i love her hair there

When I was a young teenager I had this irrational hatred for Holliday Grainger and I thought it was because there was an episode of Merlin where her character was a love interest for Bradley James (who I REALLY liked at the time) but now I am older and no longer living in a heteronormative bubble I realise that this weird obsession with her perfect face and lovely hair and pretty eyes wasn’t because I was scared she’d steal my fictional crush but because I am a huge bisexual who was lowkey in love with her but couldn’t work that out because of str8 culture and their weird obsession with not teaching kids/teens about LGBT people

I want nothing more than her skin pressed to mine in the purest of ways. My arms resting around her as she sleeps, holding herself to me, a safe place. A kiss to her hair and soft whispers of love. I want nothing more than to have a life with you at my side. I just didn’t know it until now.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write

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i love that mars devotes her time and effort into this comic, not only for the readers but for herself. i love that she makes a community like this possible, where we can throw shade together and discuss gay stuff together. i think it's really amazing what she does!! also i love her hair omfg wtf its very cool

Mars does have nice hair

I love drawing Inquistion Mia with a feather in her hair because I can imagine her grabbing a feather from Anders’ coat and braiding it into her hair as a way of keeping him with her at all times because I’m a sappy mess uvu

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Heya Laf! Uh, modern!Hamliza?

Help, I can’t draw Elizas hair. 


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I'm so gay like I went to get something at cvs and use their bathroom and I ended up telling the pharmacist I loved her hair because it was dyed and it looked really pretty

Me too friend. I mean, but also compliments aren’t necessarily gay??


Cardi b on natural hair


Remake of this gifset because bless the new gif size limit.

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