i love her 'bitch please' face okay

"Are you kidding me? We're not fine!" Kian Lawley

Right here recently, everything has been going wrong in this relationship. Ever since we’ve moved houses, Kian has been the biggest dick i’ve ever met. It really all started when him and Jc made that video with Tana and Corinna. Her and HER boyfriend have just broken up because he didn’t like the fact she gave MY boyfriend a lap dance or was in the tub with him :) Yeah, tell me about it. I didn’t really care for what Kian did in videos, i completely understand because i also am on YouTube. But in this case, it was all anyone was talking to me about and it really ticked me off. “No Kian I never said i don’t trust you. You KNOW i didn’t really want the video to happen and you KNOW i don’t particularly care for Tana Mongoose anyway” I rolled my eyes for the third time in 2 minutes. “Why didn’t you want the video to happen then?” He raised his voice. “I DONT LIKE HER AND IM TIRED OF PEOPLE SAYING SHIT TO ME ABOUT YOU AND HER” I finally yelled out. He shook his head and left, he just left. A few hours later he came back and guess who was with him, Fucking Tana. Harrison saw the look on my face and tears in my eyes and he asked if i was okay. “I really don’t think so” I said and walked upstairs. A few minutes later, he came up and said “What’s wrong? Kian said you and him were fine”. This made me a little angry and i walked downstairs, “KIAN! Stop telling people we’re fine! We are not fine! We haven’t been for awhile and you know that. Stop lying to people just because this is your fault” I yelled very loudly. I saw Tana roll her eyes, “You have about one more time to roll your God damn eyes at me-” I was cut off by her doing it again. “What are you going to actually do? like really?” She smacked her lips. “Tana please shut up” Jc whispered but it was too late. I reached across Kian that was in front of me and hit the ‘actual’ fuck out of her. “STOP! TANA GET OUT! AND Y/N GO TO OUR ROOM” Kian yelled. “You’re really making me leave just because of this bitch?” She held her face. Kian held up his hands that were around me and i hit her again. Kian grabbed me before i could hit her once more and carried me upstairs. “Listen i’m sorry. Okay? I love you. I love you so much and i promise it’ll only ever be you. Please let us be okay again. I only told everyone we were fine because i didn’t want people to know we were arguing and almost about to break up over this shit.” His eyes teared up. “Kian, don’t cry. It’s okay. I love you so much too. We’re okay babe” I smiled and kissed him. “Good because i honestly don’t know how i’d make it without you” He said, kissing me again.

Leading Suspects: Chapter 23

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“Get up, Sleeping Beauty! The calvary will be here any minute now!”

“That makes no sense and is the most offensive thing you’ve ever said to me,” I groan and shove my head back under the blankets. Everything hurts and I’m not even hungover. I’m not ready to face anyone and I have no idea what the hell Johanna is talking about anyways. She might mean that Peeta’s finally sworn out a warrant for my arrest, but I doubt she’d be this excited about that since she hasn’t secured a raise yet. Really, I’m shocked that he still hasn’t dragged me or Madge or both of us down to the station in handcuffs.

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His princess

Extended Imagine Requested by Anon: joker find out that his daughter was pressured into sex and he is pissed so the reader and him try to talk to their daughter about it but she’s too embarrassed and the joker wants to kill her boyfriend

sidenote: Y/D/N = your daughter’s name

Your name: submit What is this? 

Author’s/Reader’s P.O.V

“He did what!?!”, the Joker yelled, after you told him that your daughter’s boyfriend pressured her into having sex with him. “Baby, I know you’re mad, but right now, what’s important, is to make sure our little girl is okay.”, you tried to calm him down, although inside, you too, were absolutely furious. “What’s important is, that I’m going to find that bastard, and skin him alive!” Your husband growled, and walked passed you.

 “J, stop!”, you called after him. You caught up with him, and grabbed his arm, causing him to stop. “You know that I want him to pay, too but this is not the way to go about it. We need to talk to Y/D/N first.” The tone in your voice, signaled the Joker that you were serious. Sighing he gave up, and followed you to your daughter’s room.

