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Fic Rec #2

Time for some weekly recs!!! Also there is something I want to address… The Larry fandom has amazing fic writers (and content creators in general) but there is a serious lack of active readers in the fandom. If you love a fic or have enjoyed reading it, please leave a comment to appreciate their hard work! It doesn’t take you much time but it makes their day!! It also encourages them to write more! Keeping that in mind, let us move on to the actual fic rec:

  Ever Since by letsjustsee  @letsjustsee      

A very fluffy AU where Louis finds a lost dog that he wishes he could keep - until he meets his owner, who he wishes he could keep more. 

**This was such a cute and fluffy AU! It will melt your heart!

 New Man by make_this_feel_like_home   

Louis Tomlinson is newly single for the first time in his adult life. He’s just ended his relationship with his uni-sweetheart and things are messy to say the least. Zayn has never been good at coping, so when he flaunts his new man to Louis, Louis is less than surprised. He knows it’s not going to last. Harry has horrible taste in food, drinks beer but inexplicably has a six-pack, owns the ugliest boots known to man-kind and has a really kind heart. Louis shouldn’t still be so tangled up in his old life, and he definitely shouldn’t be having regular conversations with his ex’s new boyfriend… but things are messy.

Or, The one where Louis falls for his old man’s new man.

** Inspired by Ed Sheeran’s song! There is a bit of zouis and zarry but nothing explicit.

 Like Candy In My Veins by littlelouishiccups  @littlelouishiccups    

Um…” Harry said slowly after a moment. “Okay. That’s… this is… Let me get this straight.” He lifted up a hand and swallowed. “You told your family that you have a boyfriend… and my name was the first one you thought of?”

 “Harry Potter was on TV, alright? It wasn’t that much of a stretch.” Louis pinched the bridge of his nose. He couldn’t believe he was explaining himself to Harry fucking Styles. He couldn’t believe he was stooping this low. “Forget it. I’m sorry I even thought about bringing you into this.”

Harry snorted. “What? Did you want me to pretend to be your boyfriend or something?”

**This is an old one that I reread. A very cute fake relationship AU. Plus A/B/O. So win-win!!

Cold Little Heart by seducedbycurls (WIP)

Louis is a soft omega with an abusive past and an alpha child
A few months after getting a divorce, Louis meets Harry, an ex-military alpha wolf that offers him something -odd.

In exchange for teaching him how to cook, Harry will babysit his son, Abraham
Louis really could use the help.

**Oh god!! This fic! At last we have a kid fic where the kid actually acts like a kid!!! Abby or Abraham is so cute here and there is no kid playing matchmaker stuff here which I love because it is much more believable like that! This story is heartwarming and the character dynamics are to die for! Harry might seem a little ooc but it is for a reason. Give this fic a read (BTW, the author’s writing style is a little unique. It gets some getting used to. They have written one of my all time fav fics but that is for another time)

 Never Let Me Go by loveisalaserquest17   @loveisalaserquest17

  Harry and Louis have been friends forever, but they couldn’t be more different. One night, with a little too much alcohol, they make a pact to marry in ten years if they’re both still single.
Now, one month before the deadline, Louis is willing to do whatever it takes to avoid ending up with his best friend. But is he, really? | Loosely inspired by The 10 Year Plan    

**This fic was good! The angst comes in small but powerful doses!

It’s a Better Place (Since You Came Along) by  phdmama  @phdmama

When Harry Styles, a mid-level talent, Finder, and small business owner, sets off on the vacation of a lifetime with his best friend, Niall Horan, he has no idea the changes his life will undergo over the next nine days. He’s got it all planned - there’s going to be shore excursions, lounging by the pool on the deck of the luxurious cruise ship, not to mention margaritas. What he does not plan for are the new friends, new bonds, or the mystery from his past that comes back to haunt him, and he certainly hasn’t planned for Louis. 

**Another reread! The setting of the fic is very unique. That is the first thing that drew me in. The characters (especially Louis) are very nicely fleshed out. Also, prepared to be surprised!

Be with me so happily by BriaMaria     @briannamarguerite

the one where Harry Styles has a bad reputation and a heart of gold, and Louis Tomlinson wishes he wasn’t so enchanted by boys who looked like Disney characters and wore shirts with bumble bees on them.

[aka Louis is the director of the Styles Elephant Sanctuary and really doesn’t want to babysit his funder’s spoiled lay-about son for two months]

**Ooh another unique fic. Louis is the director of an elephant sanctuary and Harry is the son of Anne, the main sponsor of the said sanctuary. Its kind of enemies to lovers!!

 heading for a small disaster by suspendrs       @suspendrs 

He and Harry have never had an interaction outside of this car, and they probably never will. After all, Harry is just the guy that drives Louis to work, and Louis is just another customer. That’s all they are, really.

Harry drives an Uber and Louis’s life is falling apart.              

**This fic hits you like a ton of bricks. If you want to cry in a very uncool way, read this.

Your Good Side by sweetums   @darlou  

“Hi, I’m Harry. I don’t think we’ve met yet, just wanted to say I’m excited to work with you.” Harry says once he’s walked over, smiling at Louis. He would go for a handshake but that seems a bit too formal maybe.

