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Eurus Holmes

I loved Eurus Holmes quite a lot, and Sian Brooke was absolutely amazing. BUT. Imagine a Newtonian-level Eurus Holmes with a scope and goals beyond getting her brothers’ attention. Imagine an anti-hero, big picture, sacrifices-must-be-made-for-the-greater-good Eurus, who wants to save the world and isn’t worried about who might get hurt along the way.

Imagine five year old Eurus realizing that Victor Trevor is only ever going to amount to a mid-level banker who occasionally hits his wife, but his death would push her brother to be the greatest detective the world has ever known. Hundreds, maybe thousands of lives can be saved. No brainer. Into the well he goes.

Imagine 20 year old Eurus realizing that she can save the world, and all she has to do is burn it down first. She knows just how to pull the threads that will create a lasting utopia on planet earth within 100 years. Yes, 4 billion or so people will die along the way, but the earth is overcrowded anyway. She sets about her work, manipulating poor Uncle Rudy and her older brother and the idiots at Sherrinford along the way. At first her access is limited, but she learned patience at an early age.

It gets lonely. She decides to seek out a little helpmeet in her adventures. She knows there is no one else in the world who can match her intellect, but she needs someone who is both smart enough to keep up with her and flexible enough to do what needs to be done. Someone who is not boring. She hopes she’s found that in Jim Moriarty, but within 20 seconds of meeting him she knows that he’s too invested in burning the world down to ever want to rebuild it again afterwards. Ample observation has confirmed that Mycroft, while more intelligent, does not possess the necessary mental and moral flexibility. A quick twitter search confirms that there are no other serious contenders - it will have to be Sherlock.

She sets her nets and she waits. Dear Jim is invaluable in this endeavor. She devises a series of trials that will teach Sherlock about the weakness of sentiment, drive him away from his pets (er…“friends”), and to make difficult decisions for the greater good. She carefully calculates the variables and concludes that once he has killed their brother, he will be ready to listen to what she has to say. She can be very persuasive.

But the day arrives and Sherlock not only refuses to kill their brother, he is prepared to die for him. Eurus is wrong. WRONG. She has never been wrong in her life. If she’s wrong about this, her own brother, what else could she have miscalculated? Could she have been prepared to sacrifice 4 billion lives on incorrect data? Eurus retreats into her own mind, shattered by her failure, destined to spend the rest of her life seeking the one variable she will never understand - love. Sentiment. Amo.

Volton Mafia AU

has this been done yet?


Age: 22

·         Has been living with Coran ever since Zarkon killed her dad

·         It’s been five years since The Lions was betrayed by Zarkon

·         She’s been planning her revenge ever since

·         Wants to re-build The Lions and lead them

·         Also, very badass and could totally kill you


Age: ???

·         Admired Alfor very much

·         He used to be very close to him

·         Took Allura as his own

·         Takes care of the supplies and all that

·         Is actually someone you don’t wanna mess with


Age: 24

·         Entered The Lions when he was like 16

·         Used to be the Gunderson’s bodyguard

·         Found a 10 year old Keith and literally adopted him

·         Best friends with Matt and Pidge

·         Was tortured to enter The Galrans

·         Escaped somehow (or rescued?)

·         Woke up in another country and freaked out a little bit


Age: 18

·         Escaped orphanages

·         When Shiro took him in, he became friends with Pidge and Matt

·         Pidge showed him Assasin’s creed (and he fell in love with it)

·         Loves his daggers

·         Asked Hunk to build him a hidden dagger like the ones in assasin’s creed

·         Owns a motorbike because of reasons

·         Has been looking for Shiro and Matt with Pidge


Age: 18

·         Escaped home because his parents were very homophobic

·         Has been living around the streets since he was 14

·         Hated public school until he met Hunk and became best pals

·         Is jumping from job to job

·         Loves shooting and his guns (he names them probably)

