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Crush Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Requester: nicky10876

Prompt: Hi! I’m really loving your stories so far:) I was hoping maybe you could do one where during an interview, Bill admits that he has a crush in the reader? I would be super happy if you did💚

You hummed as you scrolled through the tv channels looking for something to watch. You were bored out of your mind since it was your day off but none of your friends were able to come over.

Well you had texted your friend Bill and he told you he had an interview today but he SHOULD be able to stop by real quick around noon. It was noon but it looked like he wasn’t going to show up.

You finally put it on Nickelodeon and quickly sat up noticing Spongebob was playing. The old one too, Tea at Her Tree Dome. (Don’t judge I’m still in high school but I remember every Spongebob episode! I love the old ones more like Tea in her Tree Dome, Pizza Delivery, Survival of the Idiotics, etc. If Spongebob is on I’ll watch it. Doesn’t matter who has the remote I’ll fight for the remote! XD!)

You heard a loud knock on your door and in a split second you were off the couch and at the door. You swung open the door and squealed when you saw it was your friend Bill.

“Billy!” You squealed nearly tackling him.

“Hey (Nickname).” He chuckled patting your head.

“Thank GOD your here! I was bored out of my freaken mind without you. But I found Spongebob so I’m all good now!” You giggled.

Bill smiled his cheeks turning a light pink from your compliments. He couldn’t help but notice also that you were wearing a black tank top that showed more than enough cleavage and your Lilo and Stitch lounge shorts that had Stitch on the front and Ohana written on the back.

Not to mention your innocent and crazy personality where once second you’d be happy as a bee and then the next you’ll turn into Satan himself with a fiery rage if anyone pissed you off.

“I uh…I just wanted to come by for a few minutes.” You said.

“Well then come on in and let the party begin!” You said stepping out of his way.

(I’m sorry I’m a Nickelodeon Nerd B 3 !)

Bill grinned and stepped in and you closed your door before plopping dowjmon the couch next to him. When he looked at the tv Patrick screamed, “WHAT KIND OF PLACE IS THIS?!?!?”

He chuckled and looked at you grinning, especially at your adorable giggles. Suddenly his smile turned into a tense, straight line and he pursed his lips in thought.

He started to bounce his leg nervously and you finally ripped your eyes away from the tv. You looked towards his bouncing leg before looking towards his nervous expression.

“Is something wrong?” You asked tilting your head cutely.

“Uh…(Name)? Um, may I ask you…something.” Bill said fidgeting.

“Sure. What is it?” You asked eagerly.

“I uh…”

Bill looked towards you and you smiled which only made him stutter and fidget worse. He glanced towards the clock and bolted up from the couch startling you.

“I’m sorry I need to go. I-I’ll see you later!” With that Bill rushed off and you sat there dumbfounded for a few seconds but didn’t say anything.

“Oooo Kay then.” You turned back towards the tv and your smile came back on when you saw Patchy the Pirate on the tv.

A couple days later you hadn’t heard much from Bill since he failed to ask you the question. You had texted him but he never replied back so you figured he was just busy with interviews and other work-related stuff.

That is until you got a message from one of your friends, Shelby,  sent you a link and put under it WATCH IT NOW!!!. You didn’t ask but tapped on the link anyways and it brought you to a  video of Bill being interviewed for his role as Pennywise.

Which was basically the interview he had to go to when he tried to ask you a question. You decided to watch it and hummed as you laid on your bed with your feet in the air like a school girl.

You tapped on it and idly kicked your legs well listening to it giggling occasionally on how Bill was nervously fidgeting. He had a habit of doing it.

“So, do you have any girlfriends?” The male interviewer asked.

“Girlfriends? No. I uh, I do have a crush on a certain person.” Bill said biting his lip.

“Oh and whose this person?” He asked.

“Uh. My friend (Name).” You couldn’t help but gasp and feel your cheeks heat up.

“She is the most sweetest, kindest, and beautiful young woman I’ve ever seen. Heh, but ah, she’s a bit innocent so it just makes it hard to tell her cuz, which I tried to do this morning but…she’s just…god I just…I can’t get over her.” Bill gushed.

“Do you think she might be watching this video now?” The interviewer asked.

“I uh…I really hope not.” Bill chuckled nervously.

