i love felicity's act in this scene

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So. I took your advice and waited until this episode to make a judgement on the "What happens in Russia" line and I still didn't love it. It was played for laughs but I didn't like how they had Felicity act like Oliver cheats on people and how they causally mentioned Tina/Oliver sleeping together. I know it was supposed to be a, "Even Felicity knows Oliver sleeps with everyone! Hahah!" scene but I just wasn't feeling it. 😕

I haven’t actually watched the scene yet, Nonnie, so I don’t know how it comes off and can’t make a call on what they were going for with it. 

But I do think the writers wanted to remind us that the last time that line was said it seemed so very hopeless and yet we got that amazing surprise at the end of S2. I think @jbuffyangel is right in saying the writers want to try and recapture that kind of dynamic that we just don’t see it coming. They want to gift us with a fantastic surprise and to do that, they have to make it seem particularly hopeless. Like wanting to surprise someone for their birthday and pretending like you’d forgotten. But they also put this and the red pen and all the other stuff in there to let us know they haven’t forgotten anything, and we shouldn’t either. ;)

While there were a number of scenes of Nyssa kicking ass, I have to give a shout out to Lyla and Felicity. I love the smooth moves here from Felicity and Lyla, acting in concert, in their attempt to help save Nyssa.  Felicity’s stone-faced, “do not even think about touching me” fiercely and coldly delivered, was enough to make Maseo pause to defer to Oliver’s decision who surprisingly (or not….) let it go.  The guns remained undiscovered so that Lyla could hug Felicity, and reach behind her to grab a gun in each hand. They pausing long enough to get in sync.  They had one chance to take the LoA by surprise, they could not blow it. Lyla’s smooth spin, Felicity moving out of the way, taking herself out of the equation so that no one would worry about her getting hurt in a fight….once again, teamwork. They played to their strengths and while at the end, they could not save Nyssa, it was still beautiful action.

It was a nice call back to The Brave and the Bold when they fought to save each other and Caitlin from Captain Boomerang. 

Team Strong Women. I like it.

And then there’s Felicity. After the final scene of last Wednesday’s episode of Arrow, “Uprising,” I’ve seen and heard comments from fans claiming that Felicity was too whiny or self-righteous when she got upset with Oliver and his decision to work with Malcolm; some are even saying that her words to Oliver were too mean and cruel. To anyone and everyone saying that, I have only one thing to say: you’re missing what’s happening in that scene.

When Felicity says “I don’t want to be a woman you love” to Oliver, it’s not simply another roadblock on their way to possibly becoming a couple. This moment isn’t about “Olicity,” and it’s not about how Oliver feels (although Stephen Amell absolutely nailed Oliver’s devastation at hearing those words). No, this moment is Felicity declaring who she is; it is claiming and reaffirming her identity.

Felicity has always been the moral center of Arrow and, especially during the show’s past two seasons, has acted as Oliver’s conscience, always pushing and urging him to do the right thing. She recognizes the immorality (not to the mention the stupidity) of trusting Malcolm and ensures that she won’t be a part of it. Felicity will not surrender her integrity in order to simply stand by Oliver; she will not compromise who she is, no matter how much she loves him, illustrating just how far she has come from the awkward, babbling IT girl we met back in Season 1 and showing that she has transformed into a woman that has no problem announcing her strength, honor, and conviction.

Read more at http://www.tvovermind.com/arrow/role-identity-arrow-season-3-made-show-characters-better-250382#rEW1GLQJLdTduCGE.99

Felicity is trying so hard to pretend that the Team Arrow + Oliver chapter of her life is over, and Oliver is bursting on the inside and trying to cope with losing her….and the two of them still spent the entire 4x17 worrying about each other - which would have happened regardless, but the particular “oh my god, the person that I love is in danger” panic came through very clearly. Stephen and Emily acted that beautifully, as usual. Olicity came through even though they weren’t sharing scenes for most of the episode. 

This breakup storyline is just pretty packaging for the writers saying “look, audience! Look at how much we’re going to throw at Olicity! And look how they’re going to come back from it every single time!” So much still needs to be resolved between them, that much is certain. Oliver still needs to grow as a character before his reconciliation with Felicity. A lot of external factors still need to come along to prompt their journey back towards each other (e.g. the character death). Through it all, what isn’t going anywhere is how much they love each other. How they will always protect each other. How saving each other’s lives will always be a given. 

Olicity isn’t going anywhere - they’re simply closed for renovation. For now. Look for their grand reopening, coming soon! 

Now THIS was an incredible episode of Arrow

The Diggle v. Diggle scenes were so well acted out. Diggle’s struggle this episode (the past few episodes, really, and I suspect the rest of the season) was an EXCELLENT juxtaposition of Oliver’s continuing success in finding the light within himself.

The Olicity scenes just killed me. Oliver and Felicity may be “broken up” but they’re always together nonetheless. The emotional connection is still there. It’s still strong. All the Olicity light analogies were wonderful!

The writers going into Felicity’s perspective a bit. Felicity has been attacked way too much for my liking. I love her, and that includes her flaws. One of Felicity’s flaws is she can be very hurtful and can lash out when she is angry and emotional. It is a HUMAN reaction and it’s gross people judge her for it! I love they talk about that here.

I love Felicity’s simple “don’t talk to me like I’m other people” rebuke. They’ve been through too much together, and know each other too well. I like that Felicity slaps Oliver back to Earth.

I ADORED the music for this episode. Blake Neely hits it out of the park for this one.

And LYLA. She’s back! I’m so happy to see her. They really should make her a season regular already.

If this is a snapshot of what the final three episodes will be like, SIGN ME THE FUCK UP.