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Pairing: Reid x POC!Reader

Word Count: 772 (short i know)

Warnings: None really

A/N: So this is my first POC!Reader fic and I am really exited to be sharing this with you guys. I would like to let everyone know that i am an African American woman, so some of the readers insecurities are mine as well (and most of other poc’s). I hope you like it and this will be my 2000 followers celebration. As of yesterday i have reached 2000 followers and i am forever grateful to you all who supported me and like my writing. Even though i think its crap. Thank you all. I love you so much. 

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Black women were created of brown sugar and warm honey.

the sweetest thing to bless the earth.

Kicking the door closed to your new apartment, you set the last box down next to the couch. Wiping the sweat off your brow, you look around your new apartment. It’s mostly empty. Only your couch, love seat and bookshelf decorated the living room area, your queen size bed occupied your room. And the few things you brought with you are in the boxes.

You weren’t planning on moving so suddenly, not so far away either. Your parents weren’t too happy about the move, warning you that a woman of your age shouldn’t be moving to a new city by herself, especially an African American woman. The amount of violence and racism that have been shown towards the black community should have been enough to scare you out of the move. But the thought of finally living on your own and exploring something new excited you. So, you pack up what little things that you had and never looked back.

The apartment complex is an old building, the walls are paper thin, the wood and floorboards would creak and make noise, there’s a draft at night. Not only that but you have the last apartment that they had available and it was located on the top floor. Five floors of living facility with no elevator and you had to get the one on the very top. But beside those little imperfections, the place was cheap to live and it’s in walking distance to a grocery store, so that’s a plus. But no worries, you can just go out and buy the things. You have enough saving for it.

You began to unpack the few things that you brought with you, rearranging the few pieces of furniture into a way that you liked. You really need to go shopping; the lack of furniture is starting to bother you.

Finally finishing unpacking the few things in your boxes, you decided to get lunch. Remembering the small Chinese restaurant, you passed driving here. Putting on your shoes, you grab your jacket as you made your way to the front door, the wood making an annoying noise as you opened it.

As you opened the door, a tall man stood in front of you, his hand raised as if he was going to block on your door. He wore black slacks with black and white converse, a purple button up under a best. His long shaggy hair was tucked neatly behind his ear, as the purple button up he wore complemented his brown eyes.

You have never in your life have seen anyone as gorgeous as he is. Where the sight of him makes, your heart skip a beat and your breathing stop.

What the hell is wrong with you?

Get it together. Just a random man in your doorway, not like that never happened before.

“Uh…. Hi.” He spoke as he gave you a little smirk. Lord, he spoke and it sounded so fantastically good. The way his lips twitched when he said the one syllable.

Get a grip Y/N.

“Oh.. Uh.. Hi. How may I help you?” Good. Good. Act like you know how to speak to an actual person.

“The landlord sent out an email to the residence, informing us that someone was moving here. And I wanted to introduce myself.” He held out his hand. “I’m Spencer Reid. I live next door.”

Next door. As in the apartment right next to yours. The only other resident living on this floor next door. Thank you, Lord.

You took hold of his hand, and took notice to the slight grip he had on your hand as you shook.

“I’m Y/N Y/L/N.” His smile widens, like the sound of your name gave him life. You felt a pull towards him, like something in this crazy world just wanted you to be here with him. Just the two of you.

All too soon, the spell was broken as his phone began to ring. He released you hand, digging for his phone in his pocket.

“Sorry but I have to go. It was nice meeting you. I hope to see you again, Y/N.”

And just like that he was gone, bouncing down the flights of stairs into the world. You don’t know how long you stood there in your own little world. It felt like forever. You can still feel his touch longer on your fingertips. You sigh and fall against Your door frame. Your next-door neighbor is a hottie. You don’t care what anyone says this move is the greatest thing that happened to you.

But you can’t help but wonder if he likes black girls.

