i love grimdark rose


Guess what guys its Rose Week and like

Holy fuck does Dave love Rose okay they are a Good Family and thats great so I’m posting my Rose stuff here whenever I do stuff (which probably wont be a lot)

Day 1’s prompt is dark so I thought it would be a good time to (re)post my Grimdark Rose cosplay! What a lovely girl I love her

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What made you ship johnrose?

I was thirteen when I discovered homestuck, back when it was still just starting. Rose and John were essentially the main characters, and their interactions were so realistic and adorable. I loved how John called Rose out when she pretended to know what she was doing when she actually had no fucking clue. I loved how Rose was always baffled at John’s ridiculous antics and even wrote a poem about steeds when she caught him riding his unearthed pogo toy as a horse into battle around his house.

I always loved how John gave Rose the tools for her own self betterment, both Literally through giving her a knitting kit to help let out her creative energy, and more symbolically whenever he reached out to her and helped her through her more difficult moments in act 5. I loved and continue to love how Rose thinks John is adorable, how she made him a sincere and heartfelt birthday gift because he just means that much to her, how whenever she feels upset about something, for the longest time up until act 6, Rose would go to John about her own issues because he was there to support her.

I love how sweet they are. I love how goofy they are together. I love how they bring out the best in each other, and how they don’t let each other off easy when they know they can do better. I love how John doesn’t treat Rose any differently than usual when he finds her all grimdark. I love how Rose cares for John so much she flew into an untamable rage when jack killed him right in front of her. I love how John was willing to kiss her back to life even though he was a little awkward about it. I love how John asked Rose if she was okay during act 5, how he admitted that early on they were in this together, working together and learning together, and I just. I love them so much.

They’re important to me. Their relationship was always something so precious to me, and has been that way ever since I first discovered homestuck 8 years ago now. I can’t bring myself to part them, I love them so much. And while I’ll always be sad they’re not endgame, I will always treasure them and love them because they’re just so goddamn adorable.

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i know you aren't taking request rn but I would love to see a grimdark!Amy rose [bc im homestuck and sth trash pls (': ]


I’m also Homestuck and sonic trash so we good   :’‘‘ <3

…This is because, as is now painfully obvious to anyone with a brain, you have basically gone completely off the deep end in every way.

You have officially gone grimdark.