i love everything about these panels actually

okay can I just say, that out of everything in today’s chapter, I LOVED this panel, and the page that follows, so SO much!!

Not only because Eraserhead is trying to keep them safe, but how he talks to Midoriya, how he kneels down to his level, and how he actually reaches out to him… he cares about them so much. He doesn’t want them to get hurt.

God, I love Eraserhead ;_;

okay, it took me a while to write everything down, but here are my thoughts and reactions to the last 19 days chapter!! (an alternative title for this could be ‘how to make people regret asking about your thoughts’)

anyway, it’s been pretty hard for me to put some order to my thoughts, because im just!!!!!!! so in love with this chapter!!!!!!!! it’s been a whole day and im still such a mess, there are noises coming out of my mouth but they’re not human, and i can’t find the right words to express how i feel because this update wAS TOO MUCH FOR MY POOR HEART

i think this might be my favorite tianshan chapter, tho it’s a very close tie with chapter 185, and im afraid i’ve been kinda all over the place, but hopefully it makes sense!! (putting this under a cut because it’s really long and there are some pictures)

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[Bruce & Jason Panels] Detective Comics #790

So, just a disclaimer, Jason Todd isn’t actually in the issue, but it does revolve around him. He hasn’t come back as Red Hood just yet. 

Let’s just say that it’s reminiscent of the period immediately after his death when Bruce Wayne was noticeably more broody and brutal in his anti-crime spree than usual. Back then, the Bat Family was only composed of Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth, and a persistent young Tim Drake “auditioning” for a membership. This time around, their family has grown somewhat, and includes Cassandra Cain as Batgirl and Stephanie Brown as Spoiler. 

Backstory (spoilers ahead): A new drug called G.H.D. is circulating the Gotham streets, killing some citizens, including a young female. Batman tracks down the supplier and throws him through a window several stories off the ground. Batgirl swoops in to catch the man, and Batman gets more information out of him through what his does best - instilling fear. 

“How you hurt him. You were punishing him.”

After the bust, Cass calls Bruce out on his… unusual behavior.

That look on Bruce’s face in the third panel below… You just know that he can’t argue with her observation. 

“It’s always personal.”

That cool detachment Bruce has? That wall he built around himself? All of it is meant to keep his mission from being compromised. His mission to protect his family, his friends, innocent lives. That’s the form of affection he’s developed over years of trauma and obsessive discipline to equip himself for this mission.

So, if he tries to shut down Steph’s aspiration to be a vigilante? It’s personal. If he tries to keep a brash young lady from jumping headfirst into the field without a parachute - the same way a fifteen-year-old boy once did? It’s personal. And, if you think he’s an unreasonable grumpy old man for doing it, he won’t fault you for begrudging him. (He’ll care, sure, but he won’t show it.) 

“It’s strange. How he stops seeing them… the scars.”

This issue is actually entitled “Scarification”, and it seems that the next set of panels explains why.  It’s probably this day, out of all the days in the year, that reminds him why his scars matter. Why everything seems to matter more.

“If this is about what today is, then… just know that I’m here if you need… to talk.”

I love how much the Batkids understand Bruce. Even if they know that it’s, more often than not, futile to appeal to him on an emotional level, they’ll keep trying anyway, knowing that he secretly needs them.  

“Happy birthday, kid.”

Bruce harasses one more criminal before the set of panels below.  He finally tracks down the supplier and makes him choose between taking his own lethal drug or jail time. (Guess which one he picks?)

It’s these last two scenes that gives the story its story. Bruce always has difficulty with expressing emotion, so it shouldn’t surprise us that sometimes it comes out as aggression. 

On the day that reminds him of the son he lost to the thing they do, with another teenager wanting to be part of it all… must be extra hard, huh?

“For some of us there is no going back.”

This was a simple, but sweet tribute to Jason. A reminder that Bruce loved loves him and knew him well. That in his memory, Bruce is trying to keep from making the same mistakes.