·         The sniper of the group

·         Doesn’t fight very well

·         Is actually very protective and sweet but gotta keep his bad boy image


Age: 18

·         Loves building and fixing things

·         Thinks cooking is like fixing or building some food’s tastes

·         Sometimes works with poison

·         Loves his best friend very much

·         Wasn’t very fond of the idea of following Lance into this life style but doesn’t regret it

·         Doesn’t like to go to outside missions and is more of an inside man


Age: 17

·         Looks like 14

·         Doesn’t like to go to outside missions either

·         Insisted Keith to teach them how to use a dagger

·         Loves their computer and drones

·         Always spills coffee or other liquids on their computer so they have to ask Hunk to fix it for them

Other facts:

·         Lance and Hunk’s district was “taken” by The Galrans and they were terrorizing the families

·         Lance learned his loves for guns and sexuality and shooting  in a school trip to a police station (a very handsome cop asked who wanted to try shooting)

·         Pidge and Keith bet on how Shiro got his scar

·         Lance, Hunk, Pidge and Keith met at the public school they went

·         Pidge’s father actually worked with the government

·         Alfor planned to turn The Lions into something good

·         Zarkon didn’t liked that

·         Allura recruited them one day when they all casually met at Coran’s bar

·         Hunk and Lance were there for Lance’s bday

·         Keith and Pidge went to talk to an informant (Allura) to get information on The Lions

·         Allura found Shiro in the streets one day and recognized him

·         Shiro didn’t liked the idea of Keith joining The Lions

·         Allura changed the name The Lions to Voltron probably

·         They don’t actually have money and power as their incentive

·         They’re still illegal though

·         They all just want justice against Zarkon and took justice in their own hands


Danny pulled Silvia’s body close to him. She relished in the feeling of comfort and warmth that spread over her as he touched her. Leaning close until their foreheads were touching, Danny’s eyes remained on her face. She gasped, as she saw the love and adoration which shone in his dark eyes. 

Danny: Wife.

Silvia: Yes, husband?

Danny: I’m going to love you for five-ever. 

Silvia: Not forever?

Danny: Even longer than that, so for five-ever. 

Silvia: Are you trying to kill me with sappiness on our honeymoon night? 

Danny: Is it working? 

Silvia: No, but it’s doing something to my heart. Just making it skip a beat, you know… normal stuff when you’re around. 

Danny: That doesn’t sound healthy, wife. 

Silvia: It probably isn’t but I like the feeling anyway, husband. 

I get to love you (It's the best thing that I'll ever do) - Chapter 6 - shedrinksthewildair - Supergirl (TV 2015) [Archive of Our Own]
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Now complete!

I get to love you (It’s the best thing that I’ll ever do)

Or: Five times Maggie showed Alex she loved her, and one time she told her.

Chapter 6: Speak

Last night was the fourth in a row Maggie had stayed over, and Alex was angling for a fifth.

“Please, please, please?” Alex displayed her puppy eyes.

“You know I wanna stay Danvers, but I have no clean clothes left.”

“So wear mine!”

Maggie shrugged. “Okay.”

Alex raised an eyebrow. “Wow, you gave in pretty easily.”

Maggie put her hands on her hips. “You calling me easy, Danvers?”

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I have a lot of feelings about Matt Boyd. He’s with the weakest and most ridiculed Class I team but loves them like family. He feared is future girlfriend and was scared shitless even when asking her out. He’s the tallest on the team but worst enemy on the team is five feet tall. Nobody will stop fighting around him. His five foot enemy tricked him into drug relapse for said enemy’s brother’s sake. His best friend got kidnapped and nearly died. His best friend ends up dating his five foot enemy. Nothing ever goes right for an entire year. Nobody ever explains things so he probably loses a lot of bets. He keeps getting punched. All he wants is to play exy and for everyone to get along but suddenly there’s the mafia and the FBI and murders. Someone help Matt Boyd.

Tamales and Babies » Rafinha Alcântara

Your love is bright as ever,


“And then Ney told me to wipe my hands if I ever high-fived Ronaldo,” Rafa explained.

