i love felicity's act in this scene

random thought on Arrow 5x20 rewatch

just rewatched arrow again on the cw site and was just struck at how committed EBR was in playing someone with paralysis – like I was constantly watching her legs (I remember some fans commenting about how well she played this during that arc because she really didn’t move her legs in that chair) so was also on the lookout in last night’s episode. And she really didn’t move them – like even in that scene where she was literally hanging off SA while they were in that elevator shaft – her legs were hanging limply. I love how she also acts with her body.


“Felicity Smoak? Hi, I’m Oliver Queen.”

“When we shot that scene and she said my name and did her little things for the first time, and I laughed… That was legitimate, like I was not expecting it. It just made me crack up.”
           Stephen Amell

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4, 14, 20, 25 (for rogue one)

4. Do you have a NoTP in your fandom? Are they a popular OTP?

Not at the moment, I am annoyed at a few ships because of fandoms, that’s about it. Mostly I don’t want anything to do with it. 

14. Unpopular opinion about your fandom?

lmao so many, where to begin. 

I loved all of Rogue One and thought all of it, minus the Bor Gullet scene, was strong. I loved the beginning, I didn’t think it was slow or boring at all. I thought it was well written and acted (including Felicity! Any complaints about her acting is how the character is meant to be. Just look at how different she is vs Felicity) and I thought that the character development and bonding was well done especially considering how many characters there were in a 2 hour movie that had to accomplish a lot. I went out caring about all of them. And I saw it with a friend and it was literally her first Star Wars movie ever and she was crying and loved them and loved the movie so, it’s really accessible to people who haven’t even watched them before which imo is really well done. 

I’m also just content to wait to see what happens in TLJ, I want to wait until I see the movie to freak out about things. 

20. What is the purest ship in the fandom?

Probably Baze and Chirrut, they actually remind me of my own family a bit, the Chinese side of my family, so in canon I love them and they’re great. But also like, I enjoy the fanart and stuff, for the most part it just seems like people who like them and think they’re great. If it’s not like that then fortunately I haven’t seen much of it lol. 

In terms of on screen stuff, Finn and Rey are SO CUTE and I love them, but fandom stuff. 

25. How would you end XXX/Would you change the ending of XXX?

OK I get that the ending of Rogue One was totally meaningful and I think it did definitely add to the depth of the OT and raise the stakes, etc, which is always good for an anthology film to do but ngl if I could have some or all of them survive NO COMPLAINTS HERE. Like even an alternate ending just to see lol.

Salty Asks

While there were a number of scenes of Nyssa kicking ass, I have to give a shout out to Lyla and Felicity. I love the smooth moves here from Felicity and Lyla, acting in concert, in their attempt to help save Nyssa.  Felicity’s stone-faced, “do not even think about touching me” fiercely and coldly delivered, was enough to make Maseo pause to defer to Oliver’s decision who surprisingly (or not….) let it go.  The guns remained undiscovered so that Lyla could hug Felicity, and reach behind her to grab a gun in each hand. They pausing long enough to get in sync.  They had one chance to take the LoA by surprise, they could not blow it. Lyla’s smooth spin, Felicity moving out of the way, taking herself out of the equation so that no one would worry about her getting hurt in a fight….once again, teamwork. They played to their strengths and while at the end, they could not save Nyssa, it was still beautiful action.

It was a nice call back to The Brave and the Bold when they fought to save each other and Caitlin from Captain Boomerang. 

Team Strong Women. I like it.


Olicity Meme: favorite thing about them
*slow burn*

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Matty make me a little olicity happy please. I just had the worst day and your blog is my happy place. Love you- xoxo

I’m so sorry you had a bad day, anon. Just have a hug first, because hugs make everything better (especially when it’s an Amell hug)

Something happy, huh? Hmmmm…

Remember this scene?

It started as a game. 

Felicity had always acted cool about it, but Oliver knew that every time he spoke in that rough, deliberate “Green Arrow” voice of his, it made her shiver - not with fear like the rest of the population, but with a little arousal. 