“Alright, uh, moving on fans have been-”

You had to stop the video and replay that part over again. Bill was in love with you? You were in love with him but you knew…well thought you weren’t his type. Your heart was beating so fast you couldn’t help but fangirl and grab one of your teddy bears pulling it to your chest as you rolled around, screamed, clapped, kicked your legs, cried, and squealed like a retarded seal.

You were rather surprised you hadn’t heard anything from your neighbors thinking you were dying or something like that. But then a thought crossed your mind. How could you tell Bill?

Or could you perhaps convince him to tell you?

You hummed in thought looking down at your stuffed teddy bear.

A few days later you heard a knock on your door and you calmly walked over to the door and opened it to see it was Bill. In his hand was a stuffed bear.

“Hey uh…for some reason Shelby told me you seemed to be sad for some reason…and for me to get you a teddy bear.” The man explained making the adorable giant teddy bear in his hand wave to you.

You had a painted on frown of sadness, even when you took the bear from him and held it to your chest.

“Thank you.” You muttered softly.

“What’s wrong?” Bill asked noticing your sad demeanor.

You were wearing a cold shoulder shirt and sweatpants which was no your usual clothing. Just to not even nearly tackle him or make a cartoon reference was so unlike you.

You seemed so sad.

You were very rarely sad, especially at this depressing low.

Bill closed the door and walked over to where you were sitting in the living room sitting criss crossed on the lap nuzzling the back of your bears head.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Bill asked sitting next to you.

“I tried to send a message to my crush but he…rejected me.”

Tears slipped down from your eyes and Bill frowned and gently touched your shoulder, “Who would reject you?”

“His name is Billy. You wouldn’t know him.” You said your voice watery.

“Well, this Billy is out of his mind for rejecting such a sweet and cute girl like you.”

You looked at him confused your eyes sparkling, “You think I’m cute?”

“The cutest.”

“I am not.” You denied shaking your head.

“Yes you are, you are the most beautiful, kindest, girl ever and he missed out on a one and only opportunity.” Bill said.

“You really think that?” You muttered.

“I know so.”

You turned back and sniffed before turning back to him in a flash smiling and happy, “So you love me?”

Bill blinked confused until he realized he had just been duped by you his face turned a bright red as he realized he just basically poured his heart out to you. You chuckled and wiped the fake tears off your face.

“You…you jerk.” He teased pushing your shoulder.

“Did I do good?”

“There’s a possibility you can get an acting job.” Bill chuckled.

“But seriously do you really love me?”

“You saw the video didn’t you?” Bill chuckled rubbing the back of his neck.

“Yep. Shelby sent it to me. Thanx for the bribe by the way.” You chuckled squeezing your new bear.

“Don’t you already have like a hundred?” The man sighed.

“60. And I actually like you back too.” You said blushing.

“So uh… do you wanna?”

You silenced Bill with a gentle kiss on his lips.

“Your so awkward it’s cute! Now shut up! Spongebob and Patrick are about to fight over whose Dirty Dan!”

Once again…Bill loved your craziness.

Ending Notes: So I’m almost 16 but I still watch Spongebob. It’s just so nostalgic to me since I used to watch it with my brothers all the time. If my siblings had the remote I used to black mail or call my parents to tell them to give me the remote.

The youngest gets the most power XD!

Also why doesn’t Spongebob have Patchy the Pirate anymore??? I LOVE his episodes like Shangied, The Christmas Special, and the House Party one—oh my god I love the house party the most :3! Okay enough about Spongebob enjoy life and watch Spongebob. Or don’t. It’s your life. Thanx for reading!


Hi are you making a part two? For Working for Roman Roman. 😊


billsgirls23 said:
Hey, love your works! Can you do an imagine for me? So one night Bill come home stressed out. His british girlfriend (Orchi) tries to talk to him but he snaps. When she tries to tell him she’s pregnant he tells Orchi to get out and never cone back. 5 years later Bill goes to the park with Alex and Gustaf, when he bumps into Orchi and their 5 year old daughter Rosalia. And then you can end it however you’d like.


Maybe a Bill Skarsgård x reader mermaid AU where the reader saves Bill from drowning but swims away quickly because she’s scared even though she’s always admired him from afar but her family doesn’t like humans until there’s a really bad storm and she gets washed up on shore cos her tail gets caught in some stray nets and Bill patches her up and fluff fluff but they face the dilemma of how they are going to keep the relationship since one on land and other is in the sea. Thank you! Ily *hides*

  • Lois: Look, I just want you to know Clark, when I'm sitting in the audience today at your graduation and you stand up on that stage...in front of all those people... I'm gonna be looking up at you and thinking one thing.
  • Clark: What's that?
  • Lois: Please God don't let him trip


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10. Anne Bonny (Black Sails) Anne is a great character and pretty much the only reason I watched all of Black Sails. She is a fierce no-nonsense fighter (one of the best in this series), extremely loyal to those she cares about, and subtly complex. Her relationships with both Rackham and Max made the show for me. 