“Honey?”, you knocked on her door, “Is it okay if we come in?” Before Y/D/N could answer, her father already opened the door and walked inside. Shaking your head, you followed him into the room. The Joker sat down next to his daughter, “Are you okay, princess?”, he asked, concern lacing his voice. The only two people he ever showed his more caring and vulnerable side to, were you and his baby girl. “Fine, dad.”, she shrugged, and turned to look away from you both, hiding her face in the pillows surrounding her.

J quickly glanced at you, asking for help. You walked over to them both, and sat down as well. Gently, you ran your hand through your daughter’s hair, “Honey, please talk to us. We already know what happened, we just want to make sure you’re okay. And from what it looks like you’re clearly not.”
“I thought he loved me.”, as soon as she said those words, the tears came streaming down her face. The Joker was tensing up again, that son of a bitch hurt his little girl. 

“Come here, baby.”, you scooted closer to her, and held her in your arms. She buried her face in the crook of your neck, sobbing. “That’s it, he’s a dead man!”, J said coldly, the sight of his baby girl hurting, breaking his heart.

“No, dad, don’t.”, Y/D/N said, stopping him from leaving. “Why?”, confusion spread on the Joker’s face.

“If you kill him, no other guy will want to go out with me.” “I don’t see what’s wrong with that. At least then, no one can hurt you again.”, he replied, completely serious. “J, don’t be silly. Just because one guy was a complete and utter piece of shit, doesn’t mean all of them are. If she wants to, she can date.”
“Hm.”, J was starting to pout. “Fine, but if any of them come too close to you again, they are dead, and you don’t get to be angry with me for it, deal pumpkin?”, he asked his princess. 

“Deal.”, she smiled shyly, and hugged her father. You smiled, too. You loved how he was with your daughter. He was no typical dad, but he was doing his best, and Y/D/N loved him for it. They always had a special bond.
You snapped out of your thoughts, just in time to catch J mouthing ‘I’m still going to make him pay’ to you. Rolling your eyes, you placed a kiss on your daughter’s head, and got up to leave them alone. You turned to look at them one last time. ‘Not if I get to him first’, you mouthed back to J, and grinned, rushing out of the room.

Thoughts on LoS (Warning! Spoilers)

Oh my god… Lord of Shadows was amazing. I think I might even like it better than Lady Midnight. Anyways, here are some thoughts and concerns about it.

> I love how we got to learn more about Diana in the book. In the first book she was looking pretty shady but now I understand more about her and LOVE her (not that I didn’t before obviously). 

> This book brought to my attention that Shadowhunters don’t use mundane medicine which was something I never really thought about before. + the fact that they’re arrested if they do is sort of ridiculous.

> Also, this book confirmed that Ty is on the autism spectrum which was something that I suspected right off the bat from City of Heavenly Fire because he exhibits a lot of the same characteristics my brother (who has autism does). Ty is pretty high functioning though so he’s probably low on the spectrum. I really love that Cassandra Clare always has such diverse characters. This is one of the only YA fantasy books I’ve read so far in which there is a character on the spectrum.

> Okay so Zara… I hate this bitch. Every single word that came out of her mouth made me want to kick her in the face. UGGHH “Can you do out laundry?” go die, Zara, please. I just about lost it when she started talking about Alec and Magnus I was like ummmmm no sorry you’ve crossed the line by about five miles. She is just such a disgusting bigot and I hate her and Ughhh.

> When I realized Jon Cartright was there I was so Happy! I was like yay Jon Cartright! Also, they mentioned Marisol. However, then he had to go and get his head chopped off and I was like nooooooooo! 

> I loved learning more about Kit and seeing his relationship with Ty form! + When he met Jace that was awesome. 

> At the beginning when Clary said she was going to die I was like UMMMMMMMMM what… no

> I also loved learning more about Gwyn! In the first book, I just thought he was a malicious, no mercy guy but he’s actually really sweet. I love that he has a relationship with Diana now.

> Malcom comes back (like we all knew he would) but, Annabel kills him once he raises her from the dead. lol. 

>RIP Arthur

>This Parabatai curse thing… how long does it take to be activated? I mean really, they can’t keep this up for long.

