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Grounding is a set of simple strategies to  detach from emotional pain for example (cravings, self harm urges, emotional eating behaviour etc.) Grounding can also be a way of returning your attention to the outside world and away from yourself. In the case of dissociation.


When you are overwhelmed with emotional pain, you need a way to detach so that you can gain control over your feelings and stay safe. As long as you are grounding, you are more likely to be able to overcome urges. Grounding ‘anchors’ you to reality.

Many people with PTSD and dissociative disorders struggle with either feeling too much (overwhelming emotions and memories) or too little (numbing and dissociation). In grounding, you attain balance between the two—conscious of reality and ability to tolerate it.


§ Grounding can be done any time, anywhere and no one has to know.

·       §  Use grounding when you are: faced with a trigger, having a flashback or dissociating.

·       §  Keep your eyes open, look around the room, and make sure the light is good to stay in touch with the present.

·       §  Rate your mood before and after to test whether it worked. Before grounding, rate your level of

·       §  emotional pain, or your level of dissociation. Then re-rate it afterwards. Has it gone down?

·       Try not to make judgements or think negatively. The idea is to distract from the negatives.

·       §  Stay neutral—no judgments of good or bad.

·       §  Focus on the present, not the past or future.

·       §  Grounding is much more active than relaxation exercises and focuses your attention.

Grounding is deemed to be a better way of coping with PTSD and dissociative disorders than relaxation practice. As during relaxation the focus is too much within the body, which at the worst may bring on flashbacks.



o    Describe to yourself in detail your surroundings: For example “The walls are white, there are three pink chairs and a blue sofa. There is a picture of a brown border collie on the wall with a gold frame around it.” You can do this out loud if appropriate, or in your head if you are in public.

o    Play a game like “Scattergories” in your head or with a friend or family member. Choose a letter of the alphabet and try and come up with as many examples of a category you choose as you can. For example C … Boys names: Christopher, Curtis, Carl, Charles etc.

o    Do an age progression. IThis can be particularly useful if you have dissociated or regressed to a younger alter or state. For example in my experiences I have an alter who is three. So I might say… Now I am four, I am at home with Mummy and Daddy and I can do (an example of an age appropriate activity) alone. Work your way up until you are back to your current age. This may not always work for little alters, but can help.

o    Describe an everyday activity in great detail. For example if you like gardening “I open the shed door and pull out the lawn mower, I connect it to a power supply and climb on. I turn the key and put it into drive….”

o    Imagine. For example make up a nice little story in your head, or out loud. “I am putting some roller skates on, and I am slowly gliding away from all my emotional suffering down a beautiful smooth lane, having fun listening to my favourite music LOUD!”

o    Say a safety statement. ‘My name is _________; I am safe right now. I am in the present, not the past. I am in _____________ the date is _____________.

·        Read something, saying each word to yourself. Or read each letter backwards so that you focus or the letters and not on the meaning of words.

·        Use humour: For example have a “Funny Memory Bank” where you store up your favourite witty moments for those detached, rainy days.  

·        Count to 100 or say the alphabet very slowly or very fast.

·        Repeat something meaningful to yourself, such as a prayer or quote. For example you could use the Serenity Prayer.


û Run cool or warm water over your hands.

û  Grab tightly onto your chair as hard as you can.

·       û  Touch various objects around you: a pen. keys, your clothing, the table, the walls. Pay close attention to colours, weights, textures etc.

·       û  Firmly stamp your feet on the floor, literally grounding yourself. Feel the tension of your feet against the pressure of the floor.

·       û  Carry a ground object in your pocket—a small object such as a rock, stone, crystal, bead, piece of string or cloth, or a stress ball that you can touch whenever you feel triggered.

·       û  Jump up and down.

·       û  Stretch reach upwards and pull yourself tall. Extend your arms, legs, fingers and toes.

·       û  Walk slowly, noticing each footstep.

·       û  Eat something yummy. Notice the flavours, textures and feelings that come up for you.


·        Use Cheerleading statements, as if you were talking to a small child. For example “You are having a difficult time adjusting to these chanes, but you are doing so well. You should be proud of yourself.”

·        Think of favorites. Think of your favorite color, animal, season, food, time of day, TV show.

·        Picture people you care about. Even get a photobook made of positive pictures or pictures of people you love! Such a simple nice way to ground, and you can get A4 photo books at the moment from GroupOn for under £7!! (I in no way endorse them I just thought it was a good offer!)

·        Remember the words to an inspiring song, quotation or poem that you like or feel positively about. Maybe write out the words and decorate it for your wall.

·        Remember a safe place. Describe a place that you find very soothing it could be when you went on holiday to the beach, or walking in the woods. Or just a time you felt safe and peaceful at home in your living room or in bed.

·        Plan out a safe treat for yourself, such as a trip to a coffee shop with a friend, making a nice dinner or a bath with some nice toiletries or candles if you feel safe to use them

·        Think of things you are looking forward to in the next week. Perhaps schedule your time so you build some structure for chores and pleasurable activities. It can help to know what you are doing and also not just sit at home with nothing to do. This can cause difficulties.


Practice as often as possible. Even when you don’t feel overwhelmed or dissociative. This way it will come more naturally to you when you are struggling.

Practice faster. Speeding up the pace gets you focused on the outside world quickly.
Try grounding for a Ioooong time 20 mins at least, and then repeat !!
Try to notice whether you do better with physical or mental or soothing grounding.

Create your own methods of grounding. Any method you make up may be worth much more than those you read here because it is yours.

Start grounding early in a negative mood cycle. Start when you begin to feel the early warning signs of dissociation or when you have just started having a flashback.


The other day @noradove asked me if I had any advice for painting backgrounds or using watercolor in general.  To be honest, I’m still learning how to paint backgrounds, but I decided to compile a little list of things I’ve learned while using watercolor and gouache.  I hope some of these bullet points might be useful to others!

Like all “rules,” take these with a grain of salt.  These tips work for me – what works for you could be completely different! But check beneath the cut for some lessons I’ve learned!

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Bee’s Modest Art Arsenal

I made a comprehensive list of all the stuff I typically use to make art as of right now. It’s not meant to be an end-all-be-all for art supplies by any means, just… stuff I like! And it’s largely affordable whenever possible, yay!!! Some of my favorite art products I find completely on accident or in unlikely places so never be afraid to give it a shot if it calls to you! My list is under the cut, and ofc, all photos are not mine and used purely for educational purposes.

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[Translation] Wink Up June 2017 - やまけとの歩み

Wink Up June 2017: やまけとの歩み
Never knew that it will be this long! I take a longer time because of my hectic work. I think I used up all my brain cells to finish this. Anyway I’m trying my best to translate. In case you did found any mistake please tell me so that i can improve my translation. Thank you!


No records on year 2006-2007

Year 2008: Be in the same group and become best friends.

Keito’s goal is “To be able to dance as cool as Yamada”
Okamoto : I received a big mirror as Christmas present. I want to dance as cool as Yamada so I’m going to use this mirror a lot during practice. (March 2008 issue)

Among JUMP member, which one is the father and the mother?
Yamada: The father would be Keito! He is the most calm among the member. Isn’t weird for a junior high school student would be this calm? Everyone are making lots of noise, but he will be quietly reading his English novel alone. This is no other like a father isn’t? But sometimes, there are times where this thing is broken. That time I realised that “Keito is actually a junior high school student” (laugh) (April 2008 issue)

Year 2009: Just notice our same age on 2nd year of group formation.

More stories about Yamada revealed during MC
Nakajima: Because of the tense, there will be separate MC and it’s getting difficult isn’t. In this MC will Keito working hard?
Yamada: But he’ll just talk about useless thing.
Nakajima: So Keito has lots of stories about Yamada. Based on how he looks at Yamada, he is showing the look like “I’m going to tell something about him”. That’s looks interesting (laugh).
Okamoto: “Yamada put his finger in the electric fan” are one of my first stories.
Yamada: Wait, why would you say that here? (Laugh). The fans would be worried. I didn’t injured myself so everyone please do not worry. Everyone please don’t try this at home.
Okamoto: And Yamachan, recently he’s frequently punching me..
Yamada: Keito, he’s recently getting used with my punch so it’s getting boring. So I’ll tell you, I only let out 50% of my energy. And looks like Keito’s level are getting up, so from now I’ll increasing my energy to 60..70% (October 2009 issue)


Yamada: By the way Keito, you are in wich grade now?
Okamoto: High 2
Yamada: Eh, that’s the same as me?! I thought you are one year higher. Are you kidding me~~~
Everyone: Eh, after such long time (laugh)?
Yamada: I thought Keito is the same age as me!
Arioka: Isn’t good? Your knowledge has increased!
Yamada: So it’s ok for me to start judging him? Our age gap is near! And he always touching his arm, summer’s weather must be humid for him (laugh)!
Nakajima: I get it! Keito even with anyone the distance between them are so near! When the staff talk to him, they need to step back behind a bit.
Okamoto: I have low voice , so everytime when I talk to other people, they will say “eh?”, so I thought it would be better if I talk to them more closely… (November 2009 issue)

Year 2010: Begin to spend lots of time together even in private.

Keito crying when he can’t reach the meeting place

From Keito’s no 1 subject….
Yamada: He’s no 1 cry baby.
Okamoto: I’m not!
Yamada: You cried the other day! Me, Daichan, Chinen and Keito had a meeting the other day, but he’s getting lost and he cried.
Okamoto: it’s not like that! If you’re not describing the location to me properly, I will getting lost like a kindergarten child (laugh). I couldn’t find the location you described to me and wondered around in hurry. I have made everyone waiting for me. And i thought that i have trouble everyone.
Nakajima: Keito is surprisingly nice. Look! You can cry now. It’s ok now! So start crying!
Okamoto: I don’t feel like crying. But those kind words you told me, you will make me crying like an elementary school kid so stop it.
Nakajima: AHAHAHA! Is it not good? (Laugh)
Yamada: We are surprised too, so we asked him “why are you crying?”

Year 2011: Surprised at Keito’s new side

Jealousy towards gentleman’s side of Keito?!

Chinen: If everyone had a girlfriend, how would you show your feelings in front of her?
Nakajima: Keito is a gentleman so he seems like will be nice to all the girls (laugh).
Chinen: I get it, he looks like will listen to anything his girlfriend say. Like a butler?
Keito: What did you say a butler (laugh)! It’s like devoted type, this is a better way to say it!
Chinen: And then he will go “I’ll do anything for you, you should do the same thing to me too” and then that relationship happens.
Okamoto: Isn’t such thing is expected at the end?
Yamada: Keito, I will not forgive you if you’re meddling with my girlfriend! Even if you’re just being usually kind, i will not forgive you!
Nakajima: Me too! I will beat you with my drum sticks! (laugh)
Okamoto: Since all of us doesn’t have girlfriend, so that’s not threatening me (laugh). And Yuto, now you are holding your drum sticks for real (laugh). But let me say it, in my eyes, I only see the girl that I like so such things you say wouldn’t happen (March 2011).