Oliver had noticed it long before they got together. The first time it had happened, they had been on the comms and Oliver had issued a command when he’d heard her breath catch for a small second before she had started talking in his ear. 

That hitch in her breath had made her curious. So, the next time, he’d done it deliberately and heard the same small catch in her breath. By the third time, Oliver had known - his Arrow voice turned her on, not the one with the modulator, but the one he deliberately deepened to a lower pitch. 

For a long time, he’d kept this knowledge with himself, not knowing what to do with it except let it sit in the back of his mind, maybe to be used someday, if ever. 

That someday came a week into their road trip after they got together. 

They had been cuddling in bed while Felicity had been trying to tickle him, and he’d just involuntarily growled at her and she’d stilled above him, the sheet half on her body, half off, and so had Oliver. He’d seen her breasts heave as she’d stared at him, and he’d stared back, knowing, seeing, reveling. 

And then she’d swallowed, licked her lips, and whispered, “Do that thing again.”

Oliver had stared at her while blood had rushed through his body, and let out a sound deep from his chest without even trying, the arousal thickening it. 

She had gone feral, climbing on top of him while attacking his lips with hers, taking a hold of his face and taking in all his sounds into herself. 

Their lovemaking had never been as crude as it had been that day, years of her fantasies and his knowledge colliding in a mass of limbs and sweaty flesh and whimpered moans.

Since then, Oliver had used it shamelessly, relentlessly, unequivocally. 

He’d deliberately used his lowered voice on the comms, knowing she’d be wet in her chair just remembering all the things it had led to. He’d deliberately lowered his voice when he went between her thighs, feeling what it did to her against his tongue in glorious detail. 

And it had become a game. 

Like Felicity coming home after a long day to find him in his underwear, focusing those blue eyes on hers while growling from deep in his throat, “On the bed.”

That had been all it’d taken for her to get on the bed, naked, waiting, willing. Sometimes it’d been hard and fast. Sometimes it’d been soft and slow. 

But the game had continued. 

Him lowering his voice. 

Her lowering her clothes. 

And then they’d drifted apart…

As Oliver looked around at the rookies he’d taken on to test and train, he spoke

And his eyes flew, to find Felicity standing against the railing, watching him. 

He paused for a second, their eyes connecting, a billion memories passing between them in that second. He knew exactly what he would find under the dress, especially after the way he’d spoken, and she knew that he knew. 

His gaze lingered on hers as the rookies tried to move past him. He shut them down, his eyes returning to hers again, and, knowing they weren’t together, knowing it all, he deliberately lowered his voice this time, and commanded

The exercise wasn’t a game. 

They were. 

Lowered voices. 

Lingering gazes. 

Ignited memories. 

It was a game. And he played to win.

Tagging beautiful peeps under the cut :)

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In Defense of Iris West

I love Iris. I realise this puts me in a minority but I figured I already wrote a Laurel-appreciation post so I might continue explaining myself. I’ll start by stating that The Flash is a really well written show - save for a couple of episodes, almost everything is on point, especially the lines, which I appreciate a lot. What Iris suffered from was the being kept in the dark while not being the protagonist arc, which was unfortunate and really sucked for her.

So while finishing Season One of The Flash, I rewatched a couple of Thea scenes in Arrow as part of my fanfic research, and the scene in Episode 13 of the third season where Oliver tells Thea his secret had comments like “This is how Iris should have reacted when she found out.”

Originally posted by shit4chanposts

I love conflict in fiction, which is why the great acting and writing in the scene where Iris confronted Barry about how she felt about it all was so satisfying to watch. But I think it worked on both the characterisation and plot levels as well.

We need to first remember that when Thea found out about Oliver, Oliver did not need another person in his life getting pissed off at him, particularly when Felicity just ripped his heart out with “I don’t want to be a woman you love”. This also nicely set up the eventual wrenching of emotions on all sides when Ra’s decided to gut Thea to force Oliver’s hand - from a writer’s perspective it’s the classic ‘let them be happy so we can screw them over and make everyone cry!’ trope.

