i love finn in this video

the signs as shit i've snapchatted

aries: the big purple dick is my child i love him

taurus: idk where eS my steank

gemini: why was i born a train

cancer: jim shook. sounds like a kpop artist.

leo: i thought it said roast week and i was like? okay sam e


libra: crikey, dabbing is neat

scorpio: !!! im screech

sagittarius: no you can’t relate to a gumboot throwing lane that’s not allowed

capricorn: this is a cute card i can’t afford so i took a photo and sent it to people


pisces: honestly we both already know i have no chill


a really bad spoiler free star wars review. 

Daddy Will Break His Legs - Finn Bálor

A/N: Okay, so awhile back I posted this video from YouTube about this Scottish dude and his daughter going back and forth about her having a boyfriend, him saying he’ll break his legs, yada yada, anyway! I said how I envisioned that being Finn and Ava… So, why not go ahead and write it? Ava is four in this!


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It was one of those moments Finn had to film. When the conversation broke out, it took everything in him to hold back the laughter and play it cool. The drive to preschool was filled with talking. Finn loved being able to take her due to their time spent together. At just four years old, Ava’s vocabulary was expanding, her sentences were becoming clearer, and her accent was breaking through more and more.

As Finn held his phone out, his sunglasses covered his eyes, a straight face present. “I’m going to get a boyfriend.” Ava expressed, mouth shaping into an O. Finn broke out into a smile, a sigh escaping. “Daddy will break his legs.” He immediately responded.

Ava was quick to come back, her words being, “No!” Finn kept the camera going, his smile still there. “Yes, I will.” He assured her.

“Dad, I’m getting,-” - “And guess what will happen after that?” Finn cut her off midway, enjoying this more than he should.

“What?” Ava questioned.

“See ya boyfriend’s daddy? Daddy will take him hostage and keep him in a cupboard.” Finn explained, twisting his head to the side slightly. 

“No.” Ava simply said. “Listen. I want a boyfriend, I want a boyfriend, and I’m getting a boyfriend.” Her accent showed through the more she talked, enthusing Finn greatly.

“You’re not getting a boyfriend, you’re going to be a nun.” Finn smiled. “Yeah, I am!” Ava screamed.

As the conversation continued, Finn sighed. “End of story.” He turned the camera off, laughing hard. “Daddy! I want a boyfriend!” Ava kept going. Finn turned to look at her, shaking his head.

“No, you’re not getting a boyfriend, Miss Ava. No boys are allowed.” He smiled.


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Chapstick challenge (Josh Washington X Reader)

Requested by @jayde0602

A/N: Hey Love! I’m so sorry it took me so long to write this! I still hope you like it video for some help and used a few things.

Word count : 1,030

„Hey guys! It’s me (Y/N) and welcome to my channel.” You greeted and waved to the camera. You were recording a new video for your YouTube channel that achieved 200,000 subscribers the day before. So you thought you made something special for your supportive followers. “At first, I want to thank all of you for your support and for your positive feedbacks. Thanks to you, we reached to 200,000 subscribers. Thank you very much. I wouldn’t come this far without you.”  You blew a kiss to the camera.

“Second, I thought I make this chapstick challenge everybody is talking about. My friends have done it too. It’s very funny. And many of you have already asked me to do it with Josh.” Your cheeks took a slight shade of red as you talked about your boyfriend. He was also very supportive and helped you with finding ideas to keep your channel in running. Without him, you would have been lost.

You leaned closer to the camera, putting a finger on your lips. “But psst, he has no idea about it.” Then, you took three of your favorite lipsticks with different flavors, showed them and put them into your jeans pocket. “So guys,” You went on. “Josh is downstairs and has probably nothing to do than being busy with his Smartphone. Let’s call him.” You stood up and went to your door, paying attention that the camera was still recording you.  “Josh!” You called.

“What?” He shouted back. “Can you please come upstairs? I need you to do something for me!” You went back to the spot you sat before and waited patiently for your boyfriend.  