“Hi, are you one of the extras?” Louis responds, clearly trying to be polite and failing. Harry feels himself start to frown.

“Er, no, I’m Harry, Harry Styles? I play Alex.” he explains. Obviously he’s not egotistic enough to think everyone on set should know who he is. But then again, they did so far.

“Ohhh, the pop star right?” Louis quips.

And okay. That’s probably the most blatant anyone has been about their preconceptions of him.

“Well, yeah, I’m in a band if that’s what you mean. We’re on a hiatus right now but we’re still working on music.” he says, trying not to be affected by Louis’ condescension.

“Right, so not an actor. Just a way to get us more press.” It’s annoying but Louis’ slight smirk really suits him. He’s literally standing there insulting Harry but Harry feels almost charmed. Still offended, though.

AU where Harry can’t seem to win over his Dunkirk co-star. Inspired by Joey and Kate from Friends.

**I loved this one. We seriously need more Dunkirk AUs in this fandom. Plus its based on FRIENDS! 

Paint Me In A Million Dreams by green_feelings @greenfeelings

Harry’s one of Hollywood’s biggest actors, has made a name for himself in prestigious films and lives the life of a superstar. There’s just one thing missing to make it picture-perfect, but the one Harry’s in love with is completely out of reach for him. Enter Louis, one of Hollywood’s biggest actors himself, who just came out of the closet and taps new genres in the industry. When Louis sacks the role Harry auditioned for in Scorsese’s next big film, their irrational feud starts. Who could have guessed it would get even worse when for promo season, their teams decide to present them as a couple for publicity?

In short, Harry’s in love with someone and doesn’t care about dating anyone else, Louis never felt home in L.A., Liam writes love songs for someone he shouldn’t write love songs to, and Niall makes everything better with good food.

**Oooh I reread this fic a lot! And I was there when it was just a baby. I don’t really need to say much about a green_feelings fic, do I? You already know how good it will be!!! 

 How Fast You Fall by FullOnLarrie    @fullonlarrie

They meet as transfer students at university orientation, and Louis wants Harry the first time he sees him. But Louis isn’t looking for a boyfriend. With school and work, he doesn’t have time for anything more than a casual hookup. When they become roommates, Louis decides it’s best not to pursue Harry and take the chance of messing up their living situation. They quickly become good friends and soon Louis realizes that his attraction is much more than just physical. However, because Harry has a plan to stay single and celibate until he graduates, Louis assumes that he doesn’t stand a chance, and tries everything he can think of to make himself forget about his feelings for Harry.      

**Oh sweet angst! There is plenty of it here! And I love it! As Harry would say:


Happy Reading!! And Don’t forget to show the authors some love!!                  

Issues & Tissues : PART 1 ( Tom Holland x reader)

(Zendaya x  Tom Holland x reader x Cole sprouse )

SUMMARY : You have the biggest crush on your co-star Tom Holland. Although there has always been rumours of him and your other co-star Zendaya dating, you’ve always ignored it. You liked him a little too much to just let go.Too much to even notice another co-star, Cole, looking at you the same way you look at Tom. But what’ll be the outcome of your immense likeness for Tom? Will it be worth it? Or will you be left heartbroken when the fan theories of him and Zendaya prove to be true?

A/N: I’m sorry it took me so long to post! Hopefully, you’ll like this one :) Love you guys x

Since the day he first called you ‘darling’ to the day he shared his cup of tea with you, you were absolutely smitten. You were very much aware of the fact that he simply called literally everyone by that word and he liked sharing tea because he’s a kind man BUT you couldn’t help it, I mean, c’mon look at him! With his messy brown hair and his cheeky smile.. oh that handsome smile. One thing was clear- you were smitten. This quackson guy got the best of you this time.

The fact that you got to work with Tom every single day for 4 months didn’t help your case much either- everyday you found yourself falling more in love with him and his little ways. The other actors on set were Zendaya and Cole Sprouse. Yeah, that’s right- Tom’s ideal match Zendaya. They got along really well, their chemistry was inevitable, no wonder fangirls and the press shipped them so much. You would ship them too, had you not been so hopelessly in love with Tom. Seeing him and Zendaya do scenes together or even interact ! made you sore. Maybe they did like each other but eh, it’s easier to come in set, make-believing they don’t. It has almost been 3 months since you first met and I have to say, you did a pretty good job in hiding your hots for Tom. Nobody knew about it. Well, nobody except your best friend on set- Cole. Cole caught you way before you even admitted to your ownself that you were falling for Tom. You hate how easily Cole reads you. Best friends’ intuition, I guess.

Anyway, you and Tom got along pretty well too. He was always his goofy self, cracking stupid jokes every opportunity he got, doing 100 things at the same time but nonetheless, making sure everybody was having a good time. Work didn’t feel like work when you were with him. He would always give you the warmest hug- and to everyone as well. 

