tongue. After a moment’s thought, Mor squared her shoulders, and said, “Do you ever regret it?”

Nesta blinked. “Regret what?”

Those previously warm eyes turned cold. “For letting him go.”

Mor did not flinch as Nesta slammed the book shut steeling her own eyes. “This does not concern you, Morrigan.”

“You taught him how to fly. You taught him the human ways. You taught him to settle down. You taught — ”

Enough,” Nesta seethed. She could feel the roots of flame and embers begin to stir within her. 

“You gave him an inkling of hope to find love that avoided him for his entire life.”

“Is that not what you offered him in your warm bed?”

Nesta watched as something inside of Mor snapped, and the blond-haired beauty surged for her. Before she could blink and let a wall of smoke and fire kindle into existence, shadows folded within seconds in front of them, and Azriel stood gripping Mor tightly within his embrace.

Dark, large wings folded over the other female’s body, and Nesta watched as the spymaster whispered soothing words into his lover’s ears. The words that were to be a gentle caress, meant for both females, Nesta’s honed ears catching every syllable. 

“She loved so hard because she knew how it felt to be loved so little.” Azriel slightly bent his head into her direction, blue Siphons flaring. When Mor touched his cheek, he gently placed a hand over her palm, willing her to let him finish. “Her love was letting him go because she could not let go of her past. And still cannot.”

Nesta stood up, eyes blazing. The audacity for this male to assume that she could not move on was atrocious. Before she could open her mouth and arm herself, Azriel winnowed out of the library with Mor in his arms.

A lover’s embrace, full of acceptance and openness. Rhysand had waited an eternity for his mate, for that chance at love. While Feyre had seen life as a great canvas to paint on, Nesta had seized it as a sheet to toss all her pain on. She could not be the sparkle and shine as Mor’s life to Azriel’s shadows and silence. 

She could not be the girl the others could easily fall in step with. She was the girl they’d stub their toes on and walk away from, the occasional obscenity slipping from their tongue. 

Nesta shoved the book back into the shelf, and stared aimlessly at the other rows. “If he truly loved me, he would have continued to fought for me,” she vocalized to open space, her share of pain burning inside of her.

Her body continued to be forged by silence and loneliness, misunderstanding flooding every vein. Cassian had understood her, though. Understood her too well, always ready to fire back a retort to her own words. But Rhysand’s commander deserved more than a ruined girl who saw the world with too much raw emotions for her already hardened body she had to part of. He deserved a female who breathed in spires of delight, rather than flumes of hatred.

“I used to ask myself why I wasn’t good enough,” a deep, male voice sounded behind her.

Nesta froze, ice freezing every tendon and muscle.

“Wonder what I did wrong. How I could change myself for you. Why we weren’t working.”

A warm hand touched her shoulder, and she flinched.

“I could transform into another male who wasn’t a bastard, and you still wouldn’t accept me. I could give you an endless sky, but you’d settle for a lone star.”

A finger moved along her jaw, turning her head to stare at brown eyes filled with devastation. 

“Then it dawned upon me. It’s not because I’m not good enough. It’s not because you’re not good enough. It’s because your past wasn’t good enough. What others had done to you, and you to them. Because, you, Nesta, live in the past, and not in the present, or for the future.”

A thumb wiped away a stray tear that had unwillingly wrenched itself from her eye. 

“That’s why the Cauldron chose you to share itself with. Because you are the past, present, and the future. You are immortal in every aspect. And you do realize that I love every part of you, Nesta?”

Nesta blinked, and slightly withdrew from the male in front of her. “Your words are nothing but laced with prettiness.” 

“Did it hurt when you hell from heaven, sweetheart? Because you are a fallen angel.”

“I dug my way up from hell, Cassian. And I wish to return there.”

The red siphons pulsated around them, curving and encircling around both their bodies. Flares of warmth ran along her skin, and for once, Nesta allowed herself to relax in the tranquility. 

“You think hell will offer you penance, Nesta? Is that why you push me away?” He slowly leaned forward until his forehead touched hers, his wings arching around them. The cocoon of safety and familiarity he held —

It was wrong. It was wrong that Nesta could see herself in Cassian’s embrace.

A lover’s embrace.

Nesta winnowed out of Cassian’s arms. 

She would not allow herself to fall for the whims of feelings, not when it would lead to hurt and heartbreak. Not when betrayal came with every close face; not when betrayal came from those holding familiarity rather than those fleeting strangers.

Because this male had still continued to pursue her relentlessly after years and years of rejection.

She could not take it anymore.

Nesta became a pillar of ice and steel, her words a flame of fire. She did not let an inkling of regret or sorrow flood through a single pore. 

“I do not deserve a bastard born nobody. Is that why you find yourself in the sheets of any female who shows advances towards you? So that you could feel wanted?”

Cassian’s siphons died out. 

“I see why Lord Devlon and the others harass you. You are nothing without your wings. You are nothing without your brawns. You are nothing without anything.”

Cassian might have fallen onto his knees, but Nesta’s vision was too-blurry and hazed with red to see.

“You think love will triumph. That I perhaps I could love from afar. You were wrong. Always.”

Cassian might have pleaded for her to stop, but her ears were clogged with bitterness from the memories plaguing her. 

“How could I love something worthless? I had your hopes up, did I not? That you could find love?”

Cassian’s wings fell around him, and Nesta knew that it was the true picture of a fallen angel.

“You do not deserve love, which is why you have not found it all your life. There is no love for monsters, for killers, for those who shed blood on the battlefield.”

Nesta closed a hand over her heart, willing every wall and chip to stay intact.

Cassian’s throat bobbed, and his head remained down, as he rasped out, “You always got the last word. The last jab.”

Nesta walked among the shelves, forcing her feet towards the exit. 

She can feel every ounce of warmth leave her body, and stiffness overtake her. She was broken enough that she turned back to stare at the figure that could have provided her with everything and anything she desired.

Finally, the male who had taught her to once smile, lifted his head, his mouth set in a grim line. 

Nesta eyed him, forcing him to look away, so that she could leave and collapse and let her walls down for once.

But Cassian shattered any notion of allowing herself to lower those walls, as soon as pain flickered through his eyes, and he swallowed, clearing his throat. 

“I, Cassian Motel, reject you, Nesta Archeron, as my mate.”

Nesta did not leave the library as she fell onto her knees, a sharp pain spiking through every ligament and vein like an intruding shrapnel.

“I deserve love,” Cassian hissed, wings enveloping his frame. Once, he would have embraced her with those wings as well. “I deserve more than a decaying bitch.”

Nesta found each word to chip away at her walls.

“I deserve more than royalty.”

Her body jerked at that, and somehow, her eyes met with Cassian’s torn ones.

“I deserve more than the Princess of Carrion.” I deserve love and happiness. 

Before Nesta can demand an explanation, or maybe take back her words, or even beg for forgiveness with an apology, her once-mate heaved a large breathe, and winnowed away, leaving her in the musky smell and tang of old books.

A clogging sensation clouds her throat and fogs her mind. 

For the very first time, Nesta realized that she had never been truly alone. 

And that this was utter silence. 

anonymous asked:

How do you think Lena's apartment will look like?

I’m baaaaccckkkk!

So this turned into a whole thing! hope it isn’t too descriptive for a whole chapter but I thought I’d try it!


She doesn’t know what she expected Lena’s apartment to look like, but it certainly wasn’t this.

It makes sense, in retrospect, considering how soft Lena is around her; but it definitely doesn’t mesh with hardass CEO Lena.

She steps in hesitantly, even though Lena had called for her to come in - it still feels odd, just walking in. She can hear Lena getting ready back in the bedroom, the soft click of cosmetic cases.

“Just make yourself at home! I’l be right out!” Lena calls out and she finally allows herself to glance around as she toes off her shoes to add to the pile in the entryway.

The foyer is wide with a coat rack by the door, and to the right is the kitchen, all stainless steel and granite. It’s large, a chef’s kitchen, she thinks; and she smiles, wondering if Lena cooks. Her stomach grumbles hungrily and she steps forward into the living room.

It’s cozy, that’s her first thought, as she takes in the fluffy throw blanket tossed across the back of the couch and the stack of books on the end table. She steps forward to take a closer look, feeling a bit nosy but not feeling too bad about it - Lena had said to make herself at home after all. There are two engineering books and one on physics; but there’s also a dog-eared copy of ‘The Princess Diarist’ and Catco’s latest edition folded to the page of Kara’s article that makes her smile.

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So my friend and I found a website where you can order lots of different bugs, and we found a deal on a pack of four different millipedes, so we got them. 

