i love happy loki so much

Things I will never tire of: 

  • Loki wearing a suit
  • Thor with a low ponytail and braids
  • Thor prodding Loki while he’s trying to read
  • Loki teaching Thor magic
  • Thor helping Loki work on his fighting technique
  • Loki unable to stop a lone tear from slipping out while he’s shouting/smiling/laughing
  • Having a million inside jokes that no one else gets because they have a thousand years of memories to draw from
  • Thor doing the hand on the crook of the neck thing
  • Loki smiling because he’s having so much fun doing things he really shouldn’t
  • Thor catching and saving Loki from falling to his death
  • Loki betraying those he’s allied himself with because now they have to pay for bringing injury to Thor
  • Loki using up all his magic to heal Thor and save his life, thus injuring himself
  • Thor whispering “I’ve got you” again and again while hugging Loki
  • Memories of two happy, carefree boys playing together
  • Wistful, nostalgic looks shared in the middle of an argument
  • “Never doubt that I love you”
Heart Of Ice- Loki Laufeyson


Can I request a reader/Loki where reader is an avenger who was trained by Sif and Natasha and during a fight reader is almost killed but Loki saves her life by going all frost giant and when they’re alone he admits that he might be falling in love with her and I don’t mind if it’s smut or not you decide :) xxx

 This is very fluffy and i’m very happy for there to finally be a Loki imagine on this page as i love him so much!

Also Frigga knowing that her son is in love gives me happiness so i threw that in there

You were brought up around the assassin Black Widow and she had obviously taught you a thing or two to defend yourself but as you got older you became stronger.

When the group had made Thor a member he was more than happy to take you to asgard to see his family and friends as his horary guest.

You met Lady Sif who was instantly challenged by your talent in combat but took it as a compliment to be beaten by you. Even though you were good you were always happy to learn new things.

Then you met Loki. His charms drew you in instantly and you always spent most of your time with him.

Frigga would usually find you two sitting in the orchard while he made pretty shaped with his magic.

He never tricked you like he did with others. The trickster god would only do things to make you smile.

Frigga knew instantly that you and Loki liked each other more than friends. Love even. Every mother can tell when he child has found the one it was just a shame Loki was too proud to admit it.


You had decided to join Thor on a battle but it had gone bad. You where flung around and thrown against a wall with a groan.

You fell to the floor in a crumbled heap and groaned loudly.

Thors hammer flew through the air but missed the enemy. “Y/n?!” he yelled out trying to rush over to help but was stopped by his own enemy.

The beast stomped closer and closer to you.

Someone stepped in front of you. “Be gone!” He ordered but when he kept coming you saw his skin turn blue.

Your eyes went misty and everything turned black.


“L-loki…” those where the first words out of your mouth.

“I’m here y/n” he whispered as you tried to find his hand.

He gently held it with both of his. “It’s okay, you’re safe now. My mother patched you up and you’ll be right as rain in no time.” He had a soft smile on his face.

“W-what happened…You where blue… you-“

“I’m erm…” he sighed and looked down. “I’m a frost giant Y/n…I understand if you don’t want to talk to me anymore. I’m a monster and that’s why I didn’t tell you…” He started to leave but your groaning made him rush back to your side.

“I-“ you groaned again as you sat up. “I don’t care Loki…I’ll love you no matter what you are.”

“L-love?” he blushed.

“O-oh no…not love…I erm…” you stuttered madly and cheeks flushed red.

He gently too your hand again. “Y/n, my pet. I may be a frost giant but I have only just realised I do not have a frozen heart at all…I’m falling in love with you…More than I’ve ever loved anyone before.”

You smile and kiss his softly as he blushed and kissed you back.

Frigga stood in the door frame and smiled to herself. She knew it all along.


I Am a Grownup (Avengers x reader)

Request: I love when writers write kid!Avengers, and you are one of my favorite writers so I was wondering if you can write one but with angst. The Avengers are turned into kids and the reader has to take care of them. But their pasts show (abusive/trauma) and lots of fluff and comfort. When they get turned back, they now go to the reader for comfort. Thank you so much for writing. Your writing makes me so happy. You don’t even know. <3

This one works well as a follow-up to Nice Try

“You’re sure it will only last four hours, right?”

