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I know you're ask box is closer buuuuuuut........ I just thought of this really good Harry imagine and well you're really good at writing and- it's the whole scene with Harry and cho chang with dumbledores army. Except cho is a bish and gives him amorentia so he's doing this with out thought. (Y/n) walks in yelling sorry' that she's late and sees them,her long time crush and bff. Making out with cho and she continues studying with tears. Then hermione comes like wtf and lots of drama n' fluff!♥️

My box is closed, but I shall expand on this for you love :)

Harry would be absolutely hopeless, his head fogged up with potion and Cho would look at the two girls embarrassed and a bit guilty. Hermione, of course, would know exactly what she’s done and hoo boy is she not happy at all. You’d be crying, a hand over your mouth because honestly, you feel sick. Hermione practically drags Cho off of Harry and tells you to get him to Snape which you do, trying not to cry harder when all Harry can talk about at the moment is Cho.

Snape finds all of this too amusing, taking a bit longer than necessary to fix Harry.

You leave before the potions done because you can not look him in the eye and answer the questions he probably has.

It doesn’t really matter because he’s sending Hermione up to your dorm to try and get you out.

Eventually, it gets really late and assuming everyone’s gone to bed you go to the common room only to find that Harry’s been waiting up for you. 

You’re embarrassed by how you acted but Harry’s apologizing and stuttering like he thinks you’re mad at him because he’s trying to tell you that he’d never kiss cCho because frankly, he adores you.

You’re too shocked to do much but fall against his chest mumbbling out a breathless. “That’s good.”

He’d hold you for the rest of the night, assured by your reaction that you feel the same. He’d press a soft kiss to your cheek before watching you go back to bed, you wouldn’t be able to keep the smile off your face for the rest of the night an into the morning where Harry would meet you in the common room to walk you to the great hall for breakfast, hand in hand.

can i just talk about chyler leigh for a second?

this is a woman who’s struggled through life to get where she is. she grew up in an broken household with an abusive family. she battled addiction and came out the other side. she’s fought to change her life and she’s made a beautiful family with an amazing husband. she’s a mother of three, with two of her children on the autism spectrum, she’s endlessly proud of her children and in her interviews you can see how much she truly loves them.

even though she’s busy, making this absolutely amazing career for herself- she’s got so much time for us. this woman reads our letters to her and responds with love and warmth and joy, she empathises with us and roots for us and loves her fans. she calls us her friends and makes sure that we feel important every single day. she’s so supportive of the LGBT community and acknowledges the importance of alex’s storyline, she takes this role and the real life implications of her character seriously and is so proud to be impacting on our lives so positively. this isn’t even mention her incredible talent- but you only need to watch her to see that.

she’s my inspiration every single day and i’m so glad i discovered her because she brings me (and so many others) so much joy. 

150 days of harley quinn — day 81

Batgirl Adventures (1998)


I’ve spent a lot of time deciding whether or not I should write this post now, when I’m upset and salty, but with every negative comment about Russia and Russian people I was growing more assured that you, guys, really should read this and fucking THINK.
Here’s the thing: I LOVE Sherlock fandom. I love the Russian part of it, full of incredibly talented people who literally make ART and I love this big English-speaking part, too, you’re fantastic. We don’t ALWAYS get along, there’s a bunch of really bad toxic people talking shit. These guys are everywhere. But the big question is: are those the ones talking right now or is the whole fandom full of shit?
You know what happened: Russian Federal Channel leaked the new episode before the actual air date. Let’s not talk about all the “fake ep” thing with multiple endings theory and whatever and focus on the part where SOMEONE. FROM THE TV. FUCKED UP. We don’t know and probably we’ll NEVER know if it was an accident or this certain someone did it on purpose, but RUSSIAN DUB OF TFP HAS ENDED UP SOMEWHERE WHERE IT SHOULDN’T BE.
We, Russians, all reacted differently. Some people stopped whatever they were doing and went to watch the episode (and I’m SURE that most of you would have probably done the same thing), some were very upset and quit all the social media to avoid SPOILERS, some started spreading these spoilers EVERYWHERE (who can judge them? It is Sherlock after all).
That’s it. That’s the whole story. We didn’t have a referendum on deciding should we leak TFP ep or not. We didn’t ask the channel to do this. We are probably even more surprised than you are, AND lots of people are not even going to watch the leaked episode.
When I logged in to my tumblr account I EXPECTED something like this. You, guys, are not really fond of Russians or Russia in general, I understand that. It’s funny and upsetting and we just kinda accepted this shit. However I never expected the amounts of HATE towards our nation and our country and WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?
I haven’t said anything to the yoi fandom, because, well, homophobia is smth we really are responsible for and I have nothing to say but THIS.
I really REALLY wanted to finish this with wishing you love and peace, but not this time, no.
THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU’VE DONE. About all the people like me (angry, bitter and disappointed), or unlike me (probably REALLY upset and insulted). THINK AND

For the record I fricken love Jyn Erso. So please leave me alone if you wanna hate on her because I find her character very important personally and I feel like there are a lot of pieces of her I can identify with.

