i love her eyes omg


                      day 06: free choicefavorite physical contact(s)
        Their eyes met, and in an instant,
                          with an inexplicable, only half conscious rush of emotion,
                                  they were in perfect communion
                          F. Scott Fitzgerald

I commissioned a modern Tarzan and Jane from the incredibly talented @punziella and here’s the final result!! I couldn’t be happier with it, it’s absolutely perfect and I just love it so so much I can’t stop staring at it, thank you so much Pauline!!


The Court of Nightmares: Queen Morrigan

A queen—a queen who bowed to no one, a queen who had faced them all down and triumphed. A queen who owned her body, her life, her destiny, and never apologised for it.

Song: 6 Inches- Beyonce

Selena & Soleil C-A Supports

You know, I’ve been writing a few supports in the background, but it only recently occurred to me that I should y'know submit them like everyone else, so that people can see them before they’re implemented. 

So here we are! First up is a C-A I wrote for Soleil and her wonderful Aunt Selena.  You can’t tell me that Selena wouldn’t be absolutely doting in her own Selena-y way over Soleil and any of Laslow or Odin’s kids. 

Here’s a link~~ I’d love feedback

anonymous asked:

can you write a davey imagine where he and the reader were childhood friends and he kinda confesses his love after the strike? thank youu <3

(sorry if this sucks but it’s my first one ok)
* okay so you and davey live right next to each other
* you guys have been friends for forever
* he helps you study if you need it sometimes
* this is so overused but your bedrooms are right next to each other’s so you can see and talk to each other
* and maybe you guys both have your desks set up at the windows so you can do your work and talk to him ok wow
* but when his dad gets hurt he’s really sad (obviously) but you keep throwing rocks at his window until he opens his curtains
* and he’s blushing and smiling a lot bc omg this beautiful person wants to talk and help him through what he’s going through
* then he becomes a newsie
* and you find it really funny because
* davey
* lying about headlines ????
* hanging out with people who spit and then shake hands ???
* hilarious
* but he’s telling you about all the friends he’s making and how he really likes some of them
* and then the next day
* the strike is organized and he’s telling you about how excited he is and how he can finally have justice for his dad and justice for his overworked friends
* and he comes to you after the cops come and beat up all the newsies
* and you clean him and les up
* and you’re holding an ice cube to his fat lip
* and he’s sitting on your tub with his legs on either side of you
* and he just looks up in your eyes and he’s like omg
* i love her
* and then he invites you to come along to print the newsies banner
* and you’re running through the halls holding hands and feeling so alive because it’s so freeing and you’re with this lanky guy you love so much
* and the next day you’re in newsies square listening to the news of the strike being done
* and you’re so happy so you just hug davey so close and you’re giggling and smiling
* and he just looks at you
* and you both lean in
* and then you’re making out in front of all the newsies
* and everyone’s cheering
* and davey pulls away and says that he’s always loved you and is just so happy and a little teary eyed and omg
* i love davey jacobs okay

| Tifa —“Final fantasy VII” |

I was trying some new colouring style with Tifa, ´cause she´s not only awesome but easy to draw too! he he.

—Tiff´s outfit in Advent children is my favourite by far, but I still love her original red apple gorgeous eyes~🌟


Boruto ep. 15 recap

“A New Path”

•Shikamaru, Sai & Naruto are literally 3 of my favorite male characters so it made me really happy seeing them take a stroll through the park.
•That girl with brown hair, in pigtails, that wears orange is so freakin adorable. She has a beauty mark under her eye. Omg.
•I love that Mitsuki loves Boruto & refuses to leave his side.
•I’m screaming at the fact that these kids haven’t graduated yet & people are shook that they are finally forming InoShikaCho. Legacy! Impact!
•Metal Lee cracks me up! His faces. He’s just a baby.
•I respect the shit outta Boruto’s no snitching policy.
•Shino is such a good teacher. There really needs to be more Shino’s in the education system tbh!
•I almost pressed the button on my life alert bracelet when I saw Naruto reading a book to Himawari. HALP!!!
•Inojin just be knowing all the tea & spillin it. I live.
•That goth girl did not disappoint me. This creepy ass doll jutsu is everything I’ve ever wanted.
•That brolic ass man with the skin tight white shirt that delivered Shino news had me in tears! Who is he?! Why does he look like that?!
•Now Inojin. What we won’t do is refer to ChoCho as chubby for the rest of the series. My girl has a name! Keep it very cute.
•Mitsuki really asked Boruto for permission to use a new jutsu & shut shit down.
•Did these kids really have a productive day at school if they didn’t fuck up the school itself???
•Sumire is better than me. I would have transferred somewhere else.
•I was really hoping Sumire’s outfit would evolve after the incident but her new hair clips are cute.
•Naruto, his shadow clone or whatever is out of shape. That ramen is catching up!
•So, I’m guessing Toneri embedded Hinata with some weird ass chakra or whatever & it’s the reason that Boruto has this eye.
•All this shit with Kaguya, the shorty Kaguya & the big one doesn’t make sense to me so Ima just wait til its further explained. I know they came out in the Boruto movie but idc about that.

Thoughts on next Ep:
•I don’t care about no damn Denki or Iwabe. These background characters don’t need stories like that.
•Gimme an Inojin centric episode or Metal Lee, whoever of the kids kids’