“I am certain,” Loki chuckled, anxious to get the fun going so his ultimate payback in pranking could teach you the lesson that he so desperately wanted to give.  “Besides, Thor will remain as he is so that you feel safe knowing I’m being watched, or so I’m told.”  

“Well, then, I’m in,” Tony laughed, clapping his hands together and looking around the room at the team.  “That girl has pranked us all one too many times, but this time we’re going to get her good.  We owe her this.  Who’s with me?”

“I’m definitely in.”


“Guys, I’m not sure if this is such a good idea.”

“Can it, Banner.  He’s in too.”

“You’ve got JARVIS capturing all of this, right?”

Steve sat at the far end of the lounge, shaking his head with a huge grin crossing his lips.  “She’s gonna pay for those spiders once and for all.”

You really did have this coming, being the prankster that you were, with your methods both severe and effective.  No member of the team had been safe; even Loki had been at the receiving end of your work.  It was because of this that he was so willing to help them now, and willing to risk your wrath.

“Okay, let’s do it,” the Captain sighed with a smirk.  “So go young, Loki, but not like, diapers young.  Some dignity needs to be maintained.”


“Lady (Y/N)!  (Y/N), I need your assistance!” Thor called out, standing in the lounge with a smile that he struggled to contain.  The sound of children laughing and talking filled the room, leading him to struggle even more, looking down at his age-regressed teammates.

You ran into the room at the sound of his urgency, stopping cold in your tracks at the sight.  There were five children surrounding him, dressed in the over-sized clothes that your teammates were wearing when you had last seen them only an hour before.  A cold chill ran down your spine, and your mind immediately filled with Loki and how you were going to punish him for this.

“Thor, you’ve got to be joking.  Did Loki do this?  This isn’t funny!”

“I need your assistance, (Y/N).  I must leave and can’t take them with me.  You will need to care for them for the next three hours and forty-five minutes, precisely.”  Before you could argue and beg him to stay, he was gone in a literal flash of lightning.

“(Y/N), these pants don’t fit,” the small Tony whined, looking down at the floor and the pile of material around his ankles.  “And I don’t have on any underpants.”


After finding enough safety pins to hold up a pair of underwear, you decided to take Tony to his lab so that he would have something familiar that could keep his active mind occupied and quiet for the few hours before he returned to his adult age.  Once the door opened, however, he recoiled back and took your hand; you felt a tremor in it as he squeezed, and a hesitancy to enter the room at all.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” you asked, squatting down to look at him.  “This is your lab, Tony.  You can go in.”

“No, I can’t.  I’m not supposed to touch anything or I get yelled at.” His voice was so quiet and timid that you couldn’t believe this was Tony Stark in front of you.  “I’ve broken too many things, so I can’t go in there.”

“Oh, Tony,” you sighed, pulling him into a hug, “sweetie, no one here is going to yell at you, okay? How about if I come in with you and you can see that I’m telling the truth?  I mean, I don’t have a clue what most of it is anyway, so if you did break something, I’d never know the difference, right?”

When you pushed him back to look at him, his eyes were wide and there was a hint of nervous tears moistening his lashes.  The softness and innocence in them nearly broke your heart.  Sure, the adult Tony was a handful, and you were sure that this younger version was too, but in this moment, he was a little kid who just wanted to learn and not get in trouble for it.  He just wanted his imagination to be accepted.

“Yeah, I suppose,” he replied quietly and uncertainly, “I’ll be really careful anyway, I promise.”

“Okay, let’s go see what we have in here,” you nodded, standing to take his hand and lead him in. You paused once the threshold was crossed, smiling at the small Bruce Banner sitting at a workstation with an oversized lab coat and glasses that were far to big for his face.    


“Hi, Tony.  Hi, (Y/N),” the young doctor greeted with a shy voice, adjusting his glasses that were held on by an elastic strap that he had fashioned around the back of his head.  “I wasn’t sure where else to go, so I thought it would be safe to stay in here.”

