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Could I have a one shot involving Prompto comforting his s/o after having an anxiety/depression fueled crying session? I've been feeling down lately and could use some sweet Prompto.

Sounds like we all need a little Prompto tenderness in our lives, huh?

While I’m more than happy to provide a little comfort and refuge for anybody who needs it, especially if its packaged in a smiling blonde box, I can’t say I’m not a little saddened to hear that you both have been feeling low lately. I want to offer a sincere apology and warm hug.🌸

I understand that having your mood dip low and slow every once in a while is not only natural, but healthy and beneficial to your mental state and overall wellbeing as a means of processing your emotions and feelings.

With that said, however, I want to also remind you that it’s important to be kind and gentle with yourself, too!

I feel like we’re all so hard on ourselves, and view our worth and self image with such harsh, scrutinizing eyes that rip apart all of our positive qualities and unique characteristics, leaving us feeling hollow and unworthy of appreciation and love.

But please, even if it’s only for my sake, or for the duration of this one shot, take a step back from the mirror inside your head, from the hatred you look at yourself with, and instead see yourself the same way we see the stars: as a glimmer of light in the darkness, a marvel of nature and creation that astounds and amazes those who have the pleasure of viewing it.

You may feel like you’re a black hole, a void in space - but believe me, you’re a masterpiece of the cosmos, and the fabric of the universe wouldn’t be complete without you.✨

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12 Reasons Why Batman & Catwoman Make the Purr-fect Pair (Updated)

You could write an entire dissertation exploring the merits of Batman’s numerous love interests, as a matter of fact “Batman love interests” has over 20 million google hits. Fans have devoted much debate to whether Batman actually has a true love, other than dark vengeance. Despite both Bruce Wayne and Batman’s many romances and flings with numerous women on both sides of the law in the end Batman has only one, undisputed greatest love. Any guesses who?

Hush said it best:

“It doesn’t matter whom you’re with—diplomat, socialite, or super-powered freak—there’s only been one woman that really held your heart.”

Pencils down children, the test is over and if you answered anything other than Selina “Catwoman” Kyle you answered incorrectly. Many, many, MANY fan blogs (including this one) have been dedicated to this terrific twosome, and in polls and lists of Batman’s greatest love interests Catwoman always comes out on top and there’s a reason for that. Here are my top 11 reasons why Batman and Catwoman make the purrfect pair.

      1. They Are Exactly Alike and Yet Total Opposites

Both Batman and Catwoman had difficult childhoods marred by tragedy. Orphaned or abandoned (depending on which era you follow), with vastly different outcomes. Batman of course became devoted to acquiring justice in his parents’ names, however Catwoman of course didn’t have a loyal friend and a billion dollars to fall back on and turned to a life of crime.  Their continuous attraction to each other is rooted in the fact that they’re both dark, creatures of the night. They contrast in that Bruce is more brooding and Selina is happier, at least a little bit more emotionally well adjusted, and has a touch of evil just to keep things interesting. Plus we all know that good boys like the bad girls. Catwoman’s moral ambiguity makes her a fascinating counterpart to Batman. Their mutual attraction and shared morals draw them to each other, but often times their differences keep them apart.  

 2.       They Really Care About Each Other

In Batman: Hush Nightwing pointed out that all of Bruce Wayne/ Batman’s relationships have failed because he could never share both parts of his life with his partners. Catwoman is one of the few that get to be involved in both parts of his life and the only person who’s gotten involved on a deeper level. They’re emotionally involved, to the point of worrying about each other and their safety constantly, and caring about their general well-being. I love, love, love the fact that when other people aren’t around, whether they’re in costume or not, they always call each other “Bruce” and “Selina” never really “Batman” or “Catwoman” which a big deal for a man as irrationally petrified of intimacy as Batman. They see each other for who they really are.

Yes, Batman, that Batman, was almost in tears with relief after Catwoman had gone missing.

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HEY, do you have any hyungwon fic recs? 👀 i tried to read the one on your masterlist but tumblr says the post doesn't exist :( also, your changkyun fic was so good, changkyun with tattoos is my new kink (ty for ur time, ily)

HENLO~ thank u sm ur so sweet!! yes i took that down a while ago but i jUST put it back up! i think the link should work now but under the cut are some of the hyungwon fics i know of and also authors im weAK FOR

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Ok this might be a long one.
Guys GUYS GUYS OMG DOFTY IS REAL. I LOVE THE BBC. THE BBC ARE MY BOOS. I LOVE THEM. Anyone wanna tell me what in the NAME of CHICKEN SUITS does Dom see in Freddie? He’s so irritating it’s just ??? Also why didn’t they put Lofty next to Dom at the meal? And omg Dom getting defensive over Zosia and the incident when telling Freddie to delete the footage WHAT A FRIEND. DAS MA BOI. I ship Zollie so hard when she leaves I will SOB SOB SNIFFLE. yEH DOM YOU DEFEND LOFTY. Omg Freddie is so annoying please just GO. YEAH YOU SEND HIM AWAY. OML DID HE JUST RUN OFF WITH NICHOLAS??? “LOFTY JUST KEEP BEING YOU” YEAH TOO RIGHT HE WILL, A GLORIOUS DELIGHTFUL KITTEN. Jac is my life. Working with Nina YAS. Omg Lofty sitting NEXT TO DOM AND DOM PUSHING HIM AWAY BUT WAIT HE GOES TO HIS ROOM YES YES YOU MAY COME IN. Omg that little Lofty smile. Lol the state of his room i thought he’d be a tidy person but who cares that’s SO not the point here. Omg smelling his cologne I DIED Dom smiled I CRIED oh wow. Lofty is so oblivious IT’S SO CUTE HE DOESN’T KNOW HOW GREAT HE IS. OH MY HOLY MOLY THEY KISSED OMFG OMFG OMFG NO NO NO NO NO OMG IT HAPPENED. GUYS NO. Can I marry these two. Or like idk take them under my soapy wing. Protect them from this cruel world + Freddie.
What Guy OMG. NOO OH NO. UH OH. I’m torn between being happy for Dofty but sad for GUY WAIT HE MADE IT.

