i love everything her and this movie chose to be

That night after I watched Wolf Children for the first time ever, I was completely confused, and of course, utterly sad for Hana. In my perspective, Hana not only lost her husband, but her daughter Yuki left to seek out her path as a human, whilst her son Ame chose to take control as the protector of the mountains.

When I walked downstairs, my dad asked me why I was so sad, and I told him pretty much how Hana suffered throughout the entire movie, and in the end she basically lost everything but still had a smile to her lips.

Instead, my dad told me that I got the entire story’s moral backwards. The entire story was really based on Hana’s love and how it expanded and differentiated throughout each and every moment of her life, from the beginning to the end.

The first type of love she had was the romantic, foolish and young love. She experiences this love as she falls in love with a man that she knows practically nothing about.

The second type is the unconditonal love; as her husband reveals his true form as a werewolf, not only does she accept that form and not segregate him, but she chooses to place her life on the line and be togther with him, therein later on having children.

The third type is the motherly love she expresses. Even after she loses her husband she holds a parental, motherly love for Yuki and Ame. As she had to keep them in secret, she was willing to strain to keep the remaining family alive and looked after them before herself.

The fourth type of love was her sacrificial love. She chooses the best for her children, and leaves the urban areas to rural country and wishes for her children to grow, and over the course of her first months in the countryside, she had to work extremely hard and even tanned as a result, just to keep her promise of freedom for her children and comfort without anyone discovering their true identities.

The fifth type of love she experiences is the more of a friendship, family-like love when the neighbours look after her and her children, especially the old man that taught her to plant the potatoes.

The sixth type of love, that is, the respecting type if love, was when she realized that her children were growing up and weren’t in her control anymore. When Ame left, she had the revelation of letting go and giving her children their freedom; they chose their own paths, and all she can do is support them and let them go.

Overall, at the very end, Hana was seen sipping tea with the picture of her husband. The setting was very quiet and airy; this meant that Hana had no more concerns. Her love given has done it’s deed, and now the meaning of her life is to enjoy its simplicity and not to dwell in the past but accept the present.

But this all shows one thing: all of Hana’s love was given. Love isn’t selfish, but it is kind. Once given out, there is no rule or assurance that it will be reciprocated, and Hana knew that. From the start she knew she had chosen the hardest path, but she chose it and kept on moving forward, and in the end she earns for herself a peaceful afternoon, sipping tea with her husband.

Writing Prompt: Dialogue

“Don’t worry… you will love me.”

“… You know nothing of love.”

“I know everything of love. Everything I do… everything I’ve done, is for love. You think me incapable. It was once one I loved so much, when [s/he] chose another… I killed [her/him]. That… is how deep I love.”

Wanda Maximoff in Avengers: Age of Ultron

So, I’ve been meaning to write about Wanda and how I felt about her role in Avengers: Age of Ultron for a long time. I’ve already seen it three times, so I think it’s a good time to finally put my thoughts here.

SPOILERS for the movie

Let me start by saying this – I loved Wanda in AoU. I adored her. The movie wasn’t perfect, it had its flaws, but in the end I genuinely liked it and I adored everything about Wanda’s role in it.

I loved her story. For me AoU felt a lot like a Scarlet Witch origin movie. She wasn’t sidelined, she got to have her own arc and it all happened in a film with 6 previously seen (thus arguably more important) avengers. Whedon and co. chose to make Wanda young – barely older than a teenager –and I support that choice, because it gave us the opportunity to witness some actual progress and character growth on the screen. She didn’t start as fully formed individual, she started out as a confused kid and the events of this movie forged her into becoming the thing she’ll be for the rest of her life. We saw how she started out, we saw how she evolved and in the end we saw her embracing her heroic calling. That’s what I call an origin movie.