Here’s her two,

Rowan: (Who’s a shy baby)

And Orianna: (So small but SO COLORFUL)

and my two, 

Parade: (she loved this HUGE GRAPE)

And Choo-Choo: (Or Chew-Chew)

We determined that the big guy (Choo-Choo) is a male and the other three are probably females. They’re small and everyone but Parade is a little shy, so it’s a bit hard to tell. Meanwhile CC is a CHUNKMASTER who likes to explore. He ends up getting a lot of attention.

They LOVE fruit and veggies. Their first encounter with sweet potato:

They didn’t even seem to notice when I put them back down, just kept eating.

Parade is a fearless little nyoom monster. I get her out of the box, and unless there’s a really good snack around or she feels ornery and starts chewing on me (which happens often), she is GO GO GO. She moves REALLY FAST for her size. 

Chew-Chew is a little more chill, and slightly shier. He usually balls up when I first pick him up, unless I’m VERY CAREFUL, but thirty seconds later he’s picking his head up like Nessie:

(this is from when he fell asleep on his food)

Just yesterday, he was climbing the walls so I got him out and let him explore my desk. I offered him a cookie crumble and he was ALL OVER it. 

and even made a lovely curl while eating (he holds small food in his first ten or so feet)

I tried to offer Parade some, but I scared her by accident so she went into NYOOM MODE and wasn’t interested in food. 

And one more cute picture: this was when he was exploring my hand, but I scared him by accident by breathing on him so just his head got a little shy…

…but then an inquisitive antenna emerged. 

I hope you enjoyed them! I love them to bits. They’re such fun little critters.

Oh my goodness. These fellas are amazing. Great names, great buggies! I didn’t realize how charming millipedes are- but look at the way he’s eating that cookie, how could you call that anything but charming?

anonymous asked:

could you write more daddy!harry with his kids?

This turned out way longer than I expected, but I guess that’s a good thing… Thanks for the request!

“Welcome Home Daddy”

You had picked Harry up from the airport after dropping off your daughter at school, so his arrival would be a complete surprise for her. At only 6 years old, she usually took it pretty hard when her father had to be away for long periods of time. You always made sure to fly out and visit Harry when he would be away extra long, but with your daughter starting kindergarten a few months ago, it had been harder than usual to plan a trip. He’d only been away for a couple weeks, but to a kid, that seemed like a lifetime.

He’d gotten home and showered before settling on the couch, just in time for you to give him a quick kiss as you ran out the door to pick up your daughter from school. He stayed home to get some rest, hoping to recharge before he was greeted by an extremely hyper child.

Your ride home from the school was mostly the same as always; your daughter rambled on about the drawing she made and how she was pretty sure a boy liked her because he always sat next to her during storytime. She pulled a piece of paper out of her folder and turned it so you could clearly see three stick figures that slightly resembled you, her, and Harry.

“I wanna give this to Daddy when he comes home!”

You nodded, trying to keep yourself from giggling like a kid when you imagined her running inside and seeing her father sitting there. As soon as you pulled into the driveway, she jumped out of the car and you struggled to keep up with her while she ran inside. She dropped her backpack on the floor and hung up her jacket, completely oblivious to Harry standing in the hallway. You stood and watched, catching Harry’s eye and trying not to laugh.

As soon as she turned around, her eyes travelled from Harry’s long legs up to his face before it truly sunk in.


She ran into his arms, and Harry was quick to squat down and scoop her body up in his arms. With her head buried in his neck, he held her tight against him and rubbed her back with his large warm hand. You swore there were tears in his eyes; he was always so happy to see her again.

“I love you, princess.” He whispered, smoothing some of her hair and kissing her head. She quickly began to squirm after muttering a quick “I love you too” before Harry gently set her feet back on the ground.

You took the opportunity to stand next to Harry, looping one arm around his back as you watched your daughter dig around in her backpack to find what you figured was the picture from earlier. She finally found it and brought it up to Harry, a wide smile on her face as she turned the paper to display the work she was so proud of.

Harry grabbed it, his eyes wide and a grin spreading over his face. It was only stick figures, but to Harry, it was worth more than any of the antique art he’d bought.

“This is incredible, love. You got my hair just right.” He smiled, admiring every detail of the picture.

She helped him pick out a special spot on the fridge and secured it with a heart shaped magnet she’d picked out on one of your many trips to Europe. Of course she ran to the tv afterwards and pulled her favorite movie out of the cabinet, going on about how she wanted to watch it with Harry and eat pizza just like they had a few days before he left.

