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"Surprise?!" A Bellamy Blake smut

Bellamy and (Y/n) stumbled into their room late one night.
“God you’re fucking hot.” Bellamy growled as he grabbed the back of her thighs. They were both a little buzzed. Enough to ensure their love session would be pretty hot. He lifted her and forced her legs around his waist. Her back crashing into the closed door. She let out a moan as her hands tangled into his hair. He growled as he sucked harshly into her neck. She gasped at the vibrations. Reaching down she ripped open his shirt as he moaned he walked backwards and collided with the opposite wall of their apartment. Knocking some pictures off the wall causing the glass to shatter.
“Get it later. Right now I need to get my desert.” He smirked wolfishly as he ripped her blouse.
Nibbling at her petit nipples her nails raked down his back as she let out a loud moan. He threw her onto the couch as he went to lock the door. Knowing their neighbor, Jasper liked to barge in without consent.
When Bellamy noticed his girlfriend naked on he couch he moaned. She giggled.
“Come get me baby boy.” She all but shouted.
“Oh I intend to.” He yanked his pants down.
He lunged tipsily on top of her causing her to shout in surprised as he shut her up by smashing their lips onto of hers. Moaning wildly as he thrusted into her with no warning.
“FUCK.” She screamed.
“Exactly.” Bellamy giggled.
“You’re so big Bellamy.” She cried out as her nails raked down his back. Bellamy pulled out only to thrust into her. The couch rocking. Hitting their lamp stand. Their metal lamp being knocked over and hitting the ground with a clatter.
Didn’t distract the lovers of course. No. They were still going at it. The poor couch whining in protest with each thrust.
Meanwhile. Marcus Kane waited for the elevator door to open. Being on third shift, he got called to a noise complaint at SkyBox Apartment Complex. It was big on having teenage residents, so parties were often called. But the neighbors complained, and Kane (whom was more worried at the location) volunteered to take it.
The reason for his concern. Was his daughter was recently moving into there. He was suppose to stop by there to see her all moved in and for a surprise. He could hear the shouts and cries from inside and rolled his eyes before banging on the door.
“ARK CITY POLICE!” He heard silence and a loud curse before the door flung open. His eyes widened. Bellamy with a small familiar blanket.
“Bellamy? Whose at the-Oh shit.” (Y/n)’s eyes widened at the sight of the officer. Her father standing with anger based in his eyes.
Kane connected the dots and his hand flew to his taser.
“H-hey dad….Surprise!?”
“Mr. Kane. Sir. I-I-”
“Son. I’m gonna need you to put on pants and (Y/n) go get dressed. I’m gonna need an explanation as to why the hell I get a noise complaint at two am. You both have ten seconds. And (Y/n), sweetie?”
“Y-yes dad?”
“Nice place.”

AN: After a long dormant phase, I’m finally back to writing. And since I’m so close to my next million followers (can you believe it? Don’t. It’s not true.), this is like a little gift to all you lovely people. :))

every light in the city


Clarke is twelve, it’s her birthday party, but she’s missing and nobody knows where she is.

Her mother, with her godawful bright yellow blouse and her hair in a bun, is looking for her all over their little neighborhood – knocking on doors and fences, going “have you seen Clarke? It’s her birthday party, but she ran away.”

The thing is for Clarke, the birthday party has always been too much. Every year ever since she can remember, her parties are always so full of people. Children from her school and children from the neighborhood, and their parents, people that she doesn’t know all swarm to their huge front lawn bearing all these gifts that she doesn’t like or care for.

The only person who can talk her down from escaping to the small playground park behind that shabby blue house was her father. He always found a way to make her stay and actually enjoy – danced with her until she’s breathless with laughter and her cheeks hurt from too much smiling. He can’t do that anymore, Clarke thinks bitterly, kicking the ground so that the swing goes higher up the air.

Jake Griffin met an untimely death four months before her 12th birthday after being run over by a truck. She doesn’t know about everyone else but four months are too short to get over the death of the only person who understands her. Her mother seems over it already, which makes this whole mess suckier than it already was. And seeing her smile at the guests as if she was always meant to stand at the gates alone makes Clarke sick… it sucks.

“What does?”

