i love gifing these two so much


daiyaweek #6 // favourite quote: we’re not the king. we’re the challengers!

all the more precious because we know miyuki isn’t anywhere near good with his words which causes one to be on his tiptoes around him, but here he lights a fire within them all with just two lines and gets them rearing and have i mentioned how much i love the roar that comes after this??

[►] The boys gave me A LOT of gif material today, but (shocker) due to my adulting duties, I only had time for this one.

Why did I pick this moment over everything else, you’re probably not asking? First off, HEART EYES! Look at how Anthony’s staring at Ian! SOOO MUCH LOVE IN HIS EYES! in fact you can actually see Ian return his loving gaze for like a split second or so before he goes into full on flirty mode which is ANOTHER reason why I gifed this over everything else.

The way Ian replies to Anthony here (and throughout this entire video) just comes off as SUPER FLIRTY to me. I don’t know what it is lately, but it seems like that they’re not editing out as much as they used to which has opened the doors for us to see this flirty dynamic that I’ve been seeing for like the past two weeks now! They’re just so comfortable with one another and the way they bounce off of one another just shows how close they really are. I feel like that if I saw Ian and Anthony interacting with one another in public without any cameras that it would be EXACTLY like how they act in this video. I’m not sure what they’ve been doing to these videos to make it seem that way, but I HOPE THEY KEEP IT UP BECAUSE GODAMN IT, I’M DEAD!

Bonus: Ian adorably biting his lip. You’re welcome.


Arrow Appreciation Week  Favorite Friendship [2/7]

You know, I have perfect confidence in your a b i l i t i e s. But just in case, working with  y o u  and the rest of the team has been the highlight of my professional carrer and my entire life, and– and i can’t think of any better way for it to end.


[Happy 2nd anniversary, VIXX!]
10 things in VIXX’s two years we wish we could bring back:
     ↳ 5. the entire Hyde era


Lana on her favorite scene, the prison scene with Robert Carlyle in ‘The thing you love most’. (x)

That’s a wrap guys

I finally came to the end of gifing everything from the Smoke (and by everything I mean every single scene Taron is in) and I feel empty, what am I gonna do now? 

I love this series so much and I will definetly never get over Dennis and how amazingly good Taron is in it 

(I may or may not do some other gifs though just so I’m not depressed lol)