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first of all,, how dArE u come into MY HOUSE,,,, into MY LIVING ROOM sitting on THIS COUCH,, come in here and shit on my sweet blueberry muffin boy maxwell beaumont unBELIV omg see urself out plz and THX

Look, we all love Bughead but that doesn’t mean you just should shit on Varchie in the process.

Be courteous. If it were Bughead in the shower in the promo and every Varchie shipper and anti posted about how it should have been Varchie you’d feel a way.

Look, I’m not saying you have to like every ship, I just personally think it’s bad form.

MY opinion, doesn’t have to be yours. Just something to think about

Choices Ask Meme 2.0

Hey guys so I was looking through all the old ask memes I’ve made because I wanted to do some more questions but I realized that between all the different ones there were a lot of repeat questions, questions that weren’t relevant anymore, and questions about HSS and HWU which as much as I love them they’re dead and have no new content. So I went though and consolidated everything and added like 30 new questions. Enjoy!

1. Favorite Choices game?
2. Favorite/Least favorite sibling to play as in Rules of Engagement?
3. Did you save Grace or Raj in Endless Summer?
4. Favorite book of The Freshman/The Sophomore?
5. Opinion on Kenji Katsaros?
6. Favorite 3 female LIs?
7. Favorite 3 male LIs?
8. What did you name your hawk in TCaTF?
9. Opinion on the whole Brooke/Keo thing?
10. Any Choices characters that you just Can’t Stand?
11. What are 5 things you would like pixelberry to implement in Choices?
12. Do you look like any characters from Choices?
13. Favorite ship from Endless Summer?
14. When did you start playing Choices?
15. What are you most excited for in the future of Choices?
16. Sam or Dave?
17. First Choices game you played?
18. What genre would you like to see Choices expand into?
19. How much do you spend on diamonds per week?
20. Favorite non-canon ships in the pixelberry universe?
21. Who do you ship Kenna with?
23. Opinion on the Diamond Discourse™?
24. What characters do you wish you saw more of?
25. Are there any Choices games you don’t play?
26. Favorite part of being in the Choices fandom?
27. Who do you ship with the MC of The Royal Romance?
28. Blake, Carter or Mira with Party Twin?
29. Mark, Leah, or Ben with the LoveHacks MC?
30. Do you ship Sam and Dave?
31. Who do you think the traitor in TRR is?
32. Opinion on Hero so far?
33. Favorite non-MC ships in Endless Summer?
34.Did your MC in Braidwood Manor end up with someone?
35. Which suitor did you choose for the MC in RoE?
36. Hottest Choices LI / LI that matches your personal tastes best / you would date if they existed IRL?
37. LI from The Freshman you will only ever see as a friend?
38. Opinion on Maxwell as a LI?
39. Favorite and least favorite character in #LoveHacks?
40. Kenna, Sei, Rose, or Jackson with Dom?
41. Favorite ship(s) in Choices that the game doesn’t allow you to ship?
42. How wrecked were you by the ending of TCaTF?
43. Did you pair any of the other LoveHacks characters besides MC with their love interests? (Ex: Felix with Isabel)
44. Did you make the brother and Elena in RoE date for real?
45. Which book/series in Choices has your favorite art style?
46. Zig, Kaitlyn, James, Becca, or Chris?
47. Favorite Choices game in the Romance category?
48. Did you pair Audrey and Nerdy Twin?
49. Did you ship the MC of Endless Summer with anyone?
50. 5 nOTPs?
51. Stance on Pay to Gay™?
52. Favorite series in Choices?
53. How do you feel about TRR most likely getting a second book?
54. 5 favorite content creators in the fandom?
55. Favorite kid in tHoBM?
56. Who are your favorite fic writers in the fandom?
57. How do you feel about Murder King™?
58. Have you ever participated in Choices Creates?
59. Which suit (or gym clothes) did you go with in Hero?
60. Least favorite Choices game?

