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Eureka Springs Victorian by Larry Syverson
Via Flickr:
We saw this lovely Victorian home in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Called ‘Rosalie’, it was built in 1883. I love all the gingerbread trim!

anonymous asked:

Tell me Prompto's favorite cookie holiday drink!

  • I think he’d love gingerbread since he enjoys spicy food so much, and gingerbread as a bit of a kick to it thanks to the cinnamon
    • One year, Ignis helps him bake enough gingerbread to make a gingerbread house for a gingerbread party of four– Prompto, Iris, and Noctis decorate all of it while Ignis and Gladio are content with watching
      • The next morning, Prompto awakens to find that Gingerbread Boy Leon, the youngest of the Gingerbread Family, has gone missing
        • Noctis: Who cares who ate him??? It’s food??? You eat it????
        • Gladio: A sorry end for the youngest gingerbread son of a gingerbread family– for anyone. He was a gingerbread boy with gingerbread hopes and gingerbread dreams.
        • Prompto: And licorice for hair.
        • Noctis: Nobody’s perfect.
        • Ignis: Gladio ate him.
        • Prompto: >:O
  • Give Prompto the tallest mug of hot cocoa with a bunch of whipped cream and marshmallows on top, and he’ll be the happiest boy in the world!
    • He will legitimately throw up if you try to give him eggnog, though. The texture… The flavor… *Gags*

while we’re being ridiculous: no one is ever going to take from me wash randomly skating off in 26th century heelys aboard the moi. NO ONE. 

no no, these are just regular sneakers. he promises.


damaramegido  asked:

I like fruitcake too. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

THANK YOU! The holidays always bring about food arguments so I’m going to settle things right here and now:

Eggnog: Fuck yes.

Peppermint (and anything involving peppermint flavor): Hell yes.

Corn pudding: Let me bathe in it, its that good.

Brussels sprouts: FUCK YES

Sweet potatoes (and all sweet potato recipes): Hellllllll yes

Cranberry sauce: God this is so good

Turkey: It’s not dry, you’re just cooking it wrong. Fucking delicious

Dressing/Stuffing: Real talk, this is my all time favorite thanksgiving dish. My mom just makes a huge amount of it and I get to eat it for a week afterwards. God I love it so much.

Gingerbread: That good shit

Collard Greens: Get that shit out of my face. These are the worst. 

Oh man so I’m normally a huge grinch about Christmas before Thanksgiving, but, by God, I had never felt more cheated than learning, in the UK this summer, tgat gingerbread coffee isn’t only a winter thing outside the US. I HAVE FELT DENIED MY RIGHTFUL GINGERBREAD SINCE JULY. AND IT’S BACK. BLESS YOU HOLIDAY ADVERTISING I MISSED IT SO MUCH

ID #22222

Name: Ciara
Age: 21
Country: Ireland

Hi there! I’m Ciara and I’m from Ireland! I’m currently studying German and English in university in the hopes of becoming a teacher! I’ve just finished my second year! ^__^ I would love to have a penpal from a different country as I love learning about different cultures. I love art and I really enjoy painting and drawing when I can find the time for it. I also love music as most people do. Personally, I don’t have a favourite kind of music, if I like a song or if it puts me in a good mood, then it’s good enough for me! ^__^ I also am teaching myself how to play the ukulele (because it’s just the cutest and happiest instrument ever!) and I can also play a little bit of piano. I love baking, with gingerbread men being my favourite snack to make! In my downtime, I also enjoy playing some video games. :) Without a doubt though, my biggest hobby and aspiration in life is to travel. I am an adventurer at heart and have a serious case of wanderlust. I want to go everywhere and see everything because in my opinion, life is too short not to explore the world as much as you can. Since I will be studying abroad next year in Germany (as in school year), I would like to keep in touch via email since it will be the best way to allow me to remain consistent. ^__^ If you think we could get along and have adventures or anything to share, I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Preferences: Aged 20-28, and nice of course! ^__~