Conversely, Barry obviously was going through the whole Reverse Flash crisis but he had Team Flash 100% on his side when it happened and so it wouldn’t have isolated him and left him bereft of anyone to talk to, leaving us with a monologuing Barry for the final episodes. It made absolute sense from a plot perspective as well, because it allowed the stakes to be raised for Joe when he was under the duress known as Gorilla Grodd, and I don’t think that episode would have been as emotionally powerful if she were all starry-eyed and happy to just cheer both her dad and best friend on for being amazing men who save lives. That would have been wholly illogical, because they were already amazing men who were saving lives in their day jobs, except without having to lie to her about it.

There was also a need for her to react by articulating her frustration, given how she only cried in silence in Episode 9 when Barry confessed his feelings. She was clearly very distraught about the entire thing, with no one to vent to because (1) obviously she could not talk to Eddie (2) or Barry (3) her dad knew the entire time and she probably felt a bit resentment for him going with Barry’s side. This was the second big secret that Barry and Joe did not tell her, and if she was just sad about it she would not have been able to raise the emotional stakes on Barry’s end to beat the bad guy, and he would have to go take care of her as a friend, since Eddie was rather tied up, which would have just impeded the plot’s development in that episode.

Now onto the characterisation part, which is also touching on why I love her. Iris is a reporter, and while it doesn’t mean she’s DC’s answer to Nellie Bly’s awesomeness (that would be Lois Lane, of course), it does mean she cares about the truth, she has grit (love the joke that the show explored regarding that) and moxie, and she has integrity - the basic premise being that the traditional Fourth Estate values are what DC had in mind when conceptualising her, of course.

Iris, who holds these values, and has only been in the dark about one major secret thus far, found out that all of the most important people in her life have been patronisingly lying to her face, not even by omission. If I were her I’d be mad too. Contrast this with Thea’s situation. Thea had consistently gone off the handle each time someone lied to her about something on Arrow, but she only discovered Oliver’s secret after she spent quite some time lying to him in return, following two years where just about everyone lied to her and she had her big angry moment where she decided to follow Malcolm Merlyn. Iris’s reaction is not only natural, it is entirely in line with who she is and what she has gone through.

Iris was dealt with a horrible hand of cards - specifically not dealt with the ‘By the way, Barry Allen is the Flash and your father knows, as does everyone else he does, including your boyfriend’ card, and I admire how she played them. She never let her feelings get in the way of helping when she could - note that the first thing she did upon coming straight out of a bad fight with Barry was to go look up the facts surrounding Nora Allen’s death. She contributed with the reports on Grodd, and then she helped Barry fight Grodd when he was feeling weak. I don’t mean any insult to SnowBarry shippers (I just don’t think that Caitlin and Barry are there in their relationship yet), but with Dr Wells evil and gone, and Joe and Henry otherwise unavailable, there was no one else that could have motivated him the way she did.

After all that she had to deal with Eddie pulling a Season 1 Tommy on her (albeit for much better reasons than the ‘you belong together’ spiel that Season 1 of Arrow tried so hard at), and when confronted with the Three People in this Relationship conversation, note that she doesn’t lie to herself or to others. She says, even if that is the case, I will move on based on the decisions I have already made, and I chose Eddie so I will honour that. Surely there’s something incredibly admirable about how strong she is, and how she doesn’t dither annoyingly but decides to bite the bullet. Surely I don’t have to mention her burgeoning kickass credentials when she took out the escaped metahuman, charged into the unstable generator to see to Eddie’s wounds with no second thought, or the investigation skills she will be honing as a reporter, and the developing friendship she will have with Caitlin since she’s now in the know and has saved her life. (The feminist in me is pleased.)