Complications of the heart. Part 2.

Characters: Dean, Reader and OFC, Logan.

Pairing: Dean x Reader.

Summary: Dean comes back to a small town after years. The girl he loves, is going to marry someone else. He does everything he can to fix it, to take her with him. Does she leave with him? Or does the fiancé throw a spanner in the works?

Warnings: Swearing, violence and cheating

A/N: Life got in the way of me completing this. I’m sorry. I hope y’all enjoy this part. Let me know if you like or want another part. I love feedback so much. Thank you for reading!

Part 1

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

You wanted to feel guilty for sneaking around with Dean, for having him ravish you on nearly every surface of your house but you couldn’t. You couldn’t feel the slightest bit guilty. Maybe there was something wrong with you. But Dean’s presence, made you feel alive. For the first time in a long time you didn’t feel like you were going through the motions. You felt like you were living again.

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Uploading both because they have a theme… which is probably obvious XD

So these two drawings are fanart for @xtoxictears and @behold-munro… I’m sure it’s obvious which goes to who XD

Now, to explain them both. Warning, this part will be suuuuper long, so only read if you actually care to hear long ass stories.

For Kaya’s, I was basing a lot of it from her older pictures when she did modelling (I’m not sure if she still does it). I’ll be honest, I used to envy her a lot… almost to the point of hatred. Why? Well, I used to be an overly envious person. She’s kind, absolutely beautiful (even now), extremely likable (even animals seem to like her), and she at least has enough money to look however she wants to, whereas… I’m none of these things.

I want to state now that I never hated HER. That’s not fair. I just hated how she seemed to have everything but then here I was moping because back then, I loathed myself so much that I figured not even a mask would make me look beautiful. And I won’t even go into how much I hate my art.

Still though, I kept watching videos on her channel and kept track of updates she had and certain topics she would discuss, and it started to make me realize that my mind was just corrupted by society’s views. But it never seemed to help much; I still couldn’t get out of it.

Enter Jake. I honestly didn’t know anything about him until the Boyfriend Tag on Kaya’s channel. At first, I was like “meh, boyfriends” and kind of ignored it because of my old mopey self constantly reminding me that I have no one and probably never will, so why care about other people and their relationships?

But… then I kept getting updates on Tumblr where Kaya reblogged and posted about the Metal Ass Gaming channel. I ignored it for a little while because I was like “yeah, no thanks.” I usually don’t like being pestered into checking things out because it makes me hate it right off the bat, thus ruining the moment when I DO check it out.

But one day, while very skeptical, I DID check it out. I think my first playlist that I watched was Outlast. I bounced back and forth between other stuff as well, but I noticed one big thing: The content was enjoyable, Kaya and Jake (and John,when he was there) were funny as hell, but… they also talked about certain things that really helped me open my eyes… for the first time in my life.

These two… are seriously the most nice, appreciative, caring, and funny people ever. I felt like I was literally sitting with them and hanging out as they played these games (which honestly, the fact they couldn’t hear me would make sense if they knew me in real life as well, since I usually never like talking much, out fo fear of sounding stupid and embarrassing myself lol).

As time went, I started becoming a bit more confident, positive, and got better at managing my emotions (I have loads of mental problems, so it has been hard for a lot of my life to control them).

I still feel like I’m kinda ugly and shit because I’m overweight and shit, but getting out of that mindset will take time.

Anyway, Kaya and Jake are seriously the kind of friends I need to have around me, and even if they know near nothing about me, I feel I could one day be their friend. One day.

But I want to make sure I’m what I should be… what I’ve wanted to be… before that XD

Anyway, I’m off track. Back to Jake’s drawing explanation.

Upon looking into things outside MAG I discovered his video for his song Circus of Fear. Best song ever, btw. But I loved his look there; it suited him quite well. So I chose it. The outfit I kinda just put together myself and am just hoping for the best now ^__^;

I plan to draw Kaya and Jake again in their current looks as well (because their current looks are just as amazing as the old ones), but later XD

I hope you guys enjoy, and sorry for my semi-sob fest. I wish nothing but the best for both of you, and I’m so grateful for how much you two have helped me become a better person <3


You heard it here first, my first album is now available on stores and Itunes. First of all, I’d like to thank God for giving me the opportunity to learn from my mistakes and never give up. Then of course my family with the exception of one person and siblings. But most of all, you guys. You guys never stopped believing in me and for that I’m eternally grateful. Love y'all.

I’d love to hear your opinions and feedback. Thanks bros! Peace!