i love hanji a lot

Hanji: Levi! I have to tell you something!

Levi: What is it babe?

Hanji: I love you more than titans!!

Levi: :O

Levi: …Well I love you more than tea!

Hanji: I love you more than science!

Levi: *tearing up a little* I love you more than cleaning..

Hanji: Well, I love you more than Pastor Nick..

Levi: Wait you loved pastor ni-

Hanji: -And I love you more than I hate the military police!

Levi: Then I love you more than I love poop jokes!

Erwin: I love neither of you as much as I love my eyebrows, and I think you need to leave before your shamefully bad flirting rubs off on me


Hanji laughed her ass off and Mike’s shit was being annoyed out of him for the next few days thanks to that drink, he slept in the toilet. Erwin banned Hanji from doing experiments on anything other than titans cuz of that medicine.

Levi was in a good mood for a while, he was very proud of that joke.

liSTEN LISTEN so i was reference hunting in celebrity pics and i saw this and im like OH LOOKS SO COOL THE HEAD ANGLE IS NICE TOO so i started drawing it turned into hanji and i mean, sure, i like hanji, it was fine till i decided to save the file and my fingers typed….ri HAN na.