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Books I’ve Read So Far This Year

Hey, tumblr! It’s halfway through the year now (how???) and I was looking through my book list and thinking that I have read so many good books this year, so I thought I would just throw my book list as it stands under a cut, with brief notes on the books in case anyone is interested! Or wants to talk about how awesome they are. Or even wants to recommend me some based on what I’ve read!

Or just tell me what you’ve been reading, if you do not want to deal with, um. A 90-item annotated list.

It’s possible that I read too much.

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A Crack In Her Armor (Pt.3)

This is the third and final part of A Crack In Her Armor! And it’s pure smut!!! I’ve loved writing Fiona, might write more of her in the future. Especially if it’s what y'all want! Also for those who haven’t read the previous parts here are Part One and Part Two! Enjoy! 

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Choose||Lip Gallagher


(word count:758)

(Warnings:Some cuss words but I censored them >~<)



It was a nice summer day here on the South side of Chicago. I were swimming with my boyfriend, Lip, and his adorable sister Debbie.
Lip’s family is awesome, I got along with all of his siblings just fine, although he told me about his parents and I’ve met Frank like once at the Alibi but Kev stopped in from talking to me, thank god.

Lip and I were drying off and Karen Jackson, a female you hate so much, comes up to us.

“Hey? You Okay?” Lip asks her. I guess their good now?

Karen continues to walk up to us, not saying a word then all of a sudden Karen kicked him in the balls. Lip fell to the ground in pain and lets out a groan.

“Yo, what the f**k?!” I shouted as you kneel down next to him.

Karen ignores me and shouts “Why the f**k was Mandy Milkovich at my house trying to screw Jody? He turned her down and told me what happen.”

Lip responded. “Yeah, ‘cause hes a f**king p***y.”

Karen kicked him again in the stomach and Fiona stopped it, while Karen started yelling again.

“Stay the f**k away from me,” Kick “Stay the f**k away from Jody,” Kick “and stay the f**k away from this baby.” before she could kick again, Ian held her back.

Baby? She’s pregnant? With that, she walked away.

After that Lip and I went into his room to talk.

“What does she mean she’s pregnant? Why did she tell you to stay away from Jody? And why did she tell you?” I asked slowly.

“I don’t know.” Lip said avoiding my gaze.


He does know.

“Lip, please tell me the truth.” I told him.

Lip sighed. “We’ve hooked up for the past week or so.”

I looked at him shocked, you’ve been dating for 3 months and he cheated on me?

“What the f**k, Lip?” I said through gritted teeth. “If you wanted to break up, why didn’t you just tell me?”

“I don’t want to break up! I swear. It’s just,” Lip sighed. “I want to be their for the kid Y/N/N.”

I shook my head. “Me or the baby.”

Lip looked at you confused. “What?”

“You stay with me or you go to Karen and that baby, and we break up.”

Lip didn’t say anything, just looked at me liked I hate 3 heads.

I let out a bitter laugh “Have a nice life Lip.”

*Weeks later because I’m too lazy to write all that lmao*

I was sitting on my couch watching TV and I heard a knock on my front door.

I sighed as I got up. When I opened the door I saw my ex boyfriend, Lip Gallagher.

“Hey” Lip said.

“What do you want, Lip?” I asked as I leaned against the door frame.

“The baby wasn’t mine.” Lip responded.

“What?” I asked “What do you mean it wasn’t yours?”

“Karen lied, Timmy Wongs the father.”

“I’m gonna kill her.” I said as I walked to grab my shoes.

Lip made his way in the house, shutting the door behind him. I put on my shoes and was about to walk out the door but Lip grabbed my wrist before I could walk out.

“It’s fine Y/N/N.” He said calmly. he said it calmly. Why is he being so calm about this?!

“It’s not fine! She hurt you! Again!” You shouted. “It’s not fair to you! She’s so clueless to every ones but hers!”

Lip just kissed you.

Not a rough kiss but a slow and passionate kiss.

Of course you kissed back, you missed Lip. You miss him being able to hold you night, you missed his kisses, you missed the way he smells, you missed everything about him.

You pulled away and pulled him into a really tight hug.

“I’m I cheated on you Y/N.” Lip said hugging me back.

“It’s okay. But if it happens again I’ll cut your balls off.” I said as I pulled back from the hug.

Lip responded. “I believe that.”

I laughed “I’m still gonna kill Karen.”

I grabbed my metal bat and walked out of the house.

Lip was following behind me, I started smashing the windows of the Jackson household. Don’t get me wrong, Shelia was a sweet person but I hate her child.

As I finished smashing the windows, Lip was laughing and pulled me into a kiss.

“I f**king love you, Y/N/N.”

“I f**king love you more, Lip.”


OoOf. I was hoping this would be longer but it isn’t ): well hope ya like this imagine :)

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why do you like jimmy/steve though?

well he’s always been an interesting character and i get that fans either love/hate him. but i’ve always felt like he & fiona were endgame, and i think the scene that really solidified it was during monica’s suicide- when he didn’t hesitate at all and jumped right in to help when the rest of them were all in shock. really shows what kind of person he is. after that, his scenes with fiona were so emotional when they were cleaning up/in her room. just wish he didn’t let her down so much. i do still think they’re endgame.

none of the other guys fiona’s been with come close to even being as interesting/dedicated as him, they were either too good for her or just so damn boring/zero chemistry. also, people like to say he’s no good for her but fiona gallagher is no saint, i think they match pretty well. fiona knows what she wants and she knows what she’s doing, she won’t let a guy be bad for her. i’ve always felt like they were each other’s rock, though they weren’t perfect for each other but i hope they will find their way back :)

edit: anon said that they felt that “the reason he jumped right in when monica tried to commit is because he’s used to being around stuff like that? if that makes any sense. i don’t think it would’ve mattered who it was or who that person was related to” and yes that does make sense, i guess i should have worded what i said properly- essentially that monica’s suicide showed that he was really there for her & her family (which i also feel that there is no arguing that he always helped her siblings in any way he best could) 

Abe Portman, King of Sass

Yakob, I assume you want to hear about the Peculiar children again? No? Well too bad. Once upon a time there was a peregrine bird. Except she was not a bird. She was a human that could turn into a bird. She was part of a subspecies of human called peculiars. She could bend time and turn into a bird. She ran an orphanage with peculiar children There was a particular necromancer named Enoch and he was moody as hell. He came from a family of undertakers. The irony is strong. There was a dreamer named Horace, who had dreams of the future. And an invisible boy named Millard who was, well, invisible! And a girl called Emma who could make fire and hold it with her bare hands. And Emma was super hot. Like she was as hot as her fire hands.