>Also, holy shit that Ash kid that Dru met when she accidentally portaled to that underground Unseelie land place is definitely the Queen’s evil Sebastian love child. hahaha, I knew it right off the bat when the Queen was like “they have someone from my court”. I was like “Your son?”. + pale blonde hair? GREEN EYES? Coincidence? I think not. Also, lol when he said his name was Ash I started laughing because Ash Ketchum hahaha

> Oh my god… that ending!! When Annabel stabbed Robert I was like noooo!!!! That was something I did not see coming. + When Alec came in and saw his dad it was so devastating. Also, where the hell were Isabelle and Simon in this book?  + How will Emma be exiled now that Robert’s dead? Yikes

>Also, Magnus is sick and I’m really scared :( 

> When Emma shattered the mortal sword with Cortana I was like holy shit… However, this means now Diana can be the head of the institute because she can’t be questioned with the mortal sword

> Livvy’s death was so sad. I was sobbing so hard especially when Julian was holding her and telling her to wake up. Also, at that bit at the end where it said that the clock chimed because a few pages before she was telling Ty and Kit that there was a legend that every time it did the gates of heaven opened. Honestly, though she was who I predicted would die. I suspected that one of the Blackthorn children would die and out of all of them, I thought she was most likely. Mostly because we got to see so more of her in this book and I don’t know I just thought it would be her. :P 

Julian’s going to be really messed up in this next book. He’s already pretty dark so I’m scared to see what he becomes… 

Also, Ty will be so devastated too which will be so sad.

I can’t wait for the next book though! I can’t believe it doesn’t come out until 2019 :( Oh my God, I’ll probably be going into college when it comes out… aahhhh!! scary :( 

Imagine Birthing Class with Kozik. *Mini Imagine*

WARNINGS: Language

I have no clue about birthing classes so I asked my ma. I hope I got it right, I’m not pregnant don’t plan on being pregnant lol so I hope I did okay :D

Request: Imagine having Kozik go to birthing classes with you! 💕

Your breathing was quick like the instructor told you and you heard Kozik clapping, “We so got this in the bag babe, you can do this.” Kozik smiled and you raised a brow at him, “We?”  You grunted and he nodded, “I ain’t leavin’ you know that.” You smiled and gave him a kiss, “Mr. and Mrs Kozik please pay attention to the class.” The teacher said and you groaned, this bitch had been bothering you all day and it was pissing you off. “I’m gonna put my swollen foot up her…”

“Babe.” Kozik hissed and sat back, “Sorry ma'am please continue.” He said professionally with a straight face, you loved it when he talked like that, “Can’t we go?” You smirked and he sighed, “No babe we have to finish the class.” He told you and you pouted, “Okay everyone, we’re going to learn how to swaddle.” The instructor said in an overly cheery voice that made you want to scratch your ears, during your pregnancy your patience went out the window in the first two months. “Kozik.” You grumbled as she went around and taught each couple how to properly swaddle the fake baby doll.

“Come on Y/N please.” Kozik sighed, “This is our first child, I want to do this right.” His voice was that of a beg and you pouted, “But baby…” Kozik glared slightly, “No buts, we payed for this class we stay till the end.” You groaned not even forcing a smile on your face when the teacher went to you and Kozik, “Well aren’t you two a happy couple.”

“We sure are peachy.” You said and she put the baby in front of each of you. “Well anyways, what you want to do is set your blanket down, oh Y/N make sure the pattern is against the table.” She said, “See like your husband here.” You looked over at Kozik’s perfectly placed blanket then back to the instructor, “I doubt my baby will care if everyone can see the print.” You told her and felt Kozik squeeze your thigh but you hit his foot making him grunt. “Well that is not the proper way. Things need to be perfect and proper.” She cheered and you rolled your eyes as you flipped the blanket over.

“Now lay your baby down, and you fold like so.” She said demonstrating, you and Kozik repeating the steps, “Oh now Y/N you don’t want to suffocate your baby, that’s not the proper way.” You sucked in a harsh breath, “Well how about I suffoca…”

“Careful there honey. Don’t want to catch any charges while your pregnant.” He laughed, but there was a hint of seriousness in his voice, “Just loosen the blanket a bit that’s all baby.” Kozik said his voice calming you down…slightly. You fixed the blanket on your fake baby and you wanted to hit her in the face when she spoke again, “It’s a little high around his face. See watch me this is the proper way.”

You grit your teeth and stood up quickly, your 7th month belly showing proudly, “Kozik if we don’t leave now I will properly shove this fake ass baby down her gullet.” You growled and your Old Man was up in a second, “Alright we should go.” He said quickly, his hand going to your lower back, “I was only trying to help, and show you both the proper techniques.”