Q. In Junior days, being as back dancers in which concerts that was fun?
Chinen: About this, Keito doesn’t have any experience as back dancers.
Yamada: Seriously?!
Okamoto: ah that’s right~ As for me, the very first choreographer I remembered was (Hey! Say!)
Yamada: isn’t rather recent? (Laugh). Being as the Senior’s back dancer, we can take part in the tour and it was fun.
Chinen: Right! It’s a little bit pity if you are not be able to experience that. To be honest I only experienced it once.
Yamada: Eh really?!
Chinen: Yeah, I’m only being as the back dancers for NEWS but for tour only for KAT-TUN
Nakajima: Me and Yamachan have pretty much experience.
Yamada: Yosh Keito! Even now it’s still not too late. You can go being a back dancer!
Okamoto: Eh, for Sexy Zone? (Laugh).
Yamada: AHAHAHA! That’s good! Senpai as Kouhai back dancer! (Laugh). I’m going to watch it
Okamoto: If you say that it would be good there then I would be glad to do it (December 2011 issue)

Year 2012: Keito begin to be in love with Yamada

Yamada showing his tsundere side

Yabu: On『JUMP’s recently』talk’s theme, according to the staff’s information, Inoochan’s team talks about “Recently, Keito is madly in love with Yamada” and the evidence seems increased.
Okamoto: Wait, what’s with that? (Laugh)
Yabu: When Keito talks with Yamada, no matter who calls your name, you won’t hear it…
Yamada & Okamoto: AHAHAHAHA!
Yamada: I’m also aware of that a little. This current Keito, his approach become more great.
Yabu: Even in the other day magazine interview, “Who become more mature? it’s Yamada” he talk about it enthusiastically (laugh). Both of you are really getting along very well
Yamada: That’s right. We hangout quite often.
Okamoto: Also, occasionally we will wear similar clothes. Because we have similar preference in clothes, we tend to buy similar kinds of clothing (June 2012 issue)

Yamada: When we went to watch (PLAYZONE) together, Keito’s tension is too high. He’s become troublesome mode’s person.
Okamoto: It was a continuous holiday, when I know i can meet the members after so long I become too happy.
Nakajima: Ah~ because you love Yamachan right (laugh).
Okamoto: But he’s ignoring me. “Oo Yamachan, it’s been a while” when I said it with the such maximum tension, I’m showing troublesome like face. I’m shock.
Yamada: If it’s for one time I would be happy. But it has been many times over and over again. Normally I won’t say that it’s annoying. I didn’t mean to follow but Keito at the hotel area or in the same room as me, he is actually an easy going person
Okamoto: seriously?! Yess!
(October 2012 issue)

Year 2013: Yamada usual strictness towards Keito (laugh)

Keito is chosen as his member’s mutual affection.
Yamada: I told you before this talk begins. Keito! I’m going to buy that yellow sweater you are wearing for our costume today, so you don’t make it dirty! Even one drop of sweat I won’t forgive you!
Okamoto : Ok.. but with that so much pressure it will cause me to sweat a lot (laugh).
Nakajima: Which part of the sweater is your favourite point?
Yamada: The colour and the texture? Roughly because I feel that I like it.
Okamoto : And the most important reason more than anything else is “because I wear it”.
Yamada: Shut up! I’m going to wash it immediately as soon as I get back home! (laugh) Everyone, did you buy the clothes that you like? Are you are the type who goes shopping and buy it? (June 2013 issue)

Q: Stunned! an episode of mutual affection with members.
Yamada: The other day after we appear in a music program, one of the co-star song keep lingering in my head. I’m humming the song in my head but at the moment we get off from our transport, suddenly I sing that one phrase out loud. And then exactly at the same time Keito also sing that phrase too! That coincidence isn’t amazing? Like we only listen to that song once but it keeps lingering in our head for all day long. As for myself it’s like JUMP’s song BOUNCE. And the part “Everybody、JUMP” is the only part that keep playing over and over again (laugh) (September 2013 issue)

Year 2014: Talking about loving each other on 7’s meeting

Yamada at private revealed!

Okamoto: I usually hangout with Yamachan. The Yamachan I met in private, his character is different from the Yamachan I met in JUMP. With JUMP, as usual everyone will tease me. But in private he didn’t do such things, he’s completely a normal person. He’s not that straight and he will listen to all my stories. He’s totally have different look (laugh) (February 2014 issue)

LOVE message to lovable Okamoto Keito!
Yamada: At 7’s meeting, Keito suddenly said to me [You know, I like Yamachan a lot! At the concert I’m always thinking “Sometimes I want to become aa” while watching you]. I’m almost about to cry (laugh). He is totally honest as he can say such thing straightforwardly. I like that side of Keito! (March 2014 issue)

Year 2015: Yamachine affirmed that Keito always being clumsy

Unintentionally teasing him

If Yamada would spoiled you immediately what you want him to do?
Keito: I would like to change our role for 1 day. Today too, as soon as I enter my workplace he asked , “Did you bring Weekly Shonen Jump today?” and when I told him “I didn’t buy it” he said “Go buy it!”. And then, the manager bought it for me and when I thought i’m going to read it, he said “stop it that’s mine”. I also like to do that but if a person who doesn’t know anything saw this, I’m completely running errand for him. That’s why I want to change our role for only 1 day so that I can try to say “Go buy JUMP” or “taste this thing” (laugh) (June 2015 issue)

Yamada: Keito is basically clueless. (Chinen who is nearby also agreed “He is getting clueless, he looks like he’s off guard). He is easily get punched, kicked or attacked by me (laugh). And his reaction when I hit him was “it hurts~” but he said it with a calm tone. Then I will said “It’s hurt isn’t? Let me make it more hurt” (laugh). The way he did that makes me feel to tease him. He is cute isn’t? Because he’s just cute, I’ll unintentionally teasing him. I had never received any payback from Keito. So if he’s going to do that to me, I’ll pay him back double (laugh) (December 2015 issue)

Year 2016: Good friends story talking about same episodes

Discover Keito through the GPS and play darts at Yamada’s house.

An episode where you realised all over again of the importance of member’s love.
Yamada: on the day I finished filming drama early, there’s something I wanted to do with Keito. So when I look at my GPS, I saw him nearby my house. I thought “This is the chance!”. I told him “Sorry, there is something I want you to do, come over for a moment!”. We sit at the veranda there and had a cup of tea. Then I let him go home (laugh). We played darts at my house, talk about the darts. He’s not choosy about the tea so I bring out cold oolong tea (laugh).

Keito: About 3 days ago, I went to Yamachan house for a while. I happened to be near his house when he suddenly called and ask to have a tea with him. He really served the tea and since he has dart board we played for about 15 minutes and then I went home (laugh). Recently I had not seen him in private so I haven’t go to his house for quite sometime.

P/s: i will re-edit again. I leave this here for a while

maximus029  asked:

I love getting an inside look at quests from your blog. Any way you wouldn't mind going over what your day is like/how you get your ideas implemented into the game?

Thanks! I’m happy to share! This is actually a two part question, so I’m going to address the first to contextualize the second.

Here’s a typical day at the office for me:

I get in to work between 9 and 10. I can get in early if I want, as my schedule is fairly flexible, but I try not get in any later than 10. This job is intensely collaborative so it’s important I’m there when everyone else is there.

First thing I do is start up my tools. We use an editor to make changes to WoW, and we can view those changes in real time on our own personal desktop servers. Mine is called Jen’s Blanket Fort. While tools are firing up I check my emails. I get anywhere from 10-50 a day, depending on where we are in the development cycle. Most of them pertain to best practices, feedback, company events, scheduling (Outlook is my life- if it isn’t in the calendar it doesn’t exist), and general sharing between other departments within the WoW team.

Once I’ve addressed all my emails, what I do next depends heavily on where I am at in the development cycle. A quest chain goes through a number of phases before players see them, and any of these steps can be repeated in the process of iteration.

Planning- If I just received an assignment or an older assignment needs more iteration, I will spend some time planning. This usually entails writing up paper designs for my quests which give a high level overview of things like number of quests, game areas I’ll be using, which characters I’ll be leveraging (or creating) and any other important flavor notes that frame the ‘sell’ behind my chain. This is also where I indicate where I’ll be doing crazy one-off quests that may require some additional development time (see: most of Suramar). This phase can also include research, idea generation, and bouncing ideas off other people. It’s pretty nebulous when you’re done planning, but the goal is to get the folks upstairs to agree to let you build the thing. Once they agree, it’s onto the next phase.

Implementation- Making the thing. The editor we use is a robust but challenging tool. There are a hundred ways to skin a cat, they say, and that is no less true for making a quest. Implementation means turning those written plans into reality. Put creatures in, make them do stuff, write quest text, make sure you can do the quest, combine into a chain. It sounds simple but this is ultimately where I spend most of my time. If the implementation reveals problems in my plan, I go back to that phase. If the implementation gets done, I move onto the next phase.

Feedback- Once I’ve implemented a thing, I send off instructions to my team to tell them how to play through it on their client. Multiple people will play my content and send me feedback in varying levels of detail ranging from high level story feedback to the nitty gritty details of naming conventions and spawning. 

Usually we will solicit a minimum of two rounds of feedback- First is early feedback (called First Pass) in which the quest chain is playable only in the literal sense. Most of it is ‘stood up ugly’ but the extra details that make it ready for players are typically absent for the sake of time. This is where the guys upstairs get a first look at how I use the characters I do, which mechanics I create, and how everything fits together. The focus is on whether or not it is an acceptable iteration of the core concept I was asked to build.

If things are still looking wonky at this point, we can go all the way back to the planning phase or start over on our first pass. But if the feedback is relatively minor then I’ll implement it and send the content back out for second pass review. At this point a larger swath of the team usually has a look at it and I get more feedback of the ‘I liked this but not this’ variety. It’s all useful, but the goal of first pass feedback is usually aimed at standards, whereas second pass feedback is aimed at making the content ready for players.

At any point in the feedback timeframe I can go back to earlier phases. How long a chain stays in the feedback phase depends largely on its complexity, context (is it a chapter quest for a zone? The expansion? Or is it a side quest most players won’t even see?), and whether or not other things surrounding the chain don’t change. During early zone iteration for new expansions, for example, things can happen that might completely change how you approach building a chain, or the story you were trying to tell is no longer the case. This is fairly rare but does happen, which is why we make it a point to get things out for feedback as early in the development process as humanly possible. It’s called ‘avoiding the grand reveal.’

Polish- Now, we’ve been through multiple rounds of feedback (at least 2, potentially more) and we’re ready to start really dressing things up. This is where things like spell visuals, super complex spawn actions, easter eggs, and other super specific details often get put into the game. This is picking off the designer’s wish list, things that aren’t necessary for the quest chain to play well, but ultimately would be nice to have. This phase can be as short as a few days but rarely lasts more than a few weeks.

Bug Fixing- When the content gets into a stable enough state that things won’t be changing super drastically, we send our content out to quality assurance to start the testing process. We get bugs pretty constantly, so I tend to fix them as I get them instead of letting them build up. This phase will last as long as the content is out. I fixed a Legion launch Suramar bug last week, for example.

Here’s the kicker, though. I can be working on multiple pieces of content in multiple phases at the same time. I can be in the planning phase for one chain, polish for another, and bug fixing for another and that’s just a normal day. We try not to have more than one chain being created for the first time at the same time, but it’s quite common to get a thing to first pass, then move on to making the next thing while gathering feedback for the first thing.

And somewhere in there, I get lunch.

On top of creating my own content, I am very much part of a team. I’m available at my desk to soundboard ideas for other people. I frequently bounce ideas off my coworkers in return. We share each other’s work via play tests, so a good chunk of my time is playing things other people have made and providing feedback for them. Fridays are usually where a lot of play testing happens.

I also frequent the forums and wowhead to check up on things I made that the players have access to. I keep tabs on general sentiment surrounding not only my content but the game as a whole and try to keep that in mind as I make things going forward. It’s mostly the Game Director’s job to pilot the ship, but one of Blizzard’s core values is that every voice matters. If I notice something that I personally don’t like, I make myself part of the solution.

One of my favorite things to do is watch people stream my content. During the opening days of Suramar on the Beta, we had a stream up on the quest pit TV to watch.

Some days are more focused than others. Ultimately I choose what I do and when, how fast I make things, how much time I give to each step, and how much feedback I choose to respond to. A huge part of being good at this job is being humble. These people I’m working with are just as smart or smarter than I am. We’re all working toward the same goal of making an awesome experience for our players.

