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Sidgeno Hades AU romcom tracklist - In which Geno is Hades, Sidney is a human, Janey is Sidney’s daughter, and Janey accidentally adopts Cerberus 

1. Cerberus Goes on a Walk 
2. Wet Puppy in a Box (Alternatively, Janey Finds the Dog)
2. Janey and Cerberus
3. Sidney
4. Geno Down Below
5. Have You Seen My Dog? 
6. Geno Meets Sidney
7. A Dinner and a Dance
8. Charming Sidney
9. Hades Makes Breakfast in Bed
10. Sidney in Love (up to 2:30)
11. How You Doin’ (Zeus’ Theme)
12. Miss Margaret Hanson (Hera’s Theme)
13. You Missed My Show
14. The Truth is I Miss You
15. Geno, Sidney, and Janey

Genoary, Day 17: FAVORITE PART OF AFTERTALE - Redraw your favorite part of Aftertale.

Now, I love Aftertale, so picking just ONE PART from the series was p tough, but I just absolutely ADORE this page (I’d say LOVE, but…ya know). Because, in the face of his slightly less sane self showing him the absolute worst of the worst, Sans gets all sassy and makes a flippin’ pun.

I know it doesn’t directly have Geno, but I couldn’t help it.
And then I went to town with the colorful shading.
Because I was trying to keep it as close to the original as possible.

Had a lot of fun with this one.

Genoary challenge by @shinydiamondblog
Original page by: @loverofpiggies
Original page

Also random thing that occurred because I accidentally didn’t switch to the hand tool:

Or smth…

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Omg!! I love your ficlets, if your still doing prompts- what kind of romantic gestures does sid do for geno?

Geno loves huge gestures, like proposal flashmobs (which Sid thinks are tacky), sending a ridiculous amount of roses and sweets to Sid’s apartment (very much appreciated), and at this rate, Sid wouldn’t be surprised if someone came right during practice and serenaded him in front of all his teammates. It’s all very Geno–over the top, larger than life, full of life and heart, and a little goofy. 

Sidney wonders if he’s too private, sometimes. Too careful about showing his life and too reliant on praying that Geno will just get it when Sidney saves him a seat at a team seminar, or when Sidney tries to make his favorite dish from a recipe that he had to use Google translate for. He sees the rookies phoning their girls and Tanger and Flower calling their wives and babbling on the receiver to their kids, and he wonders if what he’s doing is ever enough. So he decides to just be more verbal about it.

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muman rider is literally just doing his best


Sooo… It’s a Hell’s Kitchen AU!

The actual comic starts below:

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Can you tell I am in anime hell

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okie doke so one of the prince aus i have is the typical sid is a cursed prince (he can't speak due to his dad pissing off some fucking witch) who has to be uncursed by his true love and it's all fine and dandy and he meets geno and they start to fall in love regardless until the witch's son comes disguised as geno and tries to get rid of geno but True Love (tm) prevails and sid's first words to geno are "i love you" (i promise it's a lot better than this 500 character limit will let me express)

sounds adorable and fantastic and i need to read it

just saw someone try to justify malkin leading the pens in all-time PIM as “well, he gets a lot of unfair penalties”.

I love Geno, he’s one of my fave players and incredibly skilled, but you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think he also plays dirty sometimes, or takes reckless penalties when he’s angry. “unfair penalties” definitely ain’t the reason he’s the pens PIM leader.


Some OPM sketches I’ve had sitting for a week or two but haven’t able to upload. I blame @florbe-triz for Saitama in yukata, I love him in yukata.

How I miss working with SAI, this is all I can do with the little time I have in my hands