He made horrible attempts to break you out of your shy shell and in doing so, you found yourself falling for him. You don’t know when you started getting butterflies for this young South-west London lad. You found yourself searching for silly excuses to go see him or give him his tea. You would usually end up chatting with him about the silliest things on the red sofa which was placed in the middle of the set for..you were not sure why it was kept there but it had been there since the first day. It became your spot. You and Tom’s, to be precise. You would hangout there almost every 5:30pm because you and his free-time coincided at this hour only. Days when you didn’t have a single scene with him were the ones you dreaded the most. However, you always got to catch him on the red sofa over your mutual love for tea at 5:30pm.

You’re not sure if Tom has the same liking towards you, I mean, he’s just so nice to everyone! When he’s with you, he woud make you feel like you’re the only girl in the room. Pretty sure, everybody in the room feels that way when they talk to him. He’d always make the warmest cup of tea during your 5:30 couch time and tell you stories about his family and his sweetheart Tessa. Tom also had his way of making you blush by telling you how ‘wonderful’ you look every now and then. Yeah, it’s hard to tell if he likes you but you would like to think that he does..even if it’s just a little bit.

Right now, you’re lazily sitting on the couch with Cole. You have few minutes of break before heading for an interview.

 “I think he’s doing an interview with Z in the other room,” you nag as you rest your head on Cole’s shoulder.

He scoffs,”Geez, (Y/n), don’t be that girl”

You abruptly sit up straight,”What girl?”

“You know,” he nervously utters,”The green eyed monster bitten g-“

“Ufff, I’m not jealous,” you sigh and turn towards the other room where Tom and Zendaya are supposedly get interviewed,”I was just saying…” you drop your head.

“Aww,” Cole chuckles as he lifts your head up with his finger,”You’re adorable. I wish he knew how you felt,”

You move away and roll your eyes,”Like he’d ever like a slob like me when he has this gorgeous Z all over him,”

You meant it. You don’t think you have any chance with Tom. Regardless of the wonderful bond you shared with Tom, you always felt like Zendaya had the upperhand since she’s the one who got  to spend most of the time with Tom. She also has millions backing her ship with Tom.

“(Y/N),” you hear one of the crew assistants call out,”You and Cole are up next for  the interview,”

“That’s our cue,” Cole blurts before ruffling your hair.

“Hey!” you hit his arm. He chuckles in response.

You head towards the interview room.

”After you, ma’am.” Cole opens the door for you like a pro-butler.

“Thank you, Mr Sprouse” you chuckle at his fake courtesy.

Little did you know that in a few seconds time you’d be wishing Cole hadn’t let you in first.

Your heart drops. You lose your breath for a second.

On entering the room, you’re greeted by the sight of Tom and Zendaya kissing.

Something you had always seen coming.

Something you wished would never happen.

Something you dreaded.

Something that made your heart break more than you thought it would.

Suddenly all the butterflies in your stomach seem to have fallen dead.

The touch of Cole’s hand on your shoulder made you step out of the blackhole you were putting yourself into. “I’m sorry, I can’t-“ you run out of the room. You don’t know if Tom had seen you since you left so abruptly.


4 hours since the vague scene at the interview room. 4 hours since you covered your mouth and held yourself together as you bawled your eyes out on the bathroom floor. Much to your contempt, shootings were usually 6-7 hours long so that meant you had to stay here for few more hours. Other days, 7 hours felt like 7 minutes but today it feels like a lifetime. You’ve done a pretty good job at holding yourself together and ignoring Tom. You know you have no right to be mad at him, he wasn’t even yours in the first place. But it..hurts.

You thought he liked you. Maybe you were only fooling yourself but you really thought  he did. Maybe you got your hopes up too high but a part of you always felt like he did like you back. The way he’d always make you feel at home, the time you’d spend laughing and talking about everything on the lounge, the way- No, (Y/n), maybe all of those things meant a lot to you because you liked him, or even loved, but it doesn’t matter now. It shouldn’t matter. Because it clearly meant nothing to him. It meant nothing to Tom.

You still can’t get the image of him and Zendaya kissing. It’s funny how you can get your heart broken the same time the other person’s heart collides.


You’re now in Cole’s temporary trailer on the set. He spent the whole day making sure you weren’t alone and invaded the thoughts of Tom and Z. You have few minutes of break before your next scene. Cole has already left for his. You haven’t seen Tom since that incident. And you’re glad you haven’t. You even missed the 5:30 red sofa ritual you shared with Tom.

It meant nothing to him, you remind yourself.

You hear the door click open. You pull yourself up from Cole’s couch, “Cole, I was just-“

“Thought I might find you here,” Tom smiles lovingly.

You feel your stomach tighten. You open your mouth to say something but nothing comes out. You can’t even look at him, “I  was just leaving,” you quickly utter as you see yourself out.

“Wait, (Y/n). I didn’t see you the entire day! Where were you?”

“I was just-“

“And you didn’t show up at the red sofa either. You know that’s our thing,”

The last sentence made your fist tighten and your heart weak. Why, why does he do that?

“I’m busy. See you later,”

It took everything in you to walk past the guy you had loved for so long and pretend that your heart wasn’t breaking when you did.

“(Y/n)..” you could almost faintly hear him but you didn’t turn back. No, you weren’t turning back for him anymore. You had been a fool for too long. How could you have not seen this coming?