(And, it was bittersweet how Cass “met” Jason for the first time like that… It gets better in the New 52′s Batman and Robin Eternal, though!)

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Top 5 ichiruki moments

ok so there’s no way i’m gonna do this in order but here they are:


the rain has always symbolized despair for ichigo, when he lost his mom or when he lost rukia. so for him to say that she single-handedly stopped that rain is absolutely amazing. there’s also the fact that he lifted her rain too, he helped her cope with kaien’s death and form stronger bonds with other people around her. they both helped each other through their “depression” and became better people because of it :’)


an underrated moment in my opinion. ichigo had been told by chad to think of moments when he was proud to be a shinigami and he did but that didn’t work since there were too many to count. but don’t forget that riruka told him that fullbring can also be activated by feeling love. so that happened!!!! rukia gets her own panel and gets separated from the rest because she! is! speacial! to! ichigo! 


i’m sure this is a lot of IR’s favorite moment. this was at the beginning of the series but these two had already formed such a close relationship. this really showed how much they understood each other. rukia gave him the reassurance he needed without being overbearing or careless :’)


yes i’m a basic bitch don’t even @me. literally the most iconic ichiruki moment ever. the most romantic shoujo panels to ever exist. the look in their faces, how close they are to each other, rukia slowly fading away, everything about this made me a sad bish but also very very very happy because LOOK AT THEM!!! THEY LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH!!! ichiruki invented love and tender looks #confirmed.


not to be a Soft Bitch but what the actual fuck??? rukia loves her man so much (The Man In Her Heart) that she can make him feel better in any situation!!! i love when couples encourage each other to be better and stronger for each other. inventors of healthy relationships tbh!!!

Ask me my “TOP 5/TOP 10” anything!

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Ethan proposing cause I am trash 3? Maybe he pulls a Wade and does it at Vidcon or something?



•Eth saying hes doing a panel with G & Brian

•He calls you up there to talk about a challenge video you were featured in

•"Actually guys, i have something pretty big to do right now"

•Turning to you with THE biggest grin

•"(y/f/n) being in love with you has been the best adventure of my life"


•"theres no one else i’d rather spend my life with, will you marry me?“

•You cant even get words out but you nod profusely and you jump into a hug with him

•eth sliding the ring on your finger and whispering “i cant wait to spend forever with you”

•the crowd is still screaming bloody murder

•you & eth are both crying

wow im crying too

okay but everything about this panel is perfect. 

tendou’s face is perfect, his pose is perfect. the fact that he lets ushijima borrow his manga is perfect. the fact that ushijima reads the advertisements is perfect. 

the fact that ushijima wakatoshi, the super volleyball ace, actually said the words “refreshingly silky-smooth hairless beautiful skin” out loud is perfect. 

i love this page.

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Hi, sorry you're probably getting heaps of asks about this but when are you updating your klance comic? It's just that I really adore it and I'm in love with everything about it. Sorry for being a bother.

I actually know where I’m going but idk how to put those into the panels (assuming this ask is about my synesthesia AU). So ya….I don’t have definitive but soon~~


Don’t Break This Deal AU, where Wirt tried to trick Bill, the demon underestimated Wirt, and both of them ended up sharing one body! Part 6, plot thickens. Please, read previous parts in order to understand this. In short: Wirt’s mind is sleeping, so Bill has a full control over the body without Wirt knowing.

Parts: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

A Gintama chapter a day keeps the ending away...Lesson 191

My New Year’s resolution for 2017: re-read a chapter of Gintama every day starting from the beginning and relive the joy that is Gintama lesson-by-lesson. Hopefully I will never reach the end of the series should Sorachi-sama have a change of heart and never conclude it.

What I Loved in Lesson 191: (freaking of course EVERYTHING, especially after the reveal in the last panel!)

I knew the Cloud lookalike was too good-looking to be a non-dork/loser character in reality.

Zura fanboying over another game character again is just adorable.