Josh stood up from the couch he was comfortably lying on and stomped up the stairs to your room. As he arrived, he saw you sitting on the floor with your camera before you. He instantly knew you were working for YouTube again.

You turned to him, smiling and instructed him to six down next to you. “Come here, Josh.” He obeyed without any hesitation, wondering what kind of video you were doing today. His face showed a trace of uncertainty. You paid attention back to your recording and introduced your boyfriend. “So, for the people who don’t know who this handsome boy next to me is,” You snuggled to his body, “this my boyfriend Josh. Say hello, Josh.”

He grinned and winked to your followers. “Hey porn stars. How are you?” You buried your face into your hands, groaning. “What?” He asked innocently. “Was this really necessary?” He offered you a slight laugh, mentioning you to go on. You began to tell him what you both were going to do. “Okay Josh, what we are doing in a few minutes is the chapstick challenge. Have you heard about that before?”

He shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. “No idea.” You slipped your arm around his waist and started to explain the rules. “I will apply lipsticks on my lips and your job is to kiss me and to find out what flavor they are.” After you finished explaining, Josh grinned at you mischievously and you slapped his arm, laughing.

“Are you ready?” You questioned. “Whenever you are, babe.”  “But you have to turn around.” Then you grabbed the lipstick with the strawberry flavor and applied it thoroughly on your lips. You gave Josh the permission to turn around. He put his hands on your cheeks as his face came closer to yours. Then your lips were pressed against his and you both shared a very sweet kiss. You could hear your followers “aaw” in your head.  Josh pulled away, his eyes still closed as he licked his lips to find out the flavor. “Hmm… Is it strawberry?”  Your face lightened and you cheered. “Yes, that’s right! Very good!”

The next lipstick you put on your lips tasted like pancakes and syrup. Josh made a grimace as he smelled the flavor. “Woah, that smells! What the hell is that?” You leaned closer to him, but he slightly pushed you away. “Wait! Let me get ready for it!” You expected him to kiss you again but instead he licked on your lower lip. “Eeew, Josh!” You shouted and punched on his chest lightly. “Don’t do that!” He kissed you this time, not very amused of what he tasted on your lips. “It tastes like grapes and feet.” You giggled at his answer. “Grapes and feet. Is this your final answer?” He nodded and you pointed the stick into the camera. “It was pancakes and syrup.”

“It tastes horrible.” He whined, turning to the camera and warning your followers not to buy this flavor. “Please girls, do your boyfriends a favor and don’t buy pancakes and syrup. It’s not very tasty, not at all.”

“Okay, are you ready for the last one?” You asked Josh. His face showed anything but delight. “Turn around.” You ordered and applied the next lipstick on your lips. This time it tasted like cupcakes and you knew how much Josh loved cupcakes. That’s why he kissed you with so much vigor and passion so the lipstick was not only smeared all around your lips but also his. You finally managed to pull away from him, otherwise you knew you would make out and that would be very inappropriate in front of the camera. “And?” You asked him. It took him a while with licking his lips, before he finally answered. “I’m not very sure but it tastes like cupcakes.”

“It was velvet cupcake but I’ll accept it.” You both shared one last kiss, he deserved it after all, before you slowly finished your video. “That’s for today guys. Thanks for watching. And special thanks to Josh who was willing to do the challenge with me. Do you want to say something?” You looked at him, a smile was plastered on your face. “Thanks for having me, (Y/N). If you like the video comment below, my beautiful girlfriend would be happy about it.” You put a kiss on his cheek and cuddled against his chest.

“Don’t forget to subscribe and share!” You both simultaneously said, waving to your followers.  

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finnharries: The video I made with @jackharries and @wwf_uk about climate change has now been watched more than half a million times since we posted it. The feedback and discussions around it have been amazing. If you haven’t seen it yet… The good news is the link is in my bio 😉. Big love from the JacksGap team! 📷 by @edeani

glee cast on july 13, 2015.