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Okay, wow, maybe someone should start a club for ppl who have a crush on Boss. I think I'm the fourth one? Not sure why we're all confessing now, but yeah. Tbh I was kinda expecting more ppl, honestly, cause you're a rly great person, Boss <3

i was expecting to not have any at all so this is, um, a surprise

you’re really sweet, anon !! thank you so much !! and i think you may be the–eighth??? oh gosh i just counted the ones in my inbox + ones ive answered and im ,, oh my,, 

I think one of the fun things about both rping and writing fan fiction is getting to flesh the characters out even more than they are canonically. So… you can give them nervous habits, hobbies… I love it.

I like to think that Yoosung is a closet Disney fan who loves to sing the songs at the top of his lungs.

Post-secret end Saeran is an artist to me. I follow the same sweet tooth and clouds thing everyone else does, but I also like to have him love the night sky and constellations too… and an interest in the mythology behind them. Why? No idea. Just do.

I almost aggressively headcanon that Seven is either genderfluid and just doesn’t realize it yet or that he really really really loves crossdressing, but I prefer the former. Also I fully support the notion that he teases Yoosung so much bc he has the hugest crush on him.

Jumin is autistic to me (a person with autism), which is partly why his emotions are hard for him to comprehend. The constant fiddling with his sleeve is a stim in my world.

I don’t really have many behind Zen or Jaehee yet because I haven’t focused on them but… know I also think everyone is bi. ^^

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What are your thoughts on people who unfollow you?

Can’t say I give much thought to them, I literally never know when someone follows or unfollows me! My philosophy is, if you enjoy my content that’s awesome! If you don’t, that’s fine too, I completely understand I’m not for everyone! I always consider myself blessed with the people who appreciate me, whether that be a small or large crowd, because I never expected support in the first place! It’s all just so much fun, and I always am honored by any support and love I get!


Thank you all so much for your lovely and supportive messages, I am trying to respond to everyone who messages so please bear with me.
I genuinely didn’t think this would get many followers barring friends and family, it was my way of letting Tom have a memory book of sorts. I am overwhelmed by the love shown and it means such a lot.
I will of course keep it updated with bits and bobs and let people know what he’s up to.

Thanks once again x

week of 10/17/16 • ig: kookstudy
this week was super hectic and I was so productive omg !!!! it was awesome!
also, thank you so much to everyone who liked and reblogged my first post & everyone who followed me, that made me so loved & welcomed (◡‿◡✿)

Fanfiction Masterpost 2016 - Kagehina Edition

I’ve seen so many people doing these and what can I say I love a good bandwagon  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ also I do just want to see the accumulation of all the things I posted last year so here we have it!

A big thank you to everybody who has encouraged me, I really and truly couldn’t have done this much without you <3 

Theirs (Series) - high school pining and everything that follows

- First, M, first time. 7.7k
- Top, M, bottom Kageyama. 4.4k 

Twitch (Series) - Hinata has Tourette’s, and Kageyama is supportive (CheekyBrunette’s fic insp.)

- Kiss, Ga series of first kisses. 8.5k
- Nerves and…You Know, M, tics and anxiety aren’t conducive to sex, but they’re trying. 9.4k

Parisienne Walkways (Series) - Kageyama is a figure skater, and Hinata is gay

- Parisienne Walkways, M, Hinata discovers his roommates secret.12.2k
- Hope and Legacy, E, the story goes on. 45.7k  

Small (semi-connected one-shot collection) - Hinata is small, and Kageyama hates that he loves it.  

- Fit for a King, G, flowercrowns and crushes. 3.7k
Naps and Blankets, G, what it says on the tin. 1.6k

- Bet On It, M, prompt 14: 69. 4.6k (RC’s NSFW Challenge)
- Strip, E, prompt 23: corsets and stockings and heels, oh my. 6.2k (RC’s NSFW Challenge)
- Scent, M, Kageyama likes the way Hinata smells. 3k (RC’s art insp.)
- To Have A Home, G, Kageyama ponders. 1.5k (Esselle’s fic insp.)

