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Barely six months ago I sat down and wrote a post about Jay’s life and passing. As with so many things, I never imagined we would find ourselves here again so soon. Grief on the tips of our tongues, as those we support and love live through one of the hardest of times there can be; the loss of a parent. Then as now, I feel there is little we can say with any true knowledge, save our experiences from the fandom side. A few words are all I can offer, framed by my own experience of loss.

Robin Twist. A charming man with a delightful name, always ready with a large smile and a quick joke, not least at Harry’s expense. I remember him from the earliest days of The X Factor, at Harry’s side with the rest of his family cheering him on, and speaking of the new family Harry had found in the boys. Always supportive, always ready with a warm hug, always so proud of the boy who had left home to audition at sixteen, and who never came back home.

It’s a measure of the man he was that he had Harry be best man at his wedding to Anne, and that Harry was so supportive of their relationship. As a child of two families where both parents remarried, I know how hard it can be to make all those new relationships work, and it’s credit to all involved that they made it seem so seamless and effortless, and that love seemed to be the centre of it all. I’m also lucky enough to have step parents that just became parents; a safe place and a warm hug whenever they are needed. I know that’s not always the case with everyone when melding families, and I’m so glad for them all (from all we were privileged to see), that Harry and Gemma seemed to have that kind of relationship with Robin. A Dad, in all the ways that mattered.

Robin always struck me as someone it would be fun to meet for a quiet pint which would then turn into a raucous session, underlined with his quick wit and warm heart. A presence like a heartbeat, life circulating around him. These are things I’ll never know to be true, but I like to hope that they were.

I can truly say that Robin is woven like a bright thread into the history of the 1D fandom family, there from the get go, always so supportive and proud, even as recently as a few weeks ago, clad in Harry’s bright silver boots and his hat at his London gig, there with a joke and a laugh with fans. There are so many memories he’ll be part of, a hug and a smile, and a bit of banter. He had a sparkle in his eyes and it always caught the light.

Robin, I’m so, so glad you got to see Harry perform his new songs live (duck noise and all). I will never, ever hear Woman without thinking of you. You made me and so many others laugh so very much, with your ability to keep Harry’s feet on the ground in the funniest of ways. And that is a glorious thing.

To Anne, Amy, Mike, Gemma and Harry, and all his family and friends now living with the loss of such a warm and vibrant presence, I can only say hold close to those memories and to that laughter, to help you through the days when you can no longer find a smile. The days will seem endless, and they will not be easy. But there will, I hope for you, come a time when there are more smiles than tears. When those very stories will make you laugh instead of cry. I hope you reach those days when you are ready, and can hold steady to one another until they come to pass. I hope that you all get the quiet and space you need in these coming days and weeks, and that some day far from now you find one another again, in those places you’ve never been.


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Do you think Kara would have saved the plane in the pilot if Alex wasn't on it? I'm not sure but I think she wouldn't have. It would have left her feeling guilty enough to make her sick but she'd sat out emergencies before.

Oh, she’d have let them all die lol.

I’m pretty sure Kara hasn’t saved anyone since Jeremiah gave her the talk after she saved the woman and the baby from the exploding car and Alex got hurt.

It’s so strange to think about because, now, there’d be nothing that could stop Kara from saving that plane.

But do you recall how angry and scared Alex was after she saved her?

“What were you thinking? You exposed yourself. To the world. You’re out there now, Kara. Everyone will know about you and you can’t take that back. […] What if people figure out who you are? What you are? It’s just It’s not safe for you to do anything like that. Ever again.”

That’s how all the Danvers treated Kara’s secret. Like there was nothing scarier than someone finding out that she was an alien. They were a family of scientists, they knew how much people would love to get their hands on Kara and what they might do to her in the name of progression.

And that fear was instilled, on purpose, into Kara. Fear for herself, maybe fear for her new family. And she only got over that fear once she had, in her mind, no choice but to use her powers and she felt what it was like to be a hero.

This is one of the reasons I’m super understanding of her not telling any single person on the face of the Earth her secret if she doesn’t want to. Beyond just her general right to keep it a secret & that it’s no one’s business. If her fear of anyone finding out that she’s an alien was enough for her to, despite what she really wanted, have let people die for years, it’s enough fear for her to lie to someone she likes for a while. It’s a lot to over come, and with the anti-alien tensions at play and the high from just becoming Supergirl gone, it’s enough to trip someone up.

But I think people forget how different Kara’s life was before the show.

She didn’t have a Purpose™

She was using her position at Catco as her way to help the world, but she felt it was insufficient. This is the most obvious change.

She didn’t have the confidence or the faith in her own moral compass that she has now

Or she’d have already been saving people. It was what she wanted to do, but she was abiding by the advice of others and their judgment of what The Right Thing To Do was.

She didn’t use her powers regularly to heat up coffee or to fly to work 

She wasn’t even sure if she’d be able to fly because it’d been so long, and Cat having hot coffee was like a first, because Kara was suddenly using her heat vision. She might have used them occasionally, like at thanksgiving or when she was in a jam, but I’d wager it wasn’t frequently by any means. 