Millard was a creep. He’d follow us around and he probably watched Emma and I make out a few times. Ew.

And this kid, Hugh, had bees living inside of him. He had a thing for this girl who could make plants grow and other shit. I think that that bitches name was Fiona? She never talked because I bet she thought she was better than the rest of us. Her hair was a damn rats nest. And Hugh loved her for some reason. I never got that boy. Him and his stupid goggles. He always wore this one pair of tacky ass goggles.

And don’t even get me started on Olive. That little girl had no damn brain I fucking swear she was so stupid oh my bird. She was lighter than air because she had no damn brain.

AND ENOCH. THAT LITTLE MOODY SNITCH. He told the bird that Emma and I were a thing. I beat him up later that day but him and his stupid dolls would follow us around ALL THE TIME.

And Horace and his shitty nightmares. He’d wake up in the middle of the damn night and wake me to help calm his little ass down. Bitch, I ain’t your fucking slave. I never got a full night if sleep at that God forsaken home.

And Bronwyn was so damn sensitive. Her brother was no better. They were like human bulls! They were hella strong but holy shit. They were almost as bad as Olive! Bronwyn called the little girls “maudpie” and I wanted to tell her to shut it, but if I did her brother would beat me up and she’d cry.

I still can’t get over this girl Claire. SHE HAD A MOUTH ON THE BACK OF HER HEAD. WHAT THE HELL? One time she but me with it! Like listen here you Lil shit don’t fucking bite me with that damn it. That hurt like a fucker.

I loved the fuck out of Emma but damn was she angry. One time I went through her dresser and she got mad at me! I’m sorry, but I thought we were dating! God she was a bitch sometimes. That’s why I left her ass.

I’m happy that I left that hellhole. Everyone thought that I was leaving to fight. Bitch nah I hated everyone there.


Joint venture with @heart-attack-harry

Chapter 13


There’s no way on this earth that I heard that right.  Did that twat just ask for Fiona’s number?  Didn’t he know she was taken?  Well kind of taken.  Alright she wasn’t taken at all but she was in love with me already.  She told me.  And I would never let that go.  I don’t care how many times she told me she couldn’t be with me.  I was never going to walk away.  Not if I could help it.

I looked up at her after the idiot left, watching as she approached me cautiously.  I hated that.  Fiona used to walk up to me with purpose.  Like she meant it.  She wanted to walk up to me.  And now she walked up to me like she was dreading the words about to come out of my mouth.

She took a deep breath,

“What are you doing here, Niall?”

Every syllable of those words was like a dagger to my heart.  I gestured to the loser walking out to his car,

“Did ya give him your number?”

She shook her head, diverting her eyes down to her order pad,

“That’s none of your business.”


“Stop calling me that.”

I raised my eyebrows,

“I’m not allowed t’call ya Pink anymore?  Seriously?”

She shook her head,

“No.  Pink was when we were…friends.”  She finished in a whisper.

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Alistair Appreciation Week

Day Four: Exactly like your mother’s nose - Family

for @alistairappreciationweek

“Grand Enchanter,” Marina greet cautiously, bowing a little to the older elven woman where she stands at a desk piled high with books.

“Not since the mages rebelled and left the Circles, I’m afraid, but you may call me that if you wish, many still do,” Fiona nods politely. “Is there something I can do for you,” she asks, eyeing the other warily.

“I- I hope so,” Marina hesitates for a moment, worrying her bottom lip as she summons the courage for what it is she came here to say. “I trust as a former Gray Warden, you will understand why what I am about to tell you must remain quiet, at least for the time being,” the younger mage begins softly. “Many people are aware that I have for some time now been away from Ferelden, but very few exactly why. The truth is that I have been traveling these last two years in search of a cure for the Calling.”

Fiona nods again but frowns a little. “You aren’t the first to ask. I will be happy to tell you what I can, but I’m afraid no one has been able to tell me how or why the taint was lifted from me,” the Grand Enchanter replies solemnly.

“You misunderstand,” Marina interjects, shaking her head. “I wished to tell you that I have found it.”

“A cure for the Calling?”

“Perhaps even the Taint itself, though it’s probably too early to be certain of that much yet. With luck and additional research, it’s possible no one need ever die of it again.”

“That’s… well, that is wonderful news, but I’m afraid I don’t understand why you should have felt the need to tell me before you can make such news public.”

“I thought perhaps you might like to know your son will be the next Warden to receive the cure,” Marina replies softly for just the Grand Enchanter to hear as the elf’s ears twitch and pupils dilate.

“How did you- Does he know?”

“I didn’t. Only suspected. But it is not my secret to tell. There is one other matter, I’d hoped to discuss with you, however.”

“And just what might that be,” Fiona asks, folding her arms a bit defensively in front of herself, perhaps an unconscious shield against any further invasion of her privacy.

“Alistair has asked me to marry him,” Marina admits, fighting back the blush and happy smile that threatens to burst from her even under the scrutiny and distrust of the older woman. “Well, he’s been asking for some time now, but I’ve finally said yes. It didn’t feel right to when we couldn’t be certain of a future. What we’ve had, it’s been more than I could ever have dreamed of while I was living in the Circle, but he was raised in the Chantry, says he wants to make an honest woman of me,” Marina continues. Maker, she’s babbling now. Surely her lover’s mother doesn’t wish to know or hear these things about her and Alistair. “Mother Giselle has agreed to officiate for us, here in the gardens, but we’d need a witness.”

“I do not know him. He has grown up and become his own man without me entirely. I am a stranger to him, as he is to me,” Fiona replies sadly with a shake of her head.

“For now,” Marina agrees. “But there’s nothing to say that things have to remain that way,” the younger mage presses. “Enchanter, I- He’s been told you were a serving maid. That you died in childbirth.” Fiona nods. Duncan had related as much to her after Maric had seen to finding a home and someone to look after their son. “It may be a lie, but he’s never forgotten you. He still wears your amulet. All Alistair has ever wanted was a place to belong. A family.”

“And I let him believe he didn’t have one. That he was neither loved or welcome anywhere,” the Enchanter replies bitterly. “Maric would have kept him. He would have given him the world. He would have defied Loghain and all of Ferelden for us, but I couldn’t let him. I wanted better for him. For them both. Maric went to the Deep Roads with us to escape the weight of that crown, and what would I have been, but everything Ferelden hated? An elf, a mage, an Orlesian. I never wanted Alistair to suffer the burden of his heritage,” Fiona replies shaking her head, arms tightening a little around herself in a kind of hug. Marina makes a point of looking away to anything else as the Enchanter wipes her eyes with the edges of her sleeves and collects herself once more.

