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As some of you are waking up (particularly in the UK), I am heading off to sleep, so I thought a drowsy Prentice would be apropos either way.

A huge helping of thanks should be doled out to everyone who contributed to SFS:  theivoryfool, my-citrus-pocket, trekvero, thebarofgold, macpye, eventhorizon451, screpochka, justbecause05, flyingpoisson, archea2 and of course, gravesdiggers for trending the tag on Twitter (where Queen Loo runs rampant re ragging on Rupert)!  Thanks also to those who reblogged and spread the word. And finally, a big warm hug to my new followers!  Again, if I’ve missed anyone or anything, please send me a link via my askbox. I never get enough of the wonderful things people find on Tumblr about our man.

GravesDiggers, you are the best - you really are, I can’t say enough how happy it makes me feel to see you fill up the tag - and your enthusiasm is what keeps this day going.

Sweet Rupert dreams and see you next Saturday!


Can’t end another #Silver Fox Saturday without letting Rupert tuck you in (or having you tuck him in, as this Intimate Relations photoset highly suggests). And if you’re waking up? Well, there’s nothing like a little morning eye candy to start Sunday off.

Super kudos and thank yous to everyone who reblogged and contributed to this week’s treasures:  screpochka, justbecause05, my-citrus-pocket, theivoryfool, astudyinink (submit to her request for future SFS!), wktn, eventhorizon451, nuttersandacorn, exponential63, themostawkwardreindeerofall, and cinematicreality!

You are all my favorite people and it really makes my day to see new Rupert surprises each week. As always, if I’ve missed anyone’s contribution, please post a link to my askbox. I almost missed one today due to Tumblr’s tag policy (I think the first five are the only ones they track). The community aspect is vital to me, so please let me know; don’t be shy.

We’re getting closer to his birthday, my lovelies. Isn’t it exciting? Have a safe, positive week ahead and I’ll see you next Saturday!


Rupert Graves as Daniel Cosgrave in Midnight Man (2008)

I reached the 100th followers mark a few days ago and I’m just floored. So it took me awhile to come up with a present that expresses close to how I feel! (even though he plays a philanderer/rounder/right bounder in this film)

Love to all! And are you as excited about #Silver Fox Saturday as much as I am? :)


All’s well that ends well - as with another phenomenal #Silver Fox Saturday! I’m running low on sleepy pics of Mr. Graves (and there are none of Greg Lestrade, more’s the pity), so I thought I’d take an opportunity to do something a little different this time around as a way for him to say goodnight/good morning to you.

Those poor ladies-in-waiting. How can he think of them, when all he has on his mind are the wonderful GravesDiggers who contributed to SFS this weekend? ;-)

As always, if I’ve missed anyone who has posted something new (and who should be part of Captain Greville’s preoccupation), send me a link via my ask box and I will happily reblog (and re-edit).

There were so many of you this time and you are all amazing; have a wonderful week and I’ll see you next Saturday!


Another fruitful Silver Fox Saturday draws to a close! In appreciation (and because it’s beddy-bye for me/another Sunday morning for the rest of you), I’ll leave you with an adorable, but restless and very tired Septimus. Please give him the attention he needs, poor dear.

Many thanks and high-fives to my reblogging/posting partners-in-Rupert Love:  wktn, eventhorizon451, my-citrus-pocket, lestrabbit, screpochka, deerstalkersrcool, gofuckyourselfbenedictcumberbatc, justbecause05, kayjaykayme, misssnowwhitepink, wastingyourgum, archea2, and ton-cats!  You are all fantastic for doing this with me every weekend (as well as you first-timers, too) and I don’t know what it would be like without your contributions. Also, thank you to those who heeded my call for GravesDiggers Confessions! Your submissions so far are lovely and I can’t wait to pair them up with screencaps <3

As always, if I have missed any SFS-related post, drop me a link in my askbox and I will reblog enthusiastically.

Have a wonderful week and I’ll see you next Saturday!


After a full day running away from fandom writers trying to kill him (sorry, you’d have to follow the SFS tag to know just how insane this bunch is) Rupert Graves is now trying to get some much needed rest.

A big, humongous hug and thank you to all my GravesDiggers for making this Silver Fox Saturday so memorable (to say the least) and for making me so happy, too. A big warm welcome to new followers, too! The more the merrier.

G'night, all. :-)

I am so drained. I won a big scholarship for chemistry today - which made me miss my dad terribly (he was a kickass chemical engineer). The presenter made me cry because it’s a new foundation and I’m its first recipient. Members of the faculty told me all about the amazing professor for whom its named. I met the family (who flew out from San Antonio to give the award and speak with me), too.

I have EMT class tomorrow and I will try very hard to queue up some nice finds and some photosets. It’s not going to be like weekends past in terms of volume, but I do hope that my GravesDiggers will pick up the slack. 

*makes pleading puppy eyes at all of you* <3

And if that don’t work -

So Rupert’s 50th birthday party starts in about 5 minutes (midnight in the UK). I will start posting a photoset/edit once every hour for the next 24 and many of them will be #rupert confessions.

So please remember to track that tag if you want to see what I’ve done with your individual contributions, GravesDiggers!

Time to crack open the bubbly and toast the man’s talent, wit, charm, ethereal grace and beauty.

To 50 MOAR, good Sir!

wastingyourgum replied to your post “I don’t know if this is going to work or not. Have you guys noticed…”

Maybe we should have a GravesDiggers map with pins in!

I would actually be willing to do one of those online maps for it. Perhaps you can make a gravesdiggers post (and link it on Twitter) for a call for locations?

You have a much, much MUCH bigger follower count that I ever will. Plus, if I can get it to look halfway decent, you could have the thing to put on the LJ comm. Since Rupert knows where that is, you never know, he could then see where all of his fans hail from.

What do you think?

Remember that week where JJ released the showering John Harrison and we got loads of wet Cumberbatch picspam?

It’s like that now with Rupert’s Dragutin, isn’t it, Gravesdiggers? I mean, how long have we waited for anything new of the Rupe??

So yeah, bear with me because I’m going to be reblogging lots of permutations of this for quite some time.

Regarding the Rupert stories/screencaps matchup project I am doing for his 50th:

Yes, it is for everyone to participate in. I’m not sure why anyone would think I wasn’t sincere since I’ve included everyone who participates in Silver Fox Saturday with acknowledgments at the end of every turn starting at the 10th week anniversary (when it appeared SFS wasn’t waning).

Yes, I might not be able to match up certain favorite roles with screencaps if they are not available. My DVD collection is constantly expanding but will likely never be complete since some films/TV dramas are not available for purchase. But I will find creative ways if I can help it.

And if you have an idea of your own, or want to make your own Rupert story/screencap without my assistance (because you know you have access to something I don’t), I support that fully and will reblog on the day of.

Remember, this is not about any individual fan. This is about Rupert Graves.

#Silver Fox Saturday Inventory - Crazy Crossover AUs

Well, this is going to be an interesting SFS. Two Bond!locks, two Cleopatra/Gladiator, three other kooky surprises, and I did manage to merge Downton Abbey with Maurice.

Don’t know if it works for anyone else, but either way, I had fun. Everything’s up in the queue and ready to go. Happy Memorial Day weekend to my stateside GravesDiggers!