Hasegawa really was the obvious choice for D but I actually thought it was Yamazaki at first.

Well at least he’s good at SOMETHING.

Everything about this and everything that followed was just fucking PRECIOUS.

It made SO MUCH SENSE after the reveal why Kagura would jump in.

I totally thought these two were the actual aliens at first. But then afterwards, all of this just took on so much greatness for me, especially considering who the senior was. I guess this was Sorachi-sama’s way of indicating perhaps he’s a virgin in real life, which is just…I cannot stop giggling about it.

Laughing forever. Kondou and his exhibitionist tendencies is just too much sometimes.

I cannot get over that he is literally holding Kondou’s dick in his hands.ura

Zura is so socially awkward sometimes it’s adorable.

The reveal of who the two of them are: yeah I might’ve screamed a bit. Faintly recall jumping up and running around my room in sheer happiness. 

As if it wasn’t already quickly becoming one of my favorite arcs by this point, this pretty much sealed it.

Ships Tally:

GinHiji: omggggg so shippy, so cuuuuteeeee!!! Although I must admit I was a bit disappointed that Hijikata’s screwdriver head was just a TAD too big to fit into Gintoki’s socket wrench what-what. (And yes, I measured it.) I’m sure they could’ve still find a way to manage. 

GinOki, OkiSa, HijiSa: ok, technically all possibilities since Gintoki and Sacchan were kinda double-teaming Hijikata and Okita. And that sounded dirtier than I intended it to be.

OkiKagu: it’s that red string of Fate connecting them at work; Kagura can’t even resist Sougo even when he’s in avatar form…an alien avatar wearing a unflattering white bodysuit with antennas at that.

HijiKagu: well, since Kaguura Jusant technically was addressing both of them, this ship would apply too.

HijiOki: I should have gotten a clue just based on this statement, but somehow I still stupidly did not even have an inkling that it was them.

KonHiji: self-explanatory, I think.

HaseShin, or ShinD: I guess it’s more ShinD than the former since his fanboying stopped as soon as he realized who D was. I wonder if any AU Shinpachi/Cloud fanart or dj ever came out of this arc when it was first released. Would’ve loved to see some of that.

Disclaimer: Gintama is not only about shipping. Gintama is hilarious, clever, exciting, poignant, heart-breaking, loving, brilliant, and just so freaking amazing.  It is only due to Sorachi-sama’s generosity that I can enjoy Gintama on yet another level, the shippy level, and I am forever grateful for that. GINTAMA IS LIFE AND LOVE.


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Aah, JIB was such a J2 love fest, how do I go back to normal conventions after that. I don't know how to survive the rest of the hiatus with like a few instagram photos. Aah. And I love love LOVE your blog. Sending hugs cause you're awesome.

Ah, stop it, you. 

Originally posted by sailorscoutsforever

I’m pretty sure they can see me from space, that’s how hard I’m blushing. You don’t even know how much I appreciate your words. Thank You so much! <3 

And YES! The conventions won’t be the same ever again! The post con depression hit me and it didn’t even happen to me after I went to the actual SPN convention, lol. I don’t get it. :D 

But it was all just so beautiful. So much love and sappy romantic gestures I just can’t. On one hand I wish they had one more panel together on the other I’m pretty sure my poor heart wouldn’t be able to take it. Which is also funny because I usually don’t give a crap about romance, but Js are the exception to everything. Like the fluffier the better. 

We need to and we WILL get through this. Look at this this way, Phoenixcon (Sunday ;p) is in 17 days (and maybe if we’ll get lucky J2 will appear at SNS). We can do this! And for now we have these beauties to keep us warm.

