i love geoff okay

i really like to think about terrified, shrieking, big baby horror game geoff and put it in the context of fake ah crew, purely for the mental image of the crew sneaking into a nearly pitch-black warehouse because of vague plot reasons and geoff sort of casually-not-casually holding on to the back of jack’s shirt

and then there’s some unidentifiable rustling noise, and geoff’s panicked shriek is drowned out entirely by the sound of him rapid-firing from his smg at absolutely nothing for a solid ten seconds

in the subsequent silence, everybody’s ears are ringing and ray’s deadpanning something along the lines of hail, our fearless leader and ryan’s muttering about the definition of a covert operation (namely, not fucking this) and jack’s trying to remember who the fuck thought it was a good idea to let geoff watch the grudge last night

(the unidentifiable rustling noise turns out to be a now very alarmed mouse and nobody lets geoff live it down)

like there’s a lot of bumbling-dork-criminal ryan stuff out there but not nearly enough for geoff

i need fahc geoff who kills a man in cold blood during a heist and then absolutely refuses to go to the safe house way out in the sticks because last time there were SNAKES there, jack