(Now, I feel like super strength is different, because I don’t think it’s a turn on/turn off kind of power like the others. At least, I don’t see it that way. So she’d be more likely to use her powers to lift heavy objects than to use super speed. Just for pre-pilot fic reference.)

Aliens weren’t well known

There is some continuity error here, because somewhere between Kara telling Winn that Aliens don’t exist in the pilot and Leslie Willis posturing if Supergirl had tentacles, people figured out that Supergirl and Superman are aliens. But, either way, they weren’t really a discussion people were having before. There were no pro-alien anti-alien debates. (Well, if there were, it was a debate of ‘do they really exist?’) 

So someone finding out that Kara is an alien? It would have been a really big deal. Like you finding out your classmate is an alien. That big.

(This also means that the Luthors, before Lex found out Clark was an alien, weren’t anti-alien. Aliens didn’t exist to the general public when Lena was growing up. She wouldn’t have heard things like ‘aliens are bad!’ from her family. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they were generally xenophobic. So if you’re doing Lena backstory and want to address the toxic/hateful environment she grew up with and that she has to overcome, I’d lean away from the “family that hates alien” idea and toward “family that hates things that are different” idea. Or just have it be a recent development because Lex went crazy.)

She didn’t have a close group of friends, and was likely pretty unpopular when she was younger

When she was talking to the guy who kidnapped Alex, she mentioned how she was sitting alone when Alex was sick. I think she probably had trouble for a long time with human interaction. And Winn is the only friend we know she had before the start of the season, and I don’t think they were as close as they are now.

She didn’t date much or have boys fawning over her as much as she has since the pilot

Eliza was said to have criticized Alex in the past for Kara’s not dating enough, and she started the show with obvious ‘dating troubles’. Remember that clueless guy who wasn’t into her in the pilot? (What a dumb move on his part lmao.) 

But it’d probably be hard to get close to someone romantically with that secret. In fact, the date in the pilot wasn’t going well because Kara couldn’t talk about herself properly. He asked where she lived or was born or something and she’s like “uuuhhhhhhhh up…north????” so yeah…. 

But, if you’re curious, I’d bet money that she hadn’t slept with anyone yet. I’m not even sure if she could sleep with a human without something to de-power her but that’s actually beside the point.

Her relationship with Alex was more strained 

In the early episodes of Supergirl, Alex and Kara worked some things out that hadn’t been worked out before that time. Alex had some resentments toward Kara, and she also was keeping the DEO secret (and before the DEO, her secret downward spiral).

And I think Kara had resentments about them telling her not to use her powers. 

Honestly, just watch this (deleted) scene and feel the tension between them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlvSrSA6hFQ

So I don’t think they were as open as they are now with each other. I think they tried to bury it all, and it affected their relationship, if not their ultimate love for each other.

So Kara’s life has changed a lot since before the series started. 

Becoming Supergirl has really made her life so much better, not only in terms of her impact on the world, but on her own relationships. For the first time, these past two years, she’s felt really connected to people.

And I really don’t think she ever though she’d have real friends or a real relationship, or a relationship without resentment with her sister. 

And this is why, every time she fails in a relationship or loses someone, it feels like “oh, so I don’t get to have this after all.”.

But I think, eventually, Kara would have started using her powers on her own. 

It’d take a push of some kind, or her having an internal realization, sure, but she’d get there. It’s who she is. Who she really is. Even if it takes her some time to understand that.

Hell, having Jimmy Olsen around, reminding her of what her cousin was doing might have done it. 

Or maybe she’d have naturally grown confident enough to try it, over time. 

Or maybe she would just have woken up one day, turned on the news, seen someone who needed help, and said, “No. Not this time. This time I’m going to act.”

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also I just wanna say I’m running out of steam slightly on these cats. I really love doing them but I’m getting those weird guilt pangs now when I don’t do them so I will probably stop soon!! but it’s been very fun.

I’m def going to do Jayfeather and Scourge though since I got a lot of requests for them (and I’ve been itching to draw scourge for a while honestly)))

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do you need to have read the grisha trilogy before six of crows???

No, you can read each series on their own. They’re set in the same world and a few characters from the Grisha trilogy make cameos in Six of Crows/ Crooked Kingdom, but otherwise the plotlines are kept pretty separate. I went into Six of Crows after having read the Grisha trilogy so i did feel like I had a more thorough understanding of the political climate surrounding the Grisha from the get-go in SoC, but the book itself did a really nice job laying out what information you’d need to know on its own anyway. I’d say you can always pick up the Grisha trilogy later if you want to know more about the world and the Grisha army but it’s not necessary.
Also, tbh, I just enjoy Six of Crows a lot more than the Grisha trilogy anyway. This is just my opinion at this point but I feel like it’s just a stronger series all around. L Bardugo’s writing improves drastically book to book, and that felt really painfully obvious in the Grisha series. All the characters and subplots she introduced in the later books were sooo much more interesting than the bland protagonist the series was just kind of stuck with. In contrast, I think the cast and premise of Six of Crows were really a testament to how much L Bardugo had grown as an author. I would recommend it first, with Grisha trilogy as optional supplementary material. But some people liked the Grisha series more than I did, so take that with a grain of salt haha.