You sat Tony up on one of the seats next to Bruce and moved to see what he was working on.  “That looks really complicated, Bruce, what is it?”

“Um, do you really want to know?”

“I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t, right?”

He cleared his throat quietly and nodded, the glasses shaking with him as his head moved.  “That’s not necessarily true, (Y/N).  It’s not uncommon for people to ask me what I’m learning or working on, only to chastise me and make me feel bad because I don’t relate to other children my age.  Well, even some adults, I would imagine.”

Even as a child, he was so far beyond where he should be in his verbal skills and level of intelligence. You could see how it would be easy for a kid like Bruce to be ostracized by his peers and left to spend much of his childhood alone.  He was so polite and caring of an individual, one of the best people that you had come to know, that to think of anyone speaking poorly of him made you angry.

“Bruce, I would love it if you showed me what you were working on.  Teach me something amazing, okay?”  You rested your elbows on the workstation and held your head in your hands as you watched him, Tony soon joining in.

“Wow, Banner,” Tony laughed, “you’re almost as big of a nerd as I am!  How cool is this?”  


You went back to the lounge for Natasha, but by the time you had finished with Bruce and Tony she was gone. “Guys, do you know where Nat went?”

“I think she went to the gym.  She’s always in the gym,” Clint rolled his eyes and said mockingly.  

“Hey, watch the attitude,” you scolded, pointing at him in warning.  “I’ll be back for you in a minute, young man.”

“Oooh, you’re in trouble,” Steve laughed, but it soon turned into a fit of sneezes that caught your worried attention just before you left the room.


The sounds of loud grunts and kicks from outside the gym door confirmed Clint’s prediction; Natasha had retreated to her favorite spot in the tower.  Before opening the door to a possible assault or random flying piece of workout equipment, you peeked through the window for the clearing to enter.

“Hey, Nat.  What’s going on?”

She turned with a startle at the sound of your voice, looking at you with sweat dripping from her forehead and her breaths quick and ragged.  “I was just practicing my marks.  I’ve just about got them perfect.  I’ve only missed once, I swear.  I think if I get another hour or so, I’ll have it.”  The small version of your friend turned away again, returning to her violent attack on the heavy bag, impressively hitting it hard enough to nearly knock it from its supports.

“Nat, you don’t have to be perfect.  You’re already the most skilled fighter on the team.  You’re the most skilled fighter that I’ve ever seen.”  Cautiously taking a few steps closer to her, you reached out and took a hold of her arm, but you caught her off guard; before you had a chance to release her, she flipped you flat on your back.

“See?  Told you,” you coughed as you caught your breath.  “I’m twice your size, Nat, and you didn’t even struggle.”

“No, but my form was sloppy. I hesitated.”

“Honey, look at me,” you groaned, stretching the hit out of your muscles as you stood, “you don’t need to try to be perfect.  You already are.  And everyone here knows it, okay?  Please don’t be so hard on yourself.  Those days are long gone.”

“I don’t know, (Y/N)…”

You walked towards the door to leave, but when she turned away you rushed her from behind and grabbed her by the throat.  Using her shorter stature to her advantage, she ducked and slipped between your legs, knocking you down solidly from behind with her knee in your back and your hair curled around her hand.

“See?” you chuckled with a strained voice, “perfect.”


“Alright, mister, have you gotten that attitude in check?”

“You’re not the boss of me, (Y/N),” he replied, sitting on the couch with his phone, playing something that held his attention more than anything you had to say.  “I don’t have to listen to you.”

Steve sat silently with his eyes wide and his mouth hanging open in shock at Clint’s boldness.

Already tired from only just over an hour of watching them, you dropped yourself onto the couch next to the junior Clint and looked over his shoulder at what he was doing.  “No, you don’t, and that’s fine by me.  So tell me what you’re playing instead.”

“You wouldn’t get it.”

“Try me.”