“You’re terrible!” His wife laughed as they entered their shared apartment.

“How am I terrible?” He sniggered, dropping his gym bag by the door.

“Boy, I swear if you don’t turn around and pick up that sweat infested shit of a bag off my floor.” She laughed, turning around to glare at her boyfriend.

“Sheesh.” Rafa exclaimed, hands up in a surrendering motion.

Rafinha understood one of his wife’s many pet peeves included a cluttered den, so naturally, leaving his stuff around to clutter the place up was also on the list. Sometimes he’d wonder if his beau had some kind of OCD that had yet to be discovered, but he knew he couldn’t bring this topic to the surface for he might get a joking punch to the crotch.

“Meu amor, have you went to doctor yet?” He questioned, picking the ‘sweat infested bag’ off the hard-wood flooring of the room.

“Yeah,” she frowned looking at him.

He knew that face all too well. It was the ‘sorry, I’m not pregnant face’ his wife always made.

“Not again.” Rafa sighed, beginning to place his uniform into the wash for practice he had planned the next day.

“Again.” Y/N heaved a sigh. “I’m sorry.”

Looking at his wives face only saddened this second-generation Alcântara more. Him and his wife had been trying for a baby all too long, and she’d recently been having signs of pregnancy, but now their hopes were destroyed. They were happily married and felt like they were ready for the extra responsibility of conceiving a child.

(These adults also enjoyed the process in which they tried for a baby with, also.) “Maybe next time.” Rafael offered a forced smile.

“Yeah,” she agreed. “What do you want for dinner, osi?” For some reason his wife insisted on calling him by his childhood nickname.

“How about tamales? I haven’t had them in a while?” Rafinha asked, smiling his big, hopeful grin. “Only if you help me.” Y/N offered, batting her eyelashes in a pleading way.

To make tamales was a tedious job to try and complete in the night hours, so of course Mrs. Alcântara didn’t want to the job alone. Rafa knew this meant taking part in the infamous (and much dreaded,) Alcântara-tamale-assembly line. It was a simple work line indeed. First, Y/N would grab the pre-dried corn-husks (with the masa already inside) and spread the red chile sauce inside before handing it to him so he could place the chicken inside & diced tomatoes before placing them in the steamer. It was a quick (and laborious) dish Jonathan dos Santos had once taught them that was usually fun and always brought the child out in the both of them.

After preparing the corn-husks, Y/N began spreading the masa onto the insides as Rafa stirred the chicken he’d just quickly made. “So, tell me more about practice,” she asked, passing the corn-husk over so he could apply the shredded chicken. 

 “If was fun. Dani, Neymar and I hung out afterwards,” Rafa explained, laughing at the thought of the jokes and banter they had after the practice. 

“What did you guys talk about.” Y/N may have seemed noisy or clingy, but Rafa knew she was just asking out of pure curiosity. 

 “We were just teasing Ney about the girl he had over the other night.” He answered, placing the prepared tamale into the steamer. 

“Not again!” She groaned. 

 Y/N knew Neymar was struggling ever since the breakup of him and his ex and his past nights usually included meaningless one-night stands. She tried convincing Rafa to help his friend out, but he swore his friend knew what he was doing. 

“Yes, again.” She couldn’t help but be disappointed in the answer he gave her. “Come on, Rafa, I know you know some girl to go on a blind date with him.” 

 “I do, but I don’t think he’s her type.” Rafa answered honestly. 

 “Neymar ain’t got no type!” She exclaimed, applying more masa onto the remaining husks. 

“Yes, he does.” Rafa laughed. “You don’t hang out with him everyday for hours on end.” 

“True that.” She agreed. “But come on help him out. Por favor, osi.” 

“I’ll help him if you promise never to call me that again.” He grumbled. 

 “I promise, osi.” Y/N teased before hurrying up the stairs to their shared bedroom. 

 “So you’re just going to just leave me here with all these tamales!” Rafinha yelled from the dining room. 