To all the people that criticise her for failing to notice Barry’s feelings, I would like to firstly point out that Iris doesn’t have trust issues as a matter of characterisation (though after being lied to for a year by just about everyone she might develop them), and it is entirely natural to stop noticing little things about the people you’re close to if you have developed a pattern that is not deviated from and are in a relationship where it is understood that you tell each other things.

Originally posted by westbarrys

Now that Iris is in the know, and not forced to go through another season without that critical card like Laurel was, she has the potential to be even more fabulous that she already was. There will be issues to work out given the finale but I can’t wait to see her become more nuanced as a character and also how she will change the social dynamic in Team Flash. Here’s to hoping that she’ll be more popular as people recognise how awesome she is <3

I don’t get it. What’s with all the Team Arrow and Olicity hate? It’s my opinion, but I don’t think Laurel is suited for Team Arrow. I just want to know other peoples opinions on this..

I’m confused. Felicity did exactly the same thing she did for the finale for season 2, as she did season 3. She told Oliver what he needed to hear. Back then, that he had to do the unthinkable, and this time, that he needed to be something/someone else to defeat Ra’s. At the end of season 2, they were happy, they were on Lian Yu, smiles and all, and this season, they’re happy, driving off. 

So, why are people claiming that the episode was all Olicity, no “Arrow”, when this wasn’t an issue to anyone last time? Is it because they’re an established relationship, and laurivers realise that now, Katie Cassidy’s fantasy bubble of “Oliver loves Laurel, hashtag soulmates, together forever” is deflating? 

Felicity has always been Oliver’s light, and Diggle has always been his rock. When everyone else was calling him a murderer, they stood by him, and they guided him. If you look back the the promo, and attentively look at the flashbacks, Oliver is losing his humanity, and now look at him, he finds another way. Yeah, a mitigating factor is Tommy’s death, but Diggle has given Oliver nougats of wisdom along the way, which have influenced his thoughts, and opinions, even if he doesn’t verbalise it. Felicity has always seen the best in Oliver, and without them, Oliver would not be as guided, and changed as he is. 

I just don’t understand why people think that Olicity, AND the team arrow (Dig, Felicity, Oliver) is ruining the show. You understand that season one was literally ALL team Arrow, and people loved it, that’s why they got renewed. Again, season two, people loved the team arrow dynamic, Roy included. 

Are you really telling me that a better show would have been, Oliver coming back from the dead, not having Diggle or Felicity, the undertaking happening, Tommy dying, Oliver dealing with it alone, probably going back to Lian Yu, and not coming back? Season two would have worked better if Oliver had to face the psychological, and physical trauma of Slade on his own, and this season, if Oliver has to watch a women he loved die, and then die himself, which he probably wouldn’t have revived from, if he didn’t have somebody to want to live for. Yes, he loves Thea, and he would have lived for Thea, but Felicity is an integral part of Oliver, and “love is the most powerful emotion”. 

Diggle, and Felicity are Oliver’s moral compass, whether you want to believe it, or not. And, I personally don’t think anyone could replace the morality they provide him with. Team Arrow is an important part of the show, and people respond to it. People love it, and I’m excited about season four exploring original team arrows lives. To me, Team Arrow is the people who have influenced Oliver, and how he acts out, both personally and on the field. To me, that’s Diggle, Felicity, Roy, Thea, and Sara, to an extent. I don’t see Laurel fitting into that dynamic. Just take the scene at Diggle’s house for example. Diggle WAS angry, and he probably would have done something he would have regretted later, and Felicity knew that. When she told him to think, he did, but Laurel was rash. She doesn’t understand the implications of her actions, and she surely doesnt understand the actions of Team Arrow, despite what Katie Cassidy thinks. Roy, Diggle, Felicity, and Oliver share a bond, whereby they know how each other would feel if they were to do something under a circumstance that could have been prevented. We saw how Roy was when he thought he killed Sara. Diggle was the one to push Oliver to talk to Roy. Laurel thought about nothing, but herself at the moment. I’m shocked she didn’t act out the same way with Thea. I just don’t think Laurel fits into the dynamic, and that’s my opinion. 