“THAT’S IT!” You shouted as you went to reach over the table, Kozik pulling you back and taking the baby from your hand before you hit the other woman with it. “Dammit Y/N! Stop your shit before you hurt our damn child!” Kozik yelled and you stopped, tears filling your eyes quickly when you looked down at your stomach, “I’m so sorry baby, I’m such a bad mommy.” You told your child as you touched your stomach, Kozik sighing, “No you’re not…you’re just…crazy. But I like crazy.” He smiles and you return the look, “I love you.” You said, “I love you too but we need to leave cause I’m still pissed.” You said, your tears gone in a second making Kozik’s jaw drop.

You both walked out quickly, “I can’t wait till this baby comes out.” Kozik chuckled and you smile, “What can’t handle the hormones?”

“Not one bit.” He admitted before kissing you lovingly, his hands going to your belly, your child was loved and you were sure it knew that.

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”i hate people, i love pizza"

☼ you’re my sunshine ☼

hello stalker

his smile is everything

I will always want you

you are worthy of all the love in the world

to infinity and beyond

you rock my world as long as you fuck me if this is a dream, won’t open my eyes you’re perfect to me i won’t let her . i promise die bitch die i’m not giving up please stay in my life baby please don’t let me go pizza is my love love more i don’t care okay? okay ☹ sad teens with happy faces ☺ ✩ Bitch please, I’m Fabulous ✩
Be My Solid Ground

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“Man, are you shitting me right now?” Tommy pressed his fingers over his broadening grin, then smoothed his palm over his face and back into his hair, pressing the phone to his ear like he could have misheard such good news.

Tinny and far away–for now–Oliver laughed, edged giddy and excited. “Yeah, buddy, this is happening. Mom’s signing the paperwork on Monday to put the building in my name.”

Tommy laughed, disbelieving joy in the back of his throat. “Jesus Christ, Ollie, how the hell did you convince her?”

“I almost don’t know,” Oliver exhaled, his nerves coming in clear. “I just–I really want this, Tommy. I finally feel like I can do something, you know? Make something mine. Do it right. I just–I just started talking and couldn’t stop, and I was telling her about all the research I’ve been doing, about current trends and financial plans, interior designers, promoters, just… everything.”

“Holy shit,” Tommy breathed, shifting deeper into the embrace of his couch, staring blindly at the dark TV screen on the wall. “Holy shit. This is real. You’re gonna open a club. Dude, you’re coming home.”

“Yeah,” Tommy’s chest tightened, unsure if it was static or emotion that roughened Oliver’s voice. “Yeah, I am. Like… two months. Maybe three.”

“Wow.” Tommy tugged on his hair, still grinning stupidly. “Man, you gotta let me help you pick out a place here. I don’t think there’s any vacancies in my building, or I’d get you in in a second. But trust me, you focus on getting your project off the ground and let me compile a list of apartments, condos–townhomes, whatever.” He sat forward again, head down and elbows propping on his wide-spread knees. “And obviously you’re crashing in my guest room until we find something. But you do the dream, man, just leave the grunt work to me.”

“Yeah, okay,” Oliver agreed, sounding thoughtful.

Tommy laughed again, helpless to the swooping happiness in his chest. Oliver was coming back to Starling. For good. “I’ll find you a place fit for a Queen.”

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Break -Requested (Ashton)

Hey, not sure who requested it but here it is (Hiii!! Can you do one where y/n has problem with her “cold heart”, which in reality is just shy and has a low selfesteem? she has never had a boyfriend because she can’t open and be comfortable and this stuff :) i know i didn’t say a lot about the plot, you can choose how to make it, just with this y/n’s personality :) thank youu xxx (oh you can also choose the boy, i don’t really mind), ENJOY!!!

‘Ashton is here’ your mum bumps your shoulder making you laugh, ‘That’s great’ you smile sarcastically, ‘Come on Tom won’t mind, do you Tom?’ she looks to your cousin who shakes his head and wiggles his eyebrows at you. ‘Mum I’m nineteen, I don’t need you setting me up, especially not with the same guy you tried to make me date when I was eleven’ you laugh a little as she pulls a face. ‘But he’s the nicest boy’ you defends him; ‘Mum I don’t want a boyfriend’ you remind her, ‘You could just be friends’ she smiles, ‘I don’t want a friend’ you smile sweetly as she huffs and walks away.

