i love fiona but i hate her

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Name: fiona 
Nicknames: ugh i don’t like any, but some of my friends call me “fi” “fif” “bumble fi” and some people on here call me “mom” also i used to have an s.o. that called me “daddy” on the regular which was odd and i’m glad that’s dead
Gender: nonbinary, but i use she/her pronouns (just no particular attachment to my sex)
Star Sign: gemini (pls don’t hate me now, guys)

Height: 5′4
Sexual Orientation: panromantic ace
Hogwarts House: hufflepuff through and through
Favorite Color: black, deep purple, bright blue, and i love pastels
Favorite Animal: i love cows and jellyfish
Average Hours of sleep: like 4 or 5
Cat or dog person: both, but dog probably if i had to choose
Favorite Fictional Characters: CREDENCE BAREBONE obvs, James Wilson, April Ludgate, Chris Traeger, Bucky Barnes, Deadpool, to name a few :-)
Number of blankets I sleep with: two at the very least
Favorite Singer/Band: i literally love all music except for country and some rap, but fave bands,,,, the 1975, halsey, the smiths, and ?? idk i am an emo baby so all that, and like also anything acoustic i am a sucker for soft sounds and blackbear don’t judge
Dream Trip: i’d like to go to canada, or anywhere in europe. i think for me it would be more about the company than the destination though.
Dream Job: i’d like to be an author or editor or work for a nonprofit (for abused women or for natives)
When was this blog created: 2016, like three weeks ago lol
Current number of followers: 1,193
When did your blog reach its peak?: i do not know
What made you decide to make a Tumblr?: i made my main like 6 or 7 years ago now bc peer pressure and i made this one bc credence was Too Much and he needed his own space and also so i could post my writing in peace w/o my friends being judgy


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i know i haven’t talked to some of you very much/at all, but i see you liking/reblogging all my stuff and!! it’s cute and i love u. you don’t have to do this if you don’t want though, of course. no pressure. :-)

hungryeyesx  asked:

Elisa and Eli.

Chose : For Elisa

My same sex otp - I feel like Caroline and her could be cool! But idk if you’ve done that or not lol 

My opposite sex otp- Damon and her

My most hated pairing - Her and John ( <3 love you both tho)

My same sex unusual otp - none that I can think of!

My opposite sex unusual otp - hmmm maybe Matt?

My crossover otp - Maybe her and Dean?

Chose : Eli

My same sex otp - hmmm maybe Tyler! I feel like they’d be a beautiful hotmess express XD

My opposite sex otp-  Bon or April Young

My most hated pairing - None give him ALL THE LOVE

My same sex unusual otp - none

My opposite sex unusual otp - hmmmm no one that I can think of just as long as they are good to him!

My crossover otp - This is really fucking random but Fiona from Shameless??? @hungryeyesx

alternate ian x mickey endings that’d have been way more satisfying
  • ian says i love you back and invites mickey in the house. he actually remembers that he accepted to take his meds because otherwise he’s a danger to himself and those he loves. when fiona and the rest arrive they find them in a very tight lip-lock on the couch. they don’t even pay attention to the gallaghers/vee they are so lost in each other. fin
  • ian says all the awful things he said but when sammi comes shooting at mickey, he grabs mickey by his hoodie and drags him inside the house where they hole up until sammi is gone. they make out soon as ian apologizes for being such an insensitive prick. fin
  • (no sammi) ian says all the awful things he said but has a sudden epiphany when he watches mickey walk away. he chases after him but he hurt mickey so bad that mick just can’t forgive him immediately. THERE ARE TEARS from both sides. then they really work on their relationship for the next ~two weeks with mickey withholding any affectionate gesture (all shown as a successive collage of scenes with ian repetitively doing nice stuff for mickey and reminding him that he loves him) until ian feels like he has grovelled enough and ends up attack kissing him. fin
  • when ian mock-asks if mickey wants to marry him, mick reveals that he actually filed the divorce papers w/ svet while ian was gone and ‘so what’s it gonna be, ian?’ and ian, unsure, asks if mick really wants to deal with how fucked up ian thinks he is and mickey just exhales a big, passionate, bordering-on-angry ‘YES’ that makes ian chuckle and bury his face in mick’s neck before murmuring ‘yeah okay’. fin
  • when sammi starts shooting ian suddenly whips out a bazooka and aims it at her shocked face. ‘i been waiting to do this for a long time, you bitch’. [explosions] [ian and mickey walking down the street holding hands and sharing lovey-dovey looks with the explosions still going off behind them] fin
  • mickey: ‘really? but… i’m carrying your child’ ian: (ʘᗩʘ’)?????? fin
Who to Fight: Tales From The Borderlands
  • Rhys: Do it. Fight Rhys. Fight this fuckin limp noodle. Do it
  • Vaughn: You can try, but not only will you hate yourself for doing it, but he will probably FUCK. YOU. UP. Don't fight Vaughn.
  • Yvette: All she's interested in is lunch, buddy. Don't fight Yvette. Buy her lunch. Maybe you'll get something cool in return but really, the knowledge that you've given her lunch should be good enough.
  • Fiona: She's too slippery. She can put you on the ground before you even know she's there. I mean, you can fight her if you like. Just not if you value your life.
  • Sasha: have you ever known love
  • August: Hmmmmm. I don't know. He seems like a bit of a romantic sap, but he could also probably kill you. If you're sure you can take him, do it. I'd like to see that.
  • Vasquez: Is this even a question? Fight Vasquez. I will pay you to fight him. I will pay you in advance if you stick the money on his head first and take him down while he cries.
  • Henderson: Well, like, he's dead anyway. I mean, if you can't fight any of the others, sure. He'll just... float.
  • Felix: You could easily take Felix. So long as he's not armed. Fight Felix.
  • Athena: I. Really? You really want to fight Athena? I mean, if dying is your thing, go ahead, but like.
  • Springs: Janey Springs is a ball of lesbian Australian love and joy. Why would you fight that?
  • Zer0: :( :( :(
  • AI Jack: He's an AI, he can't do shit. Just don't go for it near any electronics, and punch him in the fucking face. do it who cares if he wont feel it fuckign do it puNCH HANDSOME JACK IN THE FACE