You continued to love him even though it was you against all the fangirls and the press. I did this to myself.


You spent the next hours of the day keeping yourself busy and avoiding Tom. Somehow you kept bumping into him more than usual. You ignored every attempt of his to talk to you. You played it cool and mellow to make sure you weren’t giving off any awkward vibes. You continued to remind yourself that he wasn’t even yours to begin with, so you don’t have any right to be mad at him.

           You were just shooting your last scene when you saw Tom walk into your area. Tom was well-known to have the most hectic schedule out of everyone so you have no idea why he was here and not somewhere else shooting his scene.

Just dropping by, I guess.

“And cut!”

“That was a great scene, (Y/n)” Emma, one of the producers, applauds you.

“Thank you,” you warmly smile as you grab a bottle of water to hydrate yourself, completely ignoring the fact that Tom is in here too.

“Great shot, (Y/n)” you hear another familiar voice approach towards you.


“Thanks, Tom” you quickly reply and try to leave-abruptly, again.


He’s too close for you to ignore anymore. “I’m getting late, I have to-“

“I can drop you home,” he says in a low tone, sounding almost melancholy.

“That’s okay, I have a ride! I’m sorry, I have to lea-“ you quickly make another desparate but successful attempt to leave.

You walk towards the changing room to grab your stuffs and go home. You quickly collect your bags  and walk yourself out of the set.

You were just about to get into your car when you heard someone call out your name again.

You turn around to find Tom, again.

 This has never happened before. In all these months of shooting, he has never made himself this available.

“Oh, Tom. I told you I have a-“

“So I’m guessing you saw, huh?” he bluntly utters.

“Saw, what?”

“You know what,”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Tom. I’ll see you to-“

“You know exactly what I’m talking about,”

You take a deep breath and a long pause. You’ve been trying to avoid him the entire day to avoid having this conversation but here he is, pestering you for the same. You know he doesn’t feel anything for you, he never did, but hearing him actually say that would be even more torturous. You’d rather pretend your heart didn’t break when you saw him kiss Zendaya and that you didn’t really love him just so you could get past the next days of shooting without wanting to breakdown everytime you see him. It’d be easier to pretend nothing happened.

“So what, Tom?” you sigh,”So what if I saw you and Zendaya kiss?”

“Is that why you’ve been ignoring me the whole day?”

“I wasn’t-“

“Please. I know the way you used to look at me but today you were just-“

“JUST WHAT?” you increase your tone out of frustration,”SAD?HEARTBROKEN? DEVASTATED? Is that what you want to hear? You want me to tell you that I could feel my heart sink and that  I wish that I’d never entered the interview room in the first place? God, I wish I could tell you. I wish I could tell you what you want to hear so badly but trust me, ‘hurt’ would be an understatement to the way I felt when I saw you kiss Z. And as for walking into the interview room, I’m glad I saw it.”

“(Y/n), I’m sorry, I-”

You cut him off. You hold back your tears and gather up all your guts as you complete your sentence,” You’re not the one of blame here, you weren’t even mine to begin with. You made me think that maybe you did like me, or maybe that was just me fooling myself. And there is nothing worse in the world than thinking you have a chance..,” you choke,”.. when you really don’t.”

And with that, you leave.

“(Y/n),”He immediately grabs hold of your hand.

“Let me go,”




“Let me..,” you abruptly pull out your hand from his grip, “..go”.

And he did.


A/N : Please, it doesn’t have to end like this!!! PART 2 coming up  soon ;)


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anonymous asked:

don't take this the wrong way but like i'm always so surprised when you say you're a keith stan bc your entire blog SCREAMS that you're a lance stan lmao

hewuuwhwwhe okay but do you want a kind of serious answer??

Come away with me on a journey to June of 2016….. I’ve just made my blog and have started my foray into the fandom. No matter where I turn, I always come up with the same thing: Keith content. Everyone loves Keith. There are gifsets about Keith, there’s tons of Keith fanart, there’s all this meta/theory/analysis about Keith being Galra. And this is all aided by the fact that the show itself loves Keith.

Now me, being an immediate Keith stan, is happy about this! I love Keith. I love klance. Everything is coming up Katie. But I’ve always tried to love characters in a ship equally. So I go looking for Lance content. And I find it! We’ve got Lance memes, we’ve got Lance gifsets, we’ve got whitewashed fanart, we’ve got Klance fics, we’ve got Lance as the butt of the joke posts, we’ve got more memes, we’ve got Langst. My god, do we have langst. There’s langst where Lance is horribly injured, there’s langst where Lance dies, there’s langst where Lance is tortured, there’s langst where the team hurts Lance’s feelings, and there’s klangst where Lance dies for Keith.

Me, noticing a pattern: ummmmm. What the hell lmao

So I’m looking around, and I’m realizing that the fandom… treats Lance like shit. And I’m a ‘everything in moderation’ kind of gal, so when I saw how one-sided this treatment was, I decided to personally balance things out. Basically: I ramped up the Lance loving. I made as many shitposts about Lance as possible, so people would laugh and associate Lance with fun times and like Lance more. I tried to encourage more positive Lance enjoyment. I’m not like, claiming I’m 100% responsible for the Lance Stan movement, but at the time I figured I could make a difference. I also tamped down on my Keith stanning. I figured, there are enough Keith stans in the fandom. I don’t need to add my voice to the group. But I can help Lance. So… that’s why there’s a lot of Lance loving on this blog.

