i love her eyes omg


The Court of Nightmares: Queen Morrigan

A queen—a queen who bowed to no one, a queen who had faced them all down and triumphed. A queen who owned her body, her life, her destiny, and never apologised for it.

Song: 6 Inches- Beyonce

I commissioned a modern Tarzan and Jane from the incredibly talented @punziella and here’s the final result!! I couldn’t be happier with it, it’s absolutely perfect and I just love it so so much I can’t stop staring at it, thank you so much Pauline!!

my boss gave me a bag of some birthday gifts (coffee, gift card, etc.) and ….. two bags of cat treats that these freakin idiots LOVE. i’m laughing so hard. i love fellow cat people. don’t worry, i’m gonna share the treats with Silas too, he’s been here for almost 3 weeks he’s officially the fourth member of The Goon Squad™ and thus, family.

| Tifa —“Final fantasy VII” |

I was trying some new colouring style with Tifa, ´cause she´s not only awesome but easy to draw too! he he.

—Tiff´s outfit in Advent children is my favourite by far, but I still love her original red apple gorgeous eyes~🌟




It’s been a year

Hello :D I don`t really know how to start so..here goes:

I have been reading your fanfic The Lost Night for a really long time now and well, to be honest I can`t really describe enough how utterly amazing and catching the story is!!! The plot, the characters everything is done so perfectly and realistic (relationshipwise I mean, how YuKil are so perfect for each other and how their characters develop and relationship grows and betters over the course of the story with ups and downs) You are such an amazing writer and you have put so much thought and time behind this story (take this account for example) readers can practically learn everything and any detail about the characters in your story it`s really nice to have the opportunity to connect with the story in such a way! To be honest, I`m more of a quiet reader, while I would like to express how much I liked each chapter I`m not really sure how to go about that..Sometimes I`d like to write a novel of a review and sometimes just smash the keyboard in appreciation ahsjdsafkhssdgjh or even just leave a :D :D :D

So, long story short, since TLN is coming to an end soon (noooo) I thought I should write at least some form of positive review for this fanfic. I have gone through this blog and stumbled upon the post about how yuki would look (http://beastied.tumblr.com/post/141079371542) and you wrote you`d like to see it as a drawing. So I tried to draw it and I`m not really sure how or if you`ll like it (I butchered the hair, can`t draw hair for sh*t, excuse my language) but decided to send it to you anyway. (Btw sorry if I repea myself or something I`m really not good at giving reviews or writing in general)

I want to thank you for writing such and amazing story as TLN and please take this drawing as token of appreciation :D

Thank you again for taking the time to read this long review and have a nice day :D

Kaeru Aka

Hey look, I drew something for once! It’s @erin-iceheart’s wizard Erin Iceheart. 

I hope the colors are okay. I sampled from the original drawing, but shading it made everything so much lighter