People have said they don’t like Felicity’s performance, I understand and respect that opinion, but I personally disagree. We’ve seen bold, intelligent, and witty women in Star Wars already. We have Padme, Leia, and Rey who are all beautiful characters each with their own nuisances. I think Jyn is just a different type of character. She’s more muted with her emotions and for a genuine reason.

Jyn has been dealt a pretty rough deck of cards in her life. She’s been without a family since she was a child, she felt abandoned by Saw whether that was the intention or not, and she’s lost herself. Jyn continues to rebel because that’s all she has left. She doesn’t have any real direction or purpose, her rebellion is what keeps her going. She’s a deeply flawed person. Jyn is broken and has hardened herself to a point where she doesn’t show her emotions as much as others. That’s what makes her relationship with the other characters so important.

Jyn starts off self-centered and a bit arrogant and slowly transforms into someone selfless and loving because through the mission and through meeting Cassian and the others, Jyn finds purpose and family in her life. She completes what her father started and is able to move forward and become who she is meant to be. Everyone handles their grief and troubles differently and how I see it, Jyn holds it all in and has learned not to show her weakness for fear of betrayal and judgement. I can appreciate Star Wars creating this type of character because I can identify with her and I think it’s an interesting change of personality from the more spunky, outgoing ladies we’ve seen in the past. There isn’t just one type of personality for a woman character and I like that Jyn Erso is different in this way.

Zoë Kravitz as Poison Ivy

For @thisshouldbegayer who has a lot on her shoulders at the moment and requested wolfstar hugs.

What I need for Sanvers:
- fake dating
- being mistaken for a couple
- Alex trying to hide her jealousy but not really managing it
- Alex going on a Operation Jealousy pretending to date someone else
- Maggie being jealous of Supergirl
- Kara teasing Alex about the Maggie thing and she denying it
- “I’m single now” “Oh good. … Sorry not good”
- A “how do you dare endangering your life” kind of fight
- Anger first kiss
- “I thought you were dead” kiss
- Secret dating
- Sex at the DEO
- Official first date with a lot of cute anxiety
- “You are beautiful” with heart eyes
- Temporary break up
- A random declaration-of-love-at-the-airport scene
- Meeting mama Danvers

What I don’t need for Sanvers:
- Stray bullets

yes hi hello sorry for the inactivity everybody, been playing a lot of pokeymans resently (& really enjoying everything about it!!) and, actually, i think i’m gonna go and play some more now, but first here are some doodles of Lillie!!! i love her

My favorite things from the Leverage Gag Reel:

-”Hi, I’m Beth Riesgraf.”
-”Charles you’re on the wrong show.”
-*Intern finds Beth and Aldis secretly hiding behind some shit* Aldis: Get out of here, what the shit? Privacy.
-*Intern finds Beth, Aldis, and Christian all hiding in various states of undress.* Aldis: GET OUT OF HERE, WHAT THE SHIT! PRIVACY
-Literally like, they all know about the Ot3 and they love it.
-Beth: *in the middle of a crowded mall* SHIT. Oh SHIT. I’m sorry to all the parents and children. *Hiding her face in shame.*
-”What are we going to do, Nate?” “We’re going to convince him that you’re a lying greedy bitch.”
-Gina hitting Tim a lot.
-Gina cleaning a table with money she’s holding in between her toes.
-Gina sneezing.
-”It’s a dick in a box.”
-”Why yes my- my- my- my-”
-”Oh fucky ducky.”
You’ve spent a disproportional amount of your life in air ducts.” “I’m sorry.”
-”Mr.  Travers I am Agent…………….”
-Client: Isn’t…What you guys do help people when no one else will?
Tim: No.
-”You callin me a liar? Cause I’ll get on this fuckin plane and leave right now.”
-”There’s a subdivision of other buildins up above. You’re gonna- I’m gonna- You’re lookin at  another take from me cause I just fucked up.”
-(Blooper from the WWII episode.) Beth: Oh, Charlie.
Aldis: Sup boo how you livin?
-The entire cast fixing their hair in the camera at some point.
-Chair spinning.
-Aldis: We looked everywhere, but the f-farm- p- p- fuck.”
-The team skipping out of a cloud of smoke while holding hands


i can’t believe i waited till 2017 to tell u guys about the target brandish au