i love frances ha so much it's so me

what if: parent trap au face fam

> alfred is living with arthur who’s a famous author in england; matthew is living with francis who works at a vineyard in france.

> the twins accidentally meet at a summer camp. they kinda denied they’re bros but lmao, keep fooling yourselves.

> of course, i’ll add a little ru/s/a/me because why not. so alfred is in the same cabin with ivan because they’re bffs, and kiku’s also there with yao.

> matthew is in the same cabin with carlos and gilbert

> al and matt don’t like each other at first. like, they trash each other’s room.

> of course the camp director isn’t fond of them fighting that causes chaos, so they are now sharing the same cabin called “isolation cabin”.

> they tell each other’s birthdays, and their little habits. they show their own pictures of their parents. it was the same picture torn in half. now they accept their twins.

> they decide to switch places. (al cut matt’s hair, and they practiced to be acting like each other) and they were really happy that they get to be with their long lost parents.

> alfred told this stuff to ivan and ivan was totes amused lmao

> francis is going to marry antonio holy sht

> the twins won’t let it happen heck no

> they get to reunite their parents and haha unresolved sexual tensions

> anyway, the twins planned a camp in the woods, but antonio was the one who joined their camp instead of arthur (gdi u killjoy)

> the twins, of course, were lil shts. so they prank’d antonio so much he just, canceld’t their engagement. boohoo

> they returned. and arthur and francis had another unresolved sexual tension

> they decided to return to their old lives. the angst™

> jokes on you, they won’t. they live together as a whole fam yay


another edit: ^THE FIC IS REALLY GOOD <3 

  • Enjolras: *takes a deep breath*
  • Enjolras: I love --
  • Grantaire: yes, you love France, I know, you love France so much, it's the light of your life, you love it so much, you just love France, I kNOW, you love France you fucking love France ok I know, I get it, YOU LOVE FRANCE. I GET IT.
  • Enjolras: -- you?
  • Grantaire: ...
  • Grantaire: Oh

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Top 5 beauty products atm

  1. The macadamia oil hair line OH MY GOOOOOOD okay so like, you know how different people have different MVPS? Like really ridiculously on point eyebrows, or the perfectly lined lip, or amazing winged eyeliner? My hair is my mvp. Its out there, doing its thing, looking killer, and I respect it because it respects ME. And this macadamia line is like spa therapy for your hair, it makes it feel SO GOOD ALL THE TIME. It legit does all the work for you, it makes anything you want to do look better, even just doing NOTHING your hair will still look good. I use the deep repair masque as a conditioner (you need hardly any, leave it in for the exact length of Beyonce’s ‘XO’), and then spray the oil through my hair before towel drying. IM NOT EVEN USING THE WHOLE LINE AND IT MAKES MY HAIR LOOK SO HEALTHY AND SHINY miracle worker for real
  2. GARNIER MICELLAR WATER. This shit is like liquid GOLD. This is what Nicholas Flamel discovered 500 years ago that’s kept him alive for so long. This is hands down the best make up remover I have EVER used, including fancy ones like clinique and a sample I got from a lady hawking napoleon perdis one time. Its like GPS for makeup, its like those pigs they use in the south of France to find truffles, waterproof mascara truffles, long wear lipstick truffles. This got away from me please try garnier micellar water
  3. TheBalm blush in cabana boy. I hardly ever use blush cause I’m pale like death and any colour shows up right away, but i bought this because I love the packaging so much and i’m a responsible consumer like that. And it has a mirror so I keep the little compact in my bag and use it for whatever (and because I really, really love the packaging). But its actually really good? Highly pigmented so you only need the barest bit, which means it will last FOREVER. The other colors in the line look just as good, and Frat Boy is a dupe for NARS orgasm (like, its not NARS. but it could be. if you squint. or look from far away in slightly dimmed lighting).
  4. Gel nail polish seems whack to me and, having been told pretty severely my entire life to avoid the sun at all costs, the idea of putting my fingers under UV light seems very counterintuitive. So i was hella happy when they came out with miracle gel, which is one of those hybrid products that says it gives the same results as the hardcore stuff but of course doesn’t, but there’s no death rays involved so I feel like that’s a fair compromise. I’m currently wearing it in Dig Fig, which is this amazingly deep oxblood colour I imagine Annalise from How to Get Away with Murder would wear to court when defending a particularly guilty client. 
  5. NYX lip creams I CANT BELIEVE I HAD FOUR PRODUCTS TO PUT AHEAD OF THIS these creams are fucking amaaazing, they’re a true matte but they don’t dry or flake, they come in an awesome range of colours named after all different cities (I have Sao Paulo, Amsterdam, Addis Ababa, Tokyo, Antwerp, Monte Carlo… you get the point, I have a lot of lip products and the names are cool) and they last for aaaages they hardly even smudge after you eat. Sometimes the color on the bottle isn’t true to the actual color - eg Buenos Aires is a light pink bottle but the cream itself has a strong orange/warm undertone, as someone who looks horrendous in coral I was SHOCKED, SHOCKED - but that just means you should swatch before u buy, no big.

