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[Hey guys! @1-800-pipedream​ did these absolutely AMAZING cosplays for our AU and I’m honestly so flattered! Starry and I were both freaking out earlier about how great these two looked and honestly I still am freaking out, lmao.

Thank you guys for submitting and showing your cosplays to us! Everything about this cosplay is gorgeous! 💕  If you’d like to see more of their work, you can visit their Instagram page here! ]


AU! Rumiya Saito | 25 | Professional Cosplayer, Painter and Public Speaker

Interview for Nippon Magazine ft Rumiya Saito

I feel like I already grew up from my childish shell and I want to evolve,reach for the stars.”- Quoted from one of her recent interviews.

Rumiya is now in the middle of the best period of her life: a fulfilling career as a professional Cosplayer, Artist and aspiring Photographer. She is hoping to bloom, some of her works being sold for a very valorous sum in auctions. She often gets involved with different volunteer actions and charity projects in hopes to help people who are now what she once was: poor or unfortunate. “I owe Ozuru-san everything I am.”- She said in a live stream when asked about her success and fame. “I wouldn’t even be alive today if Ozuru-san hadn’t found me on the side of the road 25 years ago. She may not be my real mother but that definitely does not matter. The things she’s been through to help me bloom are the reasons why I call her my mother in the first place. “. 

Rumiya has completely changed her lifestyle, eating healthier and keeping in shape, she wants to dedicate herself to her Cosplaying career and become a public speaker, despite her shy nature. She changed her appearance over the years in hopes she will find herself within the lines of a personality crisis.

When we asked her about her relationship with the famous sportsman Angelo Jukodo, Rumiya refused to give too many details “I want to keep things between us. It’s not that I wouldn’t gladly share our love with the rest of the people, I just want this to be our thing, not the media’s thing,you know. We’ve known eachother for a long time now and I cherish everything he is. Angelo has greatly helped me shape and change into the person I am now. I don’t know what I would be without him.”. 

On a last note, we tried to get Rumiya’s view on the future and her plans, which were very uncertain: “I was born so unfortunate and twisted my life in such a way I could have never hoped for. I cannot tell you what the future has in store for me, all I know is that I want to be by Angelo’s side and support my mother for as long as I can[…] babies?! …oh my…I think that’s a topic for some other time…” 

 Her interview ended with a soft laughter and a flustered face. 

I have seen this around a lot in the Miraculous fandom - “Season 2 is coming in May, where is it?” Unfortunately, it was pushed back to somewhen later this year (There isn’t a specific release date at this moment in time.). In the meantime, let’s all do our best to support what they have created; produce fanart and fanfics, create theories and cosplays! Our fandom is full of talented people and i love looking at everything everyone creates.
Here’s a list of everything that has been revealed for S2-3;
-There will be a swimming pool episode.
-We will learn more about the Peacock holder by the end of season 2.
-LGBT Characters are coming, and according to Winny on Twitter, Julerose fans will be pleased.
-There MIGHT be a reveal episode (Might, i’m not sure if this is true.)
-The real Volpina will show up (We know that it’s Alya.).
-Queen Bee will be joining Ladybug and Chat Noir (Queen Bee = Chloe).
-We will have a backstory episode for the Kwamis.
-Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 is coming on Netflix ONLY for America (If you know more about this, please inform me.).
-According to LindaLee Rose her favourite character will be getting a Miraculous (Unsure if it’s Alya or Chloe she is talking about, or someone else.).
Just from that list, there is already so much speculation, fics, theories and art you could do. However, if you disagree with what someone else believes, DO NOT belittle them, say their opinion is inferior or harrass them - basically don’t be a Twat. Also DON’T steal other people’s art without permission. They worked really hard to make wonderful pieces, you didn’t you just saved it and inserted it on a post. So yeah, don’t do a Marinette and steal. I hope this post helped some of you with the release date and maybe (not really) inspired some people to make fics and fanart? Well anyway, goodbye!

