i love her art!


i tried editing some of my pencil sketches of my Ryder on my phone. Meh, I’ll definitely draw more of her in the future

and i can’t draw aliens


I thing I might be getting the hang of this digital art thingy

This is my second time trying to draw without lineart and tbh I think it looks a bit better ¿¿ idk

But anyway, I drew the lovely @wiishu because she’s the cutest and her art is goals and I love her she’s just so great aaaaa <3

Go check her out and watch some of her YouTube videos and give her some love, yo

(also please ask before reposting and give credit, aka tag me, if you do!! It took so long to finish, please be kind ;-; thank you!! <3)

wondrously-strange  asked:

Do you ship Sombra with someone? Also love your art!

not really, i used to kinda ship her with Tracer when Blizzared just released her as a new hero, but now since we know Tracer’s already got a girlfriend so… umm…