All Roads Lead to O-L-I-C-I-T-Y

Wow. I don’t even know where to begin. I have so many thoughts running through my head. So many feels. To tell you I haven’t been thinking about Olicity for the past 36 hours straight would be an outright lie. Oliver and Felicity will be the death of me, I swear. Soooo….let’s just start at the beginning and go scene by scene:

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My Olicity Moments S04E01

#1 The sweaty comment! 

I mean she’s been watching him get all sweaty for 3 years and now she can finally enjoy it! She even can make him even more sweaty! I can’t wait to hear all the sex comments she’ll make in front of the all team by “accident”! 

#2 The post sex moment!

Thoses two just had sex! I was very disappointed to see that he was stil wearing his underwear when she is so naked! But we all know that being very sweaty, now he’ll have to take a shower and she is so joining him for round 2 and probably round 3! I can’t wait for all the Olicity Sex!!!

#3 The We’ve been married for years moment!

This scene was just so hilarious! But I loved thoses looks they exchanged, thoses I know what you’re thinking looks. And the kid talk was just so funny! Felicity freaking out and Oliver trying to stay cool but screaming internally! I loved it!!! And what I love the most is that we’ve seen them acting like a married couple for years and now that they are a couple they are still acting the same! 

#4 The Almost Proposal

Okay it was so funny watching Oliver be all uncertain and scared! And Felicity usually so smart not seeing what was going on! I love seeing Romantic and Domestic Oliver! I can’t wait for more! This side of him is so sweet and make him look more human! Big Yes to Romantic Oliver! 

#5 The Olicity Team 

I loved watching these two work together again and I have to say I am a huge fan of the small sweet kisses! I can’t wait for more of this and so much more touching and holding each other! 

ultra-smoakinolicity  asked:

Hey Jen. Have you read the new quote by Katie "Who can be annoying" Cassidy? If not here it is ,"Their bond is so strong that if he romantically gets involved with Felicity, she’s going to be able to separate the two." Tell me what do you think of it.

They’re best friends and have been best friends for life, even though there’s been hard times and good times. I’m not sure that Oliver is going to be on board with Laurel taking on this role of wanting to get revenge, find out who did this to her sister, fight back and be training. I have a feeling he’ll probably be against that at first. At the end of the day, he’ll look at her and think, “Wow, she has what it takes. She is a warrior.” I think he’ll end up having respect for that.”Katie Cassidy

Anonymous said: From KC’s latest EW interview: Q: “Is Sara’s death the catalyst that drives her to follow in her sister’s footsteps?” A: “The Green Arrow needs Black Canary. It’s always been the two of them. ” Uhm, what? THIS. THIS is why people get so frustrated with her take on her own character. This question was TAILOR made to allow her to expound on the journey Laurel will be taking as a woman and a sister in mourning. But she turned it back into “Ollie=Laurel forever, XOXO” FRUSTRATING!

Katie Cassidy fans…turn away. I am about to employ humor in relationship to Katie Cassidy. This never goes well with Laurel fans. 

DISCLAIMER: If you suffer from no sense of humor, consult your doctor and avert your eyes. May cause permanent and irreparable damage.

In the great words of Buffy Summers….

“Katie, your mouth is open, sound is coming from it, this is never good.”

Look, I get it Katie. You NEED this to be your show. I’m with ya sweetie. No judgments. There you were schlepping your way through bit parts and then you get your own show. MELROSE PLACE.  You are the new Amanda Woodward. You are being compared to HEATHER LOCKLEAR. David Cassidy’s daughter is no longer the most recognizable item in your resume. You are on the brink of stardom…and then the show gets canceled. No problem. You’re a trooper. You belly up to the bar again. YOU ARE CAST AS BLACK CANARY. Not only Black Canary but the female love interest opposite Stephen Amell.

