i love her and she's flawless

drag race queen: *commits murder*

fandom: that’s really problematic ://// like…. i’m still a stan and i love her and all but i hope she grows and changes her ways…… hopefully she’ll educate herself and learn that murder is bad and become better uwu wish ppl would stop judging her so much tho :(( she’s only human!

drag race queen: *doesn’t have 100% flawless make-up*

fandom: LMAO fuck that ugly BITCH! who does she think she is???? with that BUSTED ass face lololol she should have never been on the show, she’s such a FLOP i hate that gross bitch lol let me send her some death threats and some evil shit LOL all t, no shade ;)))

The eyes were always the hardest. Sabrina preened as she stared at her reflection, pushing her hair back from her face with long fingers. She almost had it; she was sure.

Turning the spoon this way and that, she decided it was almost flawless and left it at that. In her distraction, her bowl of ice cream had melted.

She sighed, long and hard and swirled her spoon through the melted treat.


A girl threw herself into the seat opposite Sabrina. Wild hair, wild eyes and the feverish smile of a creative. Sabrina smiled, careful to show no teeth.

“Is that ice cream?” the girl asked, frowning down at the melted mixture. “Why’d you let it melt?”

“I guess I forgot about it,” Sabrina shrugged one shoulder.

“Okaaay,” the girl stretched out the word as if Sabrina was being ludicrous. A quick remedy was needed.

“You seem excited,” Sabrina probed, hiding her hands under the table when the girl started to talk. there were always little cracks, she mused, as she stared down at her long fingernails.

“Come on!’ she said, throwing her hands in the air animatedly. Sabrina watched those hands; calloused and laden with iron rings.  “I’ve been talking about this for weeks!”

“Good luck today, Bee,” another student paused for a moment at their table, patting Bee on her shoulder.

Bee’s smiled dimpled as she thanked him. “I’m nervous,” she confessed, turning back to Sabrina.

It seemed human; to reach across the table and pat her arm. “You’ll be fine. It’s just a little stage fright.”

Bee stared at her earnestly. “You really think so?”

Sabrina dropped her eyes and reached down into her bag. After a moment of rummaging, she pulled out a pinecone.

“Why do you have a pinecone?”

“It’s lucky,” Sabrina assured her, placing it delicately in Bee’s palm before snatching back her hands. “Take it.”

Bee looked down at it for a moment. “Wow, thanks, Sabrina.”

“Of course,” she said, her voice slipping into sibilance for a moment before she caught herself.

Bee glanced at her from under her messy hair, eyes suddenly wide. “A-are you going to come and listen?”

Sabrina grinned, no longer straining to hide her teeth. “Wouldn’t miss it,” Sabrina said, leaning across the table to tug on a lock of Bee’s hair.  “I’m a big fan.”


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You see this face? This is the face of a flawless human being and an even more astounding best friend who 1000 percent understands what it means to hear the love of his best friend’s life cry and have her heartbreak because she didn’t get to say she loved him back. Scott McCall is an angel. He’s crying with her. His heart is breaking for Lydia because he KNOWS. He’s always known. He was there for every year that Stiles fell more and more in love with Lydia. He was there to hear how one sided the relationship used to be. He saw Stiles pine for Lydia. He saw Stiles save Lydia. He saw Stiles do anything–risk his life–for Lydia. He saw Stiles help Lydia become who she really is. He saw Stiles fall in love with Lydia. He saw Lydia fall in love with Stiles, and he hears her confess her love for Stiles before Stiles can hear it himself. Scott cries because she didn’t get to say it back. Scott cries because Stiles didn’t get to hear it. Scott McCall is my hero. gif source: @obriens

if luke and leia were born during the clone wars

like, during season 4, not after when everything went terribly wrong

- Padme, 6-9 months pregnant, rushes into combat all the time. Anakin has an aneurysm. “YOU ARE A SENATOR. HOW DO YOU GET SHOT AT ALL THE TIME???” and yet she never actually takes damage because she is ~flawless~

- officially, Padme’s children have no father. In an interview with the press, she said “I wanted a baby, so I acquired one” and that’s that. unofficially, anyone with the Force knows Anakin is the father. Honestly, anyone with eyes knows Anakin is the father.