“Si, Rafael!” She yelled back. 

“This is what I get for marrying a Latina,” Rafa thought. “What’s wrong with white girls?” 


“I see you cooked me dinner.” Y/N inquired as she entered the set dining room. 

“You left me no choice,” Rafinha replied sarcastically as he brought the plate of fresh tamales unto the table.

“Anyways, sit, sit, babe.” He added pulling out a chair for his wife. 

 Sending him a questioning look, Y/N complied and sat into the seat. “What’s with all of this?” Around the table were all kinds of assortments of flowers and candles. 

“This is something I call, romantic.” Rafa replied adding an accent to his words.  

“Wow, wow, I’m impressed. Who knew Rafael Alcântara do Nascimento had this in him?” She teased reaching across the table to pinch his cheeks. 

“Yeah, yeah. Don’t get used to it.” Rafinha scoffed, trying to hide his crimson cheeks by turning the opposite direction. 

“Oh I will get used to it.” Y/N smirked, sipping a cup filled with icy water. 

“And why is that?” Rafa questioned. 

“Because you’ll need to learn how to cook for tres.” She laughed, pointing three of her fingers to add emphasis to her statement. 

“You’re a bitch ass liar!” Rafinha exclaimed standing from his seat. 

“I wish I was.” Y/N laughed, taking a small piece of chicken from her plate into her mouth. 

“You can have all the tamales you want, amor.” Rafinha chuckled, reaching across the table to kiss his wife before standing from the dinner table. 

“Where are you going?” Mrs. Alcântara questioned as her husband began to leave the room. 

“I have to call my brother and tell him the good news.” He explained excitedly. 

As Rafa left the room, Y/N began to finish her cooked meal. “Oh and for the record,” Rafinha added, popping his head into the room, “next time throw away the results,” he winked. 


gif credits to we-heart-barca 

 a/n: not my best, but i tried :) hopefully you like it anon!! 

  • me:*takes a deep breath*
  • me:i lo-
  • anyone who has ever spent five seconds around me ever:yes, you love Victoria Chase, i know, you love Victoria Chase so much, she’s the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Victoria Chase, i KNOW, you love Victoria Chase you fucking love Victoria Chase ok i know, i get it, YOU LOVE VICTORIA CHASE. I GET IT.

sweet like honeydew
I love it when you come around
Its just me and you
gal, and you

I get to love you (It's the best thing that I'll ever do) - Chapter 5 - shedrinksthewildair - Supergirl (TV 2015) [Archive of Our Own]
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I get to love you (It’s the best thing that I’ll ever do)

Or: Five times Maggie showed Alex she loved her, and one time she told her.

Chapter 5: Treasure

“Mmm that smells so good,” groaned Alex as she stepped into Maggie’s kitchen.

Maggie smiled over her shoulder from her position at the stove. “Thank you, I hope you like it, it’s a new recipe.”

Alex came up and wrapped around her from behind, moaning as she caught an even stronger aroma of whatever it was Maggie was making.

Maggie laughed and hit her lightly on the hand with a wooden spoon. “Stop that, or I’ll say screw dinner altogether.”

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I’m the last hope of a dynasty, Mormont. The greatest dynasty this world has ever seen on my shoulders since I was five years old – and no one has ever given me what they gave to her in that tent. Never. Not a piece of it. How can I carry what I need to carry without it? Hmm? Who can rule without wealth or fear or love?

for fucktheon

anonymous asked:

The song 'Amnesia' by Five Seconds of Summer reminds me of 2012-2014 ianthony with kalel

I used to love THAT SONG! My problem with music is that if I REALLY like a song, I’ll listen to it on repeat for DAYS until I get sick of it… then I’ll hardly ever listen to it ever again just because I’ve worn it out xD But Amnesia is DEFINITELY a good song to relate to Anthony’s old relationship with Kalel while he was still trying to get over her. Now, not so much, but definitely suits them from like when they first split.

