i love her dress!!!

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Michael has the worst fashion sense.. such hideous clothes she wears! Alyssa dresses "modest" and beautiful!

She seems like a lovely girl, but I don’t like her t-shirt-underneath-patterned-dresses-style either. Fundie glamour squad to the rescue (Who was it again? Josie Bazes, Jinger Duggar, Alyssa Webster?) (Annie)


“As we wanted to show a slight passage of time in costume we made some slight changes – Belle is wearing a jacket that was embroidered by hand in our workshop and is a collection of stylised images of different animals. She is wearing a red fichu and an apron with printed flowers which references French provencal style and is part of the small selection of additional things she wears during the montage sequence at the Castle.” — Jacqueline Durran


harlots // charlotte’s fuchsia dress

As per request, miraculous ladybug Cinderella style. I still really love the 2015 Cinderella and I had a great time drawing this. I really loved her dress and I decided to keep it very similar. I kept the butterflies because they reminded me of purified akumas, so I tried to vary them from a dark blackish red to the brilliant white one in her hair.