- Pretty, G, Kageyama, Hinata is noticed, is…nice to look at. 3.9k 
- Count, G, Kageyama counts kisses. 5k
- Hinata Shouyou Is Not Smart, G, self-explanitory. 3.9k
- Wish, G, Howl’s Moving Castle AU; fire demon Hinata. 2.9k
- Instructions, G, small fantasy AU. 2.2k
- Present, G, Hinata forgets to buy Kageyama a birthday gift. 5.7k. 
- Hurt, T, injury fic; Hinata hurts, and together they deal (mind the tags for triggers). 26.7k 

There are a couple of tumblr-only fics that I haven’t included, but here we have my complete Kagehina AO3 repertoire from 2016! A total of over 203.8k words, which I am…incredibly proud of, I think. I am hoping 2017 treats me even better <3 

so i hit 10 thousand followers which is pretty cool?? it’s hard to believe that only a matter of months ago i was starting out this blog and to see how far it has come since then is crazy! i’m grateful to everyone who’s followed me & i can’t thank u enough for reblogging my things

anyways!! here are a bunch of amazing blogs that i have the pleasure of following! you’re all so nice and funny and just generally wonderful people and seeing u on my dashboard every day is a real treat so thank u :’)

much love 

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Hello everyone! Firstly I want to say thank you so, so much for all the follows, many hugs to all those who love and support me, as well. I decided to go and attempt some cc for you guys, since you’re the best, and this is how it turned out. I hope you guys like them! Love ya😘😘

-Jo (P.S. I take requests!)

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hello everyone!!!!! im super super excited to have reached 3k followers!!! (๑•́ω•̀๑) ive had this blog for almost exactly 5 years now, but its rly been picking up steam lately and im so happy that ive met so many new people!! since i reached a milestone, ive decided to do my first follow forever! :’) thank you so much to everyone who’s followed me or talked to me, i love you all and i hope my blog can make you all as happy as it’s made me!  ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

:: super special thank you to @ao-kun, my very best friend and very first follower!!! i love you, girl ♡

(under the cut bc this turned out insanely long omfg) (so sorry mobile users)

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Top 25 band of brothers characters as voted by my followers
↳ #01 ♤ Eugene ‘Doc’ Roe

“Oh Lord, grant that I shall never seek so much to be consoled as to console, to be understood as to understand, or to be loved as to love with all my heart.”

My pet peeve about dan

I love this kid alright but when he does his live shows he underestimates his popularity and I genuinely don’t understand. He has repetitively been saying “people on Tumblr you’re probably like wait, what? who’s this guy? I just followed for the memes and sarcastic humour. Yeah hi nice to meet you now I’ll just be chilling on your dashboard don’t mind me” like WE KNOW YOU, EVERYONE KNOWS YOU. Dan, your are so much more relevant and famous than you think you are. No one on your Tumblr is following you and doesn’t know who you are. No one doesn’t know why your popping up on the YouTube channel and what YouNow is.
P.s. sorry if no one else is bothered by this but I had to get this shit out 😂


happy new year everyone! while 2016 wasn’t entirely great, making a studyblr was probably one of the best decisions I made 😊 thank you so much to everyone who has followed me and encouraged me to keep going!! I love you all ❤


Hello, Negan lovers!

Today the super awesome @heartfulloffandoms showed me this video made by a fan who met Jeffrey Dean Morgan at the StalkerWalker Con. She tells in detail her encounter with Jeffrey, it’s an amazing story and everyone should watch it.

But one particular part made me terribly sad. She tells us that Jeff followed her on Twitter after someone sent him her TWD reaction video. He told her he was getting a lot of hate and her video helped him feel better. The idea of him getting SO much hate broke my heart. So I had this idea:

Why don’t we all send him lots of love and support after the next episode airs. Maybe we could have our hashtag, something like #whywelovenegan (I suck at this, if someone can come up with a better idea I’m all ears). I’m open to all ideas. I just don’t want him to get only hate after the next episode airs.

What do you guys think?

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*Sorry if I forgot anyone.

btw, EVERYONE is invited to join! <3