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I would honestly love to become vegan, but to be blunt, I'm fat and I love food. Is doing something like getting myself off meat (like cutting pork out, then cutting beef out, etc) an okay way to do it? And then after I'm a vegetarian I getting into vegan things (like start drinking soy milk, then stop using butter, etc) or is there a better way to move into being vegan? And HOW DO I STOP EATING FAST FOOD!!? This kind of sounds stupid and jumbled up but I would appreciate any help, thank you.

It actually depend on each one, I went vegan overnight because I couldn’t stand continue eating animals, I stopped seeing meat and I started to see animals, I made the connection very quick, but is not the same with everyone. Big changes take time for us to adapt, and some cases it is better to go little by little in order to succeed. My biggest advice is to try to see the change as something positive, rather than seeing it as you can’t have certain foods, the bond with food sometimes is strong so thinking this way makes it even more difficult. 

To stop eating fast food I’d say a detox is helpful, many people don’t believe in that since many think “are hippy bs” but it make sense since our bodies ask us for the toxins we have in our blood, just like with any drug. Detoxing is not always nice, symptoms some times are hard to deal with but is totally worth it if we think in the future. Also it will take courage to stop buying them. 

I’d say that maybe you can start little by little, like why you don’t search for the vegan options of your favorite meals? It always help. Here are some other quick tips!

  • Go at your own pace
  • Think of it as an evolution: Relax and learn to love to cook, explore new cuisines, and be adventurous with food. Most importantly, be easy on yourself. Don’t view a vegan lifestyle as the finish line, but as an evolving process of conscious eating.
  • If you want, start quietly: Don’t announce what you are doing; focus on yourself and being conscious of your surroundings, body, and food addictions first.
  • Find a vegan support group: Tumblr offers a lot of vegan blogs and lovely people.
  • Don’t worry about getting enough protein: rich sources of concentrated protein include beans, soy products like tofu and seitan, quinoa, nuts, and hemp seeds.
  • Focus on vegetables (and fruits): Many who claim to be vegetarian or vegan are really starch-atarians filling meat voids with pasta, fries, bread. Try to eat more healthy, whole foods to give your body the vital nutrients and antioxidants it needs.
  • Going vegan doesn’t mean deprivation.
  • Rethink how you shop for food: Many staples of a vegan diet like grains, beans, and nuts are cheap, and they usually store well if you buy them in bulk.
  • Try more ethnic foods: Asian cuisines have tantalizing plant-based options originating from the spread of Buddhism. Italian pastas; Ethiopian lentil stews; satisfying and spicy Indian curries; and Mexican veggie tacos, fajitas or burritos (“just hold the cheese”)
  • Experiment with new favorite foods: Vegan versions of your beloved recipes will inevitably have different tastes and textures from what you are used to. Instead try to incorporate similar flavors in new dishes.
  • Get resourceful.
  • Enjoy the transition and don’t make it feel like a punishment or deprivation of food.
  • I always recommend trying to get rid of dairy first: Is the most difficult one since you’re addicted to it due to casomorphines.

I hope this help you a little. Whenever you have doubts don’t hesitate to come back ok? :)