i know i talk about letting shiro rest because my boy has gone through a lot but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be the black paladin? shiro finds great purpose in being a paladin, and he is genuinely wonderful at it, and he is in it for the long haul because he cares about justice and people and everything good. let him rest for a bit, and definitely let people take care of him, but also let him come back and do things he loves to do.

timdrakeothy  asked:

5) “You’re everything to me, yet I’m nothing to you.” Vs, 16) “No. Don’t you dare shut me out!” ... Tim and Damian? Your pick of who says what! <3

Anonymous asked: Hello yes, for the angst prompts I love them all and can’t choose one, so you pick whichever one you like best for Tim and Damian, or Jason and Damian. With Damian being the sad angsty one.

 I’ve been reading Forever Evil, so pretty much all of what I’ve been writing has been about Dick dying or faking his breath. Also, I sort of cheated on the prompt a little bit. Hope it’s okay! Enjoy!

Damian is dying.

Well, not literally, but it certainly feels that way. Because as much as his physical body is alright now, there’s some part of him that didn’t come back to life with him. It’s the part of him that he’s sure is stuck with Grayson in the afterlife somewhere.

There’s a knock on his bedroom door, and Drake peeks in, a solemn expression on his face. Damian knows that his family members are trying to give him space to grieve, but then they check in on him, too. Like he needs to be checked on. He’s not fine, he’s grieving yes, but that doesn’t mean he’ll do something reckless.

All he wishes for is to be alone.

“Go away,” he tells Drake, but the words are said to the ceiling instead of the person, because he doesn’t know what will happen if he gives Drake his full attention. Will his mind unravel at the slightest shift in attention away from the gaping parts of his soul? Will his carefully retrained emotions be brought to the surface?

“Damian,” Drake says uncertainly.

“I said go away.”

“I just want to talk.”

Damian wants to huff a breath of irritation, but he can’t manage to make himself do it. Instead he just sits up from the bed and glares at the floor. “About what?”

“About—About Dick,” Drake says, sitting down next to him on the bed. “The rest of us have had longer to accept it, and I know this is exactly what you don’t want to talk about, but it—it could help. It helped me.”

“Who did you talk to?” Damian can’t help but ask, because he’s noticed that Drake’s been—not normal, but he hasn’t been sulking around like Damian has, or even locking himself away like Father. He’s been going about his life, motivated and—perhaps a bit sad, but not anything like Damian has been feeling. Not empty.

“Kon and Bart, mostly,” Drake answers. “But, Bruce helped some, too.”

“I don’t want to talk,” Damian says before he can really think about it.

“No!” Drake yells, leaning forward. “No, Damian, don’t you dare shut me out. Not for this.”

Damian slumps forward, his expression screwing up. He hadn’t known it before, but now that someone is asking him to talk, Damian finally feels like maybe he can let a little bit of it out. It’s what Grayson would have tried to get him to do, and that makes it just a bit easier, too.

“I miss him,” Damian says, making sure his voice doesn’t waver. “Sometimes I forget he’s not here anymore.”

Drake nods, his expression mirroring Damian’s. “Me, too. But, Dick’s always looked out for us, you know? He wouldn’t want us to be sad all the time, I don’t think.”

“He was everything to me,” Damian admits, covering his face with his hands. “Everything, Drake. We were partners. We were the best. And then, to find out I mean so little—that I mean nothing to him—”

Damian cuts himself off. He can’t go on. He can’t say anymore for fear of losing himself altogether.

“You know,” Drake says, and it’s slow and contemplative, but Damian still can’t make himself look at anything besides the dark beneath his hand. “I don’t think you actually heard the story of how Dick died yet, did you?”

Damian shakes his head. “The gravestone was enough,” he whispers.

Drake sighs. “I don’t think it is. You should hear what he did—how brave he was. He was captured, you see. And—And unmasked. And the entire time they were showing the feed, I didn’t see him waver even once.”

And so Damian hears the story of how Richard Grayson was captured, unmasked, and killed, and how when Batman had got to him, it was too late. Hearing it doesn’t make him feel any better, though, and Damian doesn’t understand why, when Drake stops talking, he’d had to listen to something like that.