Things got even easier once season 2 aired and the disparity between Keith and Lance grew bigger. Even when Keith was pulling the most bullshit of his young adult life he received way more attention and praise than Lance, both in the show and fandom. So again, I tried to be the balance I wanted to see. I drank a gallon of Loving Lance juice and started bullying Keith.

Tldr I’m a Keith stan who bullies Keith and loves Lance extra hard to make up for the over glorification of the former and the piss poor treatment of the latter.


I’m late to the party due to Vancon, but oh, lookie –

13x03 Dean is wearing the exact same outfit from 9x06 - solid blue and black shirt/layers. Black = grief, sadness, depression; Blue = (in relation to Dean) Cas.

The one significant difference: Dean’s jacket. It’s trenchcoat Cas-coded (Dean channeling Cas via clothes - a recurring pattern on the show i.e. his 12x18 suit, Cas-coded tie, collared plaid after sleeping with a Cas-replacement waitress for the very last time). 


  • Berens penned both 9x06 and 13x03.
  • Jody and Missouri are present in 13x03
  • possible psychic readings (Dean as querent - exposition of his feelings/bargaining-depression-acceptance stages via tarot cards)
  • A Dean and Jody scene was filmed at a Gas n Sip.

What am I trying to say here? 

They’re using the past narrative to reinforce the present (bring subtext to text) aka building blocks!

9x06 was Destiel-infused – Pine tree air fresheners, “Big O”, Sun logo = Cas, the romantic dating tropes, the Buffy and Tony Manero/Annette parallels, the fanfiction gap, Misha acting like a jilted lover = Dean overall pining and taking Cas on a date because he missed him post-Bunker kick out. 

Well, I hope the audience gets some sort of explicit visual/vocal acknowledgement from Dean or an EXPOSITION regarding Dean’s feelings (remember the number 3? “Big reveal” pattern) where a comparison between 9x06 and 13x03 is made. 

9x06: Cas wasn’t dead but human vs. 13x03: Cas is perma-dead. In both episodes, Cas’ absence (profoundly) affects Dean.

@thetwistedwillow and I suggested – what if the Gas n Sip cashier reminds Dean of Cas? Perhaps Dean actually buys something, then his grief induces overlapping 9x06 flashbacks of Cas behind the counter. What if we observe him sifting through his 9x06 memories? What if Dean and Jody have an expositional talk? 

Ah, the possibilities!

I’m not saying they WILL do these things, but considering the matching outfits, environment, and circumstances, there’s a chance we’ll see a 9x06 reference when 13x03 airs.


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I really hate it when people talk crap about how ridiculous it was that Harry defeated Voldemort, and that he had ‘too much help’ or got lucky. For starters, he was a teenage boy, it’s not wrong to have help. We all need help, we don’t have to do everything alone. The series shows the value of friendship and love, and I don’t know why people hate on that.

It is hard to be confident in yourself. Social media makes it look easy and sometimes even glamorous, but it’s not. My struggle towards self-confidence and self-love is constantly evolving. In my experience, self-hate doesn’t miraculously go away. It takes work. Showing up for that work is what’s most important. So every day, I come back to the drawing board. I wipe away yesterday’s actions and try to release both the good and the bad emotions. I try to be compassionate towards myself. I try to show myself love instead of hate. It is hard. I was not trained to love myself. I’m not good at it. And I don’t live in a world that wants me to love myself. But this work isn’t about a hashtag or a movement- it’s about survival. I must love myself in order to survive. That’s the goal. Everything else is just extra. Proud to celebrate Every Body Beautiful day with @Refinery29 and @LaneBryant #seethe67 Check out their Facebook Live on @Refinery29 at 4pm ET (link in bio)

Bra + Panties by @lanebryant

Photo by @zoelitakerphotography

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“Why is it that the happiest of moments usher in sudden fear?”










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(1/2) holy shit wait okay idea here: in the "everything hurts lup disappeared for a decade" timeline, Taako had been on the run doing his cooking show until one fateful day with the poison and we all know the story, well what if Lup finds this angry bitter untrusting Taako who doesn't cook and just like, fuckin leans on him for an entire episode of "BRO TELL ME WHY YOU DON'T COOK ANYMORE" until right near the end Taako tells her why and she leaves it, that's that for a few seasons but THEN (TBC)

(2/2) a few seasons later the entire Team Avatar is assembled and Taako is feeling safe and loved (though he’d never admit it) and he has this cool spiritworld-grimreaper boyfriend and then he finds fucking Sazed. And his face just falls and he hides from what he did but Lup talks to him and using spiritworld powers she barely understands she pulls up his memories and re-plays them and they find out the Truth and everyone beats the shit out of Sazed for the rest of the episode

yeah. YEAH. I’M INTO IT. 