- because you know how Anakin and Padme are the least subtle secret couple? Yeah, that goes out the window when she gets pregnant. Anakin kisses her mid-battle and smooches her back at camp and watches her with stars in his eyes and professes his love for her all the time. When Padme asks about this, he just shrugs and says “well they haven’t kicked me out of the order yet!”

- which is mostly because of Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan is deliberately pretending he didn’t see his former padawan makeout with a senator. it’s like, okay, he knows he’s supposed to do something about this, but they are in the middle of a war, and if they have to kick Anakin out of the Order right now for knocking up a senator then they will lose this war. Obi-Wan has more important things to worry about than Anakin’s libido. 


- speaking of the clones, oh man, they are so fiercely protective of Padme. She is their general’s lady and their senator and they would gladly die before letting her or her babies get hurt.

- (but also, preggars Padme makes them sad, because will any of them ever get that for themselves? probably not–they were made to die, and with the rapid aging…but maybe one day…)

- Rex has absolutely had to go get weird food combinations in the middle of the night for his general’s wife. absolutely. that is in Rex’s job description.

- also you thought Padme gave effective speeches before? Imagine pregnant Padme giving speeches about needing to end the war for peace for the future. 110% approval rating comes from soft pregnancy glow.

- the twins are born on a battlefield in a camp where there’s blasterfire and smoke not two feet away. Obi-Wan is there, and he intends to tell Anakin and Padme both that he’s sorry, that they’ll get the twins for a little while, but they’ll have to go to the temple, they’ll have to be raised in the creche–

- but then luke is born, and the Force screams at Obi-Wan this is your padawan and obi-wan goes “oh” softly.

- also, Leia comes into the world and Ahsoka watches and goes “oh look it’s my padawan. I mean I’m a padawan myself but that girl is going to be my padawan some day this is rad.”

- so Anakin relaxes a bit, ‘cause the Force is going to take care of its grandchildren okay, it wants it’s favorite son to be happy.

- which means Palpatine has lost any and all chance of converting Anakin to the dark side. It will never happen now.

- i’m not saying that after they are born, Anakin and Padme strap a twin each to their back and then head out into battle, but Luke and Leia’s first lullaby is the sound of blasterfire and lightsabers


A Queen to be feared!  … apparently…


“I would love to see Nancy have more badass moments, obviously, I’m sure a lot of people would love to see how she deals with the loss of her friend, Barb. And I’d love to see some good brother-sister moments, It will be interesting to see how relationships have morphed because of what’s happened.”   - Natalia Dyer for Dazed & Confused Winter, 2016.

her hair fell in wispy tendrils across her face, dripping like honey from the messy bun atop her head. her eyes were a faint mossy green, but sparkled like peridot gemstones when she laughed. she was flawless, and yet it was her flaws that made her so. the freckles and birthmarks sprinkled across her skin paired with her gangly limbs that swam through the air as she spoke only added to her incredible beauty. i never believed in love at first sight until i saw her. alas, first sight was also last, and i will never see her again
—  falling in love with strangers
Selfless Iris West

Like many of you, I was thrilled to see Iris at command while Cisco and Wally were in the field and I love that Iris saved Barry, but the moment that showed us once again what a selfless person she is, is the moment she showed up at Star Labs.

We saw Barry miserable on Cisco’s couch and Iris may have been just as miserable at home, but the moment she got the 911 she got her flawless self over to Star Labs. Now think about it. She’s heartbroken because Barry needed “space.” He’s probably the last person she wants to see right now and she KNOWS that she’s going to see him at Star Labs - she can’t avoid him - but she goes anyway. She could’ve said she was on a deadline or made some other excuse. Joe’s not there. But she goes to help. This just goes to show that she’s not on the team because she’s Barry’s LI or because he wants her there, but because she believes in what they are doing (just as she did in the beginning of S2 when she got the team back together) and wants to help for the greater good.

i don’t think izzy’s condescending and frankly gross lines as she restrained that werewolf are out of character (’stay. good doggie.’), she and alec were also very :D when they were killing vampires in the hotel dumort in 1.03 or when she threw back raphael’s line back at him 1.13

yes, she is against the systematic oppression against downworlders as committed by shadowhunters as demonstrated in 1.11, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to be flawless in her day to day actions as all allies slip up and engage in microagressions/racist behavior

it’s an ugly line (that y’all should not celebrate as badass oh my god), but honestly not out of character or out of line with how she’s acted before, it’s a typical ally sjw is not the best as they so think