i love going on these

i see your ‘rose and kanaya going out on romantic candlelit gourment dinners’ date and raise you ‘rose dragging kanaya out to a graveyard to summon the spirits of the undead, eating cold lunchmeat on a tomb with paper plates, and making out behind a tombstone’ date

You’re still falling asleep, just next to a different boy now but you’re stupid for thinking you could trick yourself into believing it was ‘him’,
Because you’re new fix doesn’t call you baby, or wake you up at 4am just to tell you he loves you,
You need to stop trying to find comfort next to boys you don’t belong with because goddamnit you’ve never felt so empty in your life.

In his bed alone, Cullen will replay this moment a million times, like a favorite passage from a well-loved book; and like a page from a book that grows tattered and worn from endless re-reading, the memory will lose its cohesion until nothing but flashes remain, smudged phrases on a crumpled page. The stardust glitter of cascading beads. The soft clink of the robe hitting the paving stones. The sudden glow of moonlight on silver-pale skin. The shape of her, an impression of graceful limbs and supple parts that, in the shock of that first moment, never coalesce into a whole. Even in memory it is too much to take in all at once; she’s like a goddess from the old stories, who cannot be fully gazed upon by mortal eyes.

“It’s a universe where it’s a physical impossibility. Biological determinism. Ill fate.

Like a goddamn Greek tragedy.

Technically, it doesn’t change anything. Harry knows this. So why does it feels like everything has changed all of the sudden?

Why does he feel like every hope he ever had has been crushed? Hope for something else, something more.

The finality of it all makes his ribcage constrict.”

Where your heart is by @tvshows-addict and @anhcor

Thank you so much for this amazing, mind-blowing masterpiece! I was incredibly inspired by the fic, so I managed to put together this little drawing. I hope you like it! :)


noorhelm appreciation week day onewhy you love them
Do you understand? It’s just because my heart is jumping out of my chest. No, but I can’t breathe. It feels as if I’m going to die.

random headcanons
  1. Robert is obsessed with old murder mystery shows. He makes Aaron watch them with him regularly. Aaron finds Rob’s ridiculous running commentary endearing.
  2. Robert’s tendency to provide commentary for the things that Aaron enjoys watching is less endearing to him, but Aaron’s used to it at this point
  3. Sometimes when Aaron’s bored he just flicks through his little folder of selfies on his phone of him and Rob, or him and Liv, or all three of them (or the rare Rob/Liv picture) because he is an actual grade-A sop
  4. All three of them have an ongoing competition over whichever mobile game they’re playing at that moment. It gets real serious. Crossy Road cost Robert a legitimate client at one point (because Liv had smashed his top score that morning) (May Nicola never find out)
  5. The first big present Aaron buys Rob is a really expensive coffee machine and Rob instantly loves it so much that he starts making snippy remarks to anyone who tries to use it, lest they damage it.
  6. There’s a part of Robert that deeply, deeply misses Aaron’s overalls
  7. (Their eventual conversation about this leads to an incident where Aaron tries to nick a pair from the garage. It goes way better than expected)
You’ll never believe me, but one day you’ll realize that love trumps all, that in the final hour of our mortal lives, love is all there is, love is all there will be. In the fleeting fragments of our time here, loving you is all I will remember.
—  To Love and Be Loved, Seraphine

I was worried I’d have to buy expensive polish or something, but it turns out that it’s incredibly easy to dye faux leather using watered-down acrylic paint! Since I only needed to do one of them it took about an hour, it needed a lot of coats to get it as dark black as I wanted. Here’s the tutorial I found if anyone needs it!

I have my Wirt shoes now, I’m so happy! I need to get a black shoelace but the hard part is over and it wasn’t hard at all.