With a long and annoyed sigh he began, going on and on about the logistics of his game, the intricate details of the various levels and how to reach each of them, the graphics, the sounds, and even how he thought the names of the characters were poorly chosen and what he would do instead.  He had only been a kid for an hour and he had mastered the game, just about to begin re-coding it to his liking.

“So, it’s like Galaga,” you nodded, smirking over at Steve, who had no idea what any of it was.

The look on Clint’s face was one that you’d never forget, a mix of embarrassment and exasperation.  “It’s nothing like Galaga,” he whispered angrily, squeezing his eyes shut in frustration.

“I know, Clint, I’m just messing with you.”  Even as an adult, he was easily riled up when he became flustered, and even though it was a bit unfair of you to egg him on, you were trying to show him how it felt to be on the receiving end of his sarcasm and attitude.  The plan fell apart when you remembered his history and the loss of his parents at a young age, understanding why he used those methods to cope.  “You must play games on your own a lot, huh?  You have a really good understanding of this one.”

“What else is there for me to do?  Mom and dad are gone, and archery isn’t even a challenge for me anymore.”

“Well, I’ve never shot an arrow, maybe you could teach me?”

“Really?” he perked up immediately, sitting up straight with a huge grin on his face.  “No one ever wants to learn!  They all say it’s stupid and not really a sport.  Well I think they’re stupid.”

You took the game from his hand and patted him on the arm, pushing him up from the couch, “tell you what. Let me take care of Steve, and I’ll meet you at the range in about fifteen minutes, alright?”

He gave you a thumbs-up as he ran away, leaving you with Steve, still looking at you in awe that you didn’t spank Barton then and there for saying you weren’t the boss.  


You stood and were about to ask your final teammate what he wanted to do, but Steve stood and ran to your side, rubbing his nose on his horribly oversized sleeve.  “(Y/N), I don’t feel very good.  I’m all stuffy and my throat itches.  This ear hurts too,” he whined, pulling on his left ear.

“Oh, crap,” you groaned, having no idea how to take care of a sick child.  Obviously his super soldier body didn’t come along for the age regression trip.  “Okay, Steve. Um…let’s go upstairs and get you into bed.  We can find something for you to sleep in.”

“Okay,” he sighed, rubbing his nose again.

“Steve, please stop wiping your snot on your sleeve.  That’s just gross.”  You took his hand and led him to the nearest bathroom, grabbing the box of tissues to offer him one.  “I’m not about to get sick, Cap.  Use these, then wash those hands.”

“I wanna lay down,” he pouted.  “I’m thirsty too.  I’m so tired. Can you carry me?”

The last question shocked you and you spun around to look down at him.  He was giving you his best pleading expression, one that he used every now and again even as an adult.  Those blue eyes were just as big as ever, and you still couldn’t resist.  “Ugh, Steve, do I have to?”

He held up his arms, the giant sleeves following gravity and falling to reveal his pale and skinny limbs. You reached down and grabbed under them, lifting him to rest on your hip as he wrapped his arms around your neck and rested his head on your shoulder.  “Thanks, (Y/N).  You’re the best.”  A grimace crossed your face at the sound of a loud sniffle, followed by the sensation of his nose wiping across your shirt.  “I’ve always liked you the best.”

“Steve, seriously! Tissues!”  You heard him laugh with a gravely voice, but it quickly turned into a harsh cough.  “Okay, Cap. Let’s get you changed into something more comfortable and get you into bed.”

Wow, that sounded so much better in my head.


You had successfully occupied each member of your team for nearly four hours.  There was only five minutes to go when Thor appeared behind you and put his hands on your shoulders, attempting to rub the tension from them as you sat quietly with a cold pack over your eyes.

“I’m going to kill you. You and that brother of yours,” you whispered in your best menacing tone.  “And then, I’m going to slowly kill my teammates one by one.”

“I find that hard to believe, my lady.  From what I can see, you took remarkable care of your friends.”

“What else was I going to do?”  Pulling the coolness from your eyes, you raised your arm to look at your watch, immediately thankful that your teammates should now be their normal, full-grown selves, and you were off the hook.  “I wasn’t about to leave them.”