“You were trying to do what was best for him.”

“I was,” Fiona nods. “And I failed him miserably. The best thing that ever happened to me, and I gave him up,” she whispers, finally drawing a deep resigned sigh, and straightening back up once more. “I- I’m glad he was able to find what he was looking for, despite our botched efforts,” she continues nodding to Marina with a weak, rueful smile. “I will go,” she declares finally with a nod. “To your wedding,” she clarifies. “Not as his mother. The day belongs to you both, not me. But- I would like to be there. I will witness it for you. And perhaps someday…”

Marina nods. Perhaps it’s having spent half her life locked away in a tower, or maybe it’s something to do with the Warden’s philosophies, but she will take what she can get. “Thank you, Enchanter.”

“Fiona,” the elf corrects quietly. “You are marrying my son. You may call me Fiona whilst we’re in private.”

“Thank you, Fiona.”

“Be good to him.”

“He is far too good to me, I think,” Marina smiles softly, “but I will happily spend the rest of our lives endeavoring to deserve it and make him as happy.”

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Who are some of your favorite fic writers?

I have a good few within the Robron fandom (and I’m sticking to this fandom for the list)! This might get long…

@sapphicsugden writes such raw, emotional and engaging fic… I am excited any time she posts something and her fics have made me feel so much over the past year I’ve been in this fandom. Siri you are just a gift <3

@portinastorm Sabrina writes amazing fics, and they have everything; angst, fluff, intricate family drama, and she has such a great understanding of the characters. It is really amazing to read.

@memorieswarm understands Robron so well…. you have no doubt when you read her fic that she just knows them, and it definitely comes across. I have loved everything I have read that has been written by Clo.

@robronalways I have never met anyone who can write fic as quickly as Hannah can and it is just so inspiring! Her fics are always amazing and wonderfully written and I can’t wait to see what idea she comes up with next.

@softrobertsugden writes amazing fics that always make me want to curl up under a blanket with a cup of tea while I read them, even when they hurt like hell… they are always brilliant and always something I love and written with such understanding for the characters. Fiona writes great fics.

@wellyfullofale Tash… I have a confession. I hate football. It doesn’t interest me in the slightest. You have made me love football through the medium of fic and I am so thrilled because I literally drop everything whenever you update! Your fics are amazing and I am in awe ^_^ 

@capseycartwright can write anything.. give her any prompt, or any idea and she’ll write something amazing, emotional, cute, fluffy, angsty.. you name it. Lorna is amazingly talented and I love her fics so much.

@godamnarmsrace Zo’e can write fic that is just so hilarious, but also sweet and emotional and cute and brilliant. Her drabbles are amazing and she needs to know how much I appreciate her writing! 

@vckaarrob writes really raw fics, and I have learnt a lot from reading hers. It’s viceral and very emotional without being cheesy and I am always excited to read what she posts!

I think that’s it… but there are so many talented writers in this fandom and if I haven’t mentioned you I promise it is purely a reflection of me being stupid and not anything else…

Wasn't the same.

I don’t really think it’s canon that Baz’s dad is evil but it’s my headcanon. So here is a little fic where he [baz’s dad] doesn’t attend the snowbaz wedding and Baz is sad. 
TW: Sad Baz. Neglectful parenting and implied homophobia
Word Count: 380

I wrote a lil expansion of this!

My aunt Fiona called today. To congratulate Snow and me.

 My father did not call. I convinced myself that I didn’t mind. 

I had invited Fiona, but she couldn’t attend. She was strutting through New York somewhere. In chunky doc martens and killing vampires. I didn’t mind that she couldn’t come, honestly. It was quiet. There was no need for her to fly all the way here just to see me kiss Snow. She could see that anytime. 

She promised that she would visit as soon as she got back. I nodded, forgetting she couldn’t see me.

 I had invited my father. He didn’t reply. I tried not to mind, but the night before I cried softly in Simon’s arms. I didn’t tell him that I had cried because I had no parents who loved me. 

My step-mother came. It wasn’t the same. When we had lived in the same house, I had hated her. Because she wasn’t my mother. I loved Daphne now. But I only really saw her at Christmas and in the summer. It wasn’t the same 

Mordelia came. She was the only one old enough to decide for herself. I missed Mordelia, dare I admit, but it wasn’t the same.

 When Fiona called she asked me to describe it to her. I told her there was nothing to describe. 

It was Bunce and Wellbelove (surprisingly, she came). Bunce brought her parents and her fiancé, Micha. Wellbelove brought her dog. I brought my stepmother and my sister. It was a small crowd and it happened in a forest with a creek. Snow is a sucker for forests. Bunce’s father knew a magick priest. Like I said, it was quiet. No one watched us dance our first dance but us and the chipmunks. We played the song on Snow’s mobile. I cried again that night. My head against Simon’s. Simon cried too. Neither of us really knew why the other was crying, but we said nothing.

 Fiona told me she loved me. She told me my mother loved me too. She said nothing about my father. She thought he had been there or had at least called. Fiona sometimes convinced me that my mother would have loved me. I pretend that I’m convinced. But it’s just not the same.

okay cool


With Alice out of the running, I’m claiming Drizella for Rumbelle.

Tremaine is up there with Malcolm/Pan and the Sultan as among the very very very few OUAT parents who don’t love their kids–even most of the evil ones do in their own way (eg. Cora and Fiona). Malcolm and the Sultan both got saddled with kids they didn’t want and ended up hating them, and I’m going to assume that Tremaine/Rapunzel did as well. So what if Drizella was never her biological child? Tremaine took her for some nefarious reason, possibly always intending in some way to use her for spare parts for her own favored daughter.

Physically, I don’t think Adelaide looks much like either Emilie or Bobby but whatevs, this is a crack theory, and at least the brown eyes thing is covered. (She’s at least short and slight like them.) And Drizella has natural magic while Tremaine does not–she inherited it from somewhere; why not from her father, the Dark One.

I could modify my old theory about Alice Stiltskin-Jones and say  that Drizzy is the daughter of WishRumbelle, and that Belle died in her prison shortly after the birth, but someone rescued the infant. (Hey, maybe it was Tiger Lily, Worst Fairy Godmother Ever, who then gave her to someone who would hate her as she did Rumple to Malcolm.)

But it would be just as easy to say that she is canon Rumbelle’s daughter, who was stolen from them when she was young, and they and Gideon thought she was dead. At least that way we can have Rumbelle, meaning Belle, having a little time with their baby girl. But some evil creature (cough Blue) takes her, and Rumbelle in their grief give up on having more kids. 

