i love gravesdiggers

It’s @gravesdiggers 6th Tumblr-versary today!

Huge thanks to everyone who’s following me and especially to all my fellow Rupert fans who have helped provide the awesome content filling up this blog’s archive and continue to find, make and share new things! :)

And of course, the biggest thank you of all to Mr Graves for continuing to be a genuinely wonderful person to support! (Not to mention talented and handsome… which we do mention.. a lot!)

Keep digging! :)

Worlds hairiest Rupert Graves fan?

He’s reaching out to him in the first one 😂

I woke up really late and rather cranky, but look what I was greeted with before climbing out of bed! Thank you, flyingpoisson for the lovely card :) I treasure your artwork and the fact that you made this for me. It took me a while to open it because the glue was so tight and I didn’t want to mess up the return address >.<

I still think all of your “scribbles” should be for sale somewhere. I’d certainly buy them all up.  Thank you for your supporting words, too. I’m so glad we’re friends <3