“That’s why we love you, despite your ridiculous talent at pranking us,” Natasha said from the stairway, entering the room looking like her beautiful, adult self.  She knelt on the couch and kissed your cheek, pulling back to take your face in her hands.  “You are amazing, and I will never forget this.”

Clint entered behind her, jogging up and grabbing you in a tight hug from behind.  “She’s right, (Y/N).  You’re a natural, even if you’d never admit it.  You’re aim, though?  Not so much a natural, sorry.”

“Thanks, guys,” you replied sheepishly, glancing up at Thor, who still maintained his wide grin at the turn of events.  

Steve took a few minutes to arrive, his hair messy from sleep and still wearing your ACDC t-shirt that Tony had given you for Christmas.  His muscles bulged out from the fabric so much so that you were worried he was going to ruin it.  “(Y/N), I’m not sure what happened, it’s a little groggy for me.  Can you tell me how I ended up in your bed and wearing your shirt?”

“Maybe another time, Cap,” you winked, “not sure if you want the group to hear that.”

His cheeks immediately turned red and he took his place at the end of the couch away from the others. He glanced up at you and winked back with a slight nod; you knew that he remembered more than he was letting on.

Finally, Bruce and Tony made their way into the room, talking together excitedly about a new discovery that they had made while working together for the past several hours. “(Y/N)!  Thank you for knowing to put us in there together!” Bruce exclaimed, walking by to ruffle your hair playfully, “we actually got so much done! I had a whole new perspective on everything!”

“Glad I could help?” you chuckled, waiting for Tony’s input on the whole experience.  “How about you, Stark?  What did you think of your genius prank?”

“Overall, I think it was worth it,” he said, nodding in agreement with his own words.  “I just have one question.  Since when do I wear underwear, and why do you have them on me so tight?”

THIS IS NOT THE END. Now that I’ve got that out of the way you can all read this chapter. There’s one more part to go which I will hopefully finish tomorrow - if I don’t fall asleep. Honestly I’ve lost so much sleep writing this and I don’t regret a minute. Anyway! Enjoy, @sxnali, @animefreak808@cosmichorse95, and @doctor13th. See you soon!

Prompt: you write loki so well, it’s amazing!

Oh gosh I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to keep up with the updates to stolen BUT I’ve had a catch up and I’m up to date and I’m so happy Loki is making the first THANK YOU C=

Steve casually picking up a banana when Thor explains he’s interested in guys… perfection! Also loved the new update, ♥ keep going!

Stolen (Part 12)

Part 11

You attempted to keep your eyes open as you waited for the kettle to boil. You stood with your back to Loki who was doing who knows what. You had assigned him a plain china mug that looked horribly boring in comparison to your personal mug (which bore the emblem of your Hogwarts house).

The kitchen may have been intact but a horrible draft swum through the air nonetheless. The central heating did nothing to squash the arctic temperatures of the nearby rooms that still lacked windows. You rolled your shoulders a couple of times to dispel a shiver.

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For every 🎊 I get I’ll recommend a blog II accepting II (pls only send one or two symbols per ask)

i know i have talked about @oncedeadliesmith before, but i’m going to say how much i love them again cause they deserve it tbh. they have stuck with me thought so much and i am going to talk about them again. i adore them and their loki and am so blessed to be able to write with them and have them as my friend because i would be lost without them having my back. 

@steelunderneath another doll who has known me for forever. seriously i love them and their sansa. i am so happy they are back. they’re a gem, a beautiful writer and just all around a wonderful amazing person and i am so lucky to call them friend. 

and of course mom trout @certiorarias. i would not be here on tumblr without this lovely soul (one day mom trout we will meet i stg). we haven’t talked or written in 80 years, but it doesn’t matter because when we do it feels like no time has passed. i love and adore cat so much and i’d follow her to the ends of the earth if she asked me too. i love her with all my heart, and her writing is amazing. she has been a hero of mine since day one (seriously she was like my first follower when i first joined tumblr rp almost 5 years ago. i am so thankful for her and her friendship.