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name: Fiona/Tim

nickname: Meulin, Fi, Mom

gender: ??? (He/him, she/her, they/them. I accept anything really??)

star sign: Cancer

height: 5′4

sexual orientation: HELL IF I KNOW

hogwarts house: Slytherin

favourite colour: Black

favourite animal: Cats!!

average hours of sleep: School days its 6 hours on weekends it’s 13 hours.

number of blankets i sleep with: 1-2 blankets

cat or dog person: CATS

favourite fictional characters: To many to list but one of them is Finn Abernathy from Bones.

favorite bands/singers: The Neighborhood, Home Free, JubyPhonics, whatever anime songs my friend has a playlist of.

dream trip: I really wanna go to Germany (But since I am soon) I’d say Italy

dream job: Forensic Anthropologist 

when was your blog created?: December of 2016 (Whoops)

current number of followers: 32 -_-

what made you decide to make a tumblr: I think it was one of my really close friends.

It’s funny when people say how realistic Shameless is like when Fiona’s ex boyfriend broke up with her because he was kidnaped by brazilian mafia. Or when Kev had sex with the mother of his wife many times because his wife told him to do it so they could have a kid with their own DNA. Or when Ian ran away to the army because he got sad about his boyfriend being forced by his nazi father to marry with a russian hooker who got pregnant after she raped him, and when Ian was in the army he stole an helicopter and ran away again, and when their brothers found him he was working in a gay club as a stripper. Or when Mickey was arrested after try to kill the half sister of his boyfriend locking her in a container because she told to the army that her half brother stole an helicopter. Or when Sami wasn’t arrested after try to shoot in her boyfriend’s half brother in the middle of the street with a lot of witness because he locked her in a container. I mean, this show is so realistic, I know many people like this in my life!!!

very shitty shameless finale recap

i had to type it up for this poor soul ladyimpala1 that asked me to recap it for her.  this is not particularly well done and i’m sure i left out a ton but since i had to further traumatize myself to type it out, i figured i’d post it for anybody who hasn’t seen and wants a shitty recap first.  

sarcasm and stupidness and no real insight ahead.

Fiona and ShutUpSean (sorry; i hate him):  Fiona rolled around, literally, with her husband Gus.  But he doesn’t know if he wants to be around because Fickle Fiona can’t make up her mind.  So Fickle Fiona goes and finds ShutUpSean at the diner and tells him she loves him and they kiss but ShutUpSean is only happy when he’s jerking her around so he tells her to grow up, adjusts his blue balls, and man-angsts himself off to the rathole from whence he came.

Debbie:  Fiona briefly remembers she’s supposed to be watching the siblings she fought so hard to have guardianship off, so she comes home to find LIam, for the eleventyththousand time, watching some super inappropriate shit on tv.  Look the kid’s already scarred by your super-neglect, Fiona, I don’t know why you’re freaked by zombies.  Anyway, Fiona goes upstairs to find Debbie and Derek in bed together.  It’s not graphic but i remember when she was nine and crying over Aunt Ginger.  This is not OK.  Then Debbie tells her she’s pregnant (probably!)  The show will continue to dangle this ‘is she or isn’t she’ into next season, probably, because it ends with her taking a pregnancy test and we don’t know the result.  Also, Fiona tries to remind Debbie that babies are a big fucking deal but Debbie apparently doesn’t remember that she’s been witness to Monica’s baby parade, a thousand teen pregnancies, and also took care of several summer’s worth of rash inducing bratz because all Debbie wants is BABIEZ and a underage shotgun wedding Kentucky styles.  I can say this because my kinfolk are from Kentucky.  