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I posted this when I first started this blog, but reposting now just because I kinda love how some things came out … like Lauren’s face. She has kinda quirky bone structure and this is really the first time I felt like I really got it. I also love her her blouse came out, how the fabric moves and there’s a sense of depth. Sometimes that’s hard for me when painting fabric, so I was thrilled it worked so well (yes, these are things artists obsess over). I also lurve Lauren’s hair, how it lays and falls. Sometimes, I’m tempted to go back and do a bit more work because Bo feels not quite as successful (though it’s a good likeness). The background, meanwhile, was a happy accident. I had no idea what I was going to do and started pulling some stuff from my old photos for ideas and found a pic of an old wall and falling in stone staircase. That got duped, flipped, lots of color and contrast play, more paint and voila. To me it evokes wings and crossed swords…which just seems perfect for Bo.


He knew it right then, looking at her slipping into her crinkled blouse with her hair still mussed by sleep and his hands. Those three little words tingling the tip of his tongue - enormous and frightening, but at the same time utterly inadequate to fully gather this rollercoaster of warmth and fear and euphoria. “You’re staring at me.” she said looking at him through the mirror with a soft smile. “You’re beautiful”, he replied, finding that maybe the time wasn’t quite right for three little words yet… [Sirius Black & Marlene McKinnon]

The Model Series #56 Photoshoot (Magazine Article)

Harry: “[Y/N] shows up for our interview at her favorite local restaurant wearing chic maternity wear in the form of jeans and a peasant blouse. Her hair is tied up in a topknot and she carries all her supplies in a stylish ‘23′ tote bag. She orders without needing a menu–a caesar salad and french fries with mustard on the side. “I’ve always loved this meal even before I was pregnant!” She laughs. It’s really quite easy to see why everyone in the free world is currently obsessed with [Y/N], her easy smile and disarming laugh. Harry most of all! “He never likes to leave me alone now,” she laughs. “Now that we’re having this baby he never wants me to get up or do anything for myself. I had to force him to let me walk to the store and get my own snacks the other day! I mean, I need some exercise!” All joking aside, [Y/N] can’t stop raving about Harry throughout the interview, and her face lights up when he texts her. Clearly their relationship is built to last, and this baby will have parents very much in love with each other. Headline reads:[Y/N] [Y/L/N] Talks Pregnancy Cravings, Redecorating, and Harry in Her Tell-All Interview in This Month’s Harpers Bazaar!” 

Louis: “Our sources tell TMZ that [Y/N] [Y/L/N] and boyfriend Louis Tomlinson are taking things to the next step! The duo reportedly bought a 3 million dollar mansion Los Angeles, California where [Y/N]’s modeling contract is based. This is after the two already bought a penthouse together in London and is certainly a step we never expected from Tomlinson, who was together with girlfriend Eleanor Calder for five years before breaking it off–they were never even close to living together! Sources tell us that Louis just can’t stop smiling, that he is quote ‘happier with [Y/N] than ever before–he’s even started referring to her as Mrs. Tomlinson and knows that their relationship will last forever.’ We wish all the luck in the world to the happy couple in decorating their new mansion! Tweet from @[Y/T/N] “Started painting today. Got more paint on each other than we did on the walls!” Headline Reads: “Tomlinson and [Y/L/N] Heat Things Up: Buy A Multi-Million Dollar Mansion Together” 

Zayn: “Well file this one under ‘Things We Never Thought Would Happen’! Our Gossip! Insider just leaked this photo–a behind-the-scenes look at an engagement photoshoot between [Y/N] and Zayn Malik! The One Direction singer and über-famous supermodel have enjoyed a very public relationship over the past two years and now, they’re tying the knot! Malik popped the question at Central Park and the two are taking some definite steps towards heading down the aisle….steps might we add Zayn and former-flame, Little Mix crooner Perrie Edwards never took! ‘She just makes me extremely happy….I know I’m the luckiest guy in the world.’ Malik is quoted as saying. [Y/N] is over the moon too–and we can’t wait to see what this stylish couple is wearing as they make their eternal vows!” Headline Reads: “Leaked Engagement Photo from Zayn and [Y/N]!”

Niall: “[Y/N] [Y/L/N], supermodel extraordinaire, recently received a joint cancer diagnosis. The blonde beauty has been in and out of several surgeries ever since, with family members and doting boyfriend Niall Horan there every step of the way. Today [Y/N] was scheduled for another surgery, and a video leaked of her in the operating room dancing to ‘Roar’ by Katy Perry. ‘It just pumps me up you know? It’s a great song…makes me feel strong!’ [Y/L/N] has said in past interviews. Her mood has seemingly remained unaffected by her terrible illness and we’re sure a lot of it comes from the supportive team she has around her. We’re told Horan even cancelled important meetings and tried to quit the lad’s newest tour due to [Y/N]’s illness, but that the supermodel herself forced him to go. A hospital worker speaking anonymously told us that Niall Skypes with [Y/N] for ‘hours’ at a time, ‘every single day, he never misses a day’. Good luck to [Y/N] fighting this terrible disease, our hearts are with her.” Headline Reads: “[Y/N] [Y/L/N] Shows Cancer Who’s Boss In This Heartwarming Clip”