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OMG YOU DID MY LOKI FIC!!!!!!! AHHHHH IM SO HAPPY!!! 😍😍😍😍 it was amazing and I don't know how but you literally put me in it cause believe it or not My favourite colour is green and I love the little mermaid it wAS PERFECT!!! You captured my idea perfectly and I'm so happy it was you doing it I got butterflies in my stomach when I saw the request cause I recognised it and immediately shut down my music and sat in my favourite reading place. Thank you so so so much!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Still the same girl who requested Loki I also wanted to say that I loved Clint in it!! He’s my second favourite character out of the lot and putting him as the mother hen was perfect!!! I can’t stop fangirling it was just the best thank you again so much for this you’ve made my day so much better and I don’t think I’m gonna stop thinking about it for ages!! I just want to hug you ahhhh ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ thanks so much!!!

I compiled your two asks that way I can answer them as one. 

AWWW I’M SO GLAD YOU LIKED IT!!!! I loved your request when I got it, so I’m glad you liked it! When I read your asks that you just sent in I honestly freaked out for a moment! You are such a sweet person! I am so glad that I made your day better, it’s the reason that I write. Honestly, I can’t put into words right now how much I appreciate your feedback. I’m just so glad you liked the Loki fic! Just AHHHH NOW I’M FANGIRLING! And I would DEFINITELY give you a hug!

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Loki Oberyn Banana, you were named after a Norse god, a Dornish prince and a yellow fruit. This post is in your honour, for you are officially no longer a kitten, even though you still can’t meow or scratch. Mommy loves you for always helping her study, for destroying her Pharmacology textbook (the most poorly written thing she’s ever seen tbh) and, most of all, for bravely protecting her from a wasp by eating it. Happy 1st birthday, my love! :3

Tried to find a second gif to add for this part but I failed; aside from Thor, no other characters took real precedence. Ah well, I’m not too fussed. In fact I’m pretty proud of this chapter and just you guys wait for the next one - I hope it’ll be just as good. Once I’ve finished Stolen, I’ll return to requests but right now I’m loving this plot too much to do anything else. @vastudent3, @doctor13th, and @meganlpie were looking forward to this. So enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt:  YAY!! Just read part 6 and thank you! Idk if I’ve told you this already, but you are one of my favorite writers!


Nice one! Tony’s introduction was hella good. 

Stolen (Part 7)

Part 6

You had never thought that you lived in the fast lane, but now there was no denying it. Everything in the Avengers Towers seemed to run at double the speed, and it put your old life to shame. You had presumed that the life of a billionaire was relaxed and luxurious, but it seemed that Tony was up every day at the crack of dawn – building things, fixing the tower, sometimes even just sitting in the lab and looking at paperwork. He really cared about putting his life back together, regaining some normality.

Of course you wouldn’t have known all of this if you hadn’t also been awake. At first you were restless in your new quarters, and the overwhelming comfort of the expensive mattress kept your eyes from staying closed. Then it began to feel more like insomnia. You simply couldn’t sleep when you felt like you should be looking over your shoulder for Loki all the time. You could picture him in your home, you could picture yourselves talking as if he wasn’t a monster, so it was all too easy for you to picture him appearing out of nowhere in your new home.

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His Rock

Hey dear :) Can I send in a request about Steve Rogers for my bday? Where you’re dating each other but then during the War in New York with Loki, you get badly injured. As soon as Steve sees this he rushes to you, cradles you in his arms, trying to Keep you awake and that he loves you. Later in the Hospital you’re out for a while but he stays by your side begging you to wake up? Then after you’re awake he cares for you and makes sure you don’t move too much :) both POVs maybe <3 Thank you <3 <3 - anon

A/N- Happy Birthday I hope this is a good enough present for you (I haven’t watched Avengers Assemble in a while so the plot points may be a bit mushed together) <3 <3 <3

Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel

You had been by Steve’s side since practically the minute he woke up. After he escaped SHIELD and they brought him back they assigned you as the agent that would show him around and help him get used to things.

Steve was kind and polite, it was easy to become friends with him. His brain was stuck in the forties so certain things he did were just downright charming and adorable to you, for example calling women ‘dames’, struggling to understand technology.