(EDIT) Release date for season 2 has been confirmed for Sept/Oct. (EDIT, EDIT) According to Thomas Astruc, he wasn’t aware of Jeremy announcing this, so release date doesn’t seem to be then i’m afraid.

hello @tockipped ! thank you for your question!

YES!!!! YES!!! it is TOTALLY worth getting into!!!! Night Fall’s fanbase is amazing, and the story is amazing, everything about it is wonderful!!!!! it might be long, but it has EVERYTHING you could possibly ask for in a series!! romance, drama, mystery, action, you name it!!! and vampires, and time travelling, and a story that could change history!!

it is so worth your time and you WON’T regret it!!!!! no doubt about it!!! you can totally let me know when you are caught up and tell me your thoughts on it and everything!! i love talking to people about the story and sharing our thoughts ^_^ … but YES!!!! I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO READ THE SERIES!!! Annabel Crème is a literary genius and her books have captured the hearts of many!! (and she is a really good person, and is deserving of support!! i would know!)


Hey Everyone! 

Sorry about the no posts this Friday. We were all incredibly busy; Admin Syren has got some stuff going on, Admin M is pulling their hair out over finals for their summer classes, and Admin Jynn and Admin Chamomile are on vacation. 

Anyways, just wanted to thank everyone for sending in a few extra prompts here and there to help move everything along. We really appreciate it! That being said, we love getting full AU submissions…not AU requests…Keep sending in requests, by all means, but know that we currently have 589 asks in our ask box, most of which are unique requests, so if you sent in an ask about a specific genre, we probably saw it and it’s either in our drafts or in the queue for brainstorming!

In addition, Admin M is going to be at Connecticon tomorrow, so feel free to say ‘hi’ if you see them in a Soldier 76 cosplay!

Okay, I think that’s all we have for you for now. Thanks for being active and supportive, and here’s to the last 33 followers we need to our next goal of 15,000!


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Someone who can’t sacrifice anything can’t change anything.

So, I will abandon whatever is necessary to save humanity. For the greater good of our world, I am willing to leave behind everything that makes me human– my morality, my compassion, my love.

But inside, I know.

There is nothing heroic about that.

(The music is “Save You” by Simple Plan, but we modified the lyrics a little. Here is the link to their music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScfQDcFYUvQ and here is the karaoke track we used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teFWjqNE0rE)


Happy 1st Anniversary Undertale!!! I got this tattoo done this afternoon to celebrate the occasion! The tattoo design was created by my wonderful girlfriend, @warningsketchycontent ! It will take some time to heal, but the blue of the hoodie should stand out more against the teal of the echo flowers when it does.

For anyone that cares to read… A bit of a backstory on why I chose to get this done…

I have to say that Undertale has changed my life for the better. Around this time last year I was in a really bad place… I had a failed second convention under my belt, things weren’t working out the best in my love life, I was depressed as hell, and I felt incredibly ugly (which contributed to somethings that were going on in my love life). I powered through the con season though, albeit depressed as fuck, but at Youmacon I was introduced to some cool looking skeletons from a indie game called Undertale (let it be known I was obsessed with skeletons before UT). I went home right after the con, downloaded the game and soundtrack, and I was hooked.

Then I started doing something I had never done before… I started getting into the fandom. ALL the fandom, SFW and NSFW. The SFW filled my soul with powerful emotions I hadn’t felt in years, and truth be told the NSFW made me feel feelings I never dreamed I’d have again. Awakened me as well to a lot of other possibilities in life as well, like …. Kinks *blushes*, and feeling comfortable having them.

Then the cosplay started… Cosplaying as Sans and all his variations has helped me start to feel comfortable in my own body and accept myself for who I am. It has helped me feel loved, wanted, and even desired which honestly is something I haven’t felt in a long time. I cant explain why, but cosplaying as that silly skeleton man just feels so right, and I couldn’t be any happier when I get to do so (fan attention does help as well, heh).

