i love her (new) hair period

you: vassa is white she has red hair 

me, an intellectual:

i’m sorry i couldnt 

hear you over the 

sounds of 

the sixth queen

queen vassa 

the cursed firebird


John Shelby x reader

Request: I loved your John shelby imagine so I was wondering if you could do one where, you and John have loads of kids together and your married to each other, then one day you found out your pregnant again and your worried John will be angry with you because use already have lots of kids together, so you book an abortion. But then don’t go to it but John finds out about getting a abortion and thinks your getting one and goes mental about it xx

Author’s note: I feel like this is sloppy and I am so sorry i just didn’t want to leave the request unfinished. I am sorry if my posting is irregular but i am in my last year of high school and the next couple of weeks are when all my assignments are due (I know I probably shouldn’t stress this much at age 17 but I am working on it) So i am so so sorry if it is sloppy or if my posting is a bit irregular but please bare with me. ANYWAY enough rambling hope you enjoy.

You had the perfect family, the perfect husband, the perfect life. You had met John when you were only 11 and he was 13. you moved down from Glasgow and moved in down the street from him. He would tease you and trip you up laughing at you when you ran home crying. But when you turned 16 things changed, you would talk about things for hours, steal kisses when no one was looking and your hands were always intertwined. You loved him then and you love him now. You were married and with your oldest daughter at 18, Bonnie. She was the perfect baby and you were all the happiest family. Then Douglas came along, a couple years after him your next son, Jamie.

With three children all under the age of 7 things could certainly be handful, but you loved your children and you loved John nevertheless. When you fell pregnant again you knew John wasn’t as excited his reaction wasn’t the same. He told you money was tight and that he would have to work more shifts to cover the cost of another child. He was stressed, you could tell because he tossed and turned at night before giving up altogether and going to the bottle to soothe his mind. You almost didn’t tell him when  you found out you were having twins, but when the day came John was by your side and looked at your newborn’s Archie and Annabella, with all the love in the world. He loved all of your children and since then the Shelby business has grown and developed. Even though John was involved in more dangerous business he was making a lot more money. He bought a house just outside small heath, a big beautiful country house. When he first took you to see it you weeped in disbelief, this couldn’t possibly be where you would live.

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Her Having Long Hair but Randomly Deciding to Cut it Off: IKON


I think he adored you the way you were, period. Like, he didn’t really mind whether you kept or cut your hair, he still saw you as the prettiest girl he ever laid his eyes on.


He’’ cry over your hair for you. Cause he loved it. Loved to thread his fingers through it. And now it was gone. That’s not to say he didn’t like your new style, but it will take time getting used to.


He found you so much cuter than you were previously that at first he had serious trouble believing that you were his girlfriend all together. He thought you, with short hair and all, were the good twin.


He regarded you long and hard, staring you head to toe before beaming with a bright smile, a nod of approval at your sudden decision and the way it suit you.


Might send a silent compliment on your looks and then praise on your bravery to actually cut it, but as you’d ask whether he said something, he’d just roll his eyes and instead answer with the cocky, “Whatever.”


Hyukkie might ask what was the sudden push? As in, why did you decide to cut it so suddenly, perhaps worried that someone made you upset and out of spite you cut your hair, to mark a fresh start or something like that.


“Good for you. Now maybe I should grow mine out so that we’ll even each other out.”

grumps teacher au

so the lovely and kind @dontcareajot and i have been working on a grumps teacher au for a Long Time now, and since she’s posted bits and pieces of it, i figured i’d put up the bios for the teachers, and the relationship diagram, because yes, this shit needs a diagram. probably one in four dimensions, if we’re being honest. 


here be the bios!

~The School~

  • Look, this school isn’t exactly all one would hope for from a higher-learning institution. It’s the only public school in the district, and it’s one of those places where most of the funding goes to sports, then to academics, and then, if there’s anything left, the arts departments can squabble over the scraps. The football team, headed by the gross coach (*cough* jontron *cough*) gets a lot of attention. Everything else, less so. That said, the teachers are dedicated and work hard, and they do their best to teach their students well.