Lip:  Lip has some kinky sex with his playboy bunny of a professor while her creepy husband sits in the corner and watches.  my adored zebrawallpaper had the best observation about him:  'he looks like Stephen King!’  he so does.  it was gross.  And Awesome Amanda was awesome but Lip has absolutely no clue - he thinks he’s all in love with freaky Helene because she’s freaky.  Newsflash, Lip…Mandy was kinky too, and far more awesome, and not married.  Ditto for Karen.  I love you, Lip, but I don’t get you.  At all.  Anyway, Awesome Amanda spoke for us all and socked him good.

Frank:  blah blah boring Costa Rica is pretty/i liked Bianca’s caftan…  there was a gun and some angst and then Bianca drowned herself, apparently, and gave Frank a sad.  The sad he never was able to muster for any of his children.  Ever.  I had no care and I really didn’t pay attention to this, sorry.

Kev/V: (added because i feel shitty that i forgot them) kev’s an easy lay and no one is surprised.   basically, repeat everything from the last episode (’you slept with how many co-eds??!’) and add a visit to the clinic.  basically, kev needs a decontamination bath and a lot of shots.  finally, he proves his utter devotion to v, despite his twenty-somethingtiming her, by leaving their twins to scream it out.  because nothing say ‘i love you’ like rampant parental neglect.  *copyright: Frank Gallagher/Fiona Gallagher*  on the good side, Shanola was so radiant that i could have just watched her on mute, in slow motion, all night long.  also, they made one very important mention of my girl, Svetlana, who is apparently still staying with them.  For now.  *sigh*  (this is not the time for my ‘you’ll pry Svetlana from my cold dead hands’ rant, is it?)

um…ok…. *sigh*  Ian x Mickey.  Please take a deep breath.  It’s really not going to be an easy read.

So um..our first glimpse of Mickey is him fucking some chick (i so thought it was Svetlana for a minute but it wasn’t).  Don’t ask me, hon, I just don’t know.  Apparently he’s not having a good time and homosexuality is Shameless’s Viagara because Mickey can go go go without ever finishing.  The girl is numb and leaves.  End of that scene except I think he sad dials Ian, I don’t remember now.  PTSD.

So Ian goes to a truck stop diner with Monica and sees her doing some shady shit to get money.  He also ignores Mickey’s millionth phone call.  Then they go to her trailer domicile because Monica (and the writers) love a good white trash stereotype.  Her man Walter is probably about Ian’s age and looks like Vanilla Ice after his career went south.  Ian immediately hates Walter, finds a bunch of crystal meth in Monica’s purse, realizes she’s a dealer and Walter is cooking it up for her to sell.  His moments with Monica were quite beautiful and quite sad.  She tells him that he needs to find someone who loves him ad accepts him for who he is and whole fandom is temporarily fooled into thinking this means he’s going back to Mickey.

Mickey sad-dials Ian for the ten millionth time and when Ian doesn’t answer he goes off into the shadows with a guy he calls cupcake.  Mercifully, we don’t see anything else.

Mickey finally gets a phone call from Ian and runs (RUNS!!!) to the Gallagher house, where Ian is sitting on the porch.  

This is where the ultra mega suck comes in.  I just want to warn you first before you keep reading.  This is not good at all.  I’m serious.  There is no good here, I’m afraid I have bad news.

Ian tells Mickey something about how Mickey used to love him for him and love him the way he is, and he hates his medication and doesn’t want to keep taking it and he wants to know if Mickey will stay with him anyway if he doesn’t take it.  Mickey doesn’t say anything but come all, we all know that answer was HELL THE FUCK YES.  Then Mickey tells him HE LOVES HIM and oh god he’s so sincere and Ian doesn’t even blink, he just shines it on with a 'what does that even mean?“  Mickey says they take care of each other and again it’s like speaking to a stone wall.  So Mickey says that Ian is breaking up with him and he’s totally teary and it’s just so sad and Ian’s like 'yeah, pretty much’ and if it wasn’t sucky enough just then SAMMI SHOWS UP WITH A FUCKING GUN AND CHASES MICKEY SHOOTING AT HIM and Ian is like 'whatevs’ and greets his family and this is apparently supposed to be funny????? and i’m sorry to say that is the last we see of Ian x Mickey or Mickey at all.  There’s another brief scene, a throwback to the pilot, of Ian and Lip in the van and it would have been wonderful if I hadn’t been flailing in agony.

It was just…I expected the break up but this was a gross and stupid slap in the face. I’m sorry.