i love her hair in this

Legends of Smoak: Felicity’s masked debut

The QUEEN was on Legends last night making her masked debut. Honestly… it was AWESOME. There were so many little details the Legends writers put in that I loved.

Total badass since always. I loved that she used tech. I think those were Curtis’ T-spheres, but I can’t be sure. 

“Bimbo brigade” hehehe. That was funny. My girl is hilarious in any situation.

The dark hair was ON POINT and Felicity lowered her voice like Oliver does. She was also wearing his hood.

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when my grandma was a young woman she and her friends used to pick out their best dresses and do up their hair and put on their gloves and go ride the streetcars downtown in detroit to dance with handsome soldiers to live big band music

once, she saw sinatra perform live

“grandma,” i said, “what was he like???”

“he was very…” she paused, searching for the right words. i leaned forward. “…skinny,” she said, mouth twisted in derision. “i never understood what girls saw in him. standing behind a microphone, he just about disappeared.”

grandma lived to be 93 and she was fiercely loyal and she had such a warm, sweet love for her family but let’s take a moment to remember her like this, too: standing there with her whole life ahead of her, dressed to the nines and surrounded by friends, 1000% fucking unimpressed with frank sinatra


I’ve been watching TV series and movies my whole life , literally; never have I been able to see myself in any of the female protagonists; it was always the short , petite , cute girl , vulnerable , broken as she was , with the perfect make up , the perfect hair , the perfect smile , the perfect outfit , that got to experience love and acceptance ; And just as I’m about to give up on the idea of actually witnessing a character breaking down and destroying that stereotype , Gwendoline comes with her immense talent to bring to life Brienne; finally , a tall , strong , independent woman , with broad shoulders and the bone structure that could tear dragons to pieces, shows up; a female protagonist who doesn’t cry just to attract male attention , a character that does not expect to be saved , a character that literally kicks ass and stays true to her values even though everyone around her does the opposite; a tall girl who actually steals the guy’s heart ( THEY’RE GETTING TOGETHER WITH JAIME , SO STFU). As a tall girl , that fits no criteria , I salute and thank you;

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AN: I have one more Juggie smut left! its gonna be up soon I promise you. 
I hope you didn’t know that side of Jughead Jones ;) 


It was midnight . The night was young and so were people who went further into the woods. The endless night sky was filled with lost stars. She was gazing up at them as he carried her. The tall tress surrounded them. The leaves hushed a soft melody into the wind. The cold breeze kissed their hair and the nightingales seemed to sing a sweet lovely music. The forest was iindeed a place for love and he brought her there to define her wat was love to him.

From afar, she saw a tall tree and high above a house sat. It was a tree house. A staircase was waiting at the foot of the tree which would lead all the way to the house. 

With herself in his arms, he walked up the stairs and all the way up to the top. The house house was beautiful. He brought her down on her feet and she gasped at the sight of the viev revealed before her.

Everything was seen from there. The trees clouded near and afar but beyond the horizon was the Blossom mansion and from there she could see the party that was still going on. She couldn’t hear the music but it was comfortably silent where she was. 

Jughead was right. It did feel like home for her. 

“Its beautiful” She muttered under her breath, still mesmerized. 

Jughead looked at her “Yes” He replied. “Very beautuful” 

Then she felt it. Tingles were crawling under her skin as she felt his lips kissing her neck. He stood behind her, his hands brushing against her bare arms. 

Almost instantly, she gave his lips an open access and her back melted against his chest. He kissed down the crook of her neck, leaving a trail of sweet wetnes in his wake. 

“Jughead” She moaned. 

Growling. he turned her around and ravaged her lips, savoring her taste. In one swift movement, he lifted her off the ground and she wrapped her legs around his hips, clinging to him like a kitten. 

He swallowed her soft moans and walked into the room. He knelt in front of the bed which she didn’t notice before and sat down on the surface.

He kept kissing her, showing her how good he was with his sinful lips. His hand was on the back of her head unraveled the knot of her hair and it rolled down her back in curly waves. He gripped her hair in his hand and tipped her head back as he kissed down her throat. 

Pulling back, he raised the hem of her dress upward and gently pulled it over her head, leaving her naked. He growled lowly, eyes darkening. Her breast apilled out as of an offering to him. 

He lowered his head and sucked on a pink nipple swirling her tongue around the peak, making her lose her mind. His other hand fondled her other breast  and her fingers come running through his hair and down his shoulders/ 

He sucked on each- giving a fair pleasure to her heaving chest. After this, he pulled away from her for a mere moment, throwing off his clothes, and stood there naked in front of her. He was so beautiful, she crawled backwards in the bed as he crawled towards her. 