I loved that the film chose to underline her Eastern Europe origin. I adored the accents! Wanda comes from a broken country – a country that has been used as a pawn by the powerful nations, she sees how poorly her people are forced to live and she sees how the rich countries profit from her people’s mystery. The story Pietro told about his little picture was heartbreaking. And so Wanda is angry. But she is also… leveled. Pietro was burning with anger, but Wanda’s anger was cold and hard and unbreakable. I loved how he was impatient and she was calm and calculating. People expected her to be emotionally unstable like River Tam, because the short CA:TWS post-credit scene implied something like that, but Wanda was always in control, extremely stable, driven and clear-headed.  And I loved it. Many people didn’t like the fact that in the beginning the twins were working for Baron Strucker. Well, it actually made perfect sense for me. They were barely more than kids, they found an enigmatic and influential man who offered to help them become something better, so they joined him – not just for themselves, but so they could have a chance of helping their own country. It’s misguided, yes, but it’s terribly understandable. Joining Strucker and joining Ultron felt incredibly in-character for me. Wanda and Pietro have always had this villain-y beginning. They started out by joining the wrong team for the right reasons and that’s an important part of them and I’m glad the movie respected that.

I loved how she was messing with everyone’s heads! And I generally loved her powers in the movie. Wanda’s powers have always been more or less defined by the writer who currently works on her and I never expected her vaguely defined hex spheres to appear in a movie, so I liked her how she had some cool-looking telekinesis, some energy balls and also some mind powers. It fits her, in my opinion.

Anyway, back to the story. I liked how she made an active choice to turn against Ultron, instead of being forced to do it. She saw his true nature, she felt guilty for joining him and she decided to fight him, hoping she could make it right. Note that all of those were her choices, not Pietro’s. Her brother was with her every step of the way, but she was leading him, not the other way around.

Talking about Pietro – yep, I even loved that twist at the end. Pietro’s death was emotional and heartbreaking and effective. Now, I like him as much as the next fan, but I know that in the comics there are tens or actually hundreds of great characters. Most of them never get to appear on screen, much less to have an important role and a dramatic death. I don’t think killing Pietro was a waste of potential. I don’t see him as unique and irreplaceable goldmine. He was a nice character and he had a nice role in the movie and he made the choice to sacrifice himself in order to save lives. His death serves Wanda’s character development, it made gave her the opportunity to express pain and grief over her fallen brother, it made her even more determined. That scene in the end when she cut off Ultron’s power-core was fantastic. Awww, and I liked how Wanda and Pietro were always physically touching each other! That was a nice… touch.

I loved how she interacted with the other Avengers. Love how Captain America never judged the twins for joining the bad guy – he understood them, he knew what it’s like to want to help your own county. And he was protective of them, kinda. I love how Hawkeye told her that she could step out of the door and be an avenger – he gave her a choice and she took it. It was a pleasure to see them fighting side by side. And I loved how Vision saved her in the end, mainly because I adore them as a couple, they are my precious babies and their romance is wonderful and complicated and I’d love to see it on the big screen one day.

And I also want to say how disappointed I am by the fandom that chose to hate on Whedon for every choice he made. I don’t know what it is with tumblr and Whedon, but it seems like tumblr really enjoys hating Whedon. Apparently he got her race wrong, he got her history wrong, he got her powers wrong, he made everything wrong. And people may make it sound like it’s about Wanda, about their love for her, but from what I can tell it’s really all about Whedon. Because I didn’t see such complains when X-men: DOFP turned Pietro into suburban American kid who jokes a lot and steals lots of candy. Bryan Singer completely erased everything Pietro was as a character, he kinda erased Wanda from existence and I never saw a single complained about how he was insensitive. (The only grudge tumbr had with him was when a poster of Pietro in a silly-looking costume appeared and everyone laughed at it but still ended up loving it in the movie.) But when Marvel chooses a bright-eyed actress for Wanda, that automatically makes Whedon a racist scum. Seriously, people.

That’s all for now. Can’t wait for Captain America: Civil War!