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You know what I’m dying to see? Gag reel. I’m waiting for this whole year. I love gag reels, any gag reels, but SPN has the best! And I just can’t waaaait. Hopefully someone will record a sneek peek at SDCC. I need to see it now *grabby hands*

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Sorry, couldn’t help myself. :D 

Thank You again Beautiful! <3 

Anonim powiedział(a):

Wow thankyou so much for your answer about j2 and jibcon! Thanks for going into so much detail and taking the time to explain it to me! Bless you and thankyou xx

Not a problem. Happy I could help :) 

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I love everything about your blog! Thanks especially for all your theories and ereani content!

I can’t even begin to express how sweet and kind this is… Nice people like you exist and it just blows my mind every time. Thank you so so much for this lovely message, and especially thank you for being supportive and kind!!!!

Official Translations vs. Scanlation (Chapter 850)

I love Luffy’s dialogue here in the official translation.

As we all know, Luffy can become very impassioned when harm comes to people he cares about.  And we know that Luffy can be foolishly proactive when he gets it in his mind that something needs to be done.

But what I find interesting in this panel (and throughout this chapter, really) is that, for the first time since the timeskip, he projects this real and legitimate concern that people he cares about could actually die or be lost to him forever.  I think this is all summed up when he says, “We’re losing everything“ – compounded by the fact that everything is even bolded.

My love for this word choice (and how it’s presented visually) is twofold:

1.) Luffy articulating this fear validates his absolute wildness in his urgency to break free.  His behavior was enough to frighten Nami, who has watched a man attempt to cut off his own feet to avoid being turned to wax.

2.) More importantly, and this is what breaks my heart, is understanding what everything is in Luffy’s world.  His friends are everything, and he can’t be the person he wants to be without them.

One Piece, chapter 850

Hey there anon! I decided to answer your ask in a post because… Eremin, Yumikuri and similarities is something I’ve always wanted to talk about but never got around doing. So yes I’m using this ask to talk about that a little more :)

I also think those pairings are “alike” although I wouldn’t call them alternate version of each other, since the characters and their interactions are very different from one pairing to the other. And YumiKuri romance level is over 9000 XD. The thing is, you could use the tag dark hair titan shifter x smaller and no-nonsense blond and it would fit both pairings. But the similarities between them go well past physical appearance or characters attributes.

 Since this is going to be a post about parallels between Eremin and Yumikuri, beware of long post with a large amount of manga panels.

While reading the manga, I’ve found a lot of parallels between both ships. Not because Eremin = YumiKuri because no, their relationships and character dynamic are different. It’s because their interactions are written in a way that you can find a lot of common elements between them, both in writing and art. There are plenty of scenes in manga where clear parallels can be drawn between both pairings. Let’s see, we have:

The titan shifters sacrificing themselves to protect their blonde friend/partner, where Eren and Ymir throw their life away (almost)to save Armin and Historia.

Eren - Armin

Ymir - Historia

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Taking a Stand

It happened thirty minutes into their 45-minute panel.  The fan who stepped up to the microphone wore a t-shirt with a picture of Donald Trump dressed as Captain America.  No one but Tom and Danielle, who were sitting on either side of him, heard Carlos murmur, “Dude …” but the whole cast exhaled with the same resignation when the man began to speak.

“This question is for Greg and Andrew.  I’ve been reading the comic books since I was a kid and …”

Jesse didn’t bother to hide his disgust at what he already knew was coming.  He grimaced, folded his arms across his chest and leaned back in his chair. 

“ … and I just wondered why you felt like you had to change Iris?”

The showrunners exchanged a look of undisguised impatience. “We don’t think - -” Greg began.

“I’ll answer that.”  

Grant’s interruption took everyone on the panel by surprise, including himself.   The question had been thrown at the show by disgruntled fans since the first announcement of the casting for Iris West.  Over and over again, Candice handled the attacks with grace and civility and while the rest of the cast had been supportive behind the scenes, for the most part, they remained publicly mute, and hoped that a lack of engagement would eventually silence the complainers.   It hadn’t worked out that way.  The non-response only made that small sub-set of fans louder and Candice, seemingly alone and unsupported, an easy target.  

