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“Up until now, my bonds with others have only been ones of hatred and murder. But, seeing him fight so hard made me wonder what a bond really is. I think I understand a little now. Suffering, sadness… and joy. To be able to share it with another person. Naruto Uzumaki… when I fought him, I feel that is what he taught me.”

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Hi ya there, I love Gaara a lot! Can I have hcs for when Gaara's s/o gives him a surprise kiss for the first time? As in Gaara's first time receiving a kiss? It can be on his forehead, lips or cheeks :)

I love Gaara so much too! Thank you for the request! ^.^

Headcannons of Gaara receiving kisses from s/o

  • Since Gaara grew up without receiving affection, the first time Gaara’s s/o kisses him would throw Gaara off balance. He wouldn’t even expect it or have a desire for it at first. 
  • If Gaara’s s/o were to kiss him on the cheek without forewarning, Gaara would retract so fast from the physical contact and even slightly shudder on instinct. He would be a stuttering mess, blushing like crazy as he asked his s/o “what was that?” and “why?”
  • If Gaara’s s/o asked him beforehand, Gaara wont react as badly. Gaara would be stiff as a board though as his s/o gently pressed their lips to his cheek.
  • After becoming familiar with the contact and the gesture from his s/o, Gaara would crave that type of affection more often.
  • Gaara would have to be in a relationship for a long time with his s/o before he will let his guard down and be comfortable enough with them to express a desire to kiss them more affectionately/passionately on the mouth.

Son Gokū: Sand Shinobi human, are you a friend of Naruto too?
Gaara: *”I love Uzumaki Naruto So Much: A Detailed Dissertation” in a 15-minute internal monologue (in the middle of an active war zone, but take your time)*
Son Gokū: I asked if you are Naruto’s friend?

Sometimes recap episodes are a delight. Idk, the fact that the flashback montage is apparently happening in real time while Gaara tries to think of an answer that isn’t too much of an understatement is so funny to me.

i love the sand siblings so much coz i just imagine them at work being all stoic and exactly how the kazekage/bodyguards of the kazekage should be with gaara taking control of everything all the way and they’re intimidating and calculating and can be cold but all over fair but when they get home kankuro’s like ‘yo whaddaya losers want for dinner??’ and temari’s too excited over spaghetti-o’s and kankuro’s all like ‘k which ones’ and gaara just really quietly mumbles ‘the dinosaur ones’ and k’s like ‘yeah thought so’ and they all have stupid pajamas

some sand siblings love for Kankuro’s birthday ❤ ❤ ❤

also i’m one day late i’m sorry OTL

You know what, FUCK YOU. I thought Gaara would remain untouched as a character (except for the hair…) but NO they had to made this novel with A FREAKIN’ LOVE STORY.

I thought he’d escape to all this hetero hell and this queer baiting but this was too much to ask. Apparently now that that the shinobi world is in peace, every shinobi has to end up with someone of the opposite sex of course and every kunoichi are baby making machines.

Just leave the fuck out Gaara being asexual. Or maybe NOT STRAIGHT because he never showed romantic feelings to any girl. The only person he could’ve ended up with was Naruto (don’t even dare to call them a brotp !).

If they wanted to write a novel about him, just write something about how he changed the Shinobi system with Naruto as Kages or how he dealt with the trauma of having 99% of his Division (that’s another I’m angry about, because the anime only showed him being shaken by this 2 seconds and then nothing): he was just 16 and was considered as responsable of hundreds of shinobis jfc. Or maybe how he wanted to ameliorate his taijutsu although his defense is the best of all (if we don’t count Sasuke) and asks for help to a certain taijutsu specialist (I WANTED MORE GAARA AND LEE MOMENTS).

Also: “Gaara Hiden is hinted to be a story of love, something the Kazekage does not know very well LMAO. They’re even erasing one of my favorite relationship of this manga. One of the purpose of Naruto and Gaara’s meeting was to make Gaara understand the meaning of friendship, devotion and more importantly LOVE. Thanks to Naruto he discovered all these feelings and became close to his brother and sister and you’re telling me he doesn’t know love. Okay but what about the ENTIERE chap about how the love his his mother saved him because she was protecting him during all this time with sand. How about Gaara’s speech at the beginning of part 2, about how thanks to Naruto he discovered feelings like pain, love .

Oh yes, this is all gone with all these filler bullshit coming soon. So again, fuck you to the responsables of this fiasco.

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