i love everything abt u

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C7 with Coran Hieronymus Wimbleton Smythe 😎

i knew i loved this man from the moment he stepped out of the cryopod

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hello 911 i’d like to report that i’m being personall y targeted by a cartoon,,,

this week fucken sucked


my bb @redbeanjean‘s town of minnow (*˘︶˘*)

look….how….gorgeous..i’m ded . :pepe: u kno i love everything abt minnow already but i need to yodel about it twenty more times in four hundred more languages (▰˘◡˘▰) like what a perfect time of day n concept n layout n design n colours n everything *:・゚✧


its monday! back to the dnd after the shitshow that was last week. 

we started with a montage of the guys being dudes (aka dae +2 buff boys and gal)

nick literally read for like 10 minutes explaining how everything went to shit bc giants. 

we were given the choice of 3 places to go, and we literally chose the one with no fighting because we’re smart adventurers now who study up for tests. 

dae’vara and ovek literally down a pint of beer in sync because prison bros. 

we talked to a lady who was as crabby as dae and dae got her some wine and everyone thought she was flirting. 

we saw 2 male bears walking togethor and i made only myself laugh by saying “gay bears”

i yelled at an old guy, realized it was the wrong guy, then yelled at the right one and i made a sick burn and all of my pals gave me a highfive. 

nick telling us every 2 seconds, “you all should rest and spend the night”- red flags popping up. 

we panicked, then scared off literally 50+ monsters because of a bell, then made 2 hill giants cry. 

suddenly level 6 bc we picked the one town that had no battling but nick had to level us up bc the book told him too. 

very excited for next week when we hopefully get to hit things. (but now there are 3 hitters and i’m not as special. :( jk i love my new beefy boys. we can just keep going since the majority of us don’t cast spells! sorry gal)

jimin is so….. cute ? like have u Ever seen a cuter boy ??? he is the most adorable angel….. he’s so cuddly n soft n when he smiles n my heart goes !!! n all the stars dance for him ! he has the brightest smile… it’s so ? soft n heartwarming ? n his eyes are all sparkly when he’s happy.. i love him so much ? i love everything abt him ??? he’s so Soft :( like u know when he smiles n he’s a lil shy abt it but also happy n kinda moves around a lot ?? that’s… the cutest thing in the world ????? how is a boy So cute ?? i just love him So much… soooo soooo soooo much…… aaaaa oh my gosh