Except you & Stephen have the chemistry of two pieces of sandpaper. Together you emit a scratchy sound that is so aggravating to listen to people just shudder and turn the channel. It’s so frustrating. What went wrong? You’re pretty. He’s pretty. Why can’t you just be pretty together?

And then, out of nowhere, some little blonde guest star comes in and has more chemistry with Stephen in 10 seconds than you did in 23 episodes. She’s funny and bright, smart and sweet and the AUDIENCE LOVES HER. The NETWORK LOVES HER. THE WRITERS LOVE HER. And before you know it…she’s a season regular. Not only is she a season regular but she becomes the MAIN LOVE INTEREST. The writers are literally resetting scenes, scenes YOU ALREADY ACTED, with Oliver & Felicity so they can reframe the love story.  All anyone can talk about is Oliver & Felicity, Felicity & Oliver.  All anyone asks you about is Oliver & Felicity. The Break Out Star of Arrow is Emily Bett Rickards.

It sucks. Truly. I feel for you girl. 

Ya know what’s NOT the way to fix that? Talking about a relationship between Laurel & Oliver that never existed.

I kid. Sort of. I understand why Katie talks like this, I just don’t agree with her when she does. lol

All kidding aside, Laurel wasn’t Oliver’s best friend. She was his girlfriend. TOMMY was Oliver’s best friend. What Oliver & Laurel had together could barely pass for a relationship let alone friendship.

I’ve got no problem if that’s the “direction” the writers are moving Laurel & Oliver’s relationship to…platonic friendship. What the hell guys…let’s give her one. Platonic BEST friendship (I feel like this is a chapter of the Babysitters Club). That’s where it needs to go and it’s good news if that’s what’s happening. My only issue is…USE PRESENT TENSE Katie. You don’t need to build up the friendship by pretending like it was always like that between the two of you. Oliver & Laurel had one of the most awkward, dysfunctional, unhealthy, DISHONEST relationships I have ever seen on TV. Chimpanzees have more effective communication skills that those two.

The last two years, the people who have been Oliver’s best friends on Arrow were Diggle & Felicity. They knew him the best. They knew ALL OF HIM the best. He also happened to fall in love with one of them  (I know…I know…it should’ve been Diggle, we’re all sad but we’ve got to let it go).

Moving forward maybe Sara’s death bonds Oliver & Laurel in a way like never before. With all the secrets out Oliver can finally talk to Laurel and Laurel can talk to Oliver. Maybe they can build a best friendship. But just because you’ve known a person a long time doesn’t automatically make you best friends. That being said…it doesn’t mean Laurel can’t become one of Oliver’s best friends. I’m all for that development. 

Also..Katie is Black Canary. That’s like Wonder Woman to me. I never understand why she has to continually build up Laurel’s relationship with Oliver. Being Black Canary is ALL Katie needs. That’s bad ass all by itself. That makes her a star all by itself.

The part I loved? That Oliver won’t be on board with this whole Black Canary plan. Totally predicted that. Love it when I’m right. 

As for the “separate the two” comment, I think Katie was actually trying to be diplomatic. Give the girl points for effort (and get her fucking agent on the phone to GIVE her talking points. Left to her own devices, clarity is NOT a strength). But I think the point was…no Laurel won’t be jealous. Laurel will be able to separate her bond with Oliver versus Felicity’s bond with him. She’ll understand what they have is important but different than what Oliver has with Felicity. She’ll respect it. Take it as a win people. That’s as good as it gets with Katie.

As for the “The Green Arrow needs Black Canary. It’s always been the two of them. I think comic book fans will be happy.” Okay, fine…there IS a comic history there and it should be recognized. That was a little nugget to the comic fans who’ve been waiting patiently for the BC/Green Arrow crime fighting duo to appear on Arrow. I don’t disagree with the assertion there’s a history in the comics…which Katie CLEARLY referenced. This quote wasn’t a reference to the show.