You began to develop a crush on the super soldier, at first you worried that it would make your friendship awkward but before it became an issue he asked you on a date. He took you to a small diner that was still there from the 40’s but with different owners, apparently the milkshakes weren’t as good but the food was a lot better.

Around SHIELD people began to notice you and Steve going on dates, sure some rumours spread about the two of you. Relationships between agents weren’t allowed, but technically Steve wasn’t and agent of SHIELD and soon everyone could see just how happy you both made each other and all rumours circulated out their short lifespan.

In fact, life was going great until Nick Fury decided to form the Avengers and Loki attacked New York.

As one of SHIELD’s best agents you would be forming a group known as the Avengers along with Steve, some rich Jerk, Natasha who never spoke to you, birdman who never spoke, a muscular blonde alien and a scientist??

So yeah, it was an odd group and most of you didn’t get along all that well. You and Steve stuck together as did Natasha and Clint, Tony and Bruce were science bros and Thor was just happy to be there. Steve and Tony seemed to argue over anything they could, it had been amusing at first but now it was irritating. What on earth had Fury been thinking getting you all together?

Everyone was arguing all the time until someone took one for it who never should have. Phil Coulson. He had died because of Loki and your failure to protect him and everyone else from the wrathful god.

None of you had time to pick fights with each other anymore because Loki was back and he brought reinforcement. Anywhere you looked in the sky were aliens on small space crafts and they were destroying the city. You all jumped into action and went to help. As the others went to the main fight you began by making sure all the civilians were evacuated out of the city or were at least out of the streets and into as much protection as possible.

When you had done that you ran through to the main fight you could see Steve ahead of you fighting off several of the aliens. Briefly you wondered just how weird he must be finding this, first the future then aliens. Rough year.

Grabbing your gun you shot at the aliens with deadly aim it took a few bullets to take some of the stronger ones out but you managed to get them all. “You okay?” you asked Steve as you passed him.

“Yeah,” he replied, slamming his shield into an alien.

The fight was in full swing, more and more space crafts flooded the air and you thought that this was a fight you might not win until you looked up and noticed a large green human looking creature. Ah, that’s why we brought doctor Banner, you thought as you watched in awe for a second as he easily batted space crafts out of the sky with his hands and sent them careening to the ground.

Moving on you found Natasha and you fought off aliens back to back, shooting at the ones in the street and those that passed overhead, you could hear the distant sound of Stark’s repulsor rays firing at the aliens.

Suddenly, a whole new swarm of aliens came at you. Natasha had already left to get cover but you were still in the middle of the street, you fired as fast as you could and trying to take out as many of them as you could but there were too many. You ran out of bullets and didn’t have time to reload before you were knocked to the ground by an alien, you cut your head on the fall and you instantly felt dizzy.

In the distance you heard someone calling your name then you were being lifted into someone’s lap, “Y/N?” came a panicked voice.

“Steve?” you slurred.

“It’s me, yes, it’s me. Hang on, Y/N, stay awake, please. Stay awake, I love you okay? Do not die on me,” he pleaded.

You wanted to echo the words back to him but you could barely summon the energy to move let alone speak, you felt your eyelids droop and you relaxed in Steve’s arms and the rest of the world drowned out.

Steve’s POV

The consistent beeping sounds of the machine monitoring your heart beat were killing Steve. You had been unconscious for nearly a week now, you had taken a nasty bang to the head and fallen into a coma. The doctors said they expected you to wake up soon, Steve was always pacing the room or bouncing his leg.

He refused to leave your side. The other Avengers had come and gone and stayed for various lengths of time, they all felt guilty this had happened to you. Steve assured them it was no one’s fault but he felt guilty himself, it seemed everyone around him that he loved died.

He was a super soldier, he was the one who should have gotten hurt, he could take it. You were laying in the hospital bed looking more weak and fragile than he had ever seen you in his life, you had always been his rock. You were the only reason he hadn’t self destructed upon reawakening in the future and now you may not wake up.

