i love gingerbread


Eureka Springs Victorian by Larry Syverson
Via Flickr:
We saw this lovely Victorian home in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Called ‘Rosalie’, it was built in 1883. I love all the gingerbread trim!


couple lockscreens
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How did I do this?

I have no clue myself dearie.

The reason why the reflection is different is because I messed up Gingerbread’s markings.. And it was 6 in the morning when I finished this and I couldn’t be bothered to fix the reflection.. So shut up.


Take this. It took 4 to 5 days so yee :>

ID #22222

Name: Ciara
Age: 21
Country: Ireland

Hi there! I’m Ciara and I’m from Ireland! I’m currently studying German and English in university in the hopes of becoming a teacher! I’ve just finished my second year! ^__^ I would love to have a penpal from a different country as I love learning about different cultures. I love art and I really enjoy painting and drawing when I can find the time for it. I also love music as most people do. Personally, I don’t have a favourite kind of music, if I like a song or if it puts me in a good mood, then it’s good enough for me! ^__^ I also am teaching myself how to play the ukulele (because it’s just the cutest and happiest instrument ever!) and I can also play a little bit of piano. I love baking, with gingerbread men being my favourite snack to make! In my downtime, I also enjoy playing some video games. :) Without a doubt though, my biggest hobby and aspiration in life is to travel. I am an adventurer at heart and have a serious case of wanderlust. I want to go everywhere and see everything because in my opinion, life is too short not to explore the world as much as you can. Since I will be studying abroad next year in Germany (as in school year), I would like to keep in touch via email since it will be the best way to allow me to remain consistent. ^__^ If you think we could get along and have adventures or anything to share, I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Preferences: Aged 20-28, and nice of course! ^__~

This took all day and it’s not even done, I love this so much like omg.

This is the first part of this poster thing I’m gonna be going with these two. I wanna flip it around for the bottom part so Flux is falling for Gingerbread.. Which is funny because they’re both falling for eachother.. You get where I’m going with this?

As you know, Flux’s wings aren’t that big. They are smol. I just made them big to make this make sense otherwise they’d probably die.

“Flux” (I was going to use my boyfriend’s real name but I don’t think he’d appreciate it.) made some changes to his character.. Has you can probably tell, he’s wearing a hoodie, his hair is a little longer and he has a cigarette in his mouth.. I don’t know why he decided to add the cigarette but he did.

But anyway, I’ll upload the other part later, I’ve gotta draw it.

anonymous asked:

I'm so sorry ! But, may I ask for a Spanner Christmas Aesthetics ? Thanks ❄️ ⛄

Of course you can, my lovely anon! You do know how much I love Christmas after all!

Gingerbread houses, frosting still fluffy and white, fingers pressing candy onto rooftops.Mechanical trains, looping around the Christmas tree. Decorations of silver and red. Robot and wrench shaped Christmas ornaments.  Hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream. Flannel pyjamas, decorated with robots wearing Santa hats. Waking up on Christmas Eve to find it’s snowing. Digging into a stocking early on Christmas morning, excitement coursing through you with each new discovery.


Happy one year anniversary carmillaseries! (season one premiered August 19th 2014)


What I Ate Today (Anastasia)

So I started my day at 7am on a train from my mums house back to London, which meant my breakfast was pretty rushed but I managed to grab a bottle of water and a banana. Bananas are awesome and I eat one every day (at least!)

After arriving in London I went to my class and picked up a ready made salad that contained SO many tasty vegetables and fruit - pomegranate, peppers, spinach, etc. plus plenty of grains and seeds. It left me feeling full and v. happy. It’s called the ‘rainbow vegetable’ salad and is available to buy from Marks and Spencer for around £2.50. I visited a local vegetable shop near my school and got a little fresh fig and plum to keep myself focused and full while studying.

Later on I had a nap and caught up on my missed sleep from all the travelling, watched some Simpsons and wrote my lists for the week. I had picked up this adorable gingerbread man from Sainsburys Free From range for 99p - he’s gluten and dairy free! I love gingerbread so it was nice to see Sainsburys stocking such a sweet treat that didn’t contain any unnecessary ingredients.

For dinner I prepared some fresh tomato and basil soup and ate it with a couple of slices of Rye bread with added sunflower seeds - my favourite. I love the texture of rye bread and much prefer it to the squishy kind. My eating patterns are a little sporadic and I prefer to eat little often rather than large meals so after finishing the yummy soup I baked three medium sweet potatoes in the oven for about 35 minutes, halving the raw veg reduced the cooking time and I simply marinaded them in olive oil, parsley and a bit of cinnamon. I ate the potatoes with hummus and they tasted awesome! Sweet potatoes are one of the best foods and so easy to prepare, I got over 1,300% of my recommended daily Vitamin A intake from those lil guys. Crazy but great for hair, nails and skin.

Right now I’m in bed pretty stuffed with all of that lovely food but sipping on Copella Apple Juice. It has a really crisp flavour and is especially nice on a warm night like tonight (Spring is here!) as it’s super refreshing!

My tips for eating more positively would be to drink lots and lots and lots of water, aim to always have a bottle with you to promote rehydration throughout the day. You will see the difference in your skin and attitude immediately! Food wise I try to stick to vegan / vege options but understand that cravings are natural. Not one human is perfect but it’s always great to attempt to reduce animal content within our diets, or to try out new vegetables and fruits!

More food diaries coming soon

Love & Light

Anastasia x

grantired-patroclus  asked:

Elise Elise Elise what are your Feuilly headcanons this is important because of reasons

It’s important cause Feuilly himself is important!

  • Ambidextrous AF. He wanted to be as efficient as possible, so he taught himself how to write with his right hand since he’s originally a lefty
  • Poytail rocking ginger
  • Part of the Middle Earth Nerds Quartet along with Grantaire, Jehan and Combeferre
  • Once ate at McDonalds for a week because it was cheaper than anything else. Ended up sick. Musichetta is still pissed because “you could have come to me“. Which leads me to :
  • He’s so used to fend for himself that he forgets or is reluctant to ask for help. He’s working on it though
  • Has the worst case of wanderlust you’ll ever witness
  • Has like 10€ to his name and will still give it to those who need it the most
  • He goes back to his orphanage at least once a week to see the kids. He’ll always remember how lonely and misunderstood he felt as a child and uses it as his fuel to bring joy to the kids