~The Grumps~

  • Arin Hanson, art teacher: No one’s quite sure how Arin got hired as the art teacher. He just appeared in a cloud of Dorito dust and drawings of Dragon Ball Z characters. It’s mostly sketchwork, lineart, collage, relatively simple stuff in his classes, because cleanup is a bitch and shit like clay and good paint is expensive. (They don’t do sculpture because it’s high school and someone will either make a bong or a dick.) A couple students work on digital art with Barry and Arin. If you want to piss him off (and potentially waste class time) bring up character design in video games or just talk about Sonic for a little while and he might start swearing, or he might just let it go. (He always knows when students are trying to bait him, but sometimes he just feels like screwing around.) He used to keep his hair short when he first started, but at this point he gives no fucks. Expect to see him in a pink women’s cut shirt that says “magical anime girl” and when you ask, expect a lecture on unnecessary gendering of objects and colors. He has no preference on whether you call him Arin or Mr. Hanson, so it varies from kid to kid. In three words: Boft Art Dude.
  • Suzy Berhow, director of the theater department: Suzy was originally hired as a librarian for the school, but after a while wanted something more creative. She primarily does costumes, props, and makeup, and helps produce shows, along with guiding her student directors—all of her productions are student directed. Unfortunately, the school only has funding to run two sections of Theater 1 and one section of Theater 2, but she does a lot of after school stuff for her kids. There’s a small (primarily male) portion of the student body who signed up for Theater 1 as a throwaway elective in their junior or senior year because they thought Suzy would be a pushover (and because she’s attractive—they are high school boys); after all, she’s so nice and sweet! They were sorely mistaken. They either dropped the class or stuck with it and ended up loving theater. You’ll call her Ms. Berhow, or you’ll visit the principal’s office. In three words: Takes no shit.
  • Holly Conrad, biology teacher: Legend holds that Holly flew into the school on the back of an enormous parrot. (Actually, she was hired normally as a biology/ecology teacher, and just happens to really loves birds.) She likes bringing her pet birds in for classes, and for some of her shyer students she has bird-snuggling lunch periods. She dyes her hair new colors and is so genuinely enthusiastic about biology that she becomes well liked by a majority of her students and beloved by a smaller number. She has an after school birdwatching club (the Tweethearts, because I DO WHAT I WANT) and they sometimes go hiking. In class, she’s Ms. Conrad, but with the Tweethearts she’s Holly. In three words: Sweet bird mom.
  • Ross O’Donovan, history teacher: Ross is the teacher who gives you pop quizzes two days after starting a new unit. He’ll offer extra credit, but only if you know some bizarre fact about trilobites. His history classes are some of the hardest courses in the entire school curriculum, but they’re also fascinating. Students oscillate between loving and hating his classes. He also genuinely cares about his students, and his lectures are fun and animated, featuring funny voices and doodley animations. He has been mistaken for a student not once but twice, once by a visiting student and once by another teacher who had known him for five years. (We’re not sure whether Brian was just fucking with him or was genuinely confused.) He goes by Mr. O’Donovan, and a common sound throughout the halls is “Wait, O’Donovan’s giving a quiz today? FUCK!” In three words: This fucking dick.
  • Barry Kramer, video and photo stuff: Barry runs the AV lab and teaches video and photo editing. No one is sure how this class got on the curriculum of the school, considering the shitty budget they’ve got (is this school somehow set in the Chicago Public School system? Am I throwing unnecessary shade at Chicago? Who knows?) but it’s a favorite among artsy types. It’s generally relaxed but does involve some actual learning. There’s a universal consensus that if you get Barry to yell at you, you done fucked up. Everyone calls him Mr. Kramer, though we’re not sure why. In three words: Sweet summer child.
  • Brian Wecht, physics teacher: Brian teaches physics, and he’s the teacher who’s cuttingly sarcastic. His physics class is a go hard or go home class. He’s also the teacher who ends up on people’s snapchat stories the most, because he gives the most sass. Somehow the only teacher who understands memes, and he uses them ruthlessly. On days where there’s not much going on, he’ll break out the ethyl alcohol and write words in fire on the lab tables. If you question how it’s related to physics, he’ll just say “Everything is physics. Now shut up while I draw a ninja.” No one is ever certain whether he’s joking or not. Everything he says is Schrödinger’s joke; both a joke, and not a joke, simultaneously. He wears a “I have a PhD” t-shirt under a blazer with elbow patches on it, and if you ever call him Mr. Wecht, he will point to his shirt and say, “That’s Dr. Wecht to you.” In three words: Meme-loving fuck.
  • Dan Avidan: Dan is the newest teacher in the school, hired as a music teacher on Brian’s recommendation. He and Brian are still in NSP together (because it’s an AU, and, I reiterate, I do what I want) and he and Barry are roommates. His class is so completely chilled out. It’s music with a splash of music history, but you can get Dan off on a tangent about pretty much anything if you try hard enough. He wears glasses usually. He’s never in dress code, and his jeans are always ripped. His classes are so well-behaved because no one wants to disappoint him. He sometimes gets Brian to do piano during classes if they need him. The classroom has a couple beanbags, which are highly coveted. He is the Nice Teacher, and he will 100% always listen if you need someone to talk to, especially if there’s something wrong. He tends to forget not to swear around the kids, a tendency exacerbated by the presence of Arin in his classroom. (My common sense has won out over the siren song of hot teacher!Dan, so) he goes by Dan mostly, because he’s a cool guy. That said, Brian calls him Mr. Avidan in a ~sultry tone~ and we’re not sure it’s a joke. In three words: Chilled out dude.

