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What’s up here’s some cool revelations I had last night about Moira.

I’m gonna brush all the dumb negativity off and say what I think of Moira, and I fucking love her. Including her might actually give us some more clues for Reaper’s backstory, how he became it, and maybe even why he blames Mercy for it. Call these headcanons or ideas, to me they’re headcanons with POTENTIAL *sparkles*

Now I’m not the best at explaining things, and most of the things I say don’t make sense outside of my head, but…y’know, I can elaborate on stuff if you need me to, lmao.

Moira supposedly gave Reaper his abilities in a “backfired” experiment, but I don’t think it “backfired.” Maybe Reyes thinks it did, maybe ya’ll think it did but Moira doesn’t–instead she sees the outcome as a clue as to how much power she has, and what she’s capable of. And if she can do that to a human being, that’s a lot of fucking power. (I mean, look at her. This bitch knows what she’s doing.)

  • Mercy didn’t give Reyes his abilities in a failed attempt at reviving him…Or maybe she did? Maybe after the likely death of Gabe, Mercy tried to revive him, but the powers that Moira gave him completely took over because of it?
  • OR: Mercy had nothing to do with Gabriel becoming Reaper. What if it was manipulation? He was clearly taken advantage of by Moira when it came to her experimenting on him as we saw. He may have been lied to, and manipulated into blaming Mercy for what he became. Both of these are possibilities that tie into why he blames Mercy for what he’d become in-game.

This is probably what the devs meant when they said that Reaper existed for so long before we actually had him as a character. [If anyone has a link to that Q&A That’d be great!!!] Perhaps when Reyes first got his abilities, it eventually took over him, affected his relationship with Jack, and his rage allowed him to be so easily manipulated. He blames everyone else for who he is, he blames “THEM,” because he truly has no idea what had been going on around him.

Those are my ideas, you can share my headcanons, and basically I fucking love Moira and I can’t wait to hear more about her in-game. The story isn’t perfect and you have to remember they’re still writing it for us, and as a writer in training I know that changes can and will happen. I’ve read my share of good stories that have gone to shit after people ask for more (I’m talking about Fairy Tail) but lets not hate on one character for changing the outcome of the story that you were expecting.

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161113 jungkook’s cover of kim kwang seok’s ‘turning thirty/at the age of thirty’

little by little it gets further away… 
my youth who’d forever stay with me, i thought this would happen but, 
this empty void inside my heart… 
the next lyrics iforgotasjhdhgfks~~~

everyone clap~~!!

(the next lyrics were: no matter how i seek there’s none to find) 

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what's your fave song on the trc soundtrack?

Oh man. This is a lovely question.

Though there are like, 95 songs on that soundtrack. I defintely haven’t listened to it enough to feel like I know them all yet, and I’m sure my feelings will change the more I read/watch in the future, buuuut for right now?

Probably Jasmin, and Amrita! They’re gorgeous but with the extra added layer of sounding just a bit haunting at the same time, which always feels especially appropriate. 

Because Tsubasa.

Alec- “Let’s not be overdramatic”

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mchanzo headcanon/story idea, part one of three:

long post, and nsfwish-under the cut.

hanzo and mccree are totally lusting after one another - they flirt a bit but usually aren’t in the same place at the same time. they do however, after months of dancing around one another and becoming friends, get put on a two man mission together. and the mission is tits up almost immediately - they get sent to one of the nicer safe houses. this place actually has more than one bedroom and hot water.

they are told to lay low for the next few weeks or so, until winston, jack, and ana can get things sorted out. neither of them mind much, they work well together and have a good relationship off missions. its no big deal, and honestly? both of them have been wanting to spend time with each other.

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ofc my first fanart ever would be of these two

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Ah, no worries ^^ Well, I actually don't remember /exactly/ what I asked XD It was a while ago. But I think it was mainly about what goes on with them in the story. I think in another post you said they team up to beat the bad guy. Do they become friends after all is said and done, or does it go back to a strictly rival relationship, possibly one of those "I love to hate you" dynamics? I love your AUs, and it's so fun to hear you talk about them :)

I hope this was an exhaustive answer X°°

Ok actually Atem gets what he wants before the final part, so the remaining battle is only between Yusei and Pegasus. Yusei and Atem will stop trying to murder each other ofc, but they won’t become very close friends? Idk how to explain it… more like a mutual “hey I remember you, I might have saved your life once” with a sarcastic tone. Yeah, that’s how it sounds lol

Also, I’m so glad you appreciate my AU stuff aaaa ;w;//

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top 5 moon signs? :)

in my opinion…

1. Virgo Moon- I love how understanding and compassionate they are. They are very considerate and thoughtful of others, and love to be helpful. They have such an interesting logic and way of thinking, I love to hear them talk about thoughts or feelings.
2. Taurus moon- They have such a calming energy to them, they make me feel at home. They have a chill nature and are very loyal friends. They are steady and have a good sense of what they want and need.
3. Aquarius moon- Observant and analytical. They will pay attention to every detail about you and are very thoughtful. They have a good sense of their environment and the world around them, and are compassionate to humanity.
4. Scorpio moon- Their intuition and sense of self is amazing. They read people easily and are very in tune with themselves and others. They pick up on energies easily and are good at understanding what people are feeling.
5. Sagittarius moon- Philosophical and mindful, yet fun. They have a good, positive energy and are good at lifting people’s spirits. I could listen to their random thoughts all day, their minds are so interesting!



7. the one with the storm

Harry looked up at me. “Is it weird that I’m here?”

“No?” I raised an eyebrow. “We are friends, aren’t we?”

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“You can travel back in time, but you can only travel back in time.”