And OK this is not a recent purchase but I feel like it needs saying: dry shampoo. DRY SHAMPOO. Where would I be without it? Who would i be? Ive gotten to the point where I use it instead of hairspray for texture - like look at this braid I did the other day. WITH DRY SHAMPOO YOU, TOO, CAN GIVE YOUR ‘DESPERATE TO NOT GET HOT IN RIDICULOUS PRE-SUMMER HEAT’ UPDOS VOLUME AND LIFT. I use batiste with a hint of brunette cause I don’t need weird aerosol white patches in my hair from flagrant dry shampoo abuse, but their cherry smells amazing too.

me: *takes a deep breath*
me: i lo-
anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love fruk, we know, you love fruk so much, its the light of your life, you love it so much, you just love fruk, we KNOW , you love fruk you fucking love fruk ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE FRUK. WE GET IT.

I may have screamed and almost woken the baby up when I got a notification from LARA PULVER saying she tweeted me!! Last night was incredible and its a combination of coming down from such a high and the lack of sleep I had that day but I’ve been so tired and cried ever since I’ve arrived back in France. But this has made it so much better!!!! Lara PULVER tweeted me for the fourth time!!!! Two times in a month!! Just a tad in love with this beautiful and insanely kind woman!! 💕

She also liked another tweet of mine when I call her a goddess so that’s a tincy bit embarrassing too…. Kind of glad I didn’t change my profile picture to me and her yet because then I would have looked mega obsessed

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Do you have any idea about how did rest of Europe responded when the Berlin wall finally came down?

Funny enough, for YEARS, most of European powers supported reunification - that is, until it became a realistic vision. Then, slooowly, the continent began to shift nervously and be like, “mmmmyeah we weren’t serious, you know??”

From a political standpoint, Europe shit a collective brick when the Wall came down. Europe held one fear - that WWIII would break out like, immediately, or at least that Germany would become a dominant power in Europe again.

Margaret Thatcher, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at the time, was very outwardly opposed to German unification. Like, homegirl kept a fucking MAP in her PURSE of Germany’s territory in 1937, so she could instantly whip that shit out and explain the “German problem” to anyone who might have even mentioned Germany’s possible unification.

She (and the rest of Western Europe) just could not let go of the reasons that Germany was split up to begin with - namely, to prevent another war sparked by German aggression. She believed that a unified Germany would strengthen German nationalisation again and would destabilise Europe, rather than stabilise it. She goes on record to say, in December 1989 (after the wall came down), “We defeated the Germans twice! And now they’re back!” 

Thatcher, as well as many nations, were in favour of a “transitional period” of five or more years where East and West would remain as separate nations, slowly fusing together, when reunification became obvious.

France was generally in the same boat, its president Mitterrand reporting to Gorbachev that, in 1989, “France by no means wants German reunification, although it realises that in the end it is inevitable.” Thanks for the support.

Italy? Its Prime Minister said, “I love Germany so much that I prefer two of them.” Netherlands also was in the “we’ll pass on that reunification BS” boat.

So Germany saw that Europe was like “HA. HAAA WOW CONGRATS….WISH YOU COULD REUNITE RIGHT AWAY BUT TOO BAD YOU CAN’T RIGHT?? HA..HA…” and was like, “fucking watch me, douchbags” and did the process in less than a year. Suck it.

So who was actually in support? Of all places, Ireland. Whose Prime Minister called a special session of the European Economic Community to Dublin just to alleviate the European powers’ fears of MechaHitler rising to power and zombie SS re-invading France. He stated, “I have expressed a personal view that coming as we do from a country which is also divided many of us would have sympathy with any wish of the people of the two German States for unification.” Two for you, Ireland! (Literally)

OH, and the Germans’ biggest supporters? America. Who was like, ‘YES WOW VERY GOOD. FORGET 1945 RIGHT? WATER UNDER THAT BRIDGE. GR8 FRIENDS. LET’S BE BFFLES. I’LL SHOW YOU A WHOLE NEW WORLD OF TRADE AND SHIT.” Though it may or not be because they saw reunification as America ttly “winning” over the Soviet Union.