  • taeyeon: *takes a deep breath*
  • taeyeon: I lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around taeyeon ever: yes, you love Tiffany, we know, you love Tiffany so much, she's the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Tiffany, we KNOW , you love Tiffany you fucking love Tiffany ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE TIFFANY. WE GET IT.
I get to love you (It's the best thing that I'll ever do) - Chapter 4 - shedrinksthewildair - Supergirl (TV 2015) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

New Chapter! 

I get to love you (It’s the best thing that I’ll ever do)

Or: Five times Maggie showed Alex she loved her, and one time she told her.

Chapter 4: Cling

Alex was working late, and hating every second of it. She tried to think back on a time when her whole life’s purpose was her work, when she practically slept at the DEO on a nightly basis. She didn’t want to go back to that. Sure, she loved her job, though it was often dangerous and difficult. Not to mention strenuous. But when her girlfriend of four months was currently at Alex’s apartment, probably warm and cozy and asleep in the bed they now shared more often than not, she didn’t exactly have a longing to stay stuck staring at the DEO’s computer monitors at one in the morning.

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You know how folks like to discuss the five people, living or dead, who they’d like to have dinner with or whatever? I’ve been thinking about the five dogs, living or dead that I’d like to have a playdate with.

1. Shawnee

This one is pretty easy for me. Shawnee is the only dog I’ve ever owned, and we had to put her down about 13 years ago because she got really sick. She was the laziest, most gentle golden retriever ever and I loved her a lot. Here’s an old polaroid of me and her as pups (and also our parents).

2. Laika

Laika is my favourite historical dog - she was Earth’s greatest pioneer, being the first earthling to go to space. She didn’t survive long up there, and the Sputnik 2 scientists have always lamented the fact that they sacrificed her, while learning very little in the process. I have a shirt and two books featuring her and I would like to show them to her.

3. Maple

I love Trench and his dog Maple. They are the perfect team and the only reason I think Vine deserves to exist. Trench makes beautiful music and Maple helps out and provides a calming background imagery for most of his videos just by being herself.

4. Fritz

Fritz is famous from his “Fritz Learns to Catch” series of videos, where his owner will toss a piece of food up and Fritz will gleefully try to catch it, but usually fail at doing so pretty fantastically. The first Fritz Learns to Catch video cheered me up a lot on a pretty bad day and I would like to thank him by handing him lots of treats. Gently.

5. London (The Littlest Hobo)

There’s an old show from the late 70s and early 80s called The Littlest Hobo - it’s about a dog who wanders around from place to place, solving random people’s problems. He’ll do all sorts of crazy shit, too - in the very first episode he jumps out of a helicopter and parachutes to deliver an antidote to a poisoned child. The dog has ingrained himself into Canadian culture, being referenced in BOTH of our other shows - Trailer Park Boys and Corner Gas. Anyway, Hobo is badass and has definitely earned my last pick.

Shawnee, Laika, Maple, Fritz, London and I would have the best day ever, I assure you.

You Have Me, a Reylo Fic

I wrote this for the Reylo Valentine’s Day Gift Exchange and it never went non-anon like it was supposed to yesterday, so … here it is! College AU, light smattering of smut, the usual. 


Rey might, unfortunately, have the hots for her R.A. Ben Solo.

Or: four times Rey got drunk in front of Ben Solo, and one time Ben Solo got drunk in front of her.

It’s freshman year, and it’s the first time Rey has ever been drunk.

“This is the first time I’ve ever been drunk!” she yells into Finn’s ear.

He pats her on the back. “Yeah, yup, you told me that five minutes ago. And like five minutes before that.”

She grins at him sloppily, throwing her arm around his shoulder. She loves everything about this night. She loves the late September wind on her cheeks, loves the chaos of the other drunk people milling around on this lawn, loves how infinite the sky seems when she looks up. Her phone’s a piece of shit, but if it weren’t she would take all the pictures she could of this moment, preserving it all in her memory — the lights twinkling on the deck, Finn’s familiar grin, a cold cup of stale beer sloshing in her hand.