Thank You

Thank you to the Groundhog Day cast, creative team, crew, orchestra, and the staff of the August Wilson Theatre.

Thank you for all the hard work, dedication, and love you put into bringing this beautiful show to life.

There is so much more to say and yet no words can do justice to what this show has given me and hopefully many others.

It gave me a place to call home, even if just for a few hours.  

It gave me a community on the internet to feel a part of outside of those hours.

It gave me something that made me feel when I often struggle to engage emotionally.

The true beauty of art is the gift it gives us of a place to exist where everything makes sense when the world outside does not.  Where you can be surrounded by strangers, yet not feel alone.  A place where, when the house lights dim, in that brief moment of darkness and silence, save for the whirring of moving lights as they go to their first cue position, the audience, the actors, the crew, the orchestra, and the house staff, let go of all that keeps us apart and become one. Joining together to find that transcendent synergy which creates the experiences that keep us all coming back for more.  They will be carried in our hearts and returned to in times of darkness.  

We, audience and performer alike, will all move on into new phases of our lives and I look forward to following the cast and creative team wherever their careers may lead.  I will however think back fondly on this show and these characters and the spring turned summer during which I could visit with them.  

May the message of valuing the life we are given and the people with whom we share it spread beyond the confines of the theater’s walls to the world at large.

“As for that, the rest is just a test of your endurance.  You gotta love life.”

Champions adjust.

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hey, i saw that one of the mods is doing a presentation at a con about other idol shows that deserve attention (outside of love live and idolm@ster)! could somebody post a list of them so that we can check them out? I'm curious!!! also, have a great time!!!!

Of course!!! 

It’ll be

  • Aikatsu
  • Pretty Rhythm/PriPara
  • Bang!Dream
  • AKB0048
  • Macross Frontier
  • Macross Delta

i wanted to do shows that had a phone app or had a lot of content available so it would be easy to get into the shows. I’ll be briefly mentioning Tokyo 7th Sisters, Wake Up, Girls! and Show By Rock, but I only have an hour to cover everything… My 2 biggest recommendations from that list are Aikatsu and Macross Frontier honestly. 

- Admin Honoka

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Hi! I'm an Australian fan and I got tickets to KCON Australia. I wanted to ask what is the best way to learn about each member or a series I can watch? (I have produce 101 s2 on my watchlist) Or a guide/blog that you recommend? I really love this blog, thank you for the awesome updates! Love from Australia 🇦🇺

hey there!! thanks for the support :) this is a long post packed with lots of wanna one show recommendations & TONS of little facts (equipped with videos) about wanna one themselves to help new wannables! so i put everything below the “read more” line. i went really crazy with this post but have fun at kcon australia!

the ultimate wanna one starter pack

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So much of being an artist is trial and error; failing and learning and trying again. My current painting started as a grisaille (a grayscale painting) which I intended to bring to life with thin glazes of color. It did not work at all, and I ended up having to opaquely cover everything underneath. It’s been a long, oft-painful lesson, but I’m SO CLOSE to being done, and I can’t wait to show you all the result of my labor of love.

To Love In Vain

Pairing: Jace/Alec

Rating: Teen Up and Audiences

Summary: Jace is in a dark ‘parabatai-like’ bond with Jonathan Morgenstern, and has lost ties with everything and everyone he loves. But what if he encounters his former parabatai, Alec?

Notes: One-shot. For anyone who hasn’t read the books it won’t probably make much sense, but know that Jace and Jonathan’s 'dark bond’ is like a brainwashing/swaying for Jace, so he’s on the 'dark side’ now. I wanted to explore the dynamic he would have with Alec, since the books…didn’t show it at all. You could envision this both in the books or in the future of the show i guess. Obviously, angst ensues…

Oikawa when his s/o is sad (HC)

Had to do this bc I saw @haikyuusmiles was feeling sad today. Go show her some love guys!!

*Oikawa is actually a very perceptive person! He realizes quickly that his s/o you acting like yourself and will immediately ask you to talk to him about it. Honestly, he hates seeing you sad. He will do everything in his power to make you feel better.
*Honestly, you’d probably feel a lot better just being around him after a while. He’s very attentive and kind, and he makes sure not to provoke you or anything! He wants you to feel better ASAP.
*If you cry, he gets so emotional too omg. He will just hold you and pet your head until you feel better. He hates seeing you cry and he’s plotting revenge against anything that made you feel bad.
*He will leave you alone if you want, but he can also be very cuddly during times like these. He wants you to feel as safe and secure as possible.
*To make you feel better he’ll tell funny stories of things that happened to him, talk about space, show you cute dog/cat videos or watch your favorite shows with you. He’d even leave practice early to hang out if needed. :^)

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Can you give us an overview on what the sequel is going to be about? You kept "HetaOni" in the title, but if I'm correct, you're creating an original story? Is there anything you can tell us?

(adm: HetaOni : Ai is basically going to be about everything I couldn’t show in my version of HetaOni and a little bit more. The ending, obviously, had to be created by me, as the original game had no hints whatsoever as to what the ending could’ve been.