Hovering above her “You’re not wearing any underwear” He whispered huskily into her ear. 

She didn’t say anything. He put his weight on his arms and descended his lips on the crook of her neck “Were you expecting me to punish you for not wearing an underwear, love?” He asked. 


“Then why? Tell me my love” he demanded, darting his tongue out and sucking on the sweet spot he had found on her neck. 

She trembled under his touch and moaned his name out loud. Fondling her breast, he pulled back slightly and looked at her closed eyes. 

“Tell me” 

“I… I didn’t have anymore left” She admited blushing furiously, 

He grinned evily and lifted her legs over her arms. Opening her legs wide, he lowered his lips on her pussy and made her scream out his name in pleasure.
She arched her back and gripped the sheets in her hands. 


He drove her cracy - insane. His tongue lapped up her juices and thrust in and out of her making her world quiver and shatter. Soon she was fallig part and he watched her intently. He licked after every last bit of release and hovered over above her. 

“You’re so fucking beautful” He growled, leaning down to kiss her deeply. 
His erection brushed against her core and it send tingles all the way to her toes,. She moaned and arched her back pressing her chest against him. 

“I’m going to take you now baby” He warned stroking her cheek. “I’m gonna make you mine” 

She nodded.

Gently, he thrust his lenght into her. She was too tight and that left him going still. He gritted his teeth and clenched his jaw tightly. He waited for her to adjust until he felt her legs tightening around him and her fingernails teaing on his back silently asking for more. 

He pulled out abd thrust into her again. Slowly. Gently. He latched his lips on hers and swallowed her moans as he kept gently thrusting into her tight core. 

“Tight” He grunted, pulling back slightly and looking at her face “Fuck, love” He cursed “You like that?” 

She moaned her response, fingernails cluthing on his back. 

He thrusts went faster. Harder.Deeper. He growled lowly and buried his face at the crook of her neck. He licked her sweet spot and grazed his teeth against the love bite he painted upon her skin. 

Just then, he felt her walls tightening around him. She was coming. With one last deep thrust, she come undone and he felt apart after her. He held her tight and she milked him. 

“There you go” He murmured in her neck “Breathe. Love” 

She took a deep breath her walls tightened tightly around him instinctively when she felt him slowly pulling out. 

“Fuck” She cursed silently. He pulled out of her and cupped her face. 
“Baby did I hurt you?” 

She smiled lazily as if feeling sleepy “No” she whispered “I’m fine” 


She frowned then blushed once she saw the evil smirk playing on his sinful lips and the way his eyes flashed something darker- something sinful. 

He chuckled lowly when she saw the horror in her face. “Don’t worry babe” He assured “There will be next time” 

She relaxed. He laid down beside her and pulled her against his side, pulling the sheets over their naked bodies. She snuggled into his arms and sighed dreamly. 

He kissed the top of her head. “ I love you baby” 
She looked up at him “I love you, too” she murmured and kissed him softly on the lips. 

Suddenly, he pulled away from her and stood up. She watched in utter confusion as he went towards the dark corner of the room. His naked body shone under he moonlight and she flushed slightly seeing her claw marks visible on his back. 

When he came back, she sat up and the sheets fell on her waist revealing her breasts . He sat on the bed and placed a box in front of her. 

It was a gift. 

She covered her mouth with her hands and looked at him almost bursting in tears. She didn’t think that she could love this man more thank she already did. She raised on her knees and threw her arms around his neck. 

“Thank you so much” 

“Happy birthday love” 

Almost immediatly, she pulled away from him and excitedly untied the ribbon that sealed the gift. Once the gift. Once the box was opened, she looked inside it and gasped. She looked at him and reddened. 

“Brand new panties?” 

The endless Lirry bickering

Liam and Harry are those siblings who never stop annoying each other. Look…

Never miss a chance to take the piss out of each other. Remember when Liam could not stop talking about that leopard print dress the interviewer was wearing…(he was roasting her to be fair, lol)

Here’s Harry really pleased with his efforts in the serious lyrics game

This classic

Liam really loves to make fun of Harry’s hair(RIP)

Sometimes Harry just gives him a look to shut him up

How old are they again?