If it WAS a reference to the show (because you never know with Katie)…well then no. That’s just crap. It hasn’t been The Green Arrow and Black Canary. It’s always been Team Arrow, Oliver/Diggle/Felicity and then it was The Arrow, The Canary and Team Arrow.  BC doesn’t even EXIST in Arrow yet. The Green Arrow doesn’t exist yet. If it was a show reference I’m calling shenanigans.

I’m going to share with you one of my main tenants of watching Arrow and enjoying it:


It’s fine you guys, Oliver will eventually marry his best friend Felicity Smoak. Remember? The first person who made him feel his humanity? The first person that made him feel like Oliver, the man, not Oliver the weapon? And remember…that all happened when Oliver was IN LOVE with Laurel (ouch).

If Laurel & Oliver have a wonderful platonic friendship that’s deep and meaningful, a great partnership, I’m all for it. More friendship between Black Canary & The Green Arrow I say. 

Because Felicity will be on the comms, being a bad ass, helping Black Canary & The Green Arrow fight evil…while pregnant with Oliver’s twins.

Laurel can have Oliver’s friendship. She can have Oliver’s partnership.

Felicity Smoak has his heart.

The Season 2 Effect

Something’s been gnawing on me the last couple days. Well, for most of Season 5, but it reached a high point after I read the TVLine Winter preview. It mentioned the new character, SCPD Detective Tina Boland. TVLine said she and Oliver would form a “connection” (TVLine’s words - not Wendy’s. That’s an important distinction) because (and these are Wendy’s words), “she has been through her own hell, her own sort of ‘island.”

There were, of course, some immediate concerns that Oliver and Tina will be in a romantic relationship. Just to get this out of the way - no, I don’t think they will be in a romantic relationship. I’m not saying it’s impossible. I’m just saying I think it’s unlikely. 

First, we still haven’t ditched Susan Williams. They’d have to unravel Oliver’s relationship with her and with Felicity while starting up a new relationship with Tina all by season’s end. That’s a lot to accomplish in 5B, even by Arrow’s standards. Not impossible, but unlikely. 

Second, “connection” is an arbitrary term, which is probably why TVLine used it. It doesn’t necessarily mean romantic. 

Third, Tina has to form a connection with Oliver. She’s going to be the new Black Canary and join the team. Anyone who joins the team A) has a connection with Oliver and B) goes through some kind of “island” at one point or another. That’s the show. The fact that Tina already went through hers I’m viewing as a positive. They want to get her up and running fast. Fine by me. She’s a guest star at this point and the less time we have to spend on her character the better. I’ve had my fill of newbies right now.

But that’s not what this post it about. No, when I read the article my first thought (and what’s been gnawing on me) was, “Man this feels a lot like Season 2.”

Then I recalled something Marc told me at SDCC.  He said he hoped fans got more of a Season 1 or Season 2 vibe from Olicity. Lord, he wasn’t kidding. 

Now, I’m not saying, “Hey Arrow Season 5 is just like Season 2! Everything is wonderful! Problems solved!” Uh… no. I think those who are unhappy have valid reasons. I also think those who are happy with the season also have valid reasons. I am joyfully in Switzerland for the most part on this topic. Truthfully, I think entertainment is subjective. Everyone likes what they like (or dislike) for their own reasons. Arguing about it is as arbitrary as arguing about whether or not you like cheese. I am quite content owning my choice and believe everyone has a right to theirs. (For the record, I really like cheese.) I’m simply pointing out some similarities I’ve noticed between Season 2 and Season 5 in terms of Olicity and promotion.

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All My Favorite Olicity Moments

Anon asked: you have the best analysis of olicity, ray, barry, canary, team arrow, and pretty much everything else. I even know why you love Olicity so much! but i was wondering what’s your favorite olicity scene, favorite olicity episode, favorite olicity line, favor olicity scene without having olicity in it( barry saying you like him, oliver telling dig we can protect her, the look on oliver’s face with thea after he saves felicity from the count, etc.), just olicity favorites in general! thanks!