‘Aww poor thing’ Tom pouts a little making you laugh, ‘She wants you to get lovey and married’ he teases you hit his shoulder, ‘Fuck you’ you growl turning and heading over to your Uncle Simon and Mick (Your mums boyfriend), ‘Please tell me there is better conversation over here’ you sig, Mick laughing. ‘Ashton?’ he asks and you nod. ‘Who else’.

‘I don’t see the problem, he’s a funny guy, and he has money now too, I mean sure his hair is still as weird as when he was a kid but the guys good looking right?’ you Uncle asks frowning at you a little, ‘Yep, he’s good looking but I don’t want a boyfriend, I don’t want to know him, I’m fine and I’m leaving’ you sigh turning around and head for you Auntie and Nan.

‘It’s just not working out mum, I don’t know what it is, he is just under my feet, he is so annoying’ your Auntie whines, ‘Who Si?’ you asks referring to her current partner, she rolls her eyes before laugh, ‘No his dog’ she tells you, ‘Just get rid’ you tell her making her laugh, ‘And what do I tell Si when he gets back from work and the dog is gone?’ she asks, ‘No, I meant get rid of Si’ you laugh and so does she, you nan shaking her head.

‘Have you bought anyone?’ she asks you, ‘No nan’ you tell her, ‘You could bring a girl you know, we wouldn’t mind would we?’ she looks to your Auntie for agreeing. ‘You’re not ready for a relationship, are you (Y/N)’ your Auntie winks making you laugh a little. ‘Exactly, no boys, no drama, no hurt’ you smile and she laugh. ‘(Y/N)’ you hear someone shout, you walk through a couple of family and friends locating your Auntie. ‘Oh could you do me a little favour?’ she asks, you nod ‘We have ran out of cans’ she tells you nodding to the huge box of empty beer cans, ‘Could you call out and get some?’ she asks, you nod ‘Thank you so much, go get the money off your Uncle’ she tells you as she turns rushing off to one of the kids.

After getting the money and escaping into your car you sigh, you’re a huge family girl but the boy question never seem to escape you. Your passenger door opens and you turn to see Ashton climbing in your car. ‘Your family would hate me if they knew about this’ he chuckles. ‘No they wouldn’t, they would be pleased to know I’m not a freak’ you laugh as you start to car.


‘I can’t believe we are still doing this’ Ashton sighs as you both breathe deeply trying get your breathe back, ‘Yeah, we should probably stop’ you huff, ‘Why?’ he asks turning on his side, you glace to him, his sweaty chest on show. ‘You have a girlfriend don’t you?’ you question, ‘Do you keep tabs on me while I’m away?’ he teases, ‘No, my mum is in love with you’ you remind him making him chuckle.

‘I haven’t had a girlfriend since high school’ he tells you, ‘The last girlfriend I had was Hannah’ he continues, ‘Dint we first do this the day you two broke up?’ you remember. ‘Wow, that’s the most sentimental thing I have ever heard you say, it’s like our anniversary’ he chuckles, ‘Hmm our sex anniversary’ you correct, ‘Annnnnd you ruined it’ he sighs turning back to his back making you laugh.

‘Are we ever gonna be more than this?’ his voice is softer now as he stares to the ceiling, ‘Ashton’ you moan, ‘Come on (Y/N)’ he sits up turning to look at you. ‘We both know this isn’t just sex, we have been doing this for four years, you know how I feel ab..’

‘Ashton please stop’ you whine sitting up and climbing out of the bed, ‘No come on, why can’t we try? I lo..’

‘Ashton’ you cut him off again, and at that very moment you hear your phone ringing from the kitchen, you leave the room naked and head for your kitchen answering the phone.

‘Hey, what’s up?’ you asks as you answer seeing your friends name flash on the screen with the time three twenty two in the morning. ‘He broke up with me’ she cries down the phone, you sigh rolling your eyes and you move into the living room flopping onto your sofa. ‘What happened?’ you ask, you then listen to her explain how he dumped her for twenty minutes before she lets you speak.

