i love everything abt u

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hello 911 i’d like to report that i’m being personall y targeted by a cartoon,,,


my bb @redbeanjean‘s town of minnow (*˘︶˘*)

look….how….gorgeous..i’m ded . :pepe: u kno i love everything abt minnow already but i need to yodel about it twenty more times in four hundred more languages (▰˘◡˘▰) like what a perfect time of day n concept n layout n design n colours n everything *:・゚✧

im feeling emotional–not necessarily the bad kind–aBOUT SHIT THATS NOT EVEN REAL OR CANON IN ANY WAY HGSHNGhngnjgi

everyone listen up hello??? may I have your attention??? okay thank u
this person right here —> yes right here —>> @chillnojutsu is incredible. they are sweet, passionate, beautiful and an incredible friend! now I know “well my friend is pretty incredible too!” And yes I understand but this post is not for them! It’s is specifically for a wonderful person named jace! They deserve to hear every single good thing I’m about to say because frankly life has a fucking habit for picking on my friends and if theres anything naruto ( in jesus’ name) has taught me is that my friends are a huge part of my life. So let’s start

Jace I love you so jot that down
You’re so nice and sweet to me and you were honestly my first tumblr friend! You’re so energetic and put in so much love when you talk to people, even when I was going through tough times you would take a few seconds to see if I was doing okay and I can never repay you enough! You’re beautiful and elegant and I can never have enough of looking at your face!! Your eyes glitter like 90s anime water and everything about your smile makes me glow!!! I really love that your cheeks rose up like peaches and how you can manage to look so gosh damn good looking all the time????? I love u so much jace!!! And I really hope that you see you the way I see u, like a shiny stone found in the forest not a lot of people see beyond its shiny exterior but those who do see specks of gold ❤


why can’t that day be today?

keke.  ❤❤❤

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1. First impression: look at this cutie… who are they??? theyre so sweet and precious PLEASE

2. Truth is: youre adorable yet a gremlin too :/// LMAO

3. How old do you look: u literally look like ur 13… babby sage…

4. Have you ever made me laugh: all the time omg

5. Have you ever made me mad: ehhh, sort of??? i was more upset than mad, n u know what im talkin abt too

6. Best feature: everything i love everything about u ur so beautiful and amazing bls

7. Have I ever had a crush on you: ño

8. You’re my: sweet n precious sage… my adorable gremlin… im lov u m'child

9. Name in my phone: i don’t have ur phone number

10. Should you post this too? absolutely!!

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if u were i color i think you’d b a really lovely light peachy orange, everything abt u is soft n warm and you come of a lil shy but talking to u feels like eating really delicately flavored ice cream, like it takes time to was over you and melt but the sweetness and lightness r always there

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♧ Hi Mia <3

You’re my: adorable and soft youngjae stan mutual 💕
How I met you: i followed u and won ur giveaway and after that we became mutuals!
Why I follow you: bc u post a lot of youngjae and 2jae and you literally have a tag for everything its amazing
Your blog is: one of the best youngjae blogs imo
Your URL is: adorable! youngjae is definitely huggable i hope you and i get a hug from him one day
Your icon is: an adorable boy with the most squishiest cheeks :’))
A random fact I know about you: i think you love cucumbers?? so rip youngjae :’((
General opinion: honestly everything abt u and ur blog is so soft and innocent i love it so much?? and your also such a sweet person with lots of love for youngjae im so happy to be mutuals with u!! ily dayana ♡
A random thought I have: the calendar u gave me is next to all my got stuff n its so cute thank u again for that

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virtual insanity by jamiroquai!!

url: don’t get it | not bad | nice | good job | love it omg | literally ok how did u get this i just wanna talk

theme: default | not my type | ehh | decent | I like it | pretty amazing | i’m stealing it :/ sry u can’t have it back

icon: selfie | don’t get it | not bad | nice | pretty | perfect!!!

posts: not my type | not bad | nice job | love | perfect!!!

following: no sorry but ily | just followed | yes | you mean stalk what | i would.. probably die for ur blog i love u?!

compliment: everything abt ur blog is great tbh

read this post for a blograte + compliment! no more please!!!!!

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i cant stop thinking abt indigo and vern. theyre just. The Best. and i love everyones art of them. i love ur art of them. i love everything abt them.

Thank u omg