“Ugh, I just want to bake this night into a pie and eat it,” she says.

Finn cackles. “Shit. You are drunk.”

Without warning he casts her arm off of him and takes her beer from her, setting it on the table. She opens her mouth to protest at him — she’s drunk, but not that drunk — but then she sees the wicked grin on his face, and in the next second he has leaned down and thrown her over his shoulder.

“Finnnn!” she half-shrieks, half-giggles. She throws her hands up, the balmy air whipping her hair in her face as he runs across the yard with her in tow. People start cheering, and she waves at them, blowing kisses.

He sets her down and they both tip over in the process, rolling over each other into the damp grass, a mess of drunk limbs and giggles. When they finally untangle themselves they are both wheezing, laying on their backs and staring up at the stars.

“That hot guy, that what’s-his-face Dameron,” says Rey. “He’s been looking at you all night.”

Finn shoves his open palm into her head, messing up the side of her ponytail. “No he hasn’t.”

“He has,” Rey sing-songs. “Poe! That’s his name. Poe Dam — mmggfgg!”

Finn has plucked someone’s sweater up from the lawn and unceremoniously dropped it on her face. “For the love of god, Drunk Rey, keep your voice down — ”

“Fine, fine,” she says, hoisting herself into a sitting position. She glances over to the table where Finn set her beer and sees that it’s already disappeared. Ah, well. She’ll grab another, just as soon as she — “Oh, shit.”


Finn’s eyes follow her gaze and immediately snap on every college freshman’s nightmare: their R.A. At a party. A party at which they are both decidedly intoxicated, and rolling around in the grass like a bunch of idiots.

“We are so screwed,” Rey breathes, feeling her heart start to hammer rather inconveniently in her throat.

“He hasn’t seen us yet,” says Finn, scrambling to his feet, sloppily pulling her up by the wrists. “Come on, we can still get out of here before he — ”

Ben Solo’s eyes lock on Rey with surprising sharpness; she cannot remember a single time in the last few weeks of living on the same floor with him that he has ever made eye contact with her, and it’s a little bit like slamming into a brick wall, except that she kind of … likes it? Something unexpected in her stirs, and in the back of her drunken mind and beneath the very real terror of getting suspended, she might actually think their brooding, antisocial, hardass R.A. is kind of hot.

And then he starts walking over to them, and he’s anything but.

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  • me: [takes a deep breath]
  • me: i lov-
  • anyone who has ever spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love rose tyler, i know, you love rose tyler so much, rose is the light of your life, you love her so much, you just LOVE rose tyler, i KNOW, you love rose tyler you fucking love rose tyler okay i know, i get it, YOU LOVE ROSE TYLER. I GET IT.
Dead Inside

Pairing: Poe DameronxReader

Warnings: None, that I could think of…

Word Count: 721

A/N: My first imagine ever, and English is my third language so… I apologize advance; I like proofread it  five times, if there’s a mistake I’m sorry.

“Stop. This isn’t you.”

“How would you know who I am? You’ve only known me for a few months! I’ve known myself for years! This is me! I’ve always been this way. I’m evil and I love it, nothing’s ever changed that.”

Poe Dameron looked at the woman he had met years ago in the the Resistance base. He had seen her walking along Ben, they were visiting General Organa.

He hadn’t heard from her a long time ago, now she was standing in front of him like she had never age a day.

The Y/N of the past was nothing to the heartless and cold woman that stood in front of him. His Y/N was relax, natural, fun the complete opposite of this woman with black clothing and a meticulous ponytail. Now her E/C, that were golden and warm; they look more obscure, more cold and they even look smaller.

“Your love for me was foolish. Have could you love someone so easily, someone you merely met? Pathetic” Y/N declared with a frivolous tone laughing while she remove the black glove from her hand. “Are you going to do this the hard way or what?” she smiled then her eyes suddenly darkened. “Where is the  the map, Mr. Poe?” she inquired mockingly.  

