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Lemme introduce you ‘Olga Lyndon’!

She is my original character for Hogwarts community in Thailand. Olga is 15 years old with 150 cm tall. Quite petit. She likes socks and embroidery clothes. Very active and out door girl. Half English (mother) and half Scottish (father). She’s also a half blood witch! (Her mother is a witch but her father is a mythology professor) btw she’s a hufflepuff 3rd year.

In this picture, it’s support to be fall clothes (for a community event!) But I don’t really know if they’re actually suitable for fall lol

One day I’m going to make a concept art sheets for her! (As well as England’s. Just because I’m Aph England trash XD)

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I love how that speech that Rose says for De, like its not just that she inspires him, he changes her, challenges her, surprises her. idk about the 'question her beliefs' part but Elena had all that with Stefan! Along with the whole 'his love is pure and he'll always be good for her' part. Like, I don't really remember any reciepts for Delena here, only Stelena

It’s funny that you question the “question her beliefs” part because in 1x06 Stefan legit says, “Everything you know, everything you believe is about to change. Are you ready for that?” I still don’t know Damon questions Elena’s beliefs but yeah everything Rose says about DE isn’t actually proven at all. Ever. I’m just like what love story does the show think that they’re writing?

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What do you love about Red Velvet ?

Wow…nearly everything about them!! I love their music, their unique personalities, their relationship with each other and their fans(how caring they are to eachother/fans), their team dynamic, HOW HARD THEY WORK, HOW OPTIMISTIC THEY ARE DESPITE THE CHALLENGES THEY MUST FACE, and oh gosh their dorkiness, their laughter, EVERYTHING

They’re just five beautiful down-to-earth girls, ANGELS!! and I love them to death :’) I want to give them everything because they deserve everything on this earth DDD:

I’m going to stop myself because this will end up being an essay describing each aspect of them that I love

have you even been in a group of friends but you’re not actually in that group of friends and you’re just


seriously if I just vanished I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t make a difference at all

All I do when we’re apart is think about you, and all I do when we’re together is panic. Because every second feels so important. And because I’m so out of control, I can’t help myself. I’m not even mine anymore, I’m yours, and what if you decide that you don’t want me? How could you want me like I want you?
—   Eleanor & Park, Rainbow Rowell
30 Day Naruto Challenge
Day 6: Scenes that made you cry (2/?)

Itachi’s final moment with his parents -

“Itachi, just promise me this. Take care of Sasuke. Do not fear. This is the path that you have chosen. Compared to you,  our pain will be over in an instant. Even if our philosophies differ, I am proud of you. You are truly a kind child.”


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