guyyyyys I reached 6k followers over the night ❤️ omffffg I never expected to get even close to this number and I love you all so so so much and just THANK YOU ❤️❤️

it’s a proven fact that i think about 707 707 times a day :) i love that red-haired boy, he keeps me alive :)

The thing Howard Zimmerman told Gloria, about how we are all just particles floating in space until we collide and when we collide we feel alive we feel real if only for a moment until we float off again, hell if that doesn’t resonate with Wrench. Without an anchor he was a floating particle until he ran into another one set adrift BANG right into Nikki. He had a reason again something to work for and someone to connect with, another floating lost particle. Then they floated apart and the realness was gone. Wrench is wandering again, a wandering man all alone, and oh he doesn’t want to be alone. It’s breaking my heart.


our morning walks have just become excuses to sit at the beach (ft. my freshly dyed hair!!)

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i know this isn't how the meme works, but would you mind talking about *your* favs?

the batsammi. MY faves? Like, my favorite blogs that I would follow until my dying breath? Sure! Let’s limit it to about… ten okay? So, if you’re left out of this list, don’t feel discouraged! This is just the first ten to come to mind!

@xdemondrinker​ / @deathsdesiign Sam. Sam is the Superman to my Batman. We’ve been friends for almost 5 years? 6 years? God, I don’t even know anymore. We talk every day and I’m always blown away by someone who’s gone through so much, but is still so kind and full of creativity. If you’re not following Sam, you’re missing out on some hella writing. From her Witch!AU Sam Winchester, to the personification of Death from Final Destination —- you just gotta. You gotta. I love her with all my black litle heart.

@leadkiss​ / where ever else you are tbh. GINA. GINA LIGHT OF MY WORLD AND HEART. Another person I’ve been writing with for literal years. She’s been with me through some terribly tough times and helped me when I wasn’t sure I could be helped. She could write a stick and still get your feels. She’s talented and brilliant, and such a good. Just. Just a good okay.

@monstricidalYou’ve probably heard me say this before, but Mary wouldn’t be who she is without Kat’s Alana Bloom. There is no one on God’s Green Earth who probably loves Alana Bloom more than her. Her characterization is nuanced and deep, and everything has a reason and a realistic touch. Not to mention the writing is just flawless and breath taking. Kat is important to me. 100%.

@glitchyai​ / @thatradiodialDAISY. Daisyyyy. I’ve written with them for… god, 5 years now probably? We met on Carol? Yeah. 5 years. And all of their characters are gems and well thought out and just. I LOVE. I love, I love. I cannot imagine my life without.

@djtothestars​ / @radiowaaves MANDY! (Oh c'mon, you saw that coming didn’t you??) I met Mandy through Daisy and I’m so grateful for that. Mostly we scream about characters at each other and random snapchats but I love Mandy with pm my whole liver. *wistful sigh* & she gets me into all these dang podcasts that give me feelings GOSH DERN IT

@dalishfrecklesJ O L Y. I don’t think there are words for how important, or how much they mean to me. There are no words in all the tongues of the Elves, Dwarves, or Ents to explain my love. Like a lot of these people, I wouldn’t be where I am now, or who I am now without Joly. They are a piece of my soul that I hope never leaves me. Their writing keeps me on my toes and make me want to write better, and have you seen their characters? Perfection.

@thirtylcveSO. a new fave. i absolutely love kate. i love to talk to her and watch her on the dash. and she’s just so… kind and thoughtful. she understands all of her muses so well, and i just. i love her so much. /smooshes face. SO MUCH. also her freaking promo tag is “your fave could never” and i think it’s the cutest thing in thE WHOLE WORLD

@onlyjokesherebro>> this one should come as 0% surprise tbh. magpie is the cutest patootiest patoot in the whole galaxy. chris’s personality and speech patterns are so unique, but she gets them super great and is just a delight to talk to. and so. i’m so. I LOVE.

@perfectforayear MY STEPCHILD FROM ANOTHER BLOG…er or son from another blog? W/E. I have watched them grow from a n00b to this fully fledged roleplayer who has surpassed me in wonderfulness. i adore. forever.

SO THESE ARE SOME OF MY FRIENDS. and to round out #10, i wanted to tell you about a fave that i’ve never actually talked to, never written with, but i adore from afar bc i am smol potato.

@vcspertiilio  did you know i love batman? no? where have you been?! i love just about every version of batman in the world. and i just recently (in the past 2 years) started reading batman comics. now. this blog? does such justice to bruce wayne that i am constantly blown away. the dialogue is perfect. the motivations are impeccable. i’m amazed at the headcanons that are supported by comic canon…….. from a movie batman blog, who (from what i know) has read none to some comics. ( I’M NO EXPERT OK ) and i just. i read just about everythign on the dash with them and. /wisTFUL SIGH FROM FAR AWAY.

there you go. 10 of my faves. this isn’t even top ten. this was just literally the firt ten i thought of. i love everyone i write with, and plot with, and for those of you who i haven’t gotten a chance to —– COME AT ME. I want new things. I want old things. I want all things. ouo