Now, faced with the thinly-veiled racism yet again, and watching Candice’s fingers tighten around the water bottle on the table in front of her, Grant was suddenly ashamed of his own rectitude.  Determined - finally - to take a stand, once he began to speak, the words poured out.  

“I’ve read the comic books, too, and you know what?  I don’t look anything like Barry Allen, but no one ever complains about that.  Why does it only matter that Iris doesn’t look like the comics?  Never mind. I think we all know why.”

He waved off the ripple of applause that ran through the audience and glared at the man still standing at the microphone.

“Candice embodies all of the qualities that make Iris West who she is.  She’s beautiful.”  He turned to the woman sitting beside him and found her dark eyes, shimmering and damp, fixed on him.  “And brilliant and courageous and strong and loyal.  She’s also kind and funny, and more gracious than a lot of you deserve.”  

His furious, hard glance raked the packed auditorium.  They stared back, spellbound and absolutely silent.

“The minute Candice auditioned, Iris West jumped off the page and became a real person.  Every time I look at her, I understand why Barry has traveled through time for Iris, over and over again. Every time I look at Candice, I understand why in every universe … in every world … Barry Allen loves Iris West.  How could he not?”

Grant caught Candice’s eye again and for a few seconds, everyone else disappeared.  He found one of the hands she’d dropped into her lap and squeezed.   The fan who’d asked the question was still standing at the mic when he looked back up.  

“If you can’t see that Candice is everything that’s good and decent and beautiful about Iris, then maybe you should actually read the comics instead of just looking at the pictures.”

The applause that broke out was deafening.  When the rest of the panel jumped to their feet in a standing ovation, the audience followed suit.  Focused on each other, Grant and Candice ignored them.

“I’m sorry.  I should have done that a long time ago,” he whispered, as she blinked away tears.  He leaned in, his voice dropping to an even huskier baritone.  “I should have done this a long time ago, too …”   

When he pressed his lips against hers, a shocked gasp hissed through the crowd, followed immediately by squeals and screams and the explosion of what looked like a thousand flashing lights as everyone scrambled to take photos. Even their fellow actors stared at the two of them in stunned surprise.

When they finally broke apart, laughing shyly, flushed and embarrassed, Candice hid her burning cheeks against Grant’s shoulder.

“Maybe next time, you should kiss me in private.”

“Good idea,” he murmured back.  

They held hands for the rest of the panel.



ETA:  I used this prompt as a little bit of wish fulfillment on my part.  Yea, a girl’s gotta be her own hero sometimes but I’m tired of no one else coming to Candice’s defense and leaving her to face this kind of shit by herself all the time.  Step up, people.  And by people, I mean GG.  

Please don’t ask me to learn to love Naruhina the same way I did with Sasusaku. I’ve tried before you guys even ask and failed to see the sense or chemistry between them. And here’s why:

1. I never liked Hinata as a character.

I don’t mind her shyness, I’m shy too, but it’s actually pathetic to see a girl only think about her love. Everything that Hinata ever aspire was all inspired by Naruto, her reason to fight in the war was because of Naruto, her goal to become stronger is for Naruto. I mean, she has family and friends, right? But it doesn’t seem like it. She never really has an independent moment where for once she has other reasons to be strong,  where everything finally isn’t about ‘Naruto-kun’. Of course this is all Kishi’s faults because he failed to make Hinata had better development as a character.

One panel that makes me cannot like her the most is Neji’s death, when she was thinking of Naruto’s big hand while Neji’s dead body was lying in front of her feet. I don’t think she will survive this life without Naruto, maybe that’s why they ended up together.

2. She is weak

I’m not talking about her strength, but her heart. Despite of her love for Naruto, she doesn’t really have anything to offer to others. When Boruto behaved very badly towards her, she cannot do anything about it. Has she ever try to explain to her son what Naruto had to deal in his past? Maybe that way, Boruto will learn to understand his Dad’s situation.