There are probably some timey-wimey kinks to work out (Drizzy should be younger than Gideon) but given how wacky the timeline is at this point those are shmetails.

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What do u think about Fiona? I don’t really see why ppl hate Fiona? I mean she’s done some stupid shit but all of the Gallagher’s have and she had to sacrifice everything to care for her siblings?? She’s done some selfish things but honestly I feel like she deserves it bc she’s put her siblings before her pretty much all the time.

Fiona is a tough one for me…

I loved her until the back half of season 5. Fiona gets a lot of hate for season 4 and while I get it, I personally don’t agree with it. I’ve actually tried to defend the whole situation with the coke several times but most people say they don’t feel any sympathy for her; but for some reason I still do. She made a TON of mistakes in season 4 that were frustrating, but I feel people forget just how young she is and that she never got to get much of her crazy out because her crazy (while certainly more wild than anything I’ve ever done) was tame compared to what she is surrounded by or what her siblings were capable of doing. Then season 4 comes around and it seems like one thing turns into another and everything snowballs for her until suddenly she’s left coke out on the counter and her baby brother got into it and finally Fiona realizes that she needs to take better care of herself and needs to figure herself out; figure out why her life was capable of spiraling the way it did when she used to be so in control. And I’m all good with that, everyone needs to figure out ways to better themselves. The problem with that though is the way she handled trying to better herself, basically left her siblings out in the cold despite her adopting her siblings. The judge even reminded her that this responsibility would be until Liam reached the age of 18. And her behavior in season 5-7 indicates that she has completely forgotten or has decided to ignore that she legally asked for responsibility of these kids.

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Are you reading any good uni aus right now? I have boys dont cry so many times I need a new one. Any recs?

ohhh my friend you’ve come to the right place!! uni fics are my ultimate fave!! Not all of them are AUs though. So obviously you’ve got:

Boys Don’t Cry which is the single most heartbreaking amazing thing I’ve ever read. AU

- Dandelion and Burdock by @stylesprimes which is up there with the brilliance that is BDC and it’s so good and so realistic and honestly I think about it at least once a day. AU

- Love is a Laserquest by @lifeinblueprint is another amazing fic, it’s so funny and the emsemble cast are just as brilliant as the main characters and it’s so realistic and i love it so much. Duke of the Pricks Harry is also my fave. AU

Perfect Teeth by @kaylesmoothie I don’t think I can ever fully explain why I love this fic so much. It’s SO  incredible and heartbreaking and funny and I want to read it over and over and Kaylie is a Queen and Hezra are my ultimate power couple. There are such important messages in this story and I feel like it’s worthy of being on the shelves of Waterstones and it’s what inspired me to start writing my own fic.

-Crooked Heart by @nebulastyles my gosh this fic. Fiona is SO annoying but so real and broken and it’s so perfectly written that you can’t help but love her. Plus she hates Harry and I’m a sucker for stories like that. And chef Harry is something we need more of. AU

-Deckled Edges by @littlebird006 is soooo good and okay it’s technically not a uni au but Tenny is a recent graduate and so all the uni feelings are still there and its brilliantly written and talks about a subject that it’s really discussed in fic or real life- the graduate doom. 

- Double Take by @tweedledeefic based on one of my fav films, She’s the Man and it’s everything I’ve ever wanted. AU

-How you get the boy by @booksncoffee it’s a uni au AND a enemies to lovers fic which is just my dream come true. It’s annoying at times, just because I sit screaming at my screen wanting things to happen but it’s annoying in the most amazingly addictive way and it’s super funny too. AU

-Intrinsic Grey by @sammarkumismyhomegirl  I feel like everyone loves this fic and for good reason. Sam is such an incredible writer and this is just wonderful. Harry is so charming and sweet and just wants a chance and Davis is such a strong kickass female.  

-Less than Lovers by @ticketchanges another enemies to love story that is just a little slice of perfection. Harry is such an arsehole and i love it. AU

With the New Crowd by @likeamisfit A story about Brixton and Harry Styles is something that probably shouldn’t work but it does and it’s funny and something a little different. 

Forever Hold Your Peace by @cheesewithchips fake dating at it’s finest. This story is soooo good and my heart clenches whilst reading and I laugh so much and it’s so wonderfully written. AU

In Your Atmosphere by @fromherlips this is such a cool fresh take on the uni fic and it feels exciting and it’s very addictive. Eva is such a cool girl and she’s a fashion design student and she helps Harry with his designer wardrobe and there’s a few important messages in the story and it’s just lovely. 

I love Uni fics, a lot of these stories are quite popular so you’ve probably read a few of them so if anyone else has any other recs, PLEASE send them in  

Shameless 7x12

So I thought this was a pretty solid finale the more I thought about it the move I enjoyed it as it had nods to earlier seasons which I really liked. Elements of Frank on the ground passed out again and none of the kids paying any attention. The end scene with Carl and Frank reminded me of the end of season 4 staring out at the Chicago skyline. Things like that. 

Frank-don’t really care about him as a character but tonight he was at a loss for words which really struck me. His funeral speech made me cry-I never seen him talk about his kids that way so emotionally, you honestly saw right there how much he loved Monica and all of his children. 

Fiona-her speech in the backyard-chills. Reminded me of her Season 1 speech to Monica. I loved it a lot.

I think my favorite thing about the whole episode was the book found in Monica’s duffel and how Fiona throughout the whole episode, despite anything she said about Monica, she kept reading the book. It speaks volumes. Sometimes you can hate a family member, former friend, former lover, relative so much but still want to connect with them somehow-I can relate to that and seeing Fiona do that really hit home. 

-There was only music over the speeches at the funeral, I wish we could’ve heard some stories. 

-Fiona getting emotional at the funeral and then Lip putting his arm around her was great. 

-I like that despite Trevor was angry at Ian he still went to her funeral. He’s a good person. I like him I really do-maybe Ian and him can be friends if they decide to bring him back. 

-Yes Sierra and Lip. I really think they’re good together, hoping she comes back for S8. 

-CARL. The family hugging him made me so happy. I’m so proud of him ah he’s come so far and it was so nice to see him in uniform. 

-Carl and Ian running together was so nice to see. Ian is truly proud of Carl and maybe Carl thought about how Ian wanted this so bad and maybe he would be resentful toward him-but this scene just proved they both love each other a lot which we already knew but Ian is happy for Carl. 

-Ian’s reaction to Kev working at Fairytale was great. 

-No closure for Kev/V/Svet but uhhhh okay. 