and HERE is the diagram because I can’t actually copy it into the post.

idk, some fun background on the au. enjoy!

Important note from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

One thing that I love more than anything else about this new Korean drama is the showing of different body shapes. Girls can be tall, short, thin, chubby, muscular, and there will always be someone telling them they should stop eating or eat more or wear dresses or grow their hair. Bok Joo is tall and broad so the doctor (Joon Hyung’s bro) was one of the few men who ever called her a ‘lady’. On the other hand the ribbon gymnasts are malnourished, underweight and have period irregularities but they are 'beautiful’ and popular with guys. Yes obesity is unhealthy, but no that doesn’t mean anything between 5-40kg above the normal weight should all be fat-shamed. We shouldn’t blindly glorify thinness. Health is what’s important! Guys and girls please be confident, be thankful, and know your own body instead of looking at magazines/TV! 


I haven’t been super active because I’ve been finishing college so I’m sorry if I’m behind the curveball here but I would love to join the medieval AU! (seriously though it’s one of the most creative things I’ve seen and medieval times are one of my favorite time periods) @sso-zelda-dusknight @dizzy-izzy-sso @liv-olive @sso-jackaboy @sso-medieval-au​ (EDIT: This has been edited / updated to show her new standings that had been conveyed to me through Z!)

Race: Human

Gender and Pronouns: female - she/her

First, middle, and last name: Clara Renard Diamondsong

Nickname: Fox 

Birthday and Age: February 5th - she is currently 22

Height: 5'4"

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Desired class: Duchess of New Hillcrest

Family: Overly protective parents; Unknown extended family, they’re very private about these things

Spouse/fiancé/boyfriend/girlfriend: secret affairs but nothing serious or confirmed

Allies: most people she meets as she fairly friendly and likes to be helpful; servants [if she has any]

Enemies: various scorned men [also open to anyone that might want an enemy]

Preferred weapon: She’d like to learn to be good with a bow and arrow, learned to use her charm, she can be very persuasive

Horse (optional): She has many, but her favorite is a grey, lightly dappled palfrey [Friesian Sport Horse] mare named Frostangel with the nickname Sophie

Birthplace: Epona

Place of Residence: Silverglade for most of life, currently New Hillcrest

Personality: Sarcastic and witty, clever, but wouldn’t call her a genius. Loves learning new things and exploring, longs for more adventure in her life outside of her stuffy existence. Loves the freedom riding gives her. Wouldn’t go so far to call her a harlot, but has gone through quite a few paramours in somewhat of a rebellion. Her parents refuse to believe she would ever enter have a relationship without their approval and they long for someone that would be able to get her to marry them [think Kate in Taming of the Shrew or Beatrice from Much Ado]. Keeps her heart guarded and deep feelings closed up, doubtful she will ever be emotionally available for another person; feigns overconfidence to intimidate others. Enjoys gardening and nature. Definitely extroverted and sociable. 

anonymous asked:

Ikimaru you are simply a /godess/ when it comes to DirkJake like omf *gives you ALL the huggles*


Anon:omG the “OH NO” is what got me, that is beautiful and amazing thank you

haha thank youu! you know I like writing silly stuff on shirts B)




Anon:i love jakes bedhead?? i love how you draw his hair period??? i love love LOVE sorry have a nice day

thank youu!