Once the pizza was ordered, you watched Harry snuggle your daughter on his lap as he started the movie and let you place a blanket over both of them. The movie was well underway when the pizza arrived, and you couldn’t help admiring the appetite your daughter had obviously inherited from Harry. She could eat almost as much as him because when she was hungry, there was no stopping her. Harry was the same way.

After the pizza boxes had been cleared and your daughter’s belly was slightly bigger than it was an hour ago, you finally snuggled up next to Harry and leaned your head on his shoulder.

The next thing you knew, your eyes were fluttering open and the clock read past midnight. You glanced over at Harry and saw that he was fast asleep, with your daughter curled up on top of him. You smiled at the sight before you sat up and stretched to regain feeling in your arms, and lightly shook Harry’s shoulder until he groggily opened his eyes and muttered something incomprehensible.

“Baby, get up. She has school tomorrow and she isn’t going to get good sleep if she’s not in her bed.”

He yawned, slowly starting to sit up in an attempt not to wake the sleeping girl in his arms. He blinked his eyes to adjust to the dim lamp you’d turned on beside him, and when he finally felt fully awake, he stood up and began carrying her down the hallway and up the stairs.

She managed to make it all the way to bed without waking up- another thing she got from Harry. Both of them could sleep through anything, and it worked in your advantage pretty often.

You ran to the bathroom to quickly wash up, and came back into the bedroom to find Harry sitting on the bed and staring at the wall.

“What’s wrong?” You asked, slowly settling in next to him and placing a hand on his thigh. He shook his head, dismissing whatever was going on in his mind and trying to lay down. That only lasted a few seconds though, and he sighed as he brought himself to an upright position again.

“She’s growing up.” He whined, his eyebrows narrowing as he looked down at his legs.

“I know.”

You reached over and grabbed his hand, softly squeezing before you rested your intertwined fingers in your lap.

“But it’s inevitable, you know? She can’t stay one age forever, and she’s still young, love.” You assured him, rubbing your thumb over the back of his warm hand.

“S'different… I’m never even around to see her. She looks so much bigger than the last time I was here and it was only a few weeks ago.”

You took a deep breath and nodded. He was right; it had been just as hard on you as it had been on him, because even though you wouldn’t admit it, seeing your daughter miss her dad so much had been getting to you.

“Have you ever considered… taking a break? I would never want to push you, but if you’d rather be at home… It might be a good idea, my love.”

He nodded slowly, giving your hand a light squeeze.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about that, actually, and s'just… I don’t want to disappoint anyone, but my family is most important. I think having such a good day with you both today has shown me that… I don’t want to fall off the face of the earth, but maybe I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, yeah?”

You shrugged and scooted a bit closer to him, resting your head on his shoulder and kissing the exposed skin gently.

“I know you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to, but, I think she needs you right now. Harry, she loves you so much.”

You swore there were tears in his eyes as he nodded again, the idea of his daughter being such a daddy’s girl was always a cause for him being emotional.

“I love her too.”

“I know you do, Harry.”

It was silent for a few minutes; you were letting Harry try to sort his mind out even though you’d much rather go to bed and discuss it more in the morning.

“I don’t want to leave again…” He trailed off, looking down at you when he didn’t know what to say. You nodded in understanding and kissed his cheek.

“I need to be here. With her and with you. You’re my favorite girls, I can’t just leave you behind, can I?”

You smiled, squeezing his hand in reassurance that no matter what happened, you’d always support him. He caught your eye again and took another deep breath.

“M'staying. I won’t be that dad that’s never around. Because I care so much, I don’t want to miss anymore of her life.” He decided, grinning a little. You smiled and let go of his hand to quickly wrap your arms around him.

Before you had time to lay down, the door cracked open and your daughter walked through, complaining that she couldn’t sleep. Of course you knew the perfect remedy for that; all it usually took was letting her snuggle up with one of you and she was fast asleep.

She went straight to Harry, curling into his side while his strong arm wrapped around her.

“I don’t want you to leave anymore.” She whined, squeezing Harry and trying to get closer to him.

“M'not leaving anymore, princess. I’ll stay here with you and mommy for a while, okay?”

She looked up at him, and even with her tired eyes, her face still lit up like a Christmas tree.



She snuggled back into him, her little arms trying to wrap around Harry’s torso. He squeezed her close to him and ran his fingers through her hair.

“Welcome home, daddy.”