i love gaara so much

“I feel pain somewhere inside
And impossible heal wounds in my heart
Kanji on the forehead means love
But tell me why can not I love?”

This is a piece from the russian song about Gaara, and I wanted to leave the text in the original. And I tried to translate everything into rhyme.
For these words about Gaara I wanted to cry…
I love him. So much. ;;;;;;;;

Shikadai and uncle Gaara and Uncle Kankuro

Imagine Shikadai being their nephew, more like being their youngest brother and whenever they meet they have so much fun together using ninja skills

Imagine Gaara and Kankurou, who never really had too much fun in their childhood, giving everything Shikadai wants and being the coolest uncles in the world

Imagine Gaara and kankuro, the Kazekage and his-big-brother-and-the-assistant, spoiling the heck out of their precious nephew whenever they have a chance(Temari will be mad but happy at the same time)

The Sand-Nara fam is so precious and I love them so much

I did Kankuro and Shikadai headcanons, now its time for Gaara and Shikadai headcanons.

- Gaara and Shikadai are playing shogi, and Shikadai is about to win so Gaara uses his sand to switch two chips while he isn’t looking. Of course Shikadai immediately notices when he looks at the board and Gaara can’t help cracking a smile when he gets called “uncle CHEATER" 
- Alternatively, Gaara and Shikadai team up to beat Shikamaru at shogi, with Shikadai sitting silently behind his father, mouthing to Gaara what move he should make next. They destroy Shikamaru and are smug about it for a week. 
- When Shikadai was a baby he could be entranced for hours by the shapes Gaara made with his sand. Whenever he wouldn’t stop crying, Temari would just hand him off to Gaara and say "here…do the sand castle thing”. 
- Gaara trying to tell him “interesting” stories about the history of Suna and Shikadai just like….falling asleep on top of him. 
- Gaara walking into his office one day to find Shikadai sitting in his chair with the entirely-too-large kazekage hat on his head. He thinks its probably the most amusing thing he’s seen all week. 
- While Kankuro and Temari are bickering as usual, Shikadai leans over to his uncle and whispers “have they always been this annoying?” Gaara, without missing a beat, replies “yes.”
- When Shikadai is old enough, they tell him Gaara’s story, shukaku and all. Shikadai is relatively unphased, and when questioned simply shrugs and says “You’re still my same old uncle, who I could cream at shogi anytime.” The world felt a little brighter for Gaara that day. 


Evidence #2395874 that Kishimoto did not take notes while writing Naruto: Shukaku was originally the spirit of a Sunagakure elder. Naruto Vol. 11, Ch. 97

[Pinklike Dreams]

Happy Birthday! @pitukel


Son Gokū: Sand Shinobi human, are you a friend of Naruto too?
Gaara: *”I love Uzumaki Naruto So Much: A Detailed Dissertation” in a 15-minute internal monologue (in the middle of an active war zone, but take your time)*
Son Gokū: I asked if you are Naruto’s friend?

Sometimes recap episodes are a delight. Idk, the fact that the flashback montage is apparently happening in real time while Gaara tries to think of an answer that isn’t too much of an understatement is so funny to me.