-the family all upstairs fighting Frank was-well sort of reminded me of some moments I’ve had with my family. That hit close to home for sure. 

-Debbie slapping Frank was SO great. 

-The end scene of everyone dancing was so great. 

-Overall I think this was a good season. Really really good and such a step up from the shit show that was season 6. I loved that Mickey came back, I loved the ending he and Ian had. They’re not right for each other right now but they’ll find their way back to each other. Mickey needs to grow a little more for Ian and I think he’ll do that. 

I hope for Season 8 Sheila, Jimmy-Steve, Mickey, and hey maybe Mandy come back. Would be nice to see them all again. Especially Mickey because him and Ian are soulmates. 

-Liam still needs more lines. 

-Really loved seeing them at the end-Fiona with the building, Debbie welding, Ian still an EMT, Lip at AA. It’s just-gah I’m so proud of them. They’ve all come so far. 

December 7. Angst.

A/N: Hi! So @black-tea-blue-pens and I wrote this for the @carryon-countdown. We hope you enjoy it!  (Read on AO3)

tw: suicide notes & suicide mention but not actual suicide. also major character death


He found me. He found me and there is no way I can deny it. Not with a dry rat in my right hand. Not with the blood stains around me. Not with my fangs out.

He turns around and runs. I should leave him be.

I do not. I chase after him instead. He runs through the empty hallways, upstairs and into our room. Of course. He is supposed to be safe there. I am sure we have woke someone up.

I close the door behind me.

“Get out, Baz”. There is fear in his eyes. He is not disgusted, or angry. He is just scared. The worst part is, I am too.

“It´s our room, Snow”. Is this really the best moment to be sassy?

I take a step towards him.

Another mistake.

“Stop it”.

“I thought you knew. Weren’t you ranting about me being a plotting monster with Bunce?”

“Penny said…”

I think I have just rolled my eyes.

“I couldn’t care less about what Bunce thinks”.

His expression will not change, and I do not know what to do.

I want to to run towards him and tell him I hid who (or should I say what) I am out of shame.

I want to beg him to understand that I am the same person I was a few hours ago. But I am not even a person.

That is the problem.

I feel like crying. He is acting just like I was afraid he would. Just like my father did. Just like my mother would have if she had lived.

Great, just great. Now I am crying. Just what I needed. And I cannot even tell what he is thinking anymore.

“Wha- why are you crying?” Snow sounds confused, like a little boy that does not understand why he is getting scolded.

I laugh at myself. I must look so pathetic.

But of course, because he is Simon Snow he does not understand why I am laughing.

“Stop it”.

“Stop what, Snow?” I am trying to decide between laugh and tears. I want… I do not even know what I want. Dying right now would do.

“Stop laughing. It’s confusing”.

“So what”.

I take another step forward.

“I told you to stop it!” I must still have blood stains. Why do I even care about that now? Right, Simon is scared. The same way my mother would be. No. Simon is worse. Simon can, and will, explode at any moment, and I am flammable. That would be convenient: all my problems would be solved and I would not need to kill him myself.

“Don’t tell me what to do, Snow”. Keep calm, Baz. We are a meter apart, but he is acting as if I was about to dive my fangs in him. That is something that has happened, actually. In my nightmares.

“Is this why you approached Agatha? You wanted to suck her blood, right?”

So that is what he was worried about.

“Don’t you think if I wanted to suck her blood I would have done it a long time ago?”

“You want to kill me. And you didn’t do it yet”.

“That's…” a lie. That is what I should say. That should be the truth.

It is not.

Because I do not want to kill Simon Snow. But I am going to do it anyway.

Tears are still flowing, but I am still smiling. It´s a sick irony, just like my life. Just like sharing room with Simon. Just like falling in love with him.

And I am tired, so tired…


“Snow, the Humdrum´s here”.


“Don’t you feel it? The magic is…”

“It´s not here, Baz. Don’t try to distract me!”

“Snow, I'm…”

It is not the Humdrum. It is Simon. Simon is making the magic disappear.

I must get out of here. No. It is the same outside.


“Stop what?”

“I don’t know, whatever you’re doing”.

I do not understand what he is doing, but I can feel the magic being drained from the air.

“Snow, I’m serious”.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, stop trying to distract me!”

As he grows more and more angry, the magic goes away faster.

No, I realize, it is not disappearing. It is going towards him, as if he were absorbing the air around him, as if magic was drawn to him the same way I am.

I grab his arm, trying to make him stop. I should have not.

He tries to pull out. He cannot. At least the magic in the air is safe now. Because he is draining mine. And it is painful.

“Snow, look at me”. At least he does that much. “Simon, I need you to stop. It hurts. I…”

“What am I supposed to be doing?” “You don’t realize? You´re draining my magic”. I am openly crying now. It hurts too much. I have fallen on my knees at some point, but I cannot release him. I just can´t.

I think I am dying. For real. And it is way more painful than I ever imagined.

I look up at his face, his mouth open as if he wanted to say something but did not know what.

I look into his eyes and feel strangely calm about the fact that I am going to die. Maybe it is because it means everything is going to end.

Aunt Fiona´s speeches about how I must kill him.

Father’s disappointed looks.

Sneaking out to drink blood.

The guilt.

It will be over.

I will not have to kill Simon.

I will not have to live knowing I killed Simon.

I will not have to live knowing I killed the boy I love.

I will be dead.

Not half dead.

Completely dead.

Maybe I will even see my mother, and listen to her voice again. I have missed her.

Maybe I will be able to visit Simon next time the veil opens up.

“Baz, I´m sorry. I’m so sorry, I… I don’t know how to stop this”.

So now we are both crying and I am dying and Simon is imploding and I need to say goodbye. I need to tell him everything before it is too late.

“Simon, I…” I do not even know what to begin with. “Simon, the box”.


“Simon, the box with the Italian shoes…” he understood. He is searching under my bed.


I reach under the bed with Baz still grabbing my arm and take out the box. I still don’t know what´s happening, I feel nothing. But he seems to be falling apart. His way too elegant for anyone but him Italian shoes are inside, along with an envelope that has the Pitch emblem printed.

I´m about to open it but Baz stops me. He´s sitting on the floor, and pressure on my arm is softer. He’s paler than usual, and that is weird because he´s a… A vampire. I think he has no strength left. And it´s so sad watching him this way…

“Simon, I… I´m sorry. I love you Simon”.

Did he just say that?

He has released my arm.

And has fallen down on the floor.

Baz is dead.