12/12/14 Upd8: Serket Sighting


*Cough.* Ahem. Also, I hit 100 followers, and my last reaction post became my first post to hit 100 notes. I love you all! Anyway, reaction and speculation below!:

External image

Oh my god, don’t tell me. Is this it? IS THIS FINALLY IT!?

External image

YES! HELL YES! VRISKA! I called this! I was saying she would appear soon, and LOOK! Oh man, Vriska, I’ve missed you!

Looks like she’s wandering around the dream bubbles with Meenah. That’s about what I expected, actually.

External image

Except Meenah, the juggalos’ religious stuff IS real. Hussie confirmed the ‘Mirthful Messiahs’ of the religion were Doc Scratch and Lord English. I’m getting an ominous feeling from this…

External image

Check out those braids!

External image

Good question, Vriska. Whose memory is this? I don’t really recognize it.

External image

:D Look at you! You’re adorable! I love the new hairstyle she has going here!

But I think the new hairstyle is significant in another way. A classic way of showing characterization changes is changing the style of a character’s hair. In the wake of the pirate ship, followed by Aranea, Vriska is in a ‘rebuilding’ period for her character. The new hairstyle is likely symbolic of the next phase of her character development.

External image

Vriska is, of course, referring to her experience encounter Hussie in DOTA:

External image

ALSO, theNeonWerewolf and a couple others pointed this out:

External image

External image

Look who’s still stalking Vriska! This helps further establish the DOTA reference.

External image

Someone is so totally over Aranea.

External image

This feels familiar for some reason, but I can’t find it.

External image

This right here. This is significant. Remember what Vriska said last time we saw her?

External image

It was implied Vriska was becoming disillusioned with ‘pirates’. But right here, after that whole thing with Aranea, she admits she genuinely loves them. I think we’re seeing the glimmerings of how her character is going to develop.

How Vriska acts during this period is important. We’ve seen the ‘mask’ of her drama for so long, what is she behind the mask? Who is she, really? As she said last time we saw her:

External image

We can see other glimmerings through this upd8. Like, she’s curious about things:

External image

This is fairly consistent with a Thief of Light. Thieves tend to perceive a ‘lack,’ and steal to compensate for that lack. Part of Light is information. What is curiosity, but a perceived lack of information?

External image

I find this depressing for some reason. Meenah really isn’t saying much in response to Vriska. While Vriska seems to be trying to get SOME reaction besides indifference.

External image

External image

These conversations too. Vriska seems to be getting Meenah to engage with her and things around her, but Meenah isn’t being very responsive.

External image

This is interesting, because it implies that beneath her attempts at indifference, Vriska STILL wants to engage in things. She still wants to be out there, a part of things.

Vriska has been associated with ‘steal the spotlight’ in a negative manner, but what about a positive association? ‘Stealing the spotlight’ in theater means giving the best performance in the show. I’m certain there are positive ways Vriska could ‘steal’ relevancy for herself, she just has to figure out how.

Aside from Vriska being totally adorable, I get the impression she won’t be satisfied with simply sitting back and doing nothing in the dream bubbles. I get an underlying sense of loneliness from these conversations. Meenah is the last friend Vriska has, and the latter is clearly trying to connect with her. It’s kinda heartbreaking.

Anyway, I LOVED THIS UPD8! We’ve finally seen Vriska, and established a ‘third’ plotline to follow. The other two being John and Terezi, and Jade and Calliope. Time will tell where this leads, but for now, I’m satisfied with finally seeing Vriska Serket back in the game!