How can she be so heartless? All those times they were together felt so real. Had all the dark side consume all her soul? Had she really been evil from the beginning? They were many questions running in his mind.

However, Poe cursed himself for his questioning about her. This wasn’t his Y/N.  She never was and would never be.

“Did you love me?” Poe said as he raised his head and looked at her she stop her hand midway frowning she looked at him. “Did you fake everything?” he added looking in her dark eyes.

Y/N felt something tugging her heart, she was starting to get a massive headache. Her heart started to pound against her chest. Something warm started to spread through her. She felt a weakness in her knees. What was happening to her?

Poe was about to ask her another question when he saw her, starting to lean against the wall struggling to breath. “Y/N, I still love you. Please, go to the light. You’re not evil, they must be some good left inside you. Y/N, please I love you” he said as he tugged in the restrains that had him in the vertical bed.

The headache grew, she felt something tugging her apart inside. She felt down her knees. “Shut up, I hate you. Shut up” she gripped her head as it started to pound harder.

“I love you, Y/N please. Look at me. Y/N, my love please” Poe begged at her. Y/N growled at the sound of his voice, she was evil. She was breed to be a Sith Lord for god’s sake. Why did this man was making feel so weak. So weak, that the Light was pushing out the Darkness from her heart

She never imagine that she could feel so weak,so… so…, her entire body tremble as he talk to her. Trying to talk her out the Dark Side. She couldn’t move, her brain stopped working.  

“Darling, please” Poe begged at the woman, whose breathing started to quicken he could see the sweat running down her jaw down to her neck. It was working, something told him it was working. “I love you, please.”

The door suddenly opened and Kylo Ren stood in the door. Looking at Poe then at Y/N. “Get her away from here!” he shouted at the Stormtroopers that were trailing behind him.

“No, Y/N please. Y/N, I love you” Poe shouted as he saw Y/N being dragged out of the room.

“She is already lost to the darkness” Kylo Ren said in his monotonous voice closed the door.

“Y/N” Poe whispered as soon as the door closed behind Ren.

She had lost her again to the Darkness…

I get to love you (It's the best thing that I'll ever do) - Chapter 2 - shedrinksthewildair - Supergirl (TV 2015) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Next chapter is up!

I get to love you (It’s the best thing that I’ll ever do)

Or: Five times Maggie showed Alex she loved her, and one time she told her.

Chapter 2: Special

Alex rushed down the street, beanie tugged down around her ears and scarf over her mouth, desperate to make it inside her favorite coffee shop and out of the freezing winter air. Also, desperate to hurry home to her girlfriend. The coffee machine at her apartment had broken and Alex needed her daily fix. Maggie had been reluctant to let her go, wrapped around her like a cuddly koala, and only acquiesced with the promise of bringing back her favorite blueberry muffins. The thought of Maggie’s state of dress, or rather undress, when she had left caused a flush to warm Alex’s icy cheeks.

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“It was a summer fling,” Connor tells his friends at the lunch table. “He was hot and I was horny and that’s that.”

Michaela rolls her eyes. “Classy as ever, Connor.”

Asher raises his hand for a high five. Connor keeps both hands on the table, not feeling particularly proud of the lie. Oliver had been the best thing that ever happened to him. He’d been thrilled when he first heard Oliver transferred here, that their summer love didn’t have to end. But then he remembered himself. Maybe Con could love Oliver, but Connor Walsh was a cool, popular playboy with a persona to maintain. He didn’t love anyone but himself.

It’s Laurel who shakes her head and mouths, Behind you.

Connor’s heart starts sinking before he ever turns around. When he does, when he sees Oliver standing a few feet away holding a lunch tray, tears in his eyes, his heart is already on the floor.

“That’s all I am to you?” Oliver asks, words shaky, bottom lip trembling. He doesn’t wait for an answer. “You said… Back there, at the beach…” He blinks and the tears fall and Connor hates himself.

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