Liam: “The holiday season is long-gone but we us here at Perez Hilton just got a MAJOR scoop! [Y/N] and Liam, of One Direction, have been turning us all into that heart-eyes emoji with their cuteness ever since their relationship started, but this one might just take the cake! [Y/N] and Liam sent out personalized Christmas cards this past holiday to friends and family and one of those lucky recipients was nice enough to forward it along to us! In the cute photo, [Y/N] and Liam are standing on what looks to be a Brooklyn street nearby [Y/N]’s apartment (which, btw, cost a reported 4 million!). Liam clearly can’t keep his hands, or his lips, off [Y/N]–cheekily popping a kiss on the beaming model’s cheek. The two are holding hands and a sign that reads ‘Merry Christmas’. What do you think….is sending out Christmas cards together old fashioned or still totes acceptable?” Headline Reads: Payne and Supermodel [Y/N] Caught in a Holiday Lip-Lock: See the Exclusive Pic!”

A Super...Crush? Wtf. Kia, just stop.

AN: Ah, bringing headcanons to life like the trash-sensei I am.

Pairing: eventual SasuHina
Rating: T (slick K+)


Hinata hurried carefully through the office, greeting her coworkers as she went. The last thing she needed today was to get his piping hot coffee on her brand new blouse. It was teal. Hanabi said it made her look nice.

Hinata leaned against the knob with elbow and opened the door. “Good morning, Hatake-sama!”

Her boss didn’t bother taking his nose out of his romance novel. The silver haired man motioned her to sit the drinks down. “Ne, Hyuuga…this is getting very good.”

Hinata smiled lightly, “I’m sure.” He giggled like a little school girl. Hinata stretched a bit and looked out his large window. She hummed in confusion when clouds suddenly covered the sky. “I thought we were supposed to have clear skies…”

Kakashi shrugged. She walked towards the window and placed her hand on the glass just as the loudest sound of thunder she’d ever heard boomed over the building. It shook everything! Hinata fell backwards and her boss caught her with ease. “Oh dear…” grumbled Kakashi.

“T-thank you,” said Hinata, standing up. There was a loud crash and the building was filled with screaming.

Lee busted into the room. “Look! Look! Two people fell out the sky!”

Kakashi stood sharply. “The sky?”

A blonde in a leotard and underwear shouted in a different alien language.

His…buddy, sporting the same attire, threw a city bus and screeched in that language too.

The blonde caught the bus but still crashed into a near by building.


Everything moved so fast. The building was crumpling under their feet. Kakashi pulled her to the other side of the building. Her hearing was gone from the crash, screaming, alarm and sprinklers. People around them were falling out of the building. There was so much screaming.

Kakashi was saying something but… He pushed her towards the standing part of the building before falling out himself. Hinata’s hearing jolted back and she released a scream. She watched a yellow bolt catch him.

“I’m dead, I’m dead,” said Hinata. “I’m dead!” Tears flowed down her cheeks as the floor shook again.


Sasuke smirked watching Naruto trying to catch the humans. This planet will do just fine for his plan.

His crimson eyes fell on a single woman trying to crawl from the steadily dropping edge. Naruto wouldn’t catch her. Pity.

It was when she looked back and he saw the shades of her eyes. His next moments happened in blinks. He was now carrying the woman in his arms. He knew she was screaming, but her words were just gibberish, especially when she noticed that were flying. When he landed, he put her down on a roof.

She fell onto her butt. Sasuke frowned. Had he just save a human? Red eyes narrowed at her. She was still crying. Sasuke hovered to her and cupped her face. The human female sniffled when he wiped a tear away. “Hello?” He spoke in her language.

“He-he-hell-” she stuttered in fear.

“You are safe.” But why?

She nodded. “Okay…”

“I am not from this place.” That was clear. “I do not pity your kind. I do not know why you are alive.”

Hinata was about to hyperventilate honestly. Why? Why!? “T-thank you,” she whispered.

He kept his hands on her cheek. “What is your identification?”

“My identification?”

He closed his eyes. “This pathetic race,” he sighed. “I am Sasuke of the Uchiha class. I am the heir of my clan.”

She nodded. “Hinata Hyuuga…I’m an assistant.”

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