Lastly, it was also through this fandom that I really got to know my now girlfriend, as we have been talking almost every single day about UT, our roleplays, nonsense, our Art, and everything in between. I never thought I would love another person (other than my husband) as much as I love her, and even though we have only been “together” officially for two months, I feel like I have been in love with her for much much longer. She makes me feel sexy, smart, talented, and desired… She truly has my human heart and monster soul.

So, thank you Toby Fox, everyone in this fandom that has put out so much good (even if it is heart-wrenching sometimes), my followers who care enough to see my cosplays, my husband who has supported me through it all, and my wonderful girlfriend. You all helped me stay determined.


Witch Rapunzel - 2016 Edition!

My witch princess is back for Halloween 2016, better than ever! New skirt! Flower power hat! Epic wig! I’ve got it all now! This costume group is the best and I just love being in it, being with my Merida and Snow, love seeing our photos, everything about Witch Princesses is the best. I wish this night never ended.

Nerd Culture Evangelism I: It's Gonna Be Okay Guys

I’m not really usually into making grand pronouncements on the internet. But watching the ongoing conversation happening in and around the set of people who look like me, share some of my life experiences, and like the things I like - you know, nerds - I felt like it might be worthwhile to say a couple things. This is the first of them, and it’s addressed to those on the inside looking out.

Let me start by establishing my bonafides. I’m a white straight cis male between the ages of 18 and 35. I did well in school and poorly in athletics and awfully in social interaction. I got a degree in a STEM subject and write code for a living. I love comics and animation and video games. I particularly love comics and animation and video games that feature some combination of:

  • Sexy ladies
  • Crazy violence
  • Dumb humor

I bought this on purpose. I regret nothing.

So, having established all that, I have something really important to let everyone know. You can stop worrying. It’s going to be okay.

In the future, more people who are not like me - women, non-white people, queer people, all kinds of people - are going to be making comics, animation, and video games, because they also love comics, animation, and video games. Some of them are going to make stuff that doesn’t feature sexy ladies, crazy violence, or dumb humor. Some of it I will like, and some of it won’t be to my taste. But it’s going to be okay, because as long as there are people like me who like the things I like, there will be people like me who will make things I like, and I will be able to buy them and enjoy them. Sexy lady comics will not disappear from the face of the earth. Crazy violent video games will not be banned by the culture police. Dumb humor animation will live on forever.

She’ll be back.

Some people won’t like those things, and they’ll say so, and they should feel free to say so, because them not liking those things will not make them go away. Likewise, I will not like some things that get made, and I’ll say so, and I will feel free to say so, because that’s just, like, my opinion, man.

There is no need to jealously guard escapist fantasy. The days when your mom would throw out your comics, when a publicity hound lawyer would try to get your video games banned, when concerned members of the community would scream “think of the children” whenever they caught wind of an animated feature that wasn’t Disney-grade childsafe? Those days are over. We won. We’re the man now, dog.

$3 on Google Play, anytime, anywhere.

So maybe, just maybe, we should start acting like it. Maybe we should be gracious in our utter fucking dominance of popular culture. Maybe we should be okay with letting things that aren’t for us be themselves, and just appreciate that they’re good. Maybe we should not threaten every critic who has something less than totally positive to say about something we love with rape and murder. Maybe we should be happy when people who aren’t like us come to our gatherings and celebrate our favorite things with fan art and cosplay and crafts instead of impugning their motives. Maybe we should be excited about the chance to tell outsiders all about the things we love, and help them fall in love too, instead of sneering at their ignorance. And if some of them say, “gosh, I sure do like this kind of stuff, but I wish more of it featured people like me”, maybe we should be excited to be able to point them to a growing diversity in creators and characters, instead of bitching about how those people are ruining everything forever. Because trust me, they are not going to ruin everything forever. It’s gonna be okay. So calm down.



Hi there, it’s your Classy Black here bringing some hot news.
So firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SASSY RED (Or sassy Yellow. Or Kylo fucking Ren). Yes, today, at this very moment is my beloved dork’s birthday!

Secondly, we have Kylo Ren helmet completed.
It’s fully handmade by that above-mentioned talented Kylo ♡ And guys… It has a voice changer inside.

