i love her blog tbh

anyone else noticed the trend here on tumblr of worshipping certain famous women for like a couple months and there being serious hype for them and then like a month later everyone’s ripping into them and talking about how much they hate them

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Hello wonderful person :) Make the world a little brighter and compliment at least three of your followers today <3

Hiya anon!! What a wonderful thing to do!

@smittenwithsugden Pauline is honestly great. She is so sweet and we had our first actual conversation the other day and I’m super glad about that cause I’ve always wanted to be her friend :) I love her blog tbh and her transripts have saved me many a time :)

@kayceecruz Did you know Kat is the best? She is my future wife and everything she says is spot. on. She has been supporting the shit out of my posts (and adding her genius to them as well) and I appreciate it so much <3

@darlingaaron Gemma is so amazing. Her love for Aaron is beautiful and honestly she is so kind! She is always supporting me and checking on me when she sees I’m struggling. We don’t always agree on stuff, but that doesn’t stop her from being a friend and that’s a really great quality to have in this fandom especially now <3

@victoriasugden Laura has been so on point this past week it’s insane. I’m living for her ideas and her defense of Robert. She’s also been on that positivity train and I gotta tell ya, this fandom really needs that. Her blog and gifs are ace af and I’m so glad I decided to follow her! :)

Waverly Earp is a Gryffindor

Okay im really late to the Discourse but Listen. I’m a huflepuff and i have a lot of huffle-pride and therefore i have a tendency to oversort characters I love into Hufflepuff but even I had to admit that Wave is a Gryffindor. Here’s my reasoning: 

1. I could see her as literally every house. You could make an argument that she is any one of them and it would be a strong argument. Cliffnotes: She’s the person who did all the studying and learning about the revenants: ravenclaw. She wants to be the chosen one, i.e. has ambition, and she knows how to manipulate people if need be: slytherin. She dives headfirst into dangerous situations and doesn’t seem to have an ounce of fear in her tiny little body??: Gryffindor. Her personality in general, and the fact that she’s an amazingly hard worker and loves more fiercely than anyone else on the show: hufflepuff. 

2. Because she could fit into any house, I would categorize her as a hat-stall. This means we really can’t know for sure what house she would be in because she would have to pick. We can guess at which we think she would pick, but really the only person who could tell us for sure is the writers. 

3. I think she would pick Gryffindor. I think she’s proud of her bravery and idealizes the heroic archetype. She likes being involved in the action and being able to help and clearly wishes that she could do more. I think that given the choice, Waverly would pick Gryffindor, which obviously would make her a Gryffindor.




OMG *hides*

hello I lowkey stalk your blog and I love when you share your opinions and I may or may not have died a bit when this happened aaahahahHAHAHAH THIS IS FINE, I’M TOTALLY FINE WITH THIS