As for my own ideas? You learn to make each assignment your own. We all play within a specific set of rules. I could put trolls in Suramar, but ultimately it would be a tough sell and no amount of passion would convince the folks who write my paycheck to let me make it happen. That doesn’t mean I don’t get to make trolls, ever. It means I need to embrace the assignments I am given and make the most of it. Find interesting textures within them. I don’t play many elves in roleplay, but I worked on Suramar for a year.

You choose to give it your all. Choose to love the thing you’re making. Find the fun. And that is how my ideas get into the game- because they jive with what everyone else is doing.

This ended up being very long, but if you made it this far, thank you.

TL:DR- No work day is the same. I make what they tell me to make and I am dang good at it. 

so uh I haven’t touched this blog for a while but I wanted to describe the most terrifying experience of my fucking life that happened while playing Subnautica

few clarifications: I last played this game like, September 2016. IT HAS UPDATED SIGNIFICANTLY SINCE THEN. I also decided to play it on “creative mode” aka “invincible fun time mode” because I just wanted to ~have fun and explore the new stuff~, you know?

So, I haven’t kept up with the updates. The story bit of the game has bulked up significantly since I last played, and there’s much more direction now if you want it, which is nice; the icons are all cleaned up and such, a lot more stuff is textured, the cyclops can apparently be lit on fire, yada yada. I went ‘sploring and found a couple new faces, an electric eel type boy and a warp warp man. (Ultimate goal is to go up and scan a reaper but I am still???? too scared??? i literally cannot take any damage in this mode but the deep and ancient part of me that remembers being prey on the serengeti says DONT)

(subnautica is very good at VAGUE ANXIOUS ENVIRONMENTAL FEAR while also being very lovely to look at, and really grinds deep into the gray matter of Terror of the Deep, it’s very very good and I hatelove it)

anyway I started taking screenshots of the koosh zone while exploring/picking up samples for my soon-to-be-ultimate-creature-zoo, because this game can be very pretty

anyway after digging around a bit i discovered a TRENCH. i did not screenshot the trench because i did not realize i was about to have to fight for my very existence on this good earth.

did i enter the trench? of course I entered the fucking trench. there’s no crush damage in this mode and the game told me there was some sort of Big Energy Signature nearby. Down I went.

….and went. For 6000 meters. NOTHING. Except a kind of shelf at one point that I went and got under. (this minor detail is going to be crucial)

anyway at 6km i decided fuck it, i’ve held down on the s key for like 5 minutes, if i’m gonna plumb these depths i need to come back with my big boy sub. so i went back up. got to 3000 meters.

hey remember that little shelf i went under well turns out it was a ROCK CEILING 3000 METERS DEEP and i had gotten so turned around in the plumbing process that I couldnt fucking find the way out, it was all barren rock ceiling, no way back up even when i searched around and around and probably criscrossed my own path trying to map out featureless rock, i was boned as heck

OR…. WAS I….

said my own thoughts, because i happened to have in my possession a TERRAFORMER and as all good subnautica boys and girls know that thing can dig big ol holes in rock.

so… trapped 3000 meters below solid rock… i did what any sensible extrastellar refugee would do and decided to TUNNEL MY WAY BACK UP

leaving my trusty seamoth behind, i began to tunnel…. about 2000 meters through solid rock, in complete blackness, clicking frantically in the darkness, probably crying

(listen, i had some good eggs and scans in my inventory and i didn’t want to LOSE them by resetting, you gotta understand)

about 1km from the surface, i finally encounter open water!! i’ve done it!! i thought, foolishly, to myself. i brought out my seaglide and began to zoom up only to find

1. this was not open water

2. this was a cave

3. this was a giant cave filled with lava

4. subnautica has LAVA CAVES NOW???

5. the game was perhaps not totally sure about my method of getting INTO said lava cave, and didn’t seem prepared with some of the textures

by the way, IN ADDITION TO IT BEING A GIANT LAVA CAVE, there were like… structures down there?? which again I was not prepared for because I have not played this game in like 6 months?? but the textures wouldn’t load?? so I just got these really scary ominous unknown pieces of architecture that i was in no way prepared for and had no idea how they were supposed to look?? and everything was red?????

also because the textures weren’t loaded it was extremely difficult to tell what you could pass through and what you couldn’t, so i was basically ping ponging through invisible walls and wanting to cry because i tunneled 2000 meters thru solid rock and i was gonna die in badly rendered hell anyway

did i mention also, the noises

did i mention that there were a lot of VERY DISTRESSING SOUND EFFECTS IN THIS CAVE

and then, through the invisible walls, i saw the friend who was making them!!!

it’s hard to tell from this screenshot but that is a VERY. LARGE. BOY. TOO LARGE.

at this point ya boy koryos was basically like ready 2 ascend from this mortal plane. what is going on. WHAT AM I LOOKING AT. VERY DISTRESSED. ALSO WHATS THT THING IN THE CORNER

ok so i stopped trying to penetrate the invisible walls eventually and tried to burrow my way out again except APPARENTLY you cant burrow through LAVA which was STUPID anyway i was still very trapped

but i explored a bit and found……. this??

insert fuel crystal???

this mystery device bore all the hallmark of a Lazy Concept Sci Fi Warp Gate which was exciting to me because by god i was ready to be anywhere but there, in hell. but i didnt have a “fuel crystal” and it definitely wasn’t part of the game back in the center. But no problem!! This is creative mode!! I can just build a base down in hell!! A hell base!! Where I can craft anything I want!!!

so i made a base and a fabricator but uhhhhhhhhhhh there was no “fuel crystal” on the item list. so at this point it had been like an hour of desperate sweaty anxiety and i was like fuck it, i’ll console command it in, i just need…… freedom…… (without losing any of those good good scans)

anyway i looked it up and got the ~oddly pixelated crystal~, which powered up the warp

please… just take me somewhere that’s not red… that’s all i ask……





anyway i believe i accidentally stumbled on some plot because i found a “control room” set to deactivate the “weapon” but a tentacle boy didn’t want to “deactivate” it because i was “““infected”““

mind you im still fucking… 69 m under the water…. 69 huh? i just noticed that in the screenshot nice


anyway to make a long story short after getting lost about ten more times i FINALLY found an exit to the neon labyrinth and nearly cried when i saw my bud warp warp man outside

now that i was outside i could finally appreciate the fact that this shit was dope as hell, look at how cool that is, I LOVE MYSTICAL RUINS AND SHIT LIKE THIS

also it was connected to an island???? i thought subnautica was all about not having land???? anyway let’s just drop a beacon for later i need to get back to my fucking base and lie down to contemplate the ether for 6 hours



and so i survived the incident in which i was never in any actual peril, both in a real and virtual sense, but was still very distraught and very sweaty about, 10/10 would recommend subnautica to a friend

anyway i went on tumblr to soothe myself afterwards which was a MISTAKE because the monteray bay aquarium reminded me that there is no escape from the eldritch horrors of the ocean


how to get into sfx (”horror”) makeup

I recently made a post about how to get into makeup, but in it I only talked about traditional, “pretty” makeup. I didn’t address the creepier side of it at all. I’ve heard a LOT of people say that they think SFX makeup is really interesting and that they would love to start experimenting with it, but they have no idea what products to buy or how to use them. I’ll warn you now – FX products are not cheap, and some of them can be a little intimidating the first time you use them, but once you get used to working with them, it’s really fun! With this kind of makeup, you can really transform yourself; the only limit is your imagination. I’ve only been into SFX for the last year or so, so I’m still learning and building up experience, but I think I’ve more or less mastered the basics. I feel like this kind of makeup is really more of an art form than traditional makeup, and (as with any other kind of art) you can really see yourself progress as an artist over time.

like with traditional makeup, there’s a few basic products that I recommend starting your collection with:

  • liquid latex (This is probably the product you’ll use the most in your projects. It’s easy to use, easy to remove, and not too expensive. Latex is most commonly used to create “fake skin” for fake wounds.)
  • face paint (Unfortunately, I can’t link you to the palette I use, because it came as part of a makeup kit. There are three common formulas: water-activated paints, alcohol-activated paints, and cream paints/grease paints. I recommend starting out with cream paints, because they’re the safest, easiest to use, and most forgiving of the three.)
  • a bruise wheel (These are special paints with a creamy, easy-to-blend formula, used to create realistic-looking bruises. If you don’t want to buy one, you can get the same effect with a combination of very dark red lipstick and black eyeshadow. I do recommend the bruise wheel though, because the yellow and green colors are really good for making your skin look sick or infected.)
  • coagulated blood (There are two types of fake blood. This one is the thick, clotted, nauseating kind. It doesn’t smear or run as easily as the more liquid-y blood does, and it adds an extra layer of icky texture to wounds.)
  • squirt blood/fresh blood/standard fake blood (This stuff looks like fresh blood. Different brands market it under different names, but they’re all the same: runny, deep red, and a complete mess. It’s super fun to work with, but you WILL ruin whatever clothes you’re wearing.)

Those products cover the basics, and it’s a good idea to master them before you move on to less forgiving SFX products. If you need ideas/examples, try one of these tutorials: x x  They’re both pretty easy, so they’re good “first attempt” looks to help you get used to the products.

Here are some other commonly-used FX products that you might run into:

  • rigid collodion (This is one of the scariest FX products to use, so I definitely DO NOT recommend experimenting with it until you’ve mastered the basics. This product puckers your skin in a way that creates very realistic fake scars, but if you don’t remove it properly, or apply it in the same place several days in a row, or put it on your lips or eyes, you could seriously damage your skin. I HAVE used it before and I was fine, so you don’t need to be afraid of it, but if you’re going to use it, be careful and make sure you know what you’re doing.)   
  • scar wax (This is literally just modelling wax for your face. I’ve seen it used with rigid collodion or alone to create scars or wounds, and used on its own to make prosthetic noses and brows. I have some, but haven’t used it yet, but my understanding is that it’s very easy to use.)
  • spirit gum (This is an adhesive, used for gluing prosthetics to your face. I’m pretty sure you need a special removal liquid to get it off, but I haven’t used it yet so I am by no means an expert. On the rare occasion that I do have prosthetics, I just glue them on with a little liquid latex.)
  • tooth fx (It’s paint for your teeth. You have to make sure your teeth are completely dry before you can put it on, and you have to make sure the paint is dry before you can close your mouth, but it looks really cool. It comes in lots of colors, from black to blood red to nicotine yellow.) 

Honestly, if you’re serious about getting into SFX, I recommend getting a stage makeup kit. It’s the easiest way to get all the basic products at once, and it’s actually cheaper than buying them all individually (like I said, FX products aren’t cheap). I got the Mehron Special FX Kit (which has all of the products I mentioned in this post in it) for my birthday last year, and it’s been a really great introduction. While some of the products aren’t the best quality, they’re good for learning and starting out. As you run out of things, you can replace them with better quality products.