Is it weird that I was super excited about this ask Anon? Cuz I was. Sorry for the delay, but I’ve been traveling and didn’t have access to my gifs. Gifs were absolutely necessary for this post. Let’s get to it.

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anonymous asked:

oliver told felicity he's okay with her moving on. how do you think this bf storyline will play out this season now that he's said that?

A random dude with no effect on the plot climbs on an elevator the two of them are supposed to be riding. Felicity is polite but highly disinterested since Oliver is right there, and she is pretending she doesn’t know him. Then Oliver, all sneaky, forces the guy off the elevator without the guy even realizing while Felicity just keeps a straight face. 

Then the doors close. It’s them in the elevator.

That’s how it’s going to go, anon.


This is an important storytelling technique that is 100% visual. We all know that the Arrow crew loves their symbolism and visual clues. 

Here’s a definition from wikipedia: Mise-en-scène refers to everything that appears before the camera and its arrangement—composition, sets, props, actors, costumes, and lighting.

Here’s a shot from tonight’s episode (3x18) that showcases beautifully what mise-en-scéne can accomplish:

(gif belongs to stevenrogered​)

What’s the focal point in this shot? Note: it’s actually NOT Oliver & Felicity. It’s the Arrow suit. They lit it perfectly so that your eyes are immediately drawn to it. They also placed the actors perfectly in front of it so that when they pull away, it separates them … splits them down the middle. This composition is so beautifully done because not only is it physically separating them here, but we also know that it’s what separates them in reality. It’s what pulls them apart. 

I believe Marc once said (and the fandom has said multiple times) that the love triangle that really exists is Felicity, Oliver, & The Arrow. Well here they present that to us visually. They even create a triangle, each of them acting as their own point. 

So I see you Director & DP, beautifully crafting your mise-en-scène and breaking my heart in the process. 

Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by THE SCENE of the finale


Ever since Felicity joined Team Arrow, she has been in an emotional limbo. Yes, she grew a lot as a person and did things that she never imagined that she would do but she sacrificed her personal life in may ways.

While men in her team were falling in love and falling out of love, she was just there, not doing anything besides her job - both her jobs. Her family was not around, she did not date (at least we never saw that on screen) she did not even have any friends besides the ones she would hang out with in the Foundry. 

The writers said that Sara’s death would be this big catalyst for Laurel but I think it had the biggest impact on Felicity. She was the one who decided that she must come out of this limbo that she has been living in for two years. Life’s too short to hide out in a hidey hole. It is supposed to be lived to its fullest and she wanted more and she was not gonna wait for it. 

I don’t know if it was intentional or if EBR just stole this moment with her brilliant acting like she always does, but Sara’s death spurred this development in Felicity and not in her sister. I cannot even recall any emotional beats from any scenes with the sister but I do recall three moments where Emily Bett’s Felicity melted my heart and turned me into a ball of emotions for her loss.

First when she noticed that Sara’s hands were so small even though she was this awesome warrior woman. It was such a loving thing to do, notice minor things like the size of her hands and then admitting it to Roy that she was jealous of her fearlessness. The second was when Oliver asked her to bring her A game and she said that she does not have it because she is sad and grieving. And the third was when she threw dirt on the coffin because she wanted to say a proper good bye. 

Felicity knew Sara for far shorter period that both Oliver and Laurel but as audience, I felt her loss most acutely. I wanted to hug her and console her and tell her that her friend is in a better place.

Honestly, the dumpster diving death of Sara did not leave me sad last week, it felt like a WTF moment. This week, I got sad because Felicity and Emily made me sad for the loss of a warrior princess and her friend and how it has spurred her to move on because life is precious and she wants to honor her friend’s memory by living it to the fullest. 

Not only that, she stirred something in Oliver as well and we saw him declaring that he does not want to die in the basement and want ti live. 

Just like always, Emily Bett got a moment to shine and she shone so bright that we could not seen anything else. Her Felicity melts my heart every episode and keeps me interested in her story that I tune in every week.