‘I told you to take it slow, guys only hurt you, you let yourself get hurt by them’ you sigh, ‘I wish I was more like you’ she cries making you laugh a little, ‘I’m gonna be forever alone, don’t wish to be like me’ you try to make her feel better. ‘At least you’re choosing to be alone, I’m alone because no one wants me’ she cries.

‘Hey…hey, hey, hey man up, wipe the tears, take a breathe, go to sleep and stop thinking about that two timing piece of shit, from now on don’t just give these arse holes your heart, make them fucking work for it.’ You tell her, ‘This s why I called you, I needed a reality check’ she laughs, ‘I love you to pieces but its times like these that I’m glad I have no one, no one to hurt me, make me feel weak, I love being a bitch’ you laugh and she does too. ‘Okay now go to bed, I love you’ you tell her before hanging up and heading back into Aston.

You climb into the bed next to him sighing as you close your eyes. ‘I knew you weren’t cold hearted’ he whispers, ‘Ashton please drops it’ you moan as you roll onto your side so you’re able to kiss him into silence. He rolls on top of you, his hair tickling the side of your face as his naked chest presses into yours and you prepare for round three. ‘I’m in love with you’ Ashton mumbles against your lips, you push his chest back, his eyes locking with yours. ‘Now?…Your gonna do this now?’ you asks clearly annoyed.

‘I’m gonna tell you I love you every time I see you until you tell me how you feel’ he explain, you shake your head, pushing him off, you see his sure exterior crack  little more, like it does every time this happens. ‘Don’t you get how I feel from the fact that I never want to talk about it?’ you snap as you throw the covers off yourself. ‘No, I know this is more than sex (Y/N) just say it’

‘I don’t love you Ashton, I don’t love you now, I didn’t love you the first time and I won’t love you next year because I can’t love you, and I won’t love you, is that what you want….is that what you wanted me to say, I don’t love you’ you snap, relishing your augur. You watch his eyes grow slightly duller as he swallow hard, his eyes closing as he takes a minute. And you leave the room again grabbing his shirt as you go and locking the bathroom door; you pull on the shirt and slide down the door. Hating yourself, for lying, for hurting him, for being you, for everything you hate yourself.

‘Can I have my shirt so I can leave?’ Ashton’s voice comes through the door, you sigh, standing, you look for any clothes around the bathroom but have to settle on a towel, you pull off the shirt and wrap the towel around yourself. You open the door and hand Ashton his shirt, he takes it not looking at you. You watch as he pulls it on while turning to the door. ‘Ashton’ he spins around.

‘Don’t’ he snaps, his harsh tone shocks you a little. ‘You know I get that you’re not into the cheesy romantics but I am, I have listened to your bullshit for years, and I’m still fucking waiting for you to drop the tough girl act’

‘And you know what, it’s my fault…you have never lead me on, it’s my fault for thinking you would grow up..I’m sorry that I’m in love with you, I’m sorry that I waited my time with someone who is clearly incapable of caring about anyone but themselves. So don’t Ashton me, don’t call me, don’t text me, because I’m done trying’ your chest feels heavy, you can feel tears in your eyes, a lump in your tightened throat as your eyes are locked with him, you’re not breathing. Everything you do to keep yourself from getting hurt had only ended up getting you hurt more. Ashton turns around and you panic.

‘I love you’ you rush, he turns frowning. ‘I…I’m sorry, I…I didn’t want to get hurt, you know I find it hard to trust people and I’m sorry. I guess I didn’t realise in keeping myself from getting hurt that I was just hurting you’ you explain, you can hear something different in your own voice. ‘I love you Ashton’ you tell him again, he is blank, just watching you, you start to worry, had you left it to late, had you pushed him too far. ‘I had to threaten to leave for you to tell me that?’ he teases, his face braking out into a smile and you laugh a little.

‘So we can try this?’ he asks, you don’t answer, panicking for a moment, trying mean telling everyone, showing feeling, and the thought alone freaks you out. ‘We can go slow’ he offers and you nod slowly, ‘Can we go back to bed now?’ you ask already walking backwards for your room, Ashton shakes his head laughing a little, ‘Your batshit crazy’ he chuckles, you smirk as you drop your towel, ‘I love you Ashton’ you bite your lip a little before he rushes over, ‘I fucking love you’ he mumbles against your lips as he holds your bare body to his covered one.

