i love everyone of my followers



AND THEY ALL MADE ME VERY VERY HAPPY I don’t even know how to thank you all for sending me them~;/////; I always read EVERYTHING, and I read all of them the moment I got. I am really sorry for taking so long to do something about this and maybe all of you forgot about it *COUGHS* but I didn’t!!! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH >////////<♥ AAAaa

Sorry for not responding each individually, it wouldn’t really be work for me but I didn’t want to spam too much~ ////// but I am really happy and glad I reblogged that colors game~ I want to hug each of you and drown in kisses ~ //////♥

And to be honest, I am actually surprised that I didn’t got any hate of this– :’’D yay– 

Any of you can feel free to IM me and I’ll do my best to answer~ /////// I’m just not too good at having conversations because– I get too embarrassed and I don’t have much time… aaa… I am really sorry- I try my best to keep it up! I promise

Hi this is @honeyheonie previously @wonholypeach​ or Jaz as most of you know me. Its already time for my second follow forever. I had my first 2 months ago with 500 followers and now I am back with 1000+. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH! I love you all, even if we don’t talk just know that I see you and I appreciate you. I have met so many nice people and some who I am so thankful to call true friends. Everyone has shown me such immense love and supported my fics and moodboards and I just thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making my Tumblr experience so blessed. So onto before I bore you all. Tagging my wonderful mutuals who I hope to never lose. You all are super special too me!! And a huge thank you to @ckyun for the beautiful graphic she made for me. Im still blown away and I don’t know how to repay you. Please if you aren’t already following her go and do it now and check out her amazing gifs and graphics 💜 

Honorable mentions and mutuals/friends who I always talk with are Bolded!

#’s: @1leeminhyuk (My sister would be first lol. Ilhsm💜)

A’s: @ameehhhhh, @aka-minhyukuu​ (Take me too the moon😂 Forgive me Natalie💜)

B’s: @babywoon (Stan Beauty! Stan Sherry!💜), @bryony-raylene (She understands the pain Jooheon and Wonho bring me💜)

C’s: @ckyun (An honest to goodness angel. ILHSM💜), @ch-hyngwn (Idk if you all are aware but Janie is the shit💜), @cngkyns (My precious little bean💜), @chubby-burrito, @chiqkihyun

D’s: @daisydokyung​ (One of my youngins. I love her💜), @daehdream, @datingmx (Kai is bae. Get too know Kai now💜), @dorkyun

E’s: @evaxsy (Check out the amount of art and talent on this blog💜), @eternally-nocturnally

F’s: @flawlesskihyun (This smol makes me so happy💜)

G’s: @girlinawardrobe (A.K.A my soulmate. I love her too the moon💜)

H’s: @hyungnu (1/3 of my bestie trio. I Don’t know what I would do without her💜), @honeybeerapper, @himu-kwon (My precious smol bean!💜), @hotseok, @hidingintheshadowx, @honeyvevo  

I’s: @im-all-in-for-you, @ikonic-monbebe, @igot17jams, @in-wonhos-dreams (Massive love for my Lulu bug💜)

J’s: @jackseung (Look all you should know is this is boo💜), @joreneee (Another of my youngins.Treat her right!💜), @jikoo-k (this is my lub. You can’t have her!💜), @jooheonster (My daughter, and a damn good writer!💜)

K’s: @kimyumbin (The other 1/3 of my bestie trio. I love this girl more than I can say!💜), @ksuu (Another of my beautiful daughters💜), @kihqun, @kaimikachan, @kittyminhyuk, @kihyunsbb

L’s: @lostinmonstax (My sun kissed princess💜), @laviette (I love you Romi Bear💜)

M’s: @monstax-monbebex, @monstax-things,@minpuphyuk (My precious little pup💜), @moonxgi (The love of my life! My Baby Girl💜), @madtwn, @minhyuksmelody (Such a sweetheart💜), @monstax-trash-valora, @milk-hooney (My other Lulu love💜)

O’s: @osakishinya

S’s: @supersaiyum (It’s my super Sam💜), @spicyramyeonmonbebe (I MISS YOU💜), @seoulscapes (Precious Em Em💜)

T’s: @tomatoholmes (My Ana Bean! Ily💜), @thedodoslastmelon, @thequirkyone (Hobi’s wife and my boo and a goddess💜)

U’s: @untimelyy

W’s: @wonholes (My other half. I love her to bits💜), @wonhos-monbaby, @wonhontology, @wonhosthiccthighs, @wonhopes

Again thank you all for making my tumblr experience so special. If I missed anