i love her face!

Once upon a time there was a fucking queen. She had it all: the glory, the power. Worshipers eager to give and grateful to receive. Why? Because she had the gift of the gift. The blessing of blessings, hers to bestow. And her place of worship? Oh, that was the place to be. That was the goddamn shit. It was good fucking times.

anonymous asked:

what does nat's tat on her neck say? i love her so much ;_;;<3

omg plssss sDKFJsdhfkjhsdf i love you back.

but i just changed it actually.. it used to say “ninja” but i replaced it with “bushido” cause i like it better.

Panda rolled his eyes when he see it lol.


Remake of this gifset because bless the new gif size limit.