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Favorite Character Meme: [¼] Relationships ♡ Finn/Rachel (Glee)
↳ “You and I both know how this thing ends. I don’t know how, or when, and I don’t care where you’re living or what dope you’re shacked up with. You’re my girlfriend. We are endgame. I know that and you know that.”


»By the side of Enjolras, who represented the logic of the Revolution, Combeferre represented its philosophy.

Enjolras was the chief, Combeferre was the guide, Courfeyrac was the centre.«

Combeferre is @ciasty
Courfeyrac is @courfee
Enjolras is @a-witchboy (me)

Picture taken by @notactuallybatman


I love everyone but I think my sweet cinnamon roll son comes first. Man he’s hard to draw consistently though.


Here’s a bunch of undertale stuff that I doodled today to celebrate halloween! I’m sorry that there’s no Toriel,MTT, ect.!I really wanted to include more characters in here but my hand started hurting aaaand I haven’t slept for ~23 hours, so… yeah. Sorry about that. Maybe next time! Oh, and-

Happy Halloween Everybody! :D 

Stay safe and have a spooktacular time!

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what's your favourite enjolras fancast? like i love miles frank as grantaire, but, i can't find a perfect enjolras. i used to like axel Kwenkeu but i dont love him as much anymore?

buddy finding a good enjolras is so hard to me. Like for video editing I use  Tarjei Sandvik Moe because I have more footage of him but the main reason is that.  

I find Finn Jones good but again, not right. 

 Niels Schneider is used a lot in the fandom buuuuuut

Okay but my fave after Aaron has to be Dylan Forsberg.

Okay is very hard for me to choose I have this image of Enjolras in my head and its too hard to find it.

I can’t escape these 24 feels. I teared up when Finn was pushing forward and so excited to get back into the ring, I love his determination. I cannot be more grateful to his parents and siblings for raising a man with such an amazing work ethic and supporting their son/brother to the point where he has this lightness about him that draws everyone in. And his friends who shape who he has become as a person when he is away from home are amazing, from Ireland to Japan to Orlando there is a wonderful line of people who have made Fergal work incredibly hard as Finn. And Fergal himself has taken his past and learned so much and what did he choose to do? Share it with those in his home land who may not have had the kind of exposure they needed before to move up in their careers. Fergal Devitt is an amazing man and I am so excited to see where his career takes off to and I hope that he will live a happy, positive life like he so truly deserves.

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Kylux au: Sailor Ren and Huxedo Mask ✨💖✨ Luna is Millie, Jupiter is Rey, Finn is Mercury, Venus is Poe, and Mars is Pava 💖 and Phasma? Def sailor Uranus✨


I was going to draw this all because everything is perfect and i want to see it, but i’m way too lazy so I just give you instead, human BB-8 as Chibi-usa

I can’t stop thinking about Finnrey reunion possibilities

Like Rey returns to the rebel base with Luke in tow and everyone is excited because here’s this guy who was supposedly a myth in the flesh (but nobody more so than Leia who has missed her brother for years), but Rey slips away to go to the medbay because she has to see if Finn is awake, she has to know, but when she gets there, the bed he was laying in when she left is empty and meticulously made and she just stands there not knowing what to think.

And then she hears his voice behind her and turns and there he is and they both just stand there practically ogling each other and drinking in each other’s image because it’s been long, too long, and it almost feels like a dream.

Then they both burst into ridiculous grins and start chattering excitedly over the other, similar to how they’d done so on the Falcon.

“You’re awake-” “You’re back-” “Are you okay? How are you feeling?” “Is Luke here? How was the trip?” And they realize what they’re doing and burst into laughter and finally Finn strides over to Rey and hugs her and Rey throws her arms around his neck and hugs him.

And Rey is a little frightened because she never realized how intensely she’d missed him - like a hard knot in her stomach - but seeing him again is a flood of relief and familiarity and like coming home again.

And Finn can’t stop thinking about how glad he is that she’s back, that he’s glad he woke up only yesterday because having to spend so much time without her would be agonizing.

I want a fanfiction where Finn reacts negatively at the idea of staying with the Resistance. That he can’t handle the idea of following orders again. He could commit to the mission of destroying Starkiller because it’s the right thing to do while actually prioritizing saving Rey AND the fact that is was his idea in the first place. No one ordered him to help or complete the mission. It was all free will. And now that it’s done you want to submit to another power, to give over his life to a cause when he literally just got his freedom?

The Resistance practically lives at the First Order’s doorstep, the exact thing he wants to be a galaxy away from. And now after nearly dying from his battle with a man who takes his mutiny extremely personal, you want him to face him again? You want him to put his life on the line for “something bigger than himself” again.

Talk to me how the Resistance is another nightmare for Finn. That he watched one of the few friends he’s ever had be murdered when he was unarmed and vulnerable. You want him to experience that again?

Talk to me about how Finn feels cornered. That he feels as if he’s tied himself down to Rey to where he feels that he has to be in the Resistance so he can see her again. Talk to me about how he might feel envious of her ability to adapt to her new role in the galaxy where all he wanted to do is escape the First Order; what that actually meant to him, he didn’t think past getting to the Outer Rim but now he has time to sit around and wonder what to do and in the meantime, he’s with another army where his life still doesn’t feel like his own.

Someone write a fanfiction talking about Finn’s restlessness of not wanting to stay with the Resistance but he never leaves and Leia sees this, understanding that he needs to be in charge, to feel like he has a place in this world and control over his life and she takes him under her wing for him to have that space to make his own decisions and have a say in missions.

Tell me how he feels to have this older woman be invested in his well-being and what he wants in life, who doesn’t force her expectations on him like Phasma did. Talk to me about how he turns his unrest and feelings of listlessness into motivation and spite. It’s the First Order’s fault he’s here in the first place right? It’s the Order’s fault he feels so uneasy being in the Resistance, a movement built on the fight for freedom, what he’s been wanting for so long. 

Show me how Finn comes to terms with the reality that the Resistance isn’t just falling orders and watching people die or sacrificing himself as the command of a captain. It’s about destroying the thing that took so much from him and making sure it happens to no one else. It’s about punishing the bad and saving the good. I love the idea of a spiteful Finn killing two birds with one stone.

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I know you probably can't reveal too much, but I was wondering what the thought is among the writers about Clarke's experience with women before Lexa. Do you think Lexa is the first woman she's kissed, or is there the possibility that she had a female love interest on the Ark?

We haven’t established it, so I leave it to your imagination. Clarke didn’t seem surprised by the idea of being with another woman when Lexa kissed her and she was obviously not sexually inexperienced when she slept with Finn… so make of those things what you will. 

Poe’s battled the First Order for most of his life. He’s shot down their ships and he’s killed… how many Stormtroopers? A lot, he knows that much. And he’s never hesitated to pull the trigger because this is a fight that needs to be fought.

And then he meets Finn, and now there’s a face behind the mask. And Poe’s never quite the same after that. Not on the ground, not with a blaster rifle in his hand when there’s a Stormtrooper in front of him and part of him wonders about the face behind *that* mask. Could this be another Finn, another gentle young man desperate to walk away? And so Poe hesitates, just for a moment.

Except when Finn or Rey are in danger - then he’ll kill anything that stands in his path, and he won’t waste a millisecond worrying about it.