From Chelsea

Freshlee Records Part 2

I ended up getting off work early so I could get ready to see Nate, Sammy and Dillon.I felt like my heart was going to beat right out of my chest. Sophia was sitting on my bed laughing as clothes after clothes came flying out of my closet.

“It’s not funny!” I yelled from the depth of my walk in closet, which was really the only nice thing about my shitty apartment.

“I just find this funny, why don’t you just take your credit card off its death bed and actually spend a little bit of your mom’s money.” Sophia suggested, shaking her head.

“Soph, you know I like being independent.” I reminded her.

“Yes, I know but this could be your big break _______! So just hurry the hell up and realize you need your mama’s money.” She stood up from my bed and walked into the closet.

I turned around to see her standing there with my card between her fingers. I nibbled on my bottom lip and just stared at it. Groaning, I swiped it from her hands which caused a squeal to escape her lips. Rolling my eyes, I just laughed before grabbing my purse and slipping on my plaid flats.

“Those are still so cute, I wonder where you got them from.” Sophia teased, seeing as she got them for me as a birthday gift.

“Oh shut up! Let’s just go.” I laughed as I linked arms with her once we were in the hallway and I locked my apartment.

An hour had already passed since we arrived at the clothing shop. I stood in the mirror with a wide smile on my face.

“I think this is it!”

“You look – amazing. I won’t be surprised if Sammy hits on you.” The dark haired girl giggled and I just rolled my eyes playfully, throwing a shirt at her.

“Oh shut up!” I walked back into the changing room.

“Come on, ______. You’re hot, I don’t know why you don’t expect that.” She shook her head, filing her nails as she waited.

I just stayed quiet with a smile on my face, Sophia was one of the reasons why my self esteem wasn’t low. She always made me feel good about myself and I loved her for that. She really was my best friend.

“Alright, let’s go pay for this and get some shoes. It’s already 4:45, Swazz said he’ll be at Starbucks at 6.” I said as I made my way to the register.

“Okay, do I get to hang around because Sammy is just so heart eyes.” Soph groaned and I busted out laughing.

“I can’t believe you actually said heart eyes, you’re such a fuckin’ weirdo. I love you.” I shook my head, still laughing.

We reached the shoe store in the mall and I found the perfect pair of heels that went with my outfit, and they were on sale so it was a win win for me. Once we got a small bite to eat, we were back at my place getting ready.

“Please don’t fuck Sammy until after I’m signed okay?” I teased Sophia.

“Listen…” She playfully glared before slipping on her cardigan.

“I’m listening, bitch.” I peaked my head out from the bathroom with a smile on my face.

She just made a face before flicking me off. I just laughed before continuing to get ready. Twenty minutes later, we both were ready and left for Starbucks.

“Soph, what time is it?” I asked as we were at a stop light.

“5:45.” She told me after looking at her phone.

“Perfect. We literally got ready in less than two hours, it’s a miracle.”

Sophia just laughed before shaking her head, nodding to the beat of the music that played in the car. Five minutes later, we arrived at Starbucks and I just sat there staring at my freshly done nails.

“_______, you okay?” My best friend asked, gently resting her hand on my shoulder.

“I’m just nervous. What if they don’t like me?” I just kept my glance forward.

“They will, trust me. You were born to do this, _______. This is your shot. You got this.” Sophia smiled softly at me.

I looked over and smiled widely and hugged her tightly. “I love you, Soph. Thanks for always being there for me.”

“It’s my job, babe.” She giggled softly before we pulled apart.

Getting out of the car, I locked it before we walked back into my place of employment.

“________, everything is all ready. We’re closing up early so no fans interrupt. Good luck.” My boss, Jane said.

“Thank, Jane. I really appreciate this.” I thanked her with a soft smile.

“No problem. Knock ‘em dead, baby girl.” She kissed my cheek before leaving.

I glanced up at the clock that read 6:02. I nibbled on my bottom lip as I started pacing, I was a nervous wreck. Sophia just looked at me and giggled a little to herself.

“_______, breathe babe. They’ll be here, and will love you.” She told me.

It felt like hours had passed, but only twenty minutes. I was now sitting, drinking a frappe when I heard the bell on the door ring. Whipping my head around, I saw them walk in. This was it. I was about to meet and sing in front of Nate Maloley, Sammy Wilkinson and Dillon Rupp. Oh god.

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