“I don’t understand why you’re telling this to me, now,” Damian says, a part of him angry, but another part just—sad. He’s sad. “It’s over with.”

“Maybe,” Drake says, and he doesn’t sound so unaffected anymore. “But you said that you meant nothing to Dick. Did Dick mean nothing to you when you died?”

Damian drops his hand and meets Drake’s gaze in his outrage. “Of course not!”

“Then why is it any different for Dick?” Drake asks, eyes steady and dry. “Dick loved all of us. He died, yeah, but that doesn’t—that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love us anymore, okay? It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you or me or Jason or Bruce or Alfred or anybody else. It just means that Dick died. That’s it.”

Damian doesn’t say anything. He can’t say anything. His eyes are burning, and after days of wallowing in grief and emptiness, he won’t admit it, but it’s such a relief to hear someone—even if it’s Drake—tell him that he’s wrong. That Grayson did care for him. That those infected thoughts are baseless.

“Damian?” Drake asks softly, sounding uncertain, and Damian grabs onto Drake’s sleeve before he can pull away.

“Will you—will you stay?” Damian asks, refusing to look Drake in the eye. “Just for a few minutes. I…I don’t think I can be alone at the moment.”

Damian doesn’t have to be looking to hear the sad smile in Drake’s voice, though, when Drake says, “Sure, Damian. As long as you need me to.”

i love all the small things nct does like renjun and ten drawing together, yuta talking to jaehyun about anything and everything, jaehyun and chenle playing bball, haechan listening to doyoungs problems, jeno and renjun making plastic models together, taeyong giving out advice, mark being a role model to the other dreamies, doyoung cooking and nagging the boys, taeil being someone everyone can depend on, and tbh just them supporting and loving each other? they’re just like a big ol’ family

Eldarya/MCL positivity week

21/08 to 25/08

Like @shion-mcl sins week, I’ve decided to do week dedicated to positivity and happiness because the fandom is getting more toxic and we need some joy here!

What you can do:

  • Post about what you like the most in eldarya/mcl
  • Draw everything you want to promote happiness (it could be your gardienne/candy/CDC wearing a peace T-shirt)
  • Send a message to one of your favorites tumblrs (or to everyone)
  • Post about how amazing *insert tumblr name* is.
  • Thanks ChiNoMiko and the team working on the games for their hard work (some people tend to forget that ChiNoMiko is not working alone)
  • Talk about how things could change for the better
  • Write scenarios, headcanons etc…

What you cannot do:

  • Ruin this week by posting mean comments
  • Send hate messages
  • Criticize people for no reason 

You can use the tag: eldapositive and mclpositive 

Voilà,voilà! I hope you will be a part of it

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gratitude post; 18.08.2017;

hey! it’s me, vee, and today is my birthday 😚💕! (i’m not as happy about it as i should be asdfghjkl, anyway,,,) this is a gratitude post of sorts,,

so as i’m too lazy to make a follow forever 😰😣, i’m just gonna cite some blogs that are my mutuals/friends, i’ll be pouring all my love for you guys out in this post, prepare your anuses…

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They stare at each other for a long moment…..

Rafael:  “I’m going to get you out of here.  I won’t let anything happen to you.”

Sophie:  “I love you, dad.  I’m so sorry about everything that’s happened.”

Rafael:  “Somehow I have a feeling that none of it was your fault.”

Sophie remains silent.

If you’d like to read the Runaways (Sophie/Caleb) Legacy from the beginning and check out my other stories, please click here.

Runaways Legacy History - a synopsis in one post

♡Study/Bujoblr introduction post♡

Hi! I’m new here, but I have absolutely fallen in love with this community so i’m introducing myself;

Few facts: 

  • My name’s Dóra!
  • 18 years old
  • Icelandic 
  • Gryffindor
  • Sagittarius
  • I’m studying acting and everything to do with the theatre and films.
  • Introvert with 3 cats
  • I’m finishing High School 
  • Total dork
  • Used to be a sick kid so I care (need to) about health. 


  • Icelandic Literature History
  • Icelandic History
  • English Essay Work and Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Devised Theatre
  • (One more might be added)


  • I love knowledge in general and learning about the world but my main interests are history, biology, mythology and astronomy.
  • Greek mythology!!!
  • Drawing and painting
  • Writing!
  • Musicals and music that touches my soul!
  • Plants!
  • Bullet journaling
  • Annoying my friends
  • I watch waaaay too much youtube.
  • Anything to do with adventure! Indiana Jones, TinTin, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jurassic Park, Grimm, for example get me so pumped.
  • Stationary…. I have no control when it comes to stationary.

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Mental struggles:

  • Aspergers, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety.
  • I only found out earlier this year that I have Aspergers. I’m still learning and accepting the illness, but knowing why I am the way I am is so liberating.
  • My Aspergers includes extreme perfectionism that I’ve been trying to overcome.
  • I had to drop out of school twice due to overworking and stress.
  • I had always ignored my illnesses and never sought out help for them, but I’ve learned I can’t go on in life like that. I need to work with my brain in order to use it correctly.
  • I’ve grown a lot. I know more now, and my mental and physical health is my number 1 priority.


  • To get back to good grades BUT with regard to my health.
  • Invest myself and get comfortable in my studies.
  • Enjoy life, take pictures, love myself, love others, be myself and proud.
  • Work on improving my skills
  • Accept and love my flaws
  • Be grateful and forgiving
  • Work hard (but not too hard!!)
  • Finish High School with flying colors and get into an acting school (wheesh good luck to me)
  • Work on me, for me.


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Some studyblrs that inspire me!:

  • @studyquill oh my god I love her stuff! I found her through youtube (amazing videos!) and through her I found the wondrous thing that is the studyblr community. God, I’m so thankful, I feel like I’ve found heaven. 
  • @phctcsynthesis you got me at studyblr and you got me again at plants. I freaking love you and your stuff, you’re one of my biggest inspirations!
  • @emmastudies has TONS of helpful stuff from printables to youtube video’s and is a beautiful blessing in my life
  • @thesmartstudies your masterposts are a lifesaver! and your stuff is amazing!
  • @studyrose i love you to pieces. THE TALENT and your videos!!! you’re so inspiring
  • @smoketexture your stuff is so pretty and cool! I love your bullet journal pics!
  • @fruit-studies so motivating! love your style!
  • @staestudy how. are. you. so. good!
  • @tbhstudying your stuff is so amazing!!
  • @revisoin your blog is so cute and aesthetic and great!
  • @kikkistudies so aesthetic! your posts make me so happy!
  • @hufflepuffsstudies one of the first studyblrs i followed! i absolutely fell in love!
  • @studying-zoo i’ve gotten so much inspiration from you, thank you!

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Favorite accounts!

I’ve answered this before but I’d be happy to answer again! These are just some! 💙💜💙💜💙💜

@isleofthelxst so so sweet, both of them, and they have amazing ocs and aesthetics and headcanons. I’ve mainly interacted with Lana but Bren is sweet too! They’re extremely supportive! Especially cause I was real nervous about my ocs.

@youknowimhereforchina amazing and a sweetheart with awesome ocs, aesthetics, everything. I look forward to her posting all the time.

@tommy-doherty I love this girl, she’s so sweet. Her edits and writing are amazing and I always get excited and almost scream when one is posted. 

@adarkzarrie I’ve talked with her a few times and I always love her responses! I love looking at all her asks and what she says, plus she’s a huge huma shipper which is a huge plus.

@fuckkoffcourtney I helped with her oc and she’s a sweetheart!

@daughterofgaston I love, love, love her writing, it’s not even funny. I always look forward too it!

singleloki replied to your post “Heard you liked Loki/Grandmaster. ^^ So how about: Odin banishes both…”

I need to read this kind of fic. This is wonderful idea and I love everything about it. Just imagine Odin´s own horror about discovering what he did to Loki:DDD

What a get-out-of-jail-free card for the future though -

“Loki! You sold the Eternal Flame? Right out of my trophy room? Explain yourself!”

“I asked for a raise of my allowance to buy a new wardrobe and you said no.”

“So you sold the Eternal Flame???” 

“Remember when you banished me to Sakaar? By accident?”

“Eh, well…”

“I suppose I could have asked the Grandmaster for the money. Before I came home, he did tell me could call upon him if I ever needed anything. Anything at all.”

*Odin feels the force of Frigga’s glare from ten levels down* “*coughs* Never mind, son. Enjoy your new clothes, you deserve them. I’m sure there’s no chance Surtur will ever get his hands on the Flame before I can retrieve it. By the way, who did you sell it to?”


A Thing??

Why? Is? “Always?” Always? Associated? With? The? Deathly? Hallows????? Like listen buddy,,, I’m trying to enjoy my amazing symbolism in the deathly hallows but I can’t buy my damn merch when it’s always decked out in “Always.” Like if you wanna be in love with a creepy obsessive child abusing stalker who joined a terrorist group be my guest but doNT PUT HIM ON THE DEATHLY HALLOWS!! SNAPE HAS LIKE. NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!! Like I guess you could say he represents the resurrection stone? But Dumbledore represents the elder wand and we never see any of his quotes on hallows merch!!! (I have my own, massive problems with Dumbledore but that’s for another time) but like. What why who thought it was a good idea to put “Always” on everything? Where’s that one post about using “until the very end” instead of “always” because that actually works here. Petition to put “Until the very end” on all the deathly hallows merch instead of “always” like I’d invest in this

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Hi! Do you know if the s8 leak is real or just a bunch of trolls? People on youtube posting videoes and talk about a s8e1 leak on reddit? I haven't looked further into it other than the headlines, as i don't wan't to be spoiled about s8 yet. And it pisses me off if those hackers ripped the season 8 scripts, ruining everything. Because they've already been written and HBO is not forthcoming which is worrying. I love your blog, Sansa is bae, Jon is playing the Northern Fool, Jonsa=real. Thanks!

I guess I don’t know for sure, but I’m not about to let some internet trolls ruin season 8 for me, too. But I do know, that a lot of freaking idiots took advantage of the hack to spread fake leaks and riled a bunch of people up. I’ve had it with these people ruining the show, and honestly wish HBO could take legal action against them.

And YES!!!!! To everything else you said!

Jonsa is endgame, it is known. 😘

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When you get this, it would be cool if you could post 10 facts about yourself and then pass it along to 10 followers ~BettyDooper

thanks @bettydooper!
  1. i have an undercut
  2. i played basketball for 10 years (stopped when i got to uni)
  3. big fan of the san antonio spurs
  4. can’t swim very well
  5. love dogs, love everything about them
  6. want to pursue being a vet in the future
  7. i don’t drink coffee
  8. hate seafood
  9. diners > restaurants
  10. currently kicking myself for not knowing what to do w/ my life earlier on in my uni career

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Vice recently produced a documentary about race and the growing white supremacy movement in America and Harry followed both Vice and the person in charge of the documentary. People are excited because Harry is finally educating himself about social issues other than the very surface-level notion of "love everyone~". It's annoying because Camille also posted about the documentary so people think that's ~proof~ they watched it together but just about everyone and their American momma has watched

lmao oh that’s not nearly as bad as i thought people are just making a big deal out of everything like they do best djsjkcsckkd

Honestly, learning more about Frederick Douglass is high on my to do list. I know so much about his activism and speeches and photographs. I’ve read his writings. I know his opinions.

But much like “The Crimes Against Kansas” cannot begin to tell you everything about Charles Sumner, who loved dogs and candy and was obsessed with art and poetry, I feel “What to the Slave is the 4th of July” can only tell a small fraction of what Douglass was truly like. An important fraction of who he was, but hardly the only one.

I want to know who he was. I need to find a good biography on him. I need to learn more.