Thirdly, of course I prepared a decent birthday gift! I made my little shit sith lord the melted Darth Vader helmet. I’m kind of proud of it and looking forward to taking/seeing some dark emo photos starring the creepy grandpa.

That’s not everything! We’ve been to a convention in our hometown and spent great time with @frenchrebellion, @m3lancholythink3r, @phd-in-adorable, @allantieeart and many other amazing people.
Stupid photos with Matt and aerobics!Hux coming soon.
And don’t forget about our smol lieutenant Mitaka,
who finally finished his cosplay ♥

(Ultra big thanks to Inori for the wonderful poster above!)

Widow Operatives, I think it’s time we mobilize.

Coming off of the high that is the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, in which we are teased with the sight of ballerinas, something that must be alluding to Natasha’s Red Room past, our want, our need, for a Black Widow movie has been invigorated. Now is the perfect time to shout from the rooftops to Marvel that we want a Black Widow movie.

Hill!mod and I have plans to go to the AOU premiere next year in LA and I want to take as much stuff as I can to show Marvel that this film is something we need, something we will gladly throw all of our money at. That being said, I want you guys to contribute anything and everything to this blog. Some of the things that would be fantastic to submit or post on your own blog with the tag #OpenTheLedger:

  • Fan art of Natasha
  • Fan made posters, trailer, scripts
  • Videos expressing your love for Natasha Romanoff/why you want or need a Black Widow movie
  • Text posts expressing your love for Natasha Romanoff/why you want or need a Black Widow movie
  • Text posts or videos saying what would love to see in a Black Widow movie
  • Your Black Widow cosplays

I will be compiling everything to not only send to Marvel headquarters but also to hopefully hand off to somebody at the AOU premiere (Yes, I mean everything. Every post will be printed and all the video submissions will be put on discs).

There are so many of us that our voices will be heard, we just need to start shouting a little louder. So spread this post like wildfire and let’s start showing Marvel that we will not accept their brush off comments about a Black Widow solo movie

sporadichearttcollector  asked:

So I watched you and Eva's video of the girlfriend tag and you guys told us about realizing you liked each other and I'm curious how did you actually start going out. Like who confessed first and who asked who out was everything sort complicated for a while? It's did it all go smoothly? Really curious. Love you guys!

It’s a story we’ve told many times and if you want to have more details it should be somewhere in our perfectfiction tag on our blogs, but basically, we were cosplaying and making ereri gifs. In one set Levi was supposed to kiss Eren so we made it look as if we did kiss, but in reality Eva, who was Levi, paused right in front of me. And we kept doing this since we didn’t really like how they turned out, so we kept faking it… until we didn’t…

Dear Arizona Homestucks,

I would like start off by thanking you all for accepting me so well as a new cosplayer in this intricately-woven cosplay community. Over the last couple months, during and since the Phoenix Comicon, I have met several wonderful people whom I would like to eventually call my friends. Those with whom I have taken the time to get to know have quickly left their impact on me in the best possible way.

When I originally decided to cosplay Meulin, I was fearful, to be honest. I had heard and read about the reputation that the Homestuck fandom had procured over the years. I was expecting for fellow cosplayers from other fandoms to look down on me, expect the worst from me, and potentially attack me for my choice in cosplay and in fandom.

Acquaintances at my college warned me not to get too involved in the AZstuck community.

I didn’t understand.

I had assumed that the Homestuck fandom, being one frequently misunderstood and viewed negatively by those outside it, would stick together- would act as much like a family as the characters within the comic do. I expected camaraderie. 

What I have witnessed over the last couple months has, unfortunately, left me extremely disappointed. The Homestuck fandom in this area seems to be clique-ridden, disjointed, and actually pretty hostile to it members. People whom I wish to spend more time with are hesitant to attend meetups due to the chance that just their presence will cause drama. Others outright refuse to show because they are so sick of being sucked back in to the toxic environment. This is not how members of an outlier fandom should act towards each other! 

We should be welcoming.

We should be kind.

We should be understanding.