Here are some tips and tricks to remember when you’re working with these new products:

  • ALWAYS DO AN ALLERGY TEST BEFORE USING A PRODUCT ON YOUR FACE. Testing products is really easy: I just apply them to the back of my non-dominant hand and leave them on for a couple of hours to see if I have a reaction. The only time I’ve used rigid collodion was when I recreated the Outsider’s brand from Dishonored, which doubled as my allergy test for the product. (And it did break me out, so I don’t use collodion anymore.) I really cannot stress how important allergy tests are – this is definitely a “better safe than sorry” kind of thing. 
  • You can use spirit gum near (but not on) your hair, as long as you have the proper removal liquid to get it off. This makes spirit gum the ideal adhesive for attaching things like elf ears, horns, ect.
  • With the bruise wheel, a little product and a lot of blending goes a long way. 
  • If you plan to work with latex a lot, I recommend buying a ton of cheap cosmetic wedge sponges to apply it with, because you will ruin every sponge you use for latex after one use.
  • Like with pretty makeup, I recommend buying a set of professional makeup brushes for this. DO NOT USE YOUR REGULAR BRUSHES FOR FX MAKEUP. YOU WILL RUIN THEM. (The Mehron kit I have came with several brushes, and you could also use normal paintbrushes as long as they’re soft and made from material you aren’t allergic to.)
  • You can create realistic-looking fake skin by layering liquid latex with very thin strips of tissue paper. Warning: doing this takes forever, because you have to wait for each layer to dry completely before adding the next one.
  • Don’t worry if your makeup doesn’t end up looking exactly like it did in your head, or exactly like your reference picture. SFX looks are very forgiving, because they don’t have to be neat, or pretty, or symmetrical. In fact, for most horror makeup, messier is better.
  • Contouring the hollows of your cheeks and your temples with a black or dark grey eyeshadow is a great way to instantly look more sunken in and skeletal (especially if you already have a white or grey foundation on). 
  • You can make your own foundation shades for whatever monster you’re creating by mixing face paint (or matte eyeshadow pigments) with your normal foundation. Foundation + white face paint = vampire. Foundation + grey (and maybe a tiny bit of green) paint = rotting corpse/zombie. And mixing your own colors is really fun! 

And finally,

  • Don’t be afraid to try new things, and don’t expect all of your SFX looks to turn out the way you wanted them to, especially at first. No one starts out as an expert. Remember the first time you tried to use liquid eyeliner? Be patient with yourself, and take on new challenges as you master basic skills. 

I hope at least a few of you found this helpful. If you have any additional questions, feedback, or product recommendations, or if you’re an old SFX pro who has advice/constructive criticism for me, please message me! I love hearing from you guys! I’m also open to take requests for tutorials (horror makeup or traditional makeup), if there’s something specific you want to know how to do (or at least see my take on it). 

Top Ten Films of 2014

Last year, I made my first video top ten (which you can see here), and while that was fun, as it so happens I’m a bit too busy right now to go through all the trouble of making a video at the moment. So here we are, back to the old way of doing things.

On an interesting side note, I found an unintentional theme in my list this year. Many of my films are in some way about the creation of art, as well as the price paid to be a great artist. Also, many of these movies could be seen as “coming-of-age” films. Once again I find myself astonished at how many great films came out in a single year (and I haven even seen all of them yet). So as usual, you can find my long list of “honorable mentions” at the end. 

Like always, this is just my personal top ten films of the year. Even if we share the same tastes, I guarantee you that my list would be different than yours. It’s just too subjective.

So starting at number ten and counting down… here we go!

10. Mr. Turner

As far as pure craftsmanship goes, “Mr. Turner” is perhaps the most well made film of the year. Mick Leigh is a master, and every shot is purposeful and completely stunning. The film itself looks like an old beautiful painting. Timothy Spall sinks deep into his role as J.M.W. Turner, and it’s probably his best performance to date. The deliberate pacing and lack of traditional structure might turn away some viewers, but “Mr. Turner” is nevertheless a great work of art, and a portrait of a fascinating man.

9. Frank

I knew very little about this film before seeing it, and I think that’s a good thing. From the opening scene, I instantly fell in love with this darkly funny film. At it’s core, there’s some rather deep subject mater, and yet “Frank” cleverly offsets this with some truly hilarious moments that keep the film entertaining throughout. Domhnall Gleeson is outstanding here, but of course, the real star of the show is Michael Fassbender, who gives an incredibly expressive performance despite the fact that we can’t see his face. I enjoyed nearly every moment of this picture, and it’s definitely one that you need to see.

8. Ida

Some films just belong in the Critrion Collection. Ida is one such film. It’s haunting and artful and features the best black and white photography I’ve seen in years. The sharpness and contrast of every shot is remarkable. The narrative is beautifully simplistic. In fact, the minimalistic nature of the film as a whole is part of what makes it so special. “Ida” is sparse, gorgeous, and masterful. Certainly one of the best foreign films of the year.

7. Only Lovers Left Alive

Vampires are cool, but Tom Hiddleston and Tida Swinton bring it to a whole new level. These old lovers have seen it all, and while they still appreciate art, science, and philosophy, they’ve grown tired and indifferent while mankind continues to make the same mistakes.  Jim Jarmusch’s film is a special kind of vampire story, because it may be the first one to really capture just how lonely, dangerous, and exhausting being immortal really is (or would be).  "Only Lovers Left Alive" has a deliberate pacing that glides slowly along with it’s characters. Along the way, we learn how they live and what they’ve grown to appreciate, and it’s all quiet fascinating. It’s my opinion that “Only Lovers Left Alive” ranks as one of the very best vampire films ever made. 

6. The Grand Budapest Hotel

A Wes Anderson film can always put a smile on my face. His last few films have been some of his best, and “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is certainly no exception. This film is so beautifully stylized, and so hilariously funny, I find it hard to believe that there’s anyone who wouldn’t enjoy this film. The cast is fantastically entertaining (especially Ralph Fiennes), the colors are vibrant, the humor is clever, and the filmmaking is flawless.  When I saw “Moonrise Kingdom”, I said it might be Wes Anderson’s best film yet…. when I saw “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, I said the same thing.

5. The Duke of Burgundy

Captivating and visually arresting, Peter Strickland’s “The Duke of Burgundy” is one of the most compelling films I saw all year. It’s beautifully shot, colored, and textured with elegant pacing and precise direction - I really can’t say enough positive things about this film. It’s surreal and challenging while retaining a soft and gentle nuance of love and tenderness. “The Duke of Burgundy” certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I found it extraordinary and deeply inspiring.

4. Boyhood

I know many cinephiles will probably place “Boyhood” as their number one film of the year, and I wouldn’t fault them for that. Richard Linklater’s “Boyhood” is one of the most innovative and uniquely profound films ever made. Shot over the course of 12 years, we literally watch Mason grow up before our eyes. It’s a remarkable experience unparalleled by any comparisons I could make. We owe it to Linklater for having the guts to push our medium forward in such a beautiful way. This will probably win Best Picture at the Oscars, and it’s easy to see why. 

3. Birdman: (or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

Simply one of my favorite cinematic experiences in a very long time. In the first scene, I made a mental note that we were in a long take, but to my wonder and astonishment, that long take never ended. There are, of course, cuts and interludes (this isn’t a “Russain Ark” situation) but the effect is very much that Alejandro Iñárritu’s film is one singular shot. It’s remarkable, but could be called nothing more than an impressive gimmick if the film itself wasn’t so strong. 

This is the best cast ensemble of the year, and the cinematography is gorgeous (made more impressive again by the long takes). But “Birdman” also has some interesting things to say about the creation of art, as well as the criticism that always accompanies it. It’s an intriguing film, and one with something to say. I loved every minute of it.

2. Vi är Bäst! 

Every year, there are films that just seem to come out of nowhere and surprise me. Before it was released, I knew nothing of “We Are the Best”, nor was I familiar with Lukas Moodysson’s previous work. However, this film was perhaps the most enjoyable film I saw all year.

If you know nothing of this film, it’s the director’s adaptation of his wife’s graphic novel “Never Goodnight” (by Coco Moodysson). It centers around three young teenage girls living in 1980s Stockholm who start a punk band - despite two of them not knowing how to play an instrument. While the band plays an important role in the film, some of the most interesting scenes are when the girls are simply hanging out. The performances from these three young ladies are perhaps the most natural I’ve ever witnessed from anyone their age. At times, it seems that they’re not even acting at all, as if the cameras just happened to be there to catch these authentic moments. These girls are so funny, enduring, and most importantly, real. This film understands what it really means to be a hardcore punk. And that is a rare thing. I really can’t say enough good things about “We are the Best”. You just need to see it.

And my number one film of the year is…

1. Whiplash

This is not the most ambitious film of 2014. It’s not a space epic. It wasn’t shot over twelve years. It doesn’t give the illusion of being one continuous shot. It’s not even by a famous director. Yet, “Whiplash” was the single most thrilling  piece of cinematic art I saw all year.  

“Whiplash” tells the story of a young ambitious drummer who dreams of being one of the great jazz musicians of our time. He soon finds himself under the mentorship of a cutthroat teacher who is willing to do whatever it takes to push his students to the limit. The film shows painful abuse and heartache, but then just when you think the film will find contentment in an obvious solution, it aggressively charges forward into the single most intense, passionate, raw, violent, and beautiful final scene of the year. A scene that made my heart race until it finally cut to black, and the credits rolled. Then, and only then, did I finally catch my breath. This film bleeds with a passion that’s visible in every aspect, from its photography, to its editing, to the stellar performances. Enough can’t be said about Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons. They both give 100% to their roles, and it’s both beautiful and heartbreaking to watch.

I found “Whiplash” to be painfully relatable at times… and I’m sure that contributed to my fondness for the film itself. Nevertheless, I think everyone should see this amazing work of art. Damien Chazelle has crafted a challanging look at what it truly means to be a young artist with high ambitions. The road to greatness is filled with suffering, pain, loss, frustration, blood, sweat, and tears… and it seems the filmmakers here understand the price that is paid. 

So there you have it - My top ten films of 2014. Please let me know what your favorite films were! Now, some of you may have noticed that a certain favorite director of mine not on this list…. so please see my honorable mentions below.

Honorable Mentions 


Inherent Vice - I know! I know! I can’t believe it either. P.T. Anderson is my favorite director, and I do love this film…. it just didn’t move me like his other work as done in the past. “Inherent Vice” is great. I just like 10 other films more.

Gone Girl - Yet another one of my favorite directors. David Fincher is to the point where he really doesn’t make bad films anymore. The craftsmanship is just too good.

Calvary - This is a touching and somewhat heartbreaking portrait of a priest genuinely trying to live a good life. A thankless job to be sure. It’s bleak but Brandon Glesson gives a wonderfully tender performance.  

The Babadook - Rich with metaphor, this is easily one of the best horror films in years. Love it so much, and you really need to see it.

Under the Skin - Who could forget this surreal work of art from Jonathan Glazer? Scarlett Johansson does wonderful work here.

Jeune & Jolie - “Young & Beautiful” was an underrated French film from François Ozon. I really loved it a lot, though I might be in the minority.

Snowpiercer - Joon-ho Bong is a crazy good director, and “Snowpiercer” is a thrilling sci-fi action movie far more worthy of your time than most summer blockbusters. 

Top Five - Chris Rock made an excellent film with a deep Woody Allen influence. I really hope he will continue this style into future projects. 

Foxcatcher - A remarkable film. Bennett Miller is on a roll. There’s really nothing to complain about with this film. See it.

The One I Love - A fantastic little gem from Charlie McDowell. Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss are great.

The Imitation Game - A very sharp screenplay, and a brilliant performance from Benedict Cumberbatch.

A Most Wanted Man - The last leading performance from my favorite actor. 

Guardians of the Galaxy - Finally, Marvel made their finest MCU film yet. It’s fun and fast and a really great watch. 

Unfortunately I did not get the chance to see “A Most Violent Year”, “Winter Sleep”, “Goodbye to Language 3D”, “Leviathan” and serval other foreign films. I’m sure they all could have made my list if I had seen them. 

Artistic Perseverance

Why artists, no matter how skilled or experienced, should never feel like they can’t become better.

I reblogged a quote earlier about the hard work and perseverance that are necessary in developing a creative craft.  It got me thinking about my own creative journey.  I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, but I began pursuing it as something more than just random doodling when I was about 15.  I mean, I had taken an art class in 6th grade, and I always knew I enjoyed drawing, but I was about 15 when I said to myself, “Okay, I want to really learn how this works, and I want to get better at it.”

I get a lot of compliments on my work, and one of the things I hear a lot is, “I wish I could draw like that,” or “I tried drawing once, but I was never any good at it.”  Another frequent comment I get is, “You make it look so easy!  How did you draw that so fast!” or other comments along those lines.

I want to respond to those comments a few different ways.  I think this is the logical place to start:

As you can see, I drew these in 1996.  I was 15.  They’re not bad, but they definitely show a lack of…

…knowledge, practice, and discipline. 

I drew a lot of animals back then because I thought drawing people was too hard.  Once I started exploring the anthropomorphic animal genre, however, I quickly learned that anthros are just as difficult to draw well.  You can just disguise your entry level skill a little more easily behind a stylized critter than a stylized person.  I think the reason for this is the fact that even in comic form, our brains subconsciously recognize suitable proportions and perspective when it comes to the human face.  We don’t always recognize why something is wrong, but we can tell it’s not right.  With little anthro creatures, the entire structure of the figure changes, making it easier to conceal mistakes.

I decided I was just going to draw animals, because people were “too hard”.  And I did make progress.  Here’s an early work of mine that my sister commissioned, done in watercolor.  I think I was maybe 23 or something like that.

Finally I reached a point where I really wasn’t that interested in drawing animals anymore.  I wanted a new challenge.  So, despite the fact that I was terrified, I decided to try to learn how to draw people.

I had joined an art community online (which sadly no longer exists), and started doing the most important, most beneficial, and most terrifying thing I had ever done.  I started submitting my drawings for real critique and redlining.  There were tons of artists far more experienced and knowledgeable than me who generously gave of their time to help me learn.  Here’s a picture from 2009.  I was getting better at faces, but the figures still look flat and stiff and unnatural.

I learned how to do gesture work to help loosen up my figures and develop more natural poses.  These are gestures I did while watching movies (I was in a Charles Boyer phase at the time, LOL!):

At this time, I also started to explore perspective, which is something I still struggle with quite a lot.  Partly because I find it boring.  You can see in this one that there are perspective issues with the figure.  He doesn’t match the perspective of the furniture, and as a result he looks like he’s sitting at the kid’s table:

Sometimes honing your craft feels like a total slog, and it seems like you’re getting nowhere.  I literally did not understand how perspective worked for years.  I could not grasp the concept mentally, and therefore couldn’t apply the knowledge in my work.  I actually started to feel like I would never understand it, and that it was just something I would never be able to do.  That I had hit my wall and wasn’t going to move forward.  That was it.  I was as good as I was gonna get, and I’d just have to be satisfied with that.  I really felt that way.  For years!  Then the breakthrough finally came, and I just finally understood.  It was a total lightbulb moment.  It just clicked.  I’m still not great at it, but that’s because I don’t practice as much as I should.  But the understanding is there.

I remember telling someone a few years ago that I wouldn’t be able to take on a commission they inquired about because it involved realism.  I had only ever pursued drawing in more of a comicbook fashion, and never felt like I’d be able to take on realism at all.  I mean even when I started drawing celebrity portraits, they were pretty sketchy looking, such as this one from last year:

I decided portraits are crazy good fun, so I started practicing those, and trying to improve on my methods.  I took the terrifying plunge and started attempting more painterly styles.  This is my first real digital painting, referenced from a Mad To Be Normal still.  You can definitely see my weak areas when it comes to inanimate objects and textures.  I had fun with this immensely challenging painting, but it was a total trainwreck when it comes to the way I organized (or rather, failed to organize) the layers.  It became a nightmare to keep track of.  I was so afraid to ruin a layer, I just kept creating new layers.  In the end it actually created more problems than it solved because of complications with blending.  It was a learning experience.  I rely less heavily on layers now, so that blending is more organic and effective.  I save separate layers for things that are clearly defined separately from other elements of the painting (like hair or clothing).

I’m still reluctant to completely let go of my drawing habits and rely on implied lines, as you can see in my Ninth Doctor painting:

Here’s my point:

All the pictures I posted above were drawn between the years 1996 and 2016.

That’s 20 freaking years of hard work, determination, perseverance, and passion.

I’m not the fastest learner out there.  Some artists make huge strides at a rapid pace, it’s unimaginable to me.  I don’t think taking your time makes your abilities less valuable or your potential less real.  How fast you learn is irrelevant.  What matters is your willingness to stick with it, even when you feel stuck for years, like my thing with perspective.

You guys, drawing is hard.  It’s probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done (aside from parenting LOL!).  But even when you feel like you’ll never grow and get better, just know that sometimes it’s like that.  Just stick with it.  Ask for help.  Put on a thick skin and be willing to let people pull apart your work and show you how to make it better.  One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given was to not think of my drawings as precious.  That sounds weird, but what he meant was there is always something to learn from a drawing project.  Don’t let your attachment to your art make you blind to mistakes and unwilling to recognize weak areas in your techniques.

My biggest challenge right now is color.  I really struggle with it.  It’s something that requires book knowledge, and it’s a real slog.  But I’m trying to make myself learn.  I want to get better.  It’s one of the reasons I’m making myself color this painting of Touchstone.  The skin tone is driving me bonkers, but it’s better than all my previous attempts, and that’s what matters.  It’s not perfect, but it shows improvement.  Which means the next time I paint color, maybe I’ll improve a little more.

Where I am is never enough. 

I always feel like there are areas I could improve.  Honing your craft is like that.  You’ll find comfort zones, and you’ll stay in them–sometimes for years–and eventually, you’ll find it isn’t fulfilling anymore, and you’ll feel the need to stretch.

I just wanted to encourage you that if you feel stuck, if you feel like you’ll never improve–don’t give up!  Sometimes it takes years.  It’s taken me 20 so far.  And there is nothing more satisfying than looking at that 1996 picture to remind myself just how far I’ve come.


CHILD’S PLAY: in which ( y/n ) reluctantly teaches justin how to bake and the kitchen shenanigans end up being a hearty mix of back and forth banter, playful moments, as well as a little bit of pda. both justin and ( y/n ) have never considered themselves to be anything more than just friends, but despite the simplicity of their relationship there’s absolutely no doubt that there’s a mild tension between the two. and their time in the kitchen ends up proving just that. 

so basically i wanted to write something really fluffy because that was just the type of mood i was in today. i’m actually pretty happy with the way this one turned out, and i hope that you guys like it too. as always, feel free to tell me what you thought about it because i love hearing from y’all. 

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Sew You Wanna Make a Cosplay: How Comfortable Do You Want It To Be?

You’ve figured out how you want your fabric to look, how to want it to move, and what color it needs to be—and whether you’ll be needing to dye it. There’s only a couple more things to think about before you purchase: comfort and care.

Kid Loki is t-shirt fabric (cotton jersey knit) and velvet. It’s almost like wearing pajamas.

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vvvvanda  asked:

Dude how did you do your tanaka bald cap? I can't figure out the right texture for his hair.

Hey! I want to give you a good response to this, so I’m going to make it a minor tutorial using Quill’s experience putting on the cap for the first time. I originally borrowed the bald cap from Quill in the first place, since he used it for Connie from SnK. We used a few different online tutorials, so I know that looking it up can probably yield you better results that this, but I hope this can at least help a little bit. 

1) First, we gel down our hair as flat as we possibly can! We need to make sure that our hair is completely dry though before we put the bald cap on it (hence the blow dryer)

2) Then, we cut down the bald cap to better fit our heads! We outlined the trail of our hair line (with a little bit to spare for spirit gumming) with a marker, then cut slightly above it so that none of the marker was left visible on the cap afterward. 

Then came the fun part of actually spirit gumming it down. You need to spirit gum down the front of the bald cap first (be careful, because bald caps stick very quickly and will tear if you rip it—or worse, fold in on itself), then the back of the cap (along the back of your hairline), then the sides. 

**I’ve heard a few different things about how to apply the back, so here are a few warnings: If you tilt your head forward while applying the back, the bald cap will wrinkle a little bit in that area, but it’ll provide you with more room to move your neck around a little! If you tilt your head backwards when applying, it will be tighter and not wrinkle, which looks a lot better. However, a long day at con WILL make your neck stiff. Just a warning there!

Once it’s all attached, we applied a thin layer of liquid latex over the seam of the cap, and blended the cap in with our natural skin tone.

3) Then came the fun part of actually stippling in the buzzed-hair effect! To do this, I used an alternating mix of Coal Ben Nye Cream and Light Gray Ben Nye Cream makeup, along with one of those really cheap stippling sponges from Party City! I did a thin layer of the lighter gray to get a solid undercoated color, then the dark gray on top of it a little lighter to make the “buzzed” look a little more pronounced.

External image

The only thing to keep in mind while doing this is hairline! I ended up marking out with the Ben Nye the hairline I needed, then filling in the rest from there. (Also, be sure to get a buddy to help you color in the back of your head properly!) Just make sure to try to keep your stippling light and do many layers of it. Completely coating it one color makes it look really weird, so trying to make it look “fuzzy” like T.V. static was what we went for! 

Also, since we used Ben Nye, we had to seal our makeup, which was totally worth it! Just keep in mind that powdered sealant will lighten your makeup slightly ;u;

I hope that helps a little bit! I know it took a long time getting to your answer, so I’ll just call that good and provide a couple of minorly-informative links at the bottom ;u;

[Mehron Bald Cap Makeup Set]
[Watch some people put on a bald cap!]
[Link to the Lovely Quill]

A few finishing notes: This is only how Quill and I, two first-time bald cap applicators—did this. I’m sure there are many other, very professional ways of going about this, so no guarantees that this will work for everyone!

You will also have to wash (at least) the inside of the bald cap after each use to get rid of the latex, spirit glue, and hair gel. You don’t want it folding in on itself and ripping from stickiness! It means that, usually, you have to redo the stippling between wears (which is what happened to us) so be prepared for a bit of a time commitment as well! Don’t worry too much about how to clean it, since whatever bald cap you buy should come with spirit glue remover, and latex comes off with just water, usually!

Etude House: Wonder Pore Freshner

So thanks to the lovely rivermoda, I have decided to stop being a lazy butt and do some reviews about my Korean skincare lifestyle that I’ve been keeping for over two years now. I have to say that it’s been an amazing experience and I haven’t had as close to clear skin as I do now in literally all my life. Granted, the occasional breakout still happens, but the overall quality (texture, brightness, etc.) has been so vastly different from the acne prone, combination-oily, dull, spotty and sensitive skin I’ve had since hitting puberty. So thank you, Korean skincare for that. Now onto the review!


Today we have the wonderfully amazing Wonder Pore Freshner by Etude House! Everyone who knows me is familiar with my obsession with this cute and fun brand, but I also love the fact that their products have worked really well for me and my skin type. I’ve been using my for roughly six months now (I know, I know, I should have reviewed before xD), I can say there have been true results. But before we get into that, what does the Wonder Pore Freshener do?

The Wonder Pore Freshner is a total solution for pore “troubles”. It is an astringent toner with antiseptic properties that removes oil, dirt, germs, and residues for clear, healthy skin.

It’s 7 effects are the following:

  • Deep cleanses pores

  • Controls sebum

  • Keeps the ideal pH balance (4.5±1)

  • Keeps the elasticity of pores

  • Refines/brightens skin tone

  • Minimizes appreance of enlarged pores

  • Moisturizes pores and facial skin

It is 6 free, meaning it doesn’t include: parabens, mineral oil, artificial fragrance, artificial pigments, talc or animal ingredients.

Weight/Amount – 250 ml


So there’s about three recommended ways for you to use this product according to Etude House, and I’ll admit I’ve only used two of those methods. But, for the purpose of being informative and helpful, I shall discuss them all.

  • TONERFirst, we have the function as a toner. This is primarily why I bought the item, since I needed a toner and a pore controlling one sounded right up my alley! For toning, I simply take a cotton ball or pad, pour some Freshner onto it, and then gently stroke my face with it in upwards and outwards motions. I don’t know how long I do this for, but my skin feels better when it’s absorbed in so I just know.

  • MIST Second, if you put the Freshner into a misting bottle (I own one from a previous product so I didn’t need to buy one. Etude House sells it’s custom sized misting bottle, but you can grab a quick one from the dollar store too), you’ve got a mist! I use this in rotation with my Etude House I’m Blooming Sebum Control Mist and The Face Shop Pure Water Facial Mist in Jeju Orange (a later review on those, promise!) and it’s super refreshing~! I like to spray this just before putting on my face cream if it’s in the sticky summer months, or during the day when my skin needs a picker-upper.

  • SHEET MASKThe third use, which I have not tried, is to soak a cotton mask in the Wonder Pore Freshner and use it like a sheet mask. I’ve been wanting to try this, but at the same time I don’t want to excessively use my miraculous toner, so I haven’t used it as a sheet mask. Maybe when I get the 500ml one, I shall. Basically though, you have one of those dime sized folded sheet masks, you pour the Freshner on it, let the mask absorb the liquid for I’d say at least 20 minutes, and then follow instructions of normal sheet masks. (If you have a sheet mask saved from an older one, like I do, gentle wash it so as not to tear it but thoroughly so it’s hygienic for use, store it in a Ziploc baggie until use, and then try this out!)


So I’m really stupid for not taking a photo of my pores before receiving the Wonder Pore Freshner and since I’ve been using this more than six months, the pictures below probably can’t explain to you how much better my skin has gotten with the use of this. However, for review purposes I tried. This is a before and after picture, where the left is a freshly cleansed “shower face” with my enlarged pores (if you could call them that anymore xD) and right after using my Wonder Pore Freshner. As I’ve said, that difference isn’t extreme, but I’ve also been using this miracle product for a long time and it’s shrunk my pores massively. There is a decrease in size, so can you image what my skin looked like before?

(Photo Warning – Extreme close up of face, please don’t get grossed out!)


  • Claims: It really does cleanse, moisturizes, tighten and prevent enlargement of pores. Those claims are 100% true from my personal testing of this product. It also is amazing at sebum control, yay! In conjunction with that, it’s been helping with my acne control, so I guess that’s five out of the seven claims confirmed? (I’m not sure how to test the pH of my skin at home so I can’t confirm or deny this claim, and I can’t say it has a brightening effect in the typical manner other Korean skincare products have so I also can’t say it does this?)

  • It comes in two sizes (250 ml and 500 ml) which are both great value for price when it comes to product.

  • Not crazy expensive. It’s great quality for price in comparison to the American brands I used to use for my skincare.

  • It has a clean, almost astringent smell? It’s kind of green and citrus-y, and though I’ve read a lot of people don’t like that smell, I really find comfort in it. The Skin Mal:gəm Fresh has a similar scent and I love that one too.


  • I bought the 250 ml because I wasn’t sure of the results this product would have, but was still expecting the press pump. Unfortunately, that feature only comes with the 500 ml version, so I was really upset about that. If you want the press pump (and who wouldn’t after results this awesome?), get the 500 ml size.

  • Difficult to obtain outside of the internet. (I wish Etude House had international stores :O )

Recommendation and Rating:

Should you buy it?

                      ☑ Yes

                       ◻ No

                       ◻ Depends

How do you rate this product (out of 5 stars)?


Repurchase (and where to buy):

I’ll definitely be repurchasing this so long as they make this superb product. I’ll also not make the frugal mistake of only buying the 250 ml. I’ll be getting the 500 ml version for sure.

I bought mine from W2Beauty, a great site run by the lovely Alice and recommend you get it from there. There are also tons of shops on eBay that sell Etude House products, so check out shops there!


Hope you enjoyed my review and let me know if you have questions! I want ti start reviewing things more so keep an eye out for those on occasion~!

Building Blocks of Personality Type - Extraverted Sensing (Se)

by Leona Haas & Mark Hunziker

Dominant for ESTP and ESFP

Auxiliary for ISTP and ISFP

In this chapter, we seek to present a picture of the “pure” Extraverted Sensing that we would see if we could carefully remove it from its natural state where it is influenced and colored by all the other elements of personality. Though no process actually exists separated from the rest of the personality, the portrait that follows reflects core characteristics that are in play whenever Extraverted Sensing is engaged at a conscious level

Extraverted Sensing most clearly resembles the descriptions in the following pages when it is in the dominant (first) position. In fact, these descriptions are based on input from people for whom the process is dominant (ESTP and ESFP). But even with Extraverted Sensing in the first position, what you observe will vary noticeably depending on other factors-particularly whether it is paired up with Introverted Thinking or Introverted Feeling in the auxiliary (second) position 

In order to draw a complete picture of the “essence” of Extraverted Sensing, one must use bits and pieces that cannot individually demonstrate “pure” Se. Like the splashes of color in an impressionist painting, however, the bullets in this chapter, when taken all together, reveal a vivid portrait that will enable you to recognize Extraverted Sensing when you see it. Knowing what the process would look like if it could be separated from other influences is the foundation of process watching the practice that will quickly take you as far as you want to go in understanding personality.

Extraverted Sensing is an information-gathering process. It focuses on the current objective, external world to fully experience the details of the environment through the five senses. Se draws energy and enjoyment directly from people, objects, and events.


Extraverted Sensing

  • Has an outer focus on acquiring information through the five senses.
  • Is the only perception process that is not influenced by associations from the past, present, or future.
  • Is aware of and connected to the current external environment.
  • Quickly notices objective facts with all the details.
  • Relies heavily on unusually accurate visual perception: seeing is believing.
  • Values the object itself, not one’s personal reaction or relationship to it.
  • Seeks the full sensory experience of the environment in the moment.


Extraverted Sensing

  • Looks at things objectively and sees what is physically there.
  • Gathers pure, unfiltered sensory information from the external world.
  • Takes in the current environment as a collection of discrete bits of detailed information.
  • Constantly seeks variety and novelty as sensory experiences change from moment to moment.
  • Needs the immediate sensation of an external object, person, or event in order to have an experience. There is no experience without active involvement in the environment through one or more of the senses. Appreciates vivid details: colors, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures. Seeks raw, unsorted, unaltered experiences in order to feel alive. Is energized by the current experience.


When people are using their preferred Extraverted Sensing

  • Their awareness is entirely focused upon the here and now.
  • Virtually everything that can be detected by the senses gets noticed.
  • The trigger for perception is the current external environment.
  • The world consists only of what can be perceived by the five senses right now.
  • Detailed visual perception is particularly important.
  • A level of attention is sustained that would quickly put others on “data overload.”
  • They do not want to miss anything.
  • They value practical, hands-on experiences above all.
  • Memories from the past and possibilities for the future are not very important.
  • They are acutely aware of what is.
  • Their perceptions are verifiable.
  • Everything is a new experience. No two moments or situations are exactly the same.
  • Anything that is tangible is interesting.
  • Immediate sensory experience is what life is all about. It defines one’s existence.
  • Life is one continual sensual experience.
  • They are enjoying life to the fullest, living for today.
  • The current experience itself has intensity.


When we experience people who are engaging their preferred extraverted Sensing, they

  • Seem to need almost constant external stimulation or they quickly become bored.
  • Seem to miss nothing and overlook no detail of the immediate environment.
  • Can be prone to repeating mistakes by failing to anticipate what is going to happen in the future as a consequence of what is happening now.
  • Can be reflective, but the reflections are tied to the current world.
  • Often have difficulty doing the steps of an operation in an orderly sequence. They prefer a random, “take it as it comes” approach.
  • Possess practical, hands-on skills.
  • Are very down-to-earth, realistic, and pragmatic.
  • Speak about objective facts: what is there, no more and no less.
  • Talk in very literal terms using concrete, sensory, and descriptive present-tense language: “I smell, I hear, I see.”
  • Often show attention by focusing their eyes or tilting their ears or head toward you.
  •  Sometimes can be seen darting their eyes all around the room, observing everything.
  • Listen at first to people telling of their experiences but do not have a need for, or a high interest in, hearing someone else’s stories. Want information from others but not in too much detail. They cannot experience the world through other people’s interpretations. Often listen with intense, focused attention. Their eyes lock on you, following your every gesture. They may move closer or lean in. They are focused on taking in information that they may show no reaction to what you are saying. 
  • Pick up on other people’s body language and other signals and will often automatically mirror them. Tend to use and need nonverbal communication, such as a smile, a wink, or a touch.
  • Appear to accept life as it happens. Seem to relate easily to people, to enjoy being with people. Appear to accept people for who they are – to have few illusions about them.
  • Can be perceived as shallow because of their outward tendency to “go with the flow.” Are always interacting with the environment.
  • Tend to be quick to assess data and to size up a situation. Do not seem to feel a need to conform to what others think is acceptable, assuming that people simply have their own unique styles. Are usually active, restless, and adventurous. Sometimes seem like hyperactive children. The immediate environment is constantly stimulating and distracting them. Are engaging, fun-loving, and social. Are very spontaneous and react quickly to changes in their environment. Can blend into almost any culture, environment, or situation.


Special perspectives and approaches of Extraverted Sensing

  • A “live for today” attitude
  • Learn quickly from experience
  • An aptitude for learning new languages, including the subtle details of intonation and gestures
  • Negotiate by quickly getting to the core of the matter
  • Reliability in observing and reporting objective facts
  • A knack for being a “mover and shaker” when it comes to concrete tasks
  • Can quickly find practical solutions, to find an immediate fix for a problem
  • A willingness to help, to play the role of a good Samaritan


Paraphrased descriptions of what it is like to gather information through one’s preferred Extraverted Sensing

  • I need to actually experience something in order to understand it. I need to either look at a bicycle or at a picture of a bike in order to assemble one. Then I can duplicate what I see. Written instructions are not very helpful.
  • I personally hate history. I figure if it’s already happened, then who cares?
  • I need to see and experience something before I believe it. I’m the classic “doubting Thomas.”
  • In a restaurant, I can be completely attentive to the conversation and interaction at our table and also know everything that’s going on in other parts of the room.
  • I let life happen rather than trying to control it.
  • As a child I had to touch everything. I still do. The textures and colors just grab me.
  • I love to be outside, feeling the sun and the breeze, hearing the insects and the birds. I love the feel of soil on my hands, planting flowers, and pulling weeds.
  • The first thing in the morning, I look outside to check the weather. Then
  • I turn on the news to see what’s happening in the rest of the world.
  • l never watch a taped game or event. If it has already happened, what is the sense of watching?
  • Other adults seem to constantly be telling kids “Don’t touch!” “Don’t put that in your mouth!” But I can relate to the young child’s fascination with exploring and experiencing the environment.
  • I don’t do lists, not even grocery lists. What I buy is what catches my eye.
  • I walk up and down the aisles looking for items that look interesting.
  • I can be observant at the expense of imagination,
  • If you want to get my attention, tell me a story with concrete images.
  • Give me the information I need to do the job, and then let me do it.
  • I show people that I care about them by what I do. Actions speak louder than words.
  • Enjoy it, use it, or put up with it.
  • What you need to know is right in front of you.
  • I tell it like I see it.
  • I value my autonomy and flexibility. If any rules interfere with that, I’ll usually just ignore them.
  • I like school, but would enjoy it more if we could change the daily routine. It’s boring to always know what is coming next.
  • I got into trouble in school for talking and moving around a lot. To this day, I have a hard time sitting still.
  • My style of organization is my own, for example, it’s hard for me to use someone else’s filing system.
  • I’m impulsive, and I have a hard time listening to advice from others.
  • Everything I do is fun. If it isn’t fun, I probably will not do it.
  • I don’t worry about the future. I deal with stuff when it happens.
  • Often I do what I do to get reactions from others. It makes life more interesting. 
  • I tend to jump into the deep end of the pool without thinking.
  • I’m like the Energizer Bunny: I keep going and going. Sitting still wears me out. If I sit still for ten minutes, I fall asleep.
  • When I hit the bed at night, I immediately fall asleep.
  • I am at my best in a crisis. Sometimes if there is no crisis, I will create one.
  • I tend to put everything off to the last minute.
  • I’m in constant motion. I need to move.
  • When looking at a tree, it is not so much like seeing the tree as a whole but seeing every leaf, all the shades of green, the shapes of the leaves, the texture and details of the bark.
  • I usually know the time of day, within a few minutes, without using a watch. I guess I notice environmental cues like shadows or the angle of the sun.
  • In choosing a career, I find I need to actually experience it by watching a video, going to a job site, or even trying it out. A written job description does not interest me or provide the information I need. It is not tangible enough.
  • I get a lot of joy and energy from little things: flowers, clouds, smells. No detail is too small to be a potential source of excitement and delight.
  • I can give you directions to all sorts of places quite easily. I can tell you how many trees you’ll pass and the color of the roof on the house at the corner.
  • My closet is organized by color. If something is not in the right place, color-wise, I have to move it because it is not pleasing to my eye.
  • I just could not do the workshop exercise. The colors of the objects we were working with clashed. It was too distracting.
  • I have never liked tomatoes. However, every so often I have to try one. Since each time it is a new experience, I just might like them that day.
  • I cannot sit still if something is going on. Open space schooling was very difficult for me. I couldn’t tune out the activities that were happening all around. I heard everything that was going on in the classrooms next to mine, and they often sounded as if they were doing something more exciting than we were doing.
  • I have never needed to return a clothing purchase because of a hole or defect. I notice it in the store before I buy it.
  • I rarely need to buy a drink when I go out. I always know someone soon will. Before the night is over, I’ll know almost everyone.
  • Often, if someone is wearing clothing that clashes, I find it very distracting and cannot concentrate on what the person is saying.


Scenes from the world of Extraverted Sensing

  • If I’m boating with friends, I’ll be the one who is really enjoying the moment. I will be talking to everyone, feeling the wind, hearing the sea gulls, jumping in the water to see how it feels.
  • In a “type-alike” group exercise that involves describing an object, our group is usually the first to finish or will divert into other activities before any other group. There is only so much concrete data in a simple object. When you finish saying how the object looks, feels, smells, sounds, and tastes, you are done. There is nothing more to describe.
  • Visiting an art gallery with friends, I realized that no one else saw the details in the artwork that I noticed immediately. In a painting of a house, for example, I saw the tiny key in the door. My friends had not noticed it and were amazed that I had. On the other hand, I can’t remember what I wore yesterday and have only a vague recollection of what I did.
  • I like to smell, touch, taste, or even listen to produce before buying. To decide whether fruit and vegetables are fresh and ripe, I tap on watermelons, smell cantaloupes, and taste grapes. I usually prefer to determine whether milk or food in the refrigerator is fresh by smell rather than reading the expiration date.
  • I can go back somewhere after being away for years and negotiate the streets effortlessly. However, if some key feature has been changed, I get confused and lost. I navigate by landmarks or objects, never street names.
  • I visit my daughter every week. One day I drove past her street. I had to turn around and go back. For ten years, without knowing it, I knew where to turn because of a mailbox on the comer that was made from an old stove. When it was removed, I just drove right by her street without realizing it.
  • In a restaurant, it’s difficult to order from reading the menu. I often order based upon seeing or smelling food from another table: “I’ll have what that guy is having.”
  • After an exercise involving the use of apples, the virtually identical apples were collected and mixed together. A man with a preference for Extraverted Sensing was able to instantly pick out not only his apple but those of the people on either side of him as well.
  • At a wedding, I could not eat for fear that I might miss something. I had to be up walking around and talking to people. I only knew four people when I arrived. By the end of the reception, I knew almost everyone. I was even invited back to the house with the family, for the opening of the presents.


Unique strengths of Extraverted Sensing

  • Accurate, objective, and detailed observation of a wide range of experiences in the current environment
  • Enjoyment of life

  • Can see all sides of an issue

  • An aptitude for hands-on work

  • Extremely reliable visual perception

  • A talent for teaching others, by example, to smell the roses

  • A knack for bringing excitement and life to any group

  • Realism and practicality
Freedom II Taehyung Smut

Originally posted by vminv

“Can you write a something where BTS is the cool peeps or like the bad peeps at school and they dare Tae to go on a date with you (a shy quiet girl)!!! Smut smut smut but like angst ending or you make the ending.”

Taehyung x Reader

/ smut / angst (?) at the end / 

Thanks for Reading! ❤️

PART TWO ◀️ ◀️ here

masterlist ◀️ ◀️ here

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anonymous asked:

Hi, Nikki! I really really love your graphics. They're so beautiful and aesthetic pleasing! If you don't mind, could you make a tutorial for this /post/145172474666/url-graphic-poedameron-want-one graphic (last picture), please? Thank you so much! (P.s. you're amazing person!)

Thank you! And sure, I can make one!! The only thing is…I have thousands of texture packs and I’m not positive which packs I pulled from for this graphic! Unfortunately, my computer crashed yesterday and I lost all my recent open photoshop files. So, I’ll tell you what I’ll do….I’ll make something similar and it will be like the same steps I went through to make the Poe graphic, alright?

Tutorial under the cut!

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Malec AU First Meeting #21 ‘Orange’

I had gotten the prompt Orange on FF.net and got this sudden idea for it. I also am currently sick one again and felt like crying a bit. 

Blind!Alec and waiter!Magnus and the color orange.

Not edited.  


“I’ll paint the whole world for you, in whatever color you want. I’ll describe it to you when you can’t see, so my voice will be your eyes.“


His mother’s reading glasses had been orange. 

Isabelle’s favorite was orange. She had it worn for her first day of kindergarten. 

The lamp over his baby brother’s was painted orange. It played a simple melody, too, and it helped Max fall asleep. 

His father had a little orange cat sitting on his desk. Alec had made it in fifth grade, when they’d been allowed to experiment with clay. Alec still thought it looked ridiculous, the orange stripes looked messy and the eyes were mismatched, but his father kept it nonetheless. Every time Alec came to visit him, his fingers found the smooth surface of the cat. His father left it at the same spot through the years.

Isabelle had a new favorite dress, when she grew out of the one from her kindergarten days. She told him proudly that it was still orange. She took his hands and let his fingertips find the texture of the white roses that where stitched into the orange fabric and scattered across the dress. 

When his mother found an orange shirt in the store, she got it for Alec because she knew he liked the color. 

Max made sure that they got the right orange juice when they went shopping. "You can taste the color,“ he announced when he pressed a glass into Alec’s hands. 

Alec loved oranges, the bitter sweet taste, the feeling of the smooth outside of the peel against his fingertips. 

His mother still had the same reading glasses. 

One evening Robert came home, telling Alec that he’d gotten an orange collar for Garfield, Alec’s guide dog. 

It was Alec’s favorite color and the one thing that was still clear as day no matter how long it had been that his world had become dark. He remembered the other colors, too, but orange was a feeling that didn’t fade. He painted the darkness that was his reality now, orange, imagined the walls of his room with stripes or stars, whatever he felt like when he woke up. 


"The orange juice is for you?“

Alec had heard the steps before the voice had been there, it was pleasantly warm. He wore a T-shirt that was soft against his skin, well-worn, a bit too big, perfect for Alec. "Yes, thank you.“

The clunking sound of the glass against the table. There was no coaster, but in this little cafe, they didn’t have them. The walk from the door to the counter took Alec seven steps, four more to get to his usual table. The waiter only needed three to get to Alec. He was taller than Alec. Alec had only heard his voice around the cafe for a week now. Isabelle had confirmed that he was new. And cute. Alec felt his face heating up when the waiter’s footsteps didn’t lead him away right after placing Alec’s glass on the table. There were no footsteps. The waiter was still standing next to his table.

"Anything else you would like?“ The voice was calm and completely free of stress and tension despite the buzzing sound of the café around them. Alec turned his head a bit, to make it easier to listen to the waiter, easier to soak up his voice, drowning out the background noise. Isabelle always called it ‘staring with his ears‘.

"Do you still have some of the orange cake? The one with the cream in the middle?“

Ruffling of fabric. The waiter probably turned to look at the counter. Alec expected to hear footsteps now, that he would leave to check with the kitchen maybe.

"No, I’m sorry, it looks like we are out.“

Alec’s fingertips tasted the cold surface of the glass. It was the first time that he had found the courage to go to the café on his own and he felt stupid just sitting there drinking juice. But he wasn’t in the mood for coffee and he didn’t want to leave too soon because he wanted to keep that voice close just a bit longer. Garfield lay next to his chair, his warmth was a constant presence against Alec’s leg. 

"Oh, well-“

"But we have muffins.“ There was a smile and it was warmth against Alec’s skin. It was a certain high note in the words, a tiny drop of excitement that made Alec smile as well. He tried to hide it, biting his lip. It was stupid for a smile to be contagious that he couldn’t even see. Yet it was. This was fun. "Fresh from the oven.“ The upturn at the end, that was a smirk, a try at seduction. Alec’s heart fluttered in his chest. 

"Then I would like one of those,“ he decided, finally allowing his own smile to break free and paint all across his face with an exciting shiver running over his skin. He moved the glass closer to him, his fingers followed the straight line of the glass upwards, danced on the rim and for a moment they hovered in the air before touching the straw. A surface not as hard as the glass, not as cold. 

"I’ll get you one.“ One step, a second one. The cafe grew louder again. The third step sounded, but it was different, with more force than the others, a sudden movement. The next step was closer again. The waiter came back. He stopped next to the table, again not too close to disturb Garfield. A dull sound off something against the table, a hand. A movement, accompanied by an intake of breath, he leaned down and Alec tilted his head so his right ear was turned towards the waiter, where Alec suspected his head to be. 

"Oh, and before I chicken out again, I’d like to tell you something …“ Another intake of breath. He wasn’t close enough yet for Alec to feel the warmth of his body. Fingertips drummed nervously on the tabletop. 

"I think you’re beautiful.“

For Alec’s ears the café suddenly became silent. His face was painted with flames, his heart singing with heat. He didn’t move because he was afraid to wake up. In his mind the room was drenched in orange color, with sunlight kissing the windows and he didn’t care that the weather channel had spoken about a cloudy day. His world was flooded with sunlight. 

"Thank you.“ His words stumbled over every shivering heartbeat vibrating through his whole body. He wanted to say something back. He wanted to let the waiter know that he liked his voice, that it had a tinge of orange to it. But he found that he couldn’t, his world was reeling and spilling over with vibrant colors, that for now there was no place for more words. He would come back again and do it then.

"I’ll get you your muffin now.“ And the three steps back to the counter and beyond had a new rhythm to them, but maybe that was just because Alec’s heartbeat got mixed in with their sound. 


When he’d woken up in the hospital after the accident, he had cried and Isabelle had been with him there. She had held his hand, had whispered into his ear 'the walls are orange‘. He had yelled at her, had been so angry, but she had just hugged him and when her tears had painted his cheek with her own sorrow, he had understood that he wasn’t alone with his pain.