9. Paula Proctor (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a tragically underrated show and Paula is one of the most underrated characters on it. She is a steadfast and supportive friend but incredibly human in how she makes mistakes trying to find happiness for herself and those she loves. Her snark and character development make a great companion for the wonderful shit show that is Rebecca Bunch. 

8. Lagertha (Vikings) Lagertha is a strong fighter on the battlefield, in the political arena, and in her personal relationships. She never allows society and the people around her to dictate how she lives her life. Further, she is a compassionate person and often combines this empathy with a clear minded wisdom that has aided her throughout the series. Seeing her carve out her own place in the world has been one of the best parts of Vikings

7. Fish Mooney (Gotham) Fish Mooney was far and away the best of Gotham’s female characters. Fish is unapologetically herself and allows no one to stand in the way of what she wants. Possessing a strong will, level head, and mind for strategy, she ruthlessly overtakes her enemies. Yet, more than many of the villains in Gotham she is able to cultivate a following based solely on her skill at protectively nurturing those who show her loyalty and violently pursuing those who betray her.

6. April Ludgate (Parks and Recreation) April’s bizarre personality, dry and sarcastic sense of humor, and the depth with which she feels friendship and love put her at number six. Though all the characters on Parks and Recreation are amazing, every line April speaks is gold. I love her deadpan delivery and fascination with the macabre. She is one of the funniest characters on the show and one that I strongly relate to. 

5. Deandra ‘Sweet Dee’ Reynolds (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) Dee is one of the most debauched, vulgar, and depraved women on television, and that’s what makes her so great. She highlights a new side of the female character and allows women to be as fallible and selfish as their male counterparts. Watching her swear, get violent, beg for validation, and generally interact with the rest of the gang continues to be some of the best parts of the show. 

4. Anya Jenkins (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Anya’s straightforward and often blunt personality won me over right away. I love the unique brand of humor she brings to the show. With her history as a vengeance demon and exploration of what it means to be human she could have been so much more than she was.  Anya is ‘surprisingly sensitive’, loyal, and insightful. Any scene that includes her is instantly improved. 

3. Raquel (Crazyhead) It’s a testament to how much I like this character given that there are only 6 episodes of Crazyhead. Raquel is truly a ‘kick arse hell bitch’, but her propensity for vulgarity and humor never takes away from her rich emotional composition. It is exciting to see how she balances her sensitive but tough, fearless but insecure nature. I cannot recommend this show highly enough, and Raquel is certainly one the reasons it is worth watching. 

2. Kelly Maxwell (Ash vs. Evil Dead) I love all the characters on AvED, but Kelly has been the standout female character for me. She is always willing to call Ash out on his bullshit or rip the face off a deadite in a deli slicer, and her attitude on the show is unmatched. She is fiercely independent, but cares for her friends even as she struggles to find meaning and her place in the world. Her experiences have brought out her volatile temper and a reckless streak, but they have also shown her to have a sharp wit and protective side. Seeing Kelly fight, curse, and figure her life out in a world full of darkness and violence are just a few of the many things that makes this show and this character totally and completely badass. 

1. Cara Mason (Legend of the Seeker) It should be no surprise that Cara tops my list at number one. She is a kick ass warrior, sassy as hell, and a fictional feminist icon. Though all the female characters in Legend of the Seeker are amazing in their own right, Cara’s transformation from hardline Mord’Sith to ally and friend of both the Seeker and Mother Confessor is subdued but extremely well done. She consistently shows herself to be a deeply complex person, capable of a wide array of emotions. She is true to herself, even as she realizes that she is changing. She is true to those around her, even if trust and respect do not come immediately. She is true to her beliefs and her principles but not dogmatic in her adherence. She speaks her mind, does not apologize for doing what she thinks is right, and has a keen mind and brave heart. Cara will always be my favorite fictional character, and it is impossible for me to succinctly list all the reasons why she is deserving of that position. 

Sorry this got so long! I tried to keep it concise, but I just love these characters so much.

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