We should be forgiving.

We should have pride and trust and love! 

What are we doing? What is the point of all this hostility? 

People, good, kind, sweet people, shouldn’t have to be afraid to cosplay in our fandom. They should not have to worry that their new acquaintances will attack them or stab them in the back. They should not have to worry about their friends’ ongoing feuds.

I do not know what has gone on between members of this community, but I will do everything I can to listen, reason, and help heal whatever animosity is festering within this community. This family.

Send me letters/asks/etc. on or off anon.

Thank you for reading.

And, please, reblog if you have AZstuck followers.

anonymous asked:

You guys are so down to earth and are a true blessing to this earth. I just love the cosplay community and you guys and other cosplayers are the reasons why. The fact that you help aspiring cosplayers and new comers out just warms my heart. I also love that you're willing to help with ANYTHING be it cosplay tips, posing tips, painting tips, characterization tips, photoshop/editing tips, everything. Thank you for being you. Much love to Sylar and Sheila and I hope to meet you someday.

Shitfuck this message made my day. 

Please, everyone, know that our number one goal is to make your lives easier. I remember those days as a cosplayer just starting out, messaging cosplayers and never getting a reply. I remember staring at tutorials in confusion, or not finding tutorials at all. 

I ALSO remember just needing someone to talk to. Or feeling insecure about the way I looked. Not just in cosplay. 


Normally, I wouldn’t be making such a thing but after almost 2,000 posts on this blog and a little less than 700 followers, I thought it was about time I’d make a post to appreciate all those that have sticked with me.

October 2015 marked my one year anniversay in KRP, but due to conflicting personal schedules I wasn’t able to get to this small follow forever earlier. Still, I want to express my gratitude in regards to each and everyone who has made my time here a memorable adventure.


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Starting to get some photos back of my newest costume - Harley Quinn!

Harley has always been a dream and one I never thought I’d pull off for a million and one reasons, so I just put her off and off and off.  So finally, Traci approached me wanting to attend her first WonderCon and cosplay with me and how do you say no to Traci Hines?  And so the plotting began. 

Traci wanted to wear Ivy again and since I’d always wanted to do Harley, it seemed like the perfect excuse!  I’d always wanted to do Harley a little differently, playing with the fractured nature of her mind and decided to play with textures, using 3 different fabrics to make the suit, hood and collar and fake fur for the pompoms.  Since Traci’s costume was already done, I tried to blend the classic Harley that I love with something that would mesh thematically with her’s.  I wound up incorporating an underbust corset featuring real leather and rhinestones and ended up with a Harley who just pulled off an epic jewel heist with her bestie and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Everything about this project was a dream come true.  I finally saw a costume I dreamed of since Harley’s origination on Batman the Animated Series and I got to do it with no less than my cosplay idol. Plus I made new friends in the process in the rest of our Batman group (Jasmine as Oracle and Sid as Baterina) and David who spent the day paling around with us.  I can’t say enough great things about this day….

anonymous asked:

You're so adorable! I love your hair :) Anyways, apparently people are saying you should cosplay Rose Quartz, and I know you haven't watched Steven universe, but honestly I think you cosplaying her would be a freaking blessing to our fandom.

I think I’m actually going to start watching the show because everything I’ve heard about it has been nothing but praise.  plus, Foxy really wants to get into it and I think I’ll be even more into dressing up as her if I see the show :3 :3 eeep, thank you for the encouragement and kind words!!<3

Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2015 Part 2: Saturday aka Melissapalooza

This is gonna be long, so grab a coffee and settle in. Melissapalooza started right when the con opened. We got there early and had some time to spend before getting in Melissa’s line. We saw Josh McDermitt first, and he absolutely LOVED Tina’s @tinarakowski cosplay and told her she’s the “sexiest Eugene he’s ever seen.” Walker Stalker Con apparently agreed :) It was very cool to see them give us a little shout-out.

 Connor also made Josh a custom pop vinyl of Eugene that he thought was “AWESOME.” Josh was super funny (as everyone knows) and he gives great hugs!

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