AdamAnders: Remembering my dear friend. You are truly missed. #2YearsWithoutCory

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thejohnlock: miss this goof

msamberpriley: I haven’t been able to listen to this in two years. One of my faves, but today I did and I smiled 😊 Love you Gentle Giant 😘

A video posted by Harry Shum Jr (@harryshumjr) on Jul 13, 2015 at 11:05am PDT

harryshumjr: Miss these fun random memories with him.

marksalling: What I would do to have you back bro

jennaushkowitz: Miss ya, buddy.

A video posted by Harry Shum Jr (@harryshumjr) on Jul 13, 2015 at 11:15am PDT

harryshumjr: That one time I gave him my iPhone on stage for our last concert…

kevinmchale: This goofball…I can’t comprehend how it’s already been 2 years, when it sometimes feels like I saw you just yesterday. Miss you every damn day.🍁

msleamichele: I know you would want us all laughing and smiling today.. So we think of you and remember all the laughter and joy we shared together. I hold you in my heart always and love and miss you so… ❤️

Lifter Puller
LFTR PLLR playing some show. Somewhere.

Stared my own mortality in the eye by watching the very recent Craig Finn’s “We All Want the Same Things” living room tour video DIRECTLY AFTER I watched this super 90s video of Lifter Puller playing on a boat somewhere (a boat! of course) COMPLETE WITH THE MOST MIDWESTERN-DUDE BEER-DRINKING-VAGUELY-SPRINGSTEENISH-PARTY-ROCK-LOVING COMMENTS EVER.

The can’t even is just off the chart here.

(but seriously, the earnestness of the people in the living room tour video is just like, too real. too real.)

“In this exclusive clip, you can see the development behind the moment when Finn finally meets his biological father, Martin, at the Citadel. Muto told us the story came along because “the central question of where [Finn] came from” was something the show wanted to address.  “Finn already had good loving parents in Joshua and Margaret, so we wanted to be sure that Finn wasn’t just a carbon copy of Martin. Steve Wolfhard (who wrote the first Martin-heavy episode ‘Escape from the Citadel’ with Tom Herpich) loves characters that are liars. It was fun to embrace the idea of Martin being as roguish and dishonorable as Finn is heroic,” said Muto.The showrunner also revealed you can partially thank Sean Connery for the character. “Martin’s design is adapted from the alternate dimension version of Finn’s dad seen in the episode ‘Finn the Human.’ His first outfit was based on Steve’s impression of Sean Connery’s costume in ‘Zardoz’ without having seen the movie.” (x)


therealjosephmorgan: Promotional Video 3 ;) #theOriginals tonight 9pm CW

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Did you see Gallows and Anderson's Ride Along video where they have AJ and Finn poster cut outs in the back? If not you totally should it's hilarious. I woke my roommate up last night at midnight because I was laughing at them trying to do AJ and Finn's accents.

OF COURSE I saw it❤️❤️ I love the relationship between Finn and Karl Anderson LOOL and honestly gallows and Anderson do GREAT impressions of people if you listen to them on talk is Jericho! And AJ does an unreal ric flair impression



Holy. Effing. Shit.

How are people this talented? The editing, I can’t even describe how good this is. Watch it, watch it, watch it!!!


This girl makes the best videos! And the song choice was perfect! I love Rae and Finn <3

How many special people change, how many lives are living strange.


Purple Comet: I’ve been around forever, and experienced so much impossible junk. I’ve embodied all that is good, and evil. And now we are here. It’s unprecedented.  And I give you a choice. Come with me to the end, and the beginning? Or struggle here a while, like a beautiful autumn leaf.

Finn: What’s that bell sound?

Purple Comet: This is your crisis. You stand on the edge of freedom. From love, hate, friendship, isolation, jealousy, secrets, violence, video games, ice cream waffles, sadness, madness, power, honor, loyalty, saucy, mothers, fathers, scoundrels.

Finn: How long are you going to list stuff?

Purple Comet: It’s a long list.

Finn: You’re telling me to abandon all this stuff, but you’re not really making it sound bad.

Purple Comet: It’s not bad. I’m just giving you the choice of a new mode of existence.

Finn: I feel like I’ve put a lot of work into this meat reality. I’d like to see it through.

Purple Comet: Fair enough.