"For you, they can be orange, Alec,“ she had whispered, words almost drowning in tears. "For you, they can be every color you want.“ Her fingers had gripped his shoulders hard. Her hug was almost too tight to breathe, but it was what had prevented Alec from breaking apart back then.

“No,“ he’d whispered putting his arms around the shaking chest of his sister. "Orange is perfect.“

Day In And Day Out

Here’s a super last-minute thing for @gamethyst-bomb, specifically the prompt for Day 4: Earth. I’m also dedicating this to that most Gamethyst-loving of pals, @antecubital-fossa.

Garnet gets contemplative, and Amethyst gets a present. ~1800 words.

Day In And Day Out

The mission takes her to a desert, to sun-beaten ruins flung far from any human presence, be it road or outpost or settlement.

Garnet remembers this place very well, from Before. She remembers what it was going to be, until the sudden end of the war put a horrifying stop to everything. She remembers disrupting its construction several times over several centuries leading up to that, different companions by her side on each occasion.

She remembers its guards, too. Small, single-minded, endlessly determined: four Gems who failed to make it to Homeworld’s rush-job retreat (if they were ever even deemed important enough to be informed of it), and four reasons she wanted to come here alone.

The form of the first corrupted ruby dissipates beneath her gauntlets in seconds, leaving behind nothing more than a patch of sand melted into glass and a red gem Garnet has little trouble envisioning on her own left palm. The three other rubies aren’t far behind, however - they never were. They may have forgotten most of themselves, but they have not forgotten this.

Stronger together. Attack as one.

But Garnet is stronger, and more together than she’s been in a while. She makes short work of the hotheaded trio, sends their bubbled gems off with a gentle tap on each, and allows herself a much-needed moment in the sudden quiet.

The hot, dry wind is good for focusing, and it’s been a trying few weeks of a trying year.

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anonymous asked:

I'm just curious, what would you say someone could to do provide enrichment for a leo or crested?

Leopard Geckos:

Leopard geckos should have both a vertical and a horizontal temperature gradient within their enclosure. This means their basking spot (1/3rd of the tank) should be 91 degrees (belly heat). The temperature should be 84 degrees approximately 4″ up (in the air). The air should cool towards the other end of the enclosure, so that it is ~75 (mid-70s to 80) on the cool side of the enclosure. This allows the gecko to choose a comfortable temperature. Choice is key to enrichment.

A variety of hides. At least three. These should be available at all times. Leopard geckos need a moist hide with substrate that is kept 85-88 degrees. This usually means it is on the hot side of the tank. This should have a substrate in it that is kept moist. This “alternate substrate” is a form of enrichment because it is different than the rest of their substrate, and it is a choice they can make (humidity, texture). They also need a hot dry hide on the hot side. They need a cool, dry hide on the cool side. 

I like providing both “cozy” and “stretch-out” hides. Cozy hides are hides that are more round that they can curl up in, and stretch-out hides are ones that they can stretch out to their full length in. Some hides may have big openings, some hides may have small openings. Hides don’t have to look good to be enrichment opportunities. 

Open space. There should be unimpeded open space for the gecko to walk around on. They should be able to choose whether to explore open space, or retreat to a hide.

Climbing opportunities. No climbing area should be so high that the gecko would fall more than its body length! Leopard geckos are kind of clumsy and they are terrestrial animals, and falls can hurt them badly, so make sure they can’t fall far no matter where they go climbing. Hammocks can provide extra space and a lot of leopard geckos love them. The tops of hides, as long as they are stable, make excellent “second stories”. Pieces of driftwood and stones are good textures to make things interesting.

Day/night schedule of lighting. You don’t need to use a dedicated light source on the tank for this, but the room that the gecko is in should have ambient light, so that the gecko experiences day and night normally. They should not be kept in the dark all the time, or in constant light. It is unhealthy. 

In wild-type leopard geckos and other morphs that have normal eyes, you can put appropriate lights on a timer on the enclosure to give them a day-night schedule (it shouldn’t be too bright). You can even use a very low wattage (15 watt) incandescent light in a dome fixture, as the temperature increase and risk of drying is not much of a worry with such a low wattage for leopard geckos. (Always double check your temps and humidity, of course.)

You should not put lights on the enclosure of a morph with sensitive eyes like albinos and similar! 

If you use UVB lights, such as a Reptisun 5.0, do not dust the insects you feed with calcium with D3 or a vitamin that contains D3. (Obviously the geckos must have those hides so they can retreat from the lights as they choose!)

Do not use any form of light at night (blue, red, and other colored bulbs included.)

Substrate variation. Tile and paper towel, or a pile of river rocks in one corner, for example. I don’t recommend switching up the substrate often. Also, make sure you don’t make the substrate too thick over the UTH!! This picture is of Intense’s cool side.

A variety of feeders. Do not feed the same insect all the time; it’s not healthy. All insect-eating reptiles should be fed a variety of insects for maximum health, with a healthy feeder insect as a staple (main feeder). Use a vitamin and calcium (with and without d3) dust rotation. 

Other: As long as your enclosure isn’t too crowded (remember that open space), you can add in some other opportunities. For example, in my gecko’s enclosure I have a large silk plant on a suction cup; I’ve spread it throughout the enclosure (securing it with more suction cups and a twist tie) to drape over his hammock and hides and provide additional cover and opportunities to wiggle through. 

Crested Geckos:

Humidity of at least 50% but with daily spikes to around 80-90%. These daily spikes are enrichment for crested geckos as well as vital to their health. They mimic rainfall in their native habitat. It is important that after each misting, the humidity drops again to 50%, or the gecko can get skin problems.

Vertical space. Crested geckos are arboreal, and they need to be able to choose where in their enclosure they want to hang out. Their enclosure should be at least 15 inches tall (for adults). Sometimes they might choose to hang out on the floor, but that is the point of enrichment – choice. 

Lots and of different kinds of cover. Usually this is provided in the form of plants (real or silk) but as long as it provides support to the gecko’s body, a visual barrier (hiding and concealment), is non-toxic and safe, and holds up to the high humidity of the enclosure, it will work fine. For example, there’s no reason you couldn’t use Fun Foam shapes (the non-adhesive kind), Coroplast (corrugated plastic), or plastic canvas. Silk plants from the dollar store, (no glitter, etc., and washed very well because they’re usually treated with formaldehyde), or fake plants meant for reptiles work very well. Live plants should generally be purchased from a terrarium supply store meant for animals, so that they’re not treated with pesticides or herbicides.

Lots of shelves, vines, and other perches. Cover and perches provide security, choice, and health to the gecko. Not only is it key to the gecko’s mental health, but also essential to their physical health, as it supports their tail. Crested geckos can be prone to floppy tail, and an appropriate number of shelves and perches help prevent it. Options include natural wood that is humidity resistant (cork bark, ghostwood, bamboo, Malaysian driftwood, mopani), safe plastics (Coroplast, plastic canvas), magnetic shelves, hammocks (humidity resistant such as ReptiHammocks), faux vines sold for reptiles, or foam pipe insulation are all common choices. 

Hides are a great choice and often neglected for crested geckos. My geckos all use theirs often. Hides can be made to be elevated (such as a hole cut in foam pipe insulation, or magnetic hides that stick to the side of the enclosure), or placed on the bottom of the enclosure. I have ceramic hides on the bottom of my enclosures and all my geckos use them sometimes. I’ve seen little houses attached to perches and set higher up in the enclosure. (It’s generally best if you can get into the hide for emergencies.) Again, it doesn’t have to look great to be enrichment; the geckos don’t care what it looks like. A washed plastic butter tub attached to the cork wall is just as nice to a gecko as a Magnaturals Hideaway.

Substrate. For geckos under 15 grams, and new geckos, it’s generally best to use paper towel. Coconut fiber (Eco Earth, and some other brand names) can be used for adult crested geckos. ABG Mix or NEHerp substrate or a similar substrate is also an option (and the best choice if planting live plants; if you are using live plants you must also use a drainage layer, etc.). 

Leaf litter can be used over part or all of any kind of substrate to provide textural interest (and also keep the substrate moist in the case of coco fiber or loose substrate, while not raising enclosure humidity). Some crested geckos will burrow under it, regulate their own humidity that way, and use it as a hide. You can purchase safe leaf litter online; live oak, magnolia, or other “leathery” leaf litter works best. It can also be gathered outside as long as you know it’s not contaminated with pesticides, herbicides, car exhaust, or other dangerous things. Either way it should be processed so you don’t introduce pest species to the enclosure (some people choose not to if they are doing bioactive enclosures; this is at their own risk). To do so rinse thoroughly, then boil in clean water for 2 to 3 minutes. Strain and allow to cool.

Leaves should be replaced as they get dirty in non-bioactive setups.

Day/night schedule of lighting. As with leopard geckos, crested geckos also need a day and night cycle to remain healthy. Again, this doesn’t need to be a dedicated light source on the enclosure, but the room that the gecko is in should have ambient light, so that the gecko experiences day and night normally. They should not be kept in the dark all the time, or in constant light. It is unhealthy. 

They can have appropriate lights on a timer on the enclosure to give them a day-night schedule. They should not have a light that gives off heat on their enclosure, so no incandescent bulbs for crested geckos! Incandescent lights and heat lamps will overheat them or reduce their humidity too much! LED lights and fluorescent are both appropriate. 

Crested geckos are nocturnal, so mellow lighting is preferred, although high light may be required on planted vivariums. Make sure the enclosure has a lot of shelter in the form of cover (such as silk plants) and hides for the gecko to retreat from the light if it desires.

Do not use any form of light at night (blue, red, and other colored bulbs included.)

If you use UVB lights, such as a Reptisun 5.0, do not dust any insects you feed with calcium with D3 or a vitamin that contains D3. (You may also choose to feed the BPZD that does not contain supplemental D3.)

A variety of crested gecko diet flavors and high quality brands. Some crested geckos are picky and may only like one diet, but it is helpful to feed a variety of flavors and several different high quality brands. Imagine if you only had to eat one food, day after day, for your entire life? I offer a variety of Pangea flavors, and rotate in Black Panther Zoological Diet, and also offer Big Fat Gecko Smoothie Mix, Clark’s Diet, and Repashy occasionally. Here’s a page on different crested gecko diets. Note, you can get BPZD with added D3 now.

Feeding insects as a treat is also a form of enrichment for crested geckos. They shouldn’t have more than a few insects per week, as it can upset the balance of their prepared diet. My geckos don’t seem interested in eating insects; however, they do enjoy looking at them. So once in a while I offer them some small dubias in a smooth-sided bowl (properly dusted and with a bit of squash to eat) and they just… watch them. I guess it’s gecko TV. That’s a form of enrichment too, and good for them if they ever decide to eat them. Haha. (I just put the bugs back into their colonies if the geckos don’t eat them.) Make sure you only offer properly sized insects for your pet.

anonymous asked:

what brushes and programs do you use?

I use Paint Tool SAI for all of my art. I usually spend alot of time experimenting with brushes and presets but for the most part these are the 4 brushes I use the most.

This is my go-to brush for inking. I really love the texture and how easy it is to use. I found it while looking up Sugimori-style SAI brushes and modded it a bit, so if you’re interested in emulating pokemon illustrations you should totally use this one!

Here’s my other pencil tool. It’s a basically SAI’s default pencil. I play around with the Hard <-> Soft setting alot bc It gives a wide variety of line qualities.

Here’s what I use for coloring and shading! I play around with density alot to fit my needs, but other than that everything else stays the same. I occasionally use this for lineart as well.

I use this brush for softer shading and digital painting and the like. I really like the texture of it and it’s a lot of fun to work with!

So that’s pretty much it. I basically use SAI’s default brushes when I’m not using the ones listed above!!! Hope this helps :~)