i love evil!danny

Look I am so salty in general about the way Danny has been treated by this show.

It is no secret that I absolutely love Danny, my 3rd favorite after hollstein. 

And Danny has consistently been completely beaten down and has not had a single bone thrown to her in this show. Laura at the very least won in S1, and she’s getting Carmilla back in S3. But Danny’s luck just goes downhill consistently worse and worse until STABBED. And no, she was not perfect, in fact she could be reckless and petty af. But she also died to protect her friends, and she spent entire S2 being a good friend to Laura. She was well meaning and she cared. 

But hey, at least the lion hearted Gryffindor (who had her problems but she TRIED) got the death she deserved, pretty noble scene to go out on, right?

Instead they ruin it by turning her into a vampire. And while I absolutely love evil!Danny and Sharon nails it, I am also torn because of course. Bring Danny back and make her evil for ~reasons~ for a good villain that’s probably just going to be staked at the end or something.