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GNCD Members Fansites

*UPDATE (170906)*

i made this more organize than before and put gncd members indiv fs  as lists on my twitter account. Theres  alot of them and putting everything here will be kinda hard and time consuming.

Once again , id like to say a few of them listed can be inactive or  not necessarily fan site (however  thats only a few of them , the rest are actual fan sites that are active)

Lee Daeyeol

Choi Sungyoon (Y)

Park Jaeseok 

Lee JangJun

Son Youngtaek (TAG)

Bae Seungmin

Bong Jaehyun

Kim Jibeom

Kim Donghyun

Hong Joochan 

Choi Bomin

btw I  try to update the list whenever i see new fan sites , so  the amount of member’s fan sites can definitely change over time .


It’s Jongdae’s fansite ‘With Chen’ 4th anniversary today and to celebrate they posted the cutest fancams compilation of all the times Jongdae has sung The Best Luck live 😢