The hospital chair was uncomfortable as hell but he wasn’t going to leave you for a second, he held your hand tightly and prayed to any deity he knew to save you. Then he felt it, a small twitch of your fingers against his hand.

“Y/N?” he whispered, sitting up straight.

Your fingers twitched more and he watched as you scrunched your nose then fluttered open your eyes. “Steve?” you asked, your voice quiet and scratchy but it was the most beautiful thing Steve had ever heard in his life.

“Oh, Y/N, thank god. I’m so glad you’re awake,” he rushed out, happy tears filling his eyes.

You managed a weak smile, “Me too,” you whispered, “How long have I been here?”

“6 days,” Steve sighed.

You widened your eyes, “Really? You’ve been here the whole time haven’t you?” you said knowingly.

Steve nodded slowly, “I wasn’t leaving you. I love you.”

You blushed and smiled, “I love you, too, Steve,” you squeezed his hand gently.

Steve leaned forward and kissed you gently. “Water?” he asked when he pulled away.

“Please,” you said gratefully.

Your POV

The water had been heaven for your dry and achy throat. The doctor came in and saw that you were awake, he began to check your vitals, “Your vitals are all good. We’ll release you in two days, after that you shouldn’t be doing any strenuous physical activity or moving too much. Rest up until your health is back to normal,” he told you.

“Thank you, doctor,” Steve smiled and the doctor left.

Steve took those words to heart and he really didn’t let you move around. He didn’t let you move across the room to get water and when you left the hospital he insisted on carrying you everywhere so you didn’t have to walk.

Normally you would have been annoyed but you knew he meant well so you let yourself enjoy it. There was something so pleasing about being carried around by a super soldier at all times. Steve would tend to your every need, he would get you whatever food or drinks you wanted. Your favourite was when he cuddled up with you on the sofa at night to watch crappy movies, he was like your own personal radiator.

“I think you  might be getting better,” Steve commented after two and a half weeks.

“Nonsense,” you said, snuggling into his chest.

Steve chuckled and you felt the rumble of his chest beneath your fingers, “Oh really?”

“Yeah, really,” you smiled and looked up at him, “Can’t you see I’m still in a bad condition?”

“Absolutely,” Steve said in a mock serious tone.

You grinned, kissing him gently, “Thank you for taking care of me,” you said seriously.

“Any time,” he replied sincerely.


A/N- I really hope you enjoyed it! And happy birthday once more <3 Let me know what you thought and requests are open xx

My dearest Týr,

I’m so sorry we couldn’t make you better. I know we tried everything we could but nothing worked. In the end you weren’t your happy, active self anymore and letting you go was the kindest thing we could do.
After the loss of my Loki I was sceptical about being able to love another hedgehog like I loved him - I had my doubts those first months, when you were little more than a round ball of quills who hated to be touched. And even though you were very different, you proved I was wrong. You changed so much over the years. From a huffy hedgehog to one who barely raised a quill, although you never liked anyone else but me. You were always the first to wake up and run towards me in the evenings as soon as I opened the cage doors.

Thank you for all the happy memories. You were always so playful, with your big toothy grin. I will miss you and love you always <3


So today, for the first time, I got to hug @thewinchestercave.

I got to hug this girl that I’ve been talking to on here, then via text, then via FaceTime, for almost a year.

What started as a joke of “Alexis, I’m not gonna be able to watch Crimsok Peak alone come with me and we’ll watch it together” has actually happened.

Luckily, fall break dates aligned, @whittyonernc had a contest where I won two movie tickets, and Savannah, GA was exactly 3 and a half hours from the both of us.

We just got out of the theater. We’re blown away and I’m so happy. I have a years worth of hugs to make up for and a weekend to do it.

I love this girl so much. She’s been there for me when no one else was, and I don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t commented on her Loki gifset one day last November.

Love you Alexis. Thank you for holding my hand and understanding my gasps when Tom came on screen :)

I just.. really need to make a post thanking a few (SO MANY) people for existing. You guys make my days so much better and my fandom experience so much more fun. I love you all <3 no matter how often or how little we talk, your messages/posts/tags/art/fics/whatever just make me happy

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