I feel renewed, and that’s when I realize what Baz meant. I’ve sucked all of his magic. The only monster here is me. It shouldn’t have happened this way. It should have been fair. Or have not been at all. Baz should be alive. As a vampire. Or as a boy. I don’t care. He should be alive.

I wait for the anathema to make effect, but it just doesn’t. Maybe because it was not my intention. Or was it? I don’t know anymore. I see the envelope in my hand and open it. Inside, there are three pages full of Baz’s elegant handwriting.

     Dear Father:

It has been twelve years since the day I was supposed to die. Ever since then, things have just gotten worse day by day and I just cannot stand it anymore.

I miss her. I miss my mother. My last memory of her is her voice shouting curses at the vampires.

I remember people scrambling. I remember watching one of the vampires light up like a Roman candle. I remember a flash of agony before the man holding me sank his teeth into my neck.

And then pain.

And then nothing…

I must have passed out.

When I woke up, I was in my mother’s  quarters, and Father and Fiona were casting healing spells over me.

When I woke up, my mother was gone.

When I woke up, I was a vampire.

I hated myself for what I was.

I was a monster. A vampire. Like the ones who killed her. The ones who she despised.

I lied awake at night, wondering what she would have done if she had lived. Would she have loved me nonetheless? Would she have abandoned me? Would she… would she have killed me? I used to hug my pillow, crying until I fell asleep, exhausted. I needed you to hug me, to comfort me. But you were not there.

As I child, I learned to get used to you ignoring me. To you being ashamed of me. Up until I was thirteen I justified your behavior to myself with stupid, hard to believe excuses.

When I was eleven, I was admitted into Watford. I should not have. My mother would have never let a vampire in the school.

Being a vampire is death. It is death, because you need to eat life to stay alive. It is death, because when you are hungry, you cannot stop thinking about eating other people. It is death, because you look at other people, living people, and they seem really far away. They seem like something else. The way that birds seem like something else. And they are full of something you do not have. You could take it from them, but it still will not be yours. They are full, and… you are hungry. You are not alive. You are just hungry.

And then there is Snow. Simon Snow. My roommate and my nemesis. Simon, who is so full of life and magic. How am I supposed to take that from him? Simon Snow. My first love, my enemy.

When I came to Watford, I knew I had to hide the fact that I am a vampire. I knew Simon Snow would be there, and I also knew he would be my enemy. Why? Because Fiona said so. Because you said so. Because The Mage, even though I was only eleven, already thought of me as a threat. Because everyone around me said so. When the crucible drew us together, I could not believe my luck. Killing him would be way easier than expected.

It was not.

The roommate anathema made it impossible, and I hated it. I hated him. I hated how he was completely incapable of controlling his own magic. How he seemed a little stupid. How he followed the Mage everywhere. But the worst part is that he was alive, and I was not, and that made me jealous.

Now it has changed. At some point, I began liking him. I didn’t care that he didn’t use magic to tie his shoes, or that he always dressed with the school uniform, or that he suddenly appeared in our room covered by blood and mumbling explanations.

He should not be my roommate, he deserves someone better. He deserves a normal guy to hang out with and organize parties; not a vampire who was taught to hate him since he was little. Not someone whose family wants him dead. Not someone who cannot even confess out of fear. Not someone who is going to kill him.

I am going to kill him. I do not care if the Anathema fires me. I just hope this way you and Fiona will be proud for once. Because, Father, one of the most awful parts of being a vampire is that the Pitch mansion is not wide enough for me not to hear you and Daphne telling Mordelia to be careful. And that you are right, but it hurts. It hurts that you hate me for being a vampire. It hurts that you hate me for being homosexual. It hurts that you think of me as a monster. It hurts because I didn’t get to choose any of those things. It hurts that you seem incapable of helping me cope with all of this.

But it does not matter anymore, because I am going to kill Simon.

And then I will kill myself.

Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch.

Where it all went wrong: Fiona ( or I......am drinking wine again)

So I’ve been seeing criticism about Gallavich shippers, the claim is that we only care about Mickey and Ian and that there are other characters in the show. But here is the thing, When I first started watching Shameless when the show first came out? I loved EVERYBODY, is it true that Mickey ended up being my numero uno? Yes, but in the beginning? First few episodes? It was Ian, Carl and Fiona. That’s right. I actually really liked Fiona.

So that’s who I am going to start with, why I began to hate Fiona.

In Season 1 Fiona was complex, interesting and rich. I wanted to know her, follow her through and see where she ended up. She was a 21 year old girl taking care of her 5 other siblings because her father was a alcoholic/drug addict and her mother was gone. We are lead to believe that this has been going on since she was a child (confirmed in season 3), in the first episode we are basically told that she has low self esteem and uses sex as a means to feel good about herself ( the girl who gave it up in a Wendy’s drive through. “You’ve done that more then once?!”). But even with her issues she was strong and independent and she loved her family and would do anything for them.

Now in the beginning (before season 4) I could excuse her neglect of her siblings, here’s why: firstly she was 21 years old, when I was 21… I can not imagine having to care for 5 kids let alone 1! So when it comes to Lip and Ian, I get it. They are 16 & 15, in her eyes that is practically adulthood (she dropped out of school at 15 to care for her siblings if I’m remembering that right), Carl and Debbie are also at an age where they can….. theoretically be on their own a little bit. She is working as many temp jobs as she possibly can to keep her family a float, she isn’t home all the time and lets face it, she has dropped a lot of her life to be able to provide for this family and I’m not judging her (yeeeeeet!)

Her relationship with Jimmy shows us our first glimpse of her being a “chaos addict” (which, why is it that the writers for some reason could foreshadow and create a semblance continuity for s1-4???) in that she doesn’t decide to JUMP RIGHT ONE THAT JIMMY TRAIN until he shows her that he is a car thief. ANYway, my point is, S1 Fiona was where it was at.

Season 2 Fiona waaaas, OK, I didn’t really understand the whole friendship with Jasmine and this is where we are introduced to the Shameless writers love for Character assassination!  Here is a mini tangent – Jasmine started out in S1 as a helpful new friend, could I see the possible bisexual/lesbian angle? Sure. Did the show have to go that way? NO IT DIDN’T. This show has a way of being really…shitty when it comes to showcasing relationships. I’m sorry but I have had plenty of friendships where no one wanted to fuck me and vice versa. Anyways, it decides to make Jasmine a …. cheater and  gold digger who is trying to set Fiona up with rich bachelors and who is also in LOVE with Fiona? When Fi has giving her absolutely nothing? I just hated that so much and it made Fiona kind of look like a jack ass?

