i love guitar stories :)


Peter Frampton 💘


This is a medley of Taylor Swift’s songs. The songs played are:

Love Story
Blank Space
You Belong With Me
Shake It Off
Everything Has Changed
Teardrops On My Guitar
Speak Now
Back To December
I Knew You Were Trouble
Sparks Fly

I was inspired by a mash up I saw of Blank Space/Style, so I thought why not make a mash up of more songs! It took me a while to decide which songs I could use and in what order but finally it’s done! :)


Former repairman Ron Chambliss remembers George Harrison coming in [to McCabe’s Guitar Shop, Santa Monica] not long before his death. (‘A lot of stars come in. We have a hands-off policy.’) Harrison chatted Chambliss up, shared his deep passion for songwriter Hoagy Carmichael, hipped Ron to a reissue of Carmichael’s recordings and then left. (For Beatles completists: He also bought a metal-body National ukulele with a brown wrinkle finish.) A little stunned, Chambliss went back to work. A half-hour passed and someone told him he had a phone call. He picked up the phone: 'Hello Ron, this is George, I was in there a little while ago.’ Chambliss affirmed that he remembered who he was. Harrison had simply called to give Chambliss the catalog number of the Carmichael CD so he could order it. 'He took the time to call me back. It gave me a boost in humanity.’
—  LA Weekly, 24 September 2008