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westallen + third time’s the charm

You’re gone and I’m trying to fill the hole you left. His lips are touching mine and I try to fake the passion we once shared but it isn’t working. I’m kissing him with everything I have and I feel nothing. Empty.
He’s holding me. I know his arms mean well but they can’t comfort me the same. They feel foreign and strange. They aren’t his.
He’s touching my body. I can’t help but tense up and feel uncomfortable. I try and lose myself in the euphoria but I can’t. Afterwards I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach for days. Empty.
I can’t fill the hole you left no matter how hard he tries.
—  v.m -you just can’t be replaced

I want to get beaten up. I want to hold on until I’m thrown off and everything ends. And you know what? Until that happens, I want to hope again. And I want it to hurt. Because that means it meant something.

based on this post from @long-ago-in-a-distant-land. quote is from night in the woods! (reblogs are greatly appreciated!!)

MY LOVE!!! Pangara Lavellan commissioned from @curiousstrawberryarts

My Lavellan is perrrrfeccttt, her ears, pug nose - there is nothing I do not love about my girl. ^.^ I Highly recommend commissioning this artist!!

Hey everyone, I know I don’t really post anymore but I wanted to let all my followers know I still care about y’all! Let’s do something fun. Tag me @savingsigils in pictures of my sigils you’ve used! I wanna see where you’ve put them and how you’re using them! I’ll try to reblog them all :) <3

one day i’ll write up something about how illyana still holds anger at emma and doesn’t wholly trust her and probably never will, nor will she ever truly forgive her for the things she did to her, kitty and the rest of the new mutants all those years ago.


I feel awesome, only my back is causing dysphoria… And that my hair is still so short that I have to use a wig.

Well that wig is really really pretty! And honestly it’s great to hear that just one thing is causing you dysphoria (dysphoria sucks, but imo feeling good about everything but one is more manageable, and that’s awesome)
Thanks for sharing your lovely self <3


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Hey! I'm sorry if this is very very late. A few days ago I finished reading 'Dogs of Future Past' and I got teary eyed (I don't cry in public XD). I must say that I loved the story, I loved your work and I loved how you pulled everything through. It left me a similar sensation the game left me: like the story is over but it's not REALLY over, happiness has just started. And I think I should thank you for that. It was an amazing ride. Hope you continue being awesome! Bless~!

Hey being late is totally fine! But thank you so so much, this was lovely to hear! :D I’m happy that you enjoyed the story this much! 


I cup my hands around loss, mournful
lamentations, peerless reflection of
bright moon, partial absence born of
promises to stay awake, a sore reach
pleading, low night flirting with idle day.
I’ve no doubt it takes a lover, it takes a
keen musician, mayhap an artist to
interpret movement. Brutal is not knowing
how much the other person meant what
they said. Pain is acute knowledge that
you may never know. Regret is wishing
neither mattered. For endless years we
discussed humanity, the impact we share,
our mortal debts. You volleyed about,
balanced instability with stasis, were
amused at how easily I came unhinged.
I focused anything I had on being
everything you weren’t, the love I needed,
the freedoms for myself I claimed. And
still I am living with arrows for eyelids,
balloons for cartoon tears, piercing rainfall
each time I ruminate how long.

So… Can I have a small piece of your attention to be real for a moment? It would be greatly appreciated.

There are exactly four people in the portal fandom right now that I look up to and consider good friends and they are all hurting for various reasons. I won’t name them, because I do not know whether they would want to be named or not, but I will say this.

I love you.

We love you.

You have so many people here that support you and enjoy your work and everything you do. You are all special and you are all beautiful and I am sorry that you are having a rough time.

If you are reading this, even if you aren’t who I have in mind, you still matter. We all have our struggles and we all have pain. There’s things that will tear you down, but if you need to talk I will be here. If you are hurting I will talk with you. It doesn’t have to be about what is hurting you, we can just walk.

I really love being in this fandom, I will do what I can to see to it that you guys love being here too!

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Imagine yoongi suddenly uploading a pic of jin laughing, captioned with"beautiful insideo and outside" with the tag" suga sight"...

Anonymous said: Yoongi lays beside jin,faces so close. whispers in the softest tone possible,you don’t know how much i love you jinnie, you don’t know how much you’re loved by all of us. Finger tips softly trailing jin’s face you can’t imagine how much you mean to me..you’re my everything jin.everything (ech part followed by a kiss)

i think there’s butterflies in my stomach this is really sweeeeeetttt ;;;;;;;

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Hi, love the blog. I've been struggling to find a therapist. I have bad days and at night I've been having dreadful thoughts. A lot of people say go see one but they don't know how hard its been for me to find one. I wanted to find one that is affordable or accepts my insurance... I'll get mail if I use insurance and I'll need to call my insurance company. Everything feels like a hassle. I feel like no one cares. One therapist I called was really pushy about their service. It causes me anxiety..

Hey baby !!! Thank you so much. 💕 I sympathize heavily with your situation. In the last 12 years, I’ve seen 7 therapists. I’ve called and talked to dozens more, and I know from personal experience that some of them can be super pushy and/or rude. I actually gave up on the idea of finding a therapist in my late teens. I never felt like I connected with any of the people I saw, it was hella expensive, and I barely made any progress.

Last year I found the most amazing therapist for me through my insurance program and I am very grateful. I will be completely honest with you though. Going through the process to make attending therapy possible was one of the hardest, most anxiety-inducing and stressful f***king things I’ve ever had to cope with in recovery. It took me months to even get the courage to call and make an appointment. Now I can’t wait to book my appointments. Sometimes I go in crying and anxious as hell just because I know I will feel better after my session, and that just makes all the effort so much more worth it.

I can’t stress enough how much therapy has helped me in my journey and I strongly encourage you to keep your faith in the search. Remember that if you get a bad vibe or feel uncomfortable with any therapist (or even the receptionist), you NEVER have to go or call back. You are allowed to take your time, and it’s likely that you won’t find a perfect match right away. I want you to know that I am not the only one who cares about you and I truly believe in you darling. If I can do it, you absolutely can do it too. 💘✨

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i know u get a lot of messages like this but,,, i really love ur blog n ur art and everything that you do. im just bursting with admiration for you i had to send u an ask n let u know that i hope u have a beautiful day!!!

AW YOU’RE SUCH A SWEETIE this made me smile so much THANK YOU!! <3 I hope you have a beautiful day too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Although 2016 delivered us some absolute bullshit, it also gave me some of the biggest changes.

Last year I finally got to travel to a place I’ve always loved and met people who became my family. After being stuck in an emotionally crippling situation for years, I was at a total loss for who I was- a stage after high school that was taken from me. You don’t really recognise emotional abuse until you’re far away enough from the situation to realise it.

After a year of coming to terms with myself, I still wasn’t completely me. I wasn’t out on social media as bisexual, out of fear of this person from my past would blame my sexuality for everything she was responsible for. I was still plagued by fear, and looking back now that breaks my heart.

So I travelled and I fell in love with a place- Toronto. A place where I met people who weren’t afraid to be themselves, where friends supported each other and didn’t get passive aggressive, or jealous, or bitter. Everyone is unapologetically themselves, and those people are beautiful. That place is beautiful. That place is home. I’m so appreciative for every person I called a friend over there, who are still some of my closest friends now. Not to play favourites, but I’m thankful for these guys specifically :

Naima. Naima I met in the same shit talking group and I’ve never been more thankful for being so petty. Seriously, I’ve never met someone so selfless in my entire life. Someone who had never met me in person, but treated me as though we’d always been family. A truly kind soul and my days would be dull without her wit and honesty.

Laura. Someone I knew from the internet, and became better friends with in Canada. I’m so lucky we were there at the same time because she’s one of the people I can always talk to, and someone I know will always be there. Whether that’s in the form of talking to me after a nightmare or combining forces on a savage subtweet.

And Maryne. A friendship that really blossomed the second time I spent overseas. A hilarious and talented individual, but most importantly, an amazing friend. I’ve never met anyone who puts everyone they care about before themselves, even if those people are unaware of the harm they’re causing. If I could wrap her in a blanket and protect her from the self absorbed people in the world, I would. Sitting on her rooftop, looking and the Toronto skyline, singing the x flies theme song, and learning more about each other is honestly one of the highlights of my life so far. That level of comfort in such a short time is a very rare find.

Going overseas twice left me broke and literally broken, but I wouldn’t change it.
When I came home the second time I had a fear of being *that* afraid again. People started asking me about my sexuality and my initial instinct was to lie- a habit I became too familiar with. The thought that if I liked a girl rather than a guy, I could never trust her.

But then I met a girl. An amazing girl. Someone when I really first started talking to was going through the worst physical and mental pain. But I knew I liked her straight away, and I felt no fear. Now, months later, I still feel no fear. I don’t want to hide her, I get to kiss her in public and I’d tell her anything she’d want to know.
It’s a rare thing to find someone you not only clique with straight away, but also trust straight away. Being open with people is something I’ve been working on for a few years now, but it’s the easiest thing in the world with her. I admire her for everything she’s been through, and I’m proud of her for everything she is.

I found a home in a place, I came back and found a home in a person. I feel beyond lucky, and with all the horrible things that happened, I’m thankful for it. It’s really the worst things that can shape who you are.

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I picked some flowers for you💐🌸🌷🌹🌻🌺🌼🥀 'cause it's spring 😀

Well, since I apparently can’t sleep anyway, I may as well enjoy the lovely spring flowers that my effervescent (which I believe is a really big word for bubbly), kind, talented, and loving friend Shikha sent me.  Ah spring, probably almost everyone’s favorite time of year.  My mother’s birthday was in early May, as is mine.  Throw in mother’s day, and voila.  Fond memories of many years spending vacation around that time of year with family and friends.  Yes, I guess you could say I too love spring, that magical season when everything comes or returns to life.  Thank you!

Love to all,
Mike <3        

Today I was told by one of the first years that I was intimidating because I am already a veteran and they heard that I never moved in packs like the other first years when I entered university and that made my day

I was just too fucking awkward to approach others so I  might have given the impression that I was more sure of myself than I actually was and did everything by myself but knowing I am considered intimidating when I’m barely 4′9″ made my day tbh