As the name suggests (Ai meaning “Love” in Japanese), the game will focus on the subject “love” and its various forms. Why was the mansion built in the first place, why were the “Things” (whom I named “Stark”, for the sake of puns) put to test with the nations so Master could have his million alien army, what Iggy, Loup and Igor actually have to do with all of this and what is the real reason they decided to step in, putting their own lives on the line to save the other’s, what is Master’s true goal- these are all a few of the questions that I hope to answer clearly in the game. Love has to do with it all. 

And of course, besides the three, Song Jin and Daniel S. Middleton, you’ll also discover about other characters, their past and their roles in the story. I have mentioned earlier that I will try to include as many characters as possible in this project, but I am a single human being doing all of the work alone, so there’s only so much I can do. I have about 10 other 2P character designs I have created. Some of them need more work, but I won’t be revealing any more of them. Daniel really was the last one I was wiling to share, at least for now.

It should be pretty obvious by now, but there’s no harm in putting it out there again: these are not the 2Ps you know. I have created every single one of them to fit into the world I created myself- headcanons based on whatever thing the original 2Ps have will not be accurate. I don’t know anything about the fanon 2Ps, and honestly, I have no interest in them whatsoever. The only reason I included OCs in the game is because I, as was stated, panicked. I personally really dislike the idea of OCs you don’t know of being shoved onto your face without a proper introduction, or just blatantly coming out of nowhere, especially if they don’t have a solid personality. Don’t get me wrong- I have nothing against it, it’s just something I don’t like when happens. And yet, look at me: I created three OCs (four if you count Master) in 5 minutes and expected everyone to go along with it. And honestly? It only occured to me I had indeed created OCs when someone said to me they liked my OCs [using that word specifically]. I was kind of devastated of having doing something I hate in a game I love, but thankfully enough, most of you enjoyed it.

Well, I guess that since I had no idea of how big of a fandom HetaOni still was and did the stupidity of starting the game from scratch and giving it a very terribly, not carefully thought ending and releasing it to the public before actually making sure it would be accepted [since, you know, I was away from the fandom for years and slowly went back to it while I was working on the damned game], I guess the least I could do to make up for it is to put the bits and pieces together and actually make a good sense of what I meant to say with that ending, and give you what I’m hopefully praying will be the best Hetalia fan made game you’ve ever played in your life.

I’m putting all of my love into this and I’ll do my best to reach it out to you. Hope this was a good enough explanation!)


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Buster Bluth (tv show - Arrested Development)

I love every character in Arrested Development but Buster Bluth, man. Unlimited Juice, Army trophies, his crush on Marta, Motherboy – everything Buster takes part in and does makes me lose my shit.

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I will never forget the first time I saw the part where Buster had Franklin and out of nowhere said to Lucille, “I DON’T WANT NO PART OF YOUR TIGHT ASS COUNTRY CLUB, YA FREAK BITCH!” – and then looked at Franklin like he’s not sure where that outburst came from. Oh, Buster, you precious bean.

