i love her hair that way


Confession: I suffer from chronic indecision, a condition that among other things renders me unable to dress sims by myself. :P But really, I apologize for bothering y'all with this sort of thing (yet again), but…

Which hair looks better on her? I’ve narrowed it down to these two styles, and I’d love some input if anyone feels like helping me out. Either way, thank you for looking, and I hope you guys have a nice Friday and a wonderful weekend! (And better posts should be coming soon, I promise! As well as some long overdue CC uploads that I’ve been trying to polish up and finish so I can share. :D)

if i catch a cold, warm me up with your love

Summary:  “you’re gonna catch a cold if you don’t dry your hair,” she says.

jaebum knows it’s purely nonsensical, but he ends up believing her words anyway. after all, he’s a fool for her, and only her. 

Word count: 2775

Pairing: Jaebum X OC

Warning(s): extreme fluffiness ahead!!!!!!!,married couple because i’m soft for a domestic relationships, lapslock because it’s been so long since i wrote that way

A/N: I have finals in a few days yet I couldn’t help but spend some time writing this fluffy fic because I guess I need some fluffiness in my life right now and ugh Jaebum has been so fluffy and soft and adorable these days I cannot help it!!!

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Sometimes she sends me poetry
that she likes,
and when I read the lines
I can hear her heartbeat
resonating with the meter
of Burroughs' writing.
Irregular and sweet,
unpredictable like her,
every word changing course,
walking toward the unexpected.

I’m in love
with the way that she wanders
through the pages
the same way that she
wanders through the streets of Manhattan,
late at night,
hood over her face,
covering her freshly curled hair.

I’m in love
with the way that she talks
with a far away look in her eyes,
stuck in a fantasy,
romanticizing the moments
of yesterday.

I’m in love with her demeanor
and her smiles
and her passion
and how we can have conversations
without words;
just by reading the way
each of us breathes
metaphors and liquor
that radiate
from the tips of our tongues.

I like that she is summer.

I like that she is winter.

Sometimes she writes poetry
and she sends it to me
and I think that it’s wonderful
as I hungrily digest
her phrases and sentences,
that I look forward to increasingly
with each day that passes.

Her words at first,
sweet like honey,
leave you with a feeling afterwards
that you might have been just stung by a bee,
but that’s fine,
because there is beauty
in her pain and sorrow too.

And when she feels that way,
I’ll be there to love her,
and cry with her,
and make her smile,
so that she can be
happy again.

—  V.I.P.P.

j-watsonia  asked:

Rey! :)

1: sexuality headcanon

  • Pretty fluid, tbh. Her sexuality hasn’t really been explored (in-depth) in canon so I’m super chill with all interpretations atm.

2: otp

  • Reylo.

3: brotp

  • Rey and food.

4: notp

  • Rey and Snoke. Does that even have a ship name? I’m not really fond of Ruke (Rey and Luke) either.

5: first headcanon that pops into my head

  • Jedi training academy AU even though its been pretty firmly debunked.

6: favorite line from this character

  • “The garbage will do.”

7: one way in which I relate to this character

  • Her determination to retain her independence.

8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character

  • The fact that she’s pale, brown-haired and conventionally pretty like almost all Star Wars heroines (to-date, in film). I loved the actress and I love Rey but the lack of diversity in this is uhhh… sketchy.

9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?

  • Cinnamon roll, definitely.

The Character Meme

Okay, but like…I low key want either Weiss or Yang to cut their hair.

For Weiss it could be a nice way of symbolizing her newly found freedom from her father. We know that her asymmetrical ponytail was a way for her to demonstrate her defiance, cutting her hair could be the next step.

For Yang, we all know how important her hair is to her, which is part of why I’d love to see her (willingly) cut it. Maybe as a final step of acknowledging how much has changed or as a way of distancing herself from her mother, by getting rid of one of the few things they have in common.

anonymous asked:

What's the best part about going down on a woman?

Honestly, I love everything about it. I love making her cum, I love to please, the moans, the way her hips move, the way her legs squeeze you, her fingers through my hair, everything

The legend herself

Historia Reiss is a work of art herself that’s a fact thank you bye

More Details About the Kindergarten

Thanks to Peridot, we now know that the order of Gem’s classification names (8XJ, 8XL, etc) are given from top to bottom alphabetically, and apparently in some kind of zagging/non-linear pattern? I’ve seen some people attempt to map out where each of those Gems came from in the photo above in the past and found it fascinating! I tried to do the same with what we learned now, but the holes Amethyst bounced around to in “Back to the Kindergarten” were too zoomed in to tell where they might’ve lined up. Either way, I’d love for someone to attempt to map out the Amethysts now that we have this new information.

Additionally, I loved this exchange from Amethyst and Peridot:

That’s 8XJ … curly hair, right?”

“Yeah! How’d you know?”

“You can tell by the iron deposits in the formation there.”

According to Peridot, iron is involved with giving Gems the Gemetic trait of curly hair. It can then be inferred that the more iron involved in making a Gem, the curlier her hair will be once she forms. If 8XJ’s formation had enough visible iron deposits for Peridot to notice, which only gave her one distinct curl in her hair, just imagine how much iron went into making Rose!


small diamaris from twitter

Kanan was with Chika and You that day and Dia had to play ‘big strong friend’

Mari thinks she did well


more new crystal gem jasper crushin on pearl

someone in the tags said they liked the way I draw Rand’s hair, and I was like !!!! yes, that’s the thing I’m super proud of!

should i use it as my new icon?…


You got me so addicted to the drama

I tell myself I’m done with wicked games

But then I get so numb with all the laughter

That I forget about the pain…

Yeah, so you can cut me up and kiss me harder

You can be the pill to ease the pain

‘Cause I know I’m addicted to your drama

Baby, here we go again

Back to You 

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After this recent Steven Bomb, I’ve been seeing way too much hate on Lapis to the point where it’s kind of bringing me down. So, I’m here to spread some Lapis positivity for those of us that do love her, despite her flaws.

Like, for instance

Her cute snort laugh. Idk what’s goin on with those nasal passages girl but keep it up

Or how about her love of silly noises? Good stuff. Good stuff.

What about her art skills? They’re amazing 11/10 where can I commission her??

Remember that time she wanted to help Greg catch fish? She was so proud of herself and I was too

Or that time she was super into role playing as the crystal gems? (That hair style works so well for her)

Also, the way she said “THE GAH-NET” raised my lifespan higher than she raised that water

How about the way she played baseball in her own Lapis way? (Honestly, she was like the highlight of that episode imo)

Or her carefree dance with Peridot while they played music together (whether you ship them or not, it was cute af)

And of course, who can forget THAT laugh

I could go on, but I’ll end it here. Lapis has her problems, sure. But don’t we all?

I can’t wait for her to come back and give us more of her awkward, dorky, adorable self


*wyvern noises* (click for gr8 captions)