ANY-ways (once again), I still liked Fi in Season 2  but she was… I didn’t agree with her sleeping with a dude she KNEW was married, though that bit her in the ass and was generally amusing and just kind of shows the kind of girl she is (which, once again, no judgment). She sleeps around, shes kind of loose. She’s SHAMELESS.

Season 3 is where Fi started to loose me a little bit. I wasn’t a fan of how she was treating Jimmy/Steve in the beginning (then J/S became…. a weird cheater which, I just don’t get why ANYONE  in this god damn show can’t seem to have a god damn conversation with their significant other?! Like I feel like even as secretive and emotionally fucked up I can be I would tell my boyfriend (if I was in J/S’s place)…. “Hey sooooo it looks like the cartel is upset that I’m not participating in my farce of a marriage so I’ll have to go over there sometimes”) but she really redeemed herself with fighting for guardianship of the kids (Which later she doesn’t give a fuck about).

Then lets look at Fiona’s downward spiral, Season 4 opens with me saying  “Fuck you Fiona” Because she doesn’t seem to give ANY shits about her 17! year old brother who is missing. Now I don’t hate Fiona for the coke situation. I’m going to state that now. What I do blame her for is the whole… sleeping with her boyfriend’s brother thing…. WTF?! I……. just couldn’t understand it, sure she wasn’t super into Cup Mike, but REALLY Fiona? REALLY? I thought the whole thing was gross. Then the coke thing happened and that was a huge wake up call. I don’t blame her, I’ve been both an Au Pair and a Nanny, you can’t always have your eyes on kids and shit happens (though not shit as fucking ridiculous as that but not everyone has a dude just show up with random coke).

Then there is S5 Fiona whoooooo? Doesn’t give a fuck about Ian? Not enough to visit him or anything. They go for a run ONCE that we see and other then that? She talks to Mickey the one time. That’s it. And I mean the show could be making it seem that she might go on runs with Ian normally THEY NEED TO ACTUALLY SHOW US SHIT GOD DAMN IT. Her plot was also just about DICK holy shit?! Its starts with this new fucking dude Sean, who we are just introduced to out of no where (like the first thought I had was “Who the fuck is this guy?!”) then the Australian (….he’s Australian, right?) singer, then Gus its just DICK AFTER DICK. Where did her plot gooooo? Like …. I feel like the Fiona back in S1- 3 wasn’t the type of chick to let a Man or Men fuck up her life this much? Also not quite the girl to make such HORRIBLE mistakes?! She didn’t let Jimmy/Steve manipulate her life, so why is it happening now? Why is her life all of a sudden all about men? Sooooo here is about where I check out. I checked the fuck out. She married this Gus guy out of NO WHERE and I was done with her and her story line. (also the whole Jimmy/Jack/Steve story line was bullshit retconning character assassination and I am not acknowledging it)

S6……. I don’t really remember what her story was about because I couldn’t give two shits, but she’s dating Sean (Man do I need to re-watch…… I am currently re watching I’m at S1 E 3 soooooooo yeah) Then S7 she becomes a Mega bitch who abandons her family, demands they (even the underage ones) pay rent and…….. fucks all the men on Tinder? Like…… man I don’t even give a fuck, she gives shitty advice and is shitty and starts businesses out of NOTHING, FUCK YOU WRITERS ITS FUCKING HARD TO START A FUCKING BUSSINESS ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? None of the shit she is doing is ANYTHING she would be able to actually do and reality is non existent and I don’t care. I’ll admit this right here and now, I didn’t watch any of Fiona’s shit in S6., but I did in S7 and it was so boring I can’t really remember what the fuck happened.

Sadly my growing dislike for her is infecting the previous seasons (1-3). Anyway.

Next Time : Lip

Actually the more I think about it the more I want Fiona for a companion. She’s a 50+ year old mage with a spine of dragonbone and a former Grey Warden.

She’s met the Architect, so it’d be interesting to see how she reacts to another talking Darkspawn emissary. And her opinions regarding Adamant Fortress and the Wardens there.

Blackwall should probably avoid her.

And Dorian.

She’s an elf who’s had at least some education on elven history, and her perspective on the temple of Mythal would be interesting since she’s neither stuck in the ancient past like Solas or outright hostile to it like Sera.

She was a high ranking mage in the Circle of Magi, as well as being Orlesian like Vivienne, but would provide an anti-Circle perspective. The two would have destructive but thought provoking interactions I would imagine.

She would hate the Winter Palace and I have no idea if you could even convince her to go in the first place, but it’s probably not a good idea and not good for her emotional or mental health.

And can you imagine the banter between her and Loghain (*snarky comment* “something something Maric was an idiot and we loved him”) I wonder if she’d have anything to say regarding Ostagar and Duncan’s death? Or them potentially being in-laws.

Banter between Fiona and Warden Alistair.

Time for my thoughts on 5.10

So look away if you don’t want spoilers!!! Seriously…

Okay here we go:

  • Mickey trying to blow Ian was YES
  • Mickey kissing the top of Ian’s head when he couldn’t get it up was also YES
  • Mickey preparing Ian’s meds for him
  • Mickey looking out for Ian <3
  • Ian baby don’t burn your hand again, I can’t handle that pain
  • Fiona get your shit together, I can’t anymore.
  • Debbie you sob, I’m so mad. PUT THE CONDOM ON!!!!!! Doc said 48 hours not 48 minutes! URGH
  • Carl, I miss you.
  • Liam, you cute as helllll
  • Frank, bye, I don’t care
  • Kev, thank fuck you went back home to your wife cause I couldn’t anymore
  • Svetlana, I miss you too…. and yevy
  • Lip, I don’t really care about you in this episode. Sorry not sorry. Still a hottie though.
  • Ian hitting Mickey and telling him to be the man he “FELL FOR” and basically to stop babying him was how I KNEW it would play out and I am so happy about it. They were soooo into that fight it was great. PLUS they’re cute fucking smiles afterwards.
  • “You look like a wet rat” then kisses the guy he’s in love with. DONE. BYE. PUT THAT ON MY GRAVESTONE.
  • Ian’s 7 foot ass jumping on Mickey’s 5 foot ass was amazing while they sang. perfect.
  • “Holy shit. I just realized we’ve never been on a real date.” - Ian.
  • “Bullshit.” - Mickey
  • Sammi, you fucking cunt I hate you so much. From day 1. Die in a hole for all I care. Fucking bitch. Used treating Ian’s hand as a way to get info and fucking turned him in when he has done absoFUCKINGLUTELY NOTHING TO HER. URGH I’m so emotional about it all.
  • BUT, Mickey tryna fight the MPs off to get his man was, I can’t form words. He fell hard for this poor boy.
  • Fiona and Mickey’s death glares to Sammi were the perfect fucking ending though. BROTP. Get Sammi out.