  • Am I the only one on the fence about Game of Thrones in terms of the plot, characters, etc.? Like i'm MADLY in love with this show but I do agree with certain points people who dislike D&D's writing?
  • So i'm gonna explain why on a court-based post. Judge asks if the show is still good. Prosecution saying yes, defense being no. Just gonna post why on each sides.
  • -
  • Prosecution:
  • • For starters, why are people complaining about how quick everything is going? If the show has 8 more episodes, what do you want them to do? Talk about the fucking flowers growing in high gardens? This shouldn't be a shocker. They've still gotta cover a lot of shit within 8 episodes.
  • • Incest has been in this show from season 1-7 and damn near half of Westeros is born from incest. At this point, why does this shock people? No ones shipping or supporting incest whatssoever, but seriously?
  • • Idiots who say that supporting Daenerys/Jon means that you support incest in real life is like saying that since we love watching war and killings that we support this in real life as well. You guys have got to come with a better defense than this. Its dumb. And boring.
  • • The people complaining about how quick people are getting to places crack me up. Jorah kidnapped Tyrion and rowed him to a completely different continent in 2 episodes. Daenerys said that Jon's boat ride to Dragonstone took 30 days. Why would the show film an entire time gap, which they've NEVER done before? With 8 episodes left, they've gotta get right to the point.
  • • My only defense for Jon possibly bending the knee is that his desperation for saving the North and humanity has always been straight-forward. He doesn't care about how desperate it looks. He's after one mission and has always been after it.
  • • Daenerys obviously doesn't fall in love with Jon over the course of six days. People watch episodes and think that the time gap is within a week, and these are people who've been watching the show from the start. You should know better. Jon has been in dragonstone for weeks according to Sansa, and took longer to get back to the Walkers.
  • • The contradictory statements that people make about Daenerys is so pathetic. People hate her for killing and not listening, but worship Cersei. Its a fucking war. What do you expect? Just say that you dislike her and move on. Lmfao.
  • • I think that Arya threatening Sansa was to fool Lord Baelish. I can't see Arya actually killing her sister over a disagreement.
  • • "Can't believe that Jon Snow fell for someone so evil" oh give me a fucking break. He fell in love with Ygritte who was a wildling that killed for sport and got exactly what she deserved. An arrow through the heart. Daenerys isn't HALF as savage as Ygritte was and if she survived, I could definitely see her harming him again if she didn't see what she said.
  • Defense:
  • • I've shipped Dany/Jon since season 4 when the two knew nothing about one another, but since they apparently date in the books, I think they should've spent this season quickly developing their relationship, then eventually married/had sex in season 8. People ship Jon with Ygritte more because they gave the couple 2 seasons to develop. I know they don't have the time, but yeah.
  • • Arya threatening Sansa? Seriously? These girls haven't seen each other in AGES and almost right away, their arguments are going a bit too far. Even their reunion was trash. Sansa's reaction to seeing a sister that she thought was dead was a C- in the emotional department, which is completely out of character for her.
  • • Bringing a white walker to Cersei? Seriously? Considering that she conspired to kill Ned, Jon should've loosened his collar about meeting up with her. He says NOTHING like "That bitch murdered my father", "Hell no! She's betrayed me!" Nothing. Just, "Fuck it I wanna kill the white walkers lets go."
  • • I will admit that that scene with Tyrion telling Daenerys that Jon loves her was unnecessary. Like we know this already based on Sir Davo's hints. What's the point of wasting an entire scene to explain what's known? We've got 8 episodes like we don't have time for this.
  • • The ease that the others feel about going to see Cersei is a bit too mellow. All of these stories they've heard about her killing to get what she wants and they think its a good idea to go like she didn't just use wildfire to kill 1000 people.
  • • I know I just ranted about the time gap, but Jon Snow getting a raven to Dany in such a short period of time during the fight with The White Walkers was a major reach. I don't care how fast that boy ran. Unless he's the damn Bolt, nobody is getting to a pen and paper AND getting it to her in that short period of time.
  • • Jaime Lannister is so fucking stupid. Your father was gonna execute your brother, and you're surprised at Tyrion murdering him. Why the hell are you so angry about that? It was either Tywin or Tyrion.
  • • If Jon bends the knee to Dany, I will fucking riot. How the hell did you go from "i'm a king!" to "Fuck it take the North omg you're beautiful." Like it makes no sense. Daenerys already said that she'd fight for you. Why give her the north to add more icing to the cake that she already has?
  • • Tyrion's character has become COMPLETELY washed. Like if I started watching the show during this season, I would wonder how he's a fan favorite. Old Tyrion would've said "Fuck this shit, i'm out. She's not listening and I could be sleeping with a thousand whores." What's his purpose if their meetings consist of arguments and that's it? Send him back to Kings Landing with Jaime then.
  • Questions:
  • • Why are the episodes shortened? Why don't they just do 10 episodes per season so they can carefully plot these storylines? Everything's rushed.
  • Overall, I still love the show! I'm not Jonerys or Jonsa though because both fanbases are a little crazy tbh.

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At the risk of sounding stupid... I'm a recent follow. What is #NEC?

no no no it’s not stupid at all!!! it’S THE GREATEST MASTERPIECE THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN,,,,, A WORK OF ART THAT SHOULD TRULY BE THE EIGHTH WONDER OF THE WORLD,,,,,,, honESTLY a life changing piece of literature!! it’s a stucky fic told in three parts, and you can find it here on ao3!! and here is an amazing fic teaser trailer that will show you what you’re in for!!! seriously, you hAVE to read it. it’s so so sos o beautiful. and if you’re not a marvel fan, feel free to send me an ask off anon and i’ll give you a crash course in everything you need to know!!!! reAD IT YOU’LL LOVE IT

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omg I'm seeing all these got spoilers bc episode 6 leaked and like its worse than i thought it would be??? i feel like s7 is this massive clusterfuck of things happening and characters being v ooc and it's so bizarre to watch

Okay so keeping in mind that I am away on vacation, may have missed some of the leaks and definitely didn’t watch the episode, if this ia about the Arya thing I’d suggest waiting until ep7 to find out wth is going on there, because there may be ~twists so, like.. hang on in there my pal

More generally, as someone who loves these characters way too much to ever stop liking Game Of Thrones: organic anything was never this show’s forte, but even more so this season since they have So Damn Much plot to cover and a very small amount of episodes to cram everything into (I understand D&D wanted to quit while they’re on top but two full final seasons would’ve been a lot better than one long-ish season split in two IMO).

So if even before they had the issues of plot dictating the characters’s actions instead of the other way around, that goes double now that everything is happening in order to check out some plot boxes they need to be done with, there’s no room for the story to breathe and characters get twisted into doing random stuff that doesn’t really make sense. I HIGHKEY suggest just letting everything go, turning your brain off and going along with the ride - stop overthinking stuff and enjoy the pretty package, the WTFs and the pretty people. Then when the episode is over get on AO3 - that’s what fandom is for!

(Anyway I am calling this now, if GRRM ever goes through with finishing the saga the last book will either be just as rushed - in a more refined way, full of fortuitous coincidences to Make Stuff Come Together - or he will end up writing 8 books since he’s not on a budget and that’s the best to make everything happen that needs to happen in an organic way)