Anyways I love them

Just remember those Jadis spoilers have everything to do with Jadis’ motivation, Jadis’ mindset and is necessary to drive her to do what she does to drive the story forward. It has nothing to do with Richonne except to once again cement that this is the greatest love story any fandom has ever seen portrayed.  They aren’t in their 20′s.  They didn’t come together or stay together because of some superficial drama.  They aren’t archetypical in their look or representation.  The only difference between now and that other Messie situation is that one likes to cut hair and the other needs her hair cut. Jadis will serve her purpose too.  Just like Messie.  Bringing Michonne even closer to her man.

Hope that wasn’t too spoilery for some folks.  And is the Jadis thing really a concern?  I hope the fuck not, and I’m misreading the “panic”.

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Shakarian: things you said when you were drunk

getting this out before I fall through a Jaal-shaped hole I mean what

A stray beam from a star, a sun, falls into the cabin and highlights the dust particles drifting aimlessly around. Shepard shakes her head as if to shrug off the light and one of her hairs floats to the ground. Garrus’ eyes follow, as in trance. Her hairs… he’s begun finding them everywhere once he started paying attention. Yet Shepard insists that it’s not like fur and it’s not shedding.

The hair curls up on the floor. So incredibly thin. It should be barely visible, logic would dictate. But today, in this random beam of light, the red hair shines like a tiny beacon.

“I love your hair.”

Shepard laughs, her shoulders moving against his.

“Why do you always say that when you’re drunk?”

“It’s beautiful.”

She laughs again, slightly tinged with disbelief and then she swiftly moves and before he can say more, she’s in his lap, her chest pressing into his carapace and his hands are full of her ass as he nuzzles against her neck, her hair, her lips.

Whenever he wakes, she’s usually already up and gone. An entire galaxy demanding for her attention. All that’s left is her hair on her pillow. A reminder that she’d been there next to him, more than a dream or a memory. Not like on Palaven where he couldn’t stop wondering whether she still was… She still was. She is.

Garrus closes his eyes and deepens the kiss, presses her closer and carries her to the bed.

It doesn’t get easier the more he has to watch her disappear. Down into the depths of freezing water, linked to the fucking Geth consensus… She just has to keep doing things like that.

Weighing millions against billions… This is what the war has done to them.

Yet her life… He knows. He’s not able to think of her like that. To reduce her to a number. Not her. He needs her to make it through all the fucking dangers she throws herself into.

He dares to ask… A foolish hope, naive even. But she has to… he needs her to…

“Come back alive.”

She once caught him trying to pick up one of her hairs with his gloved talons from the seat of the Kodiak.

“Don’t have enough reach for that one, Big Guy?”

“My awesome sniper precision doesn’t seem to be of help much here, surprisingly.”

She’d just snorted a laugh and not even asked why he bothered with picking up her dead protein filaments. He was grateful.

So… he holds her close and presses his face against hers.

Because he needs her here, he’s so grateful she’s alive and that the strands she loses is all that’s lost its life and… he needs her… and…

He laughs and says “I love your hair.”

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number 1 for drabble meme, KC. Thanks!

1:  “The skirt is supposed to be this short.”

A number one coming right up! Hope you like Kol lol If not…I’m sooo sorry xD On FF

Also, If you want one!

Half-Time Show Entertainment

“Caroline, you look positively delightful! Still, I am afraid half of your skirt has fallen off somewhere - not that I’m complaining.” Kol joked, lifting his drink to her presence.

“Ha…funny, the skirt is supposed to be this short, and by the way you’re looking at my legs, it does its job fabulously.”

“Dangerous words coming from my brother’s little love. Should I ask who you’re going off to seduce with your lovely legs?” Kol asked.

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Holly Stewart was perfect for Gail Peck, and here's why:

-didn’t put up with Gail’s shit
-laughed at Gail where others would cringe
-believed in Gail
-came down to 15 to “lay eyes” on her
-kissed Gail first
-“plus one forever”
-didn’t freak out when Gail chopped all her hair off
-made Gail into a homosexual marshmallow
-didn’t push Gail to come out before she was ready
-smiled like an idiot when Gail finally introduced her to her brother
-teased Gail relentlessly
-was a perfect human being
-“who knew it was my thing”
-was willing to brave a dinner at Casa Peck with Superintendent Mom
-batting cages
-made Gail feel loved
-hanging out!
-“she said I wasn’t over my ex”
-was head over heels in love with the surly blonde officer AND DON’T YOU DARE TRY TO TELL ME OTHERWISE

Are you a white wlw who wants to comment on a black woman’s selfie? Here’s some tips you need to know!

Acceptable compliments include: “She’s pretty! She looks so nice! That’s a super cute dress. I love her hair! Her makeup is so cute.”