In all, I fucking loved this episode. Ian and Mickey were, urgh, just bless them.

If you wanna chat Shameless, shoot me a message. I’m all ears!

very shitty shameless finale recap

i had to type it up for this poor soul ladyimpala1 that asked me to recap it for her.  this is not particularly well done and i’m sure i left out a ton but since i had to further traumatize myself to type it out, i figured i’d post it for anybody who hasn’t seen and wants a shitty recap first.  

sarcasm and stupidness and no real insight ahead.

Fiona and ShutUpSean (sorry; i hate him):  Fiona rolled around, literally, with her husband Gus.  But he doesn’t know if he wants to be around because Fickle Fiona can’t make up her mind.  So Fickle Fiona goes and finds ShutUpSean at the diner and tells him she loves him and they kiss but ShutUpSean is only happy when he’s jerking her around so he tells her to grow up, adjusts his blue balls, and man-angsts himself off to the rathole from whence he came.

Debbie:  Fiona briefly remembers she’s supposed to be watching the siblings she fought so hard to have guardianship off, so she comes home to find LIam, for the eleventyththousand time, watching some super inappropriate shit on tv.  Look the kid’s already scarred by your super-neglect, Fiona, I don’t know why you’re freaked by zombies.  Anyway, Fiona goes upstairs to find Debbie and Derek in bed together.  It’s not graphic but i remember when she was nine and crying over Aunt Ginger.  This is not OK.  Then Debbie tells her she’s pregnant (probably!)  The show will continue to dangle this ‘is she or isn’t she’ into next season, probably, because it ends with her taking a pregnancy test and we don’t know the result.  Also, Fiona tries to remind Debbie that babies are a big fucking deal but Debbie apparently doesn’t remember that she’s been witness to Monica’s baby parade, a thousand teen pregnancies, and also took care of several summer’s worth of rash inducing bratz because all Debbie wants is BABIEZ and a underage shotgun wedding Kentucky styles.  I can say this because my kinfolk are from Kentucky.  

Lip:  Lip has some kinky sex with his playboy bunny of a professor while her creepy husband sits in the corner and watches.  my adored zebrawallpaper had the best observation about him:  'he looks like Stephen King!’  he so does.  it was gross.  And Awesome Amanda was awesome but Lip has absolutely no clue - he thinks he’s all in love with freaky Helene because she’s freaky.  Newsflash, Lip…Mandy was kinky too, and far more awesome, and not married.  Ditto for Karen.  I love you, Lip, but I don’t get you.  At all.  Anyway, Awesome Amanda spoke for us all and socked him good.

Frank:  blah blah boring Costa Rica is pretty/i liked Bianca’s caftan…  there was a gun and some angst and then Bianca drowned herself, apparently, and gave Frank a sad.  The sad he never was able to muster for any of his children.  Ever.  I had no care and I really didn’t pay attention to this, sorry.

Kev/V: (added because i feel shitty that i forgot them) kev’s an easy lay and no one is surprised.   basically, repeat everything from the last episode (’you slept with how many co-eds??!’) and add a visit to the clinic.  basically, kev needs a decontamination bath and a lot of shots.  finally, he proves his utter devotion to v, despite his twenty-somethingtiming her, by leaving their twins to scream it out.  because nothing say ‘i love you’ like rampant parental neglect.  *copyright: Frank Gallagher/Fiona Gallagher*  on the good side, Shanola was so radiant that i could have just watched her on mute, in slow motion, all night long.  also, they made one very important mention of my girl, Svetlana, who is apparently still staying with them.  For now.  *sigh*  (this is not the time for my ‘you’ll pry Svetlana from my cold dead hands’ rant, is it?)

um…ok…. *sigh*  Ian x Mickey.  Please take a deep breath.  It’s really not going to be an easy read.

So um..our first glimpse of Mickey is him fucking some chick (i so thought it was Svetlana for a minute but it wasn’t).  Don’t ask me, hon, I just don’t know.  Apparently he’s not having a good time and homosexuality is Shameless’s Viagara because Mickey can go go go without ever finishing.  The girl is numb and leaves.  End of that scene except I think he sad dials Ian, I don’t remember now.  PTSD.

So Ian goes to a truck stop diner with Monica and sees her doing some shady shit to get money.  He also ignores Mickey’s millionth phone call.  Then they go to her trailer domicile because Monica (and the writers) love a good white trash stereotype.  Her man Walter is probably about Ian’s age and looks like Vanilla Ice after his career went south.  Ian immediately hates Walter, finds a bunch of crystal meth in Monica’s purse, realizes she’s a dealer and Walter is cooking it up for her to sell.  His moments with Monica were quite beautiful and quite sad.  She tells him that he needs to find someone who loves him ad accepts him for who he is and whole fandom is temporarily fooled into thinking this means he’s going back to Mickey.

Mickey sad-dials Ian for the ten millionth time and when Ian doesn’t answer he goes off into the shadows with a guy he calls cupcake.  Mercifully, we don’t see anything else.

Mickey finally gets a phone call from Ian and runs (RUNS!!!) to the Gallagher house, where Ian is sitting on the porch.  

This is where the ultra mega suck comes in.  I just want to warn you first before you keep reading.  This is not good at all.  I’m serious.  There is no good here, I’m afraid I have bad news.

Ian tells Mickey something about how Mickey used to love him for him and love him the way he is, and he hates his medication and doesn’t want to keep taking it and he wants to know if Mickey will stay with him anyway if he doesn’t take it.  Mickey doesn’t say anything but come all, we all know that answer was HELL THE FUCK YES.  Then Mickey tells him HE LOVES HIM and oh god he’s so sincere and Ian doesn’t even blink, he just shines it on with a 'what does that even mean?“  Mickey says they take care of each other and again it’s like speaking to a stone wall.  So Mickey says that Ian is breaking up with him and he’s totally teary and it’s just so sad and Ian’s like 'yeah, pretty much’ and if it wasn’t sucky enough just then SAMMI SHOWS UP WITH A FUCKING GUN AND CHASES MICKEY SHOOTING AT HIM and Ian is like 'whatevs’ and greets his family and this is apparently supposed to be funny????? and i’m sorry to say that is the last we see of Ian x Mickey or Mickey at all.  There’s another brief scene, a throwback to the pilot, of Ian and Lip in the van and it would have been wonderful if I hadn’t been flailing in agony.

It was just…I expected the break up but this was a gross and stupid slap in the face. I’m sorry.