Sarada never knew his Dad for 10 years but she grows up as a decent person, only one time she ever misbehaved was when she thought Sakura was not her real mother and she was so curious about his Dad, and that circumstances was perfectly understandable.

3. The Last movie.

This is supposed to be a movie that makes me finally understand Naruhina chemistry, but I ended up hating the pairing even more. Instead of making her busy with scarfs, they could have made a story where Naruto helped Hinata to change the Hyuuga clan into a better clan, because that clan has so much things to fix. And Hinata is the perfect person to change it together with Naruto. Naruto could see her true strength and learns about her character better than having to love her after genjutsu thing. Naruto wouldnt need to be guilt tripped in order to love Hinata.

They don’t even have to make Sakura being so pushy about this couple or replace Sasuke’s place with Hinata (you know, that strength color and all that was belong to Sasuke becomes Hinata’s in The Last). She should have had her own spotlight without replacing anyone’s character in Naruto’s life. But no, they need to change her style and gives her power up which similar to Sasuke to make her suitable for Naruto.

I could go on forever when it comes to explaining my reasons in disliking NH but I’ll stop here. I tried to like her, I liked her a bit when she was in Chunin exam, I thought she would be a strong independent person. I was wrong though.

I imagined Naruto’s wife to be someone who is equal to him and able to protect herself, even when she can’t protect Naruto. Well, I will wait until someone finally make a filler movie about that. Maybe that time, I will finally like Hinata.

Edited: I realized that hate is a strong word, and I don’t hate Hinata. But I disliked her a lot, and I’m feel like I cannot learn anything from her. She was loyal to Naruto but that’s the only thing that I kinda liked about her. Apart from that, no one can change my opinion about her. Sorry guys, so stop leaving message in my inbox about how I have to learn to love and accept NH like I did with SS. It was easy with SS ‘cause I like Sasuke. But Hinata… just no.

I have spent this afternoon at a public panel discussion on objectification and images of women in the media, and I was one of the panelists. Somehow, the discussion got onto pole dancing and what transpired made me more pissed off than I’ve been in a long time, and frankly embarrassed to be on the panel.

People argued that pole dancing was always exploitative, 100% not empowering and that anyone who did it was deluded into believing that they were having fun and that it was making them confident and happy. 

I was told that if it really was like gymnastics or ballet in terms of skill, then why didn’t I just do those sports? Or that if it really was just good exercise, then there are far better exercises I could do. God forbid that I actually do pole dancing because I love pole dancing. Not gymnastics, not ballet. I love everything about pole because it’s pole, not just cause it’s similar to other sports.

Everyone was saying things like ‘maybe it’s empowering for you but everything is political and pole dancing as a whole is disempowering for women’. I am pretty sure none of these people had ever taken a pole class in their life.

I’m just so annoyed because I went there to try and encourage positive thinking and we somehow ended up with me having to defend my life choices to self righteous academics, who were very patronizingly sure that in 20 years time I would regret pole dancing. 

In 20 years time, I am far more likely to have opened my own pole studio.

So, here we go! =)

Misha wrote my name in Russian cursive as I told you before, and it was incredibly cute. After this artwork I signed the other one for my friend, and he wrote her name in Russian, too, with a little bit of my help (he wasn’t sure if he was going to spell it correctly, but he was =))

Richard reacted with his “creepy!” comment, and laughed when I told him that that it was the exact word he wrote on my art last year.

I also love how Bob Singer couldn’t find where to place his signature, and here we are - BAM - Bob Singer right in the center ahahaha =)

Bob Singer is incredible btw. I would like to visit 27654192356 panels with him, because he is such an interesting person, knows the show so well, he actually really answers the questions, and he seems pretty nice and tolerant to everything. 

Jensen could have chosen another place to sign, though, ahah))) But it is ok.

Now I have 1 artwork with Jensen’s signature missing (because I forgot about his autograph last year) and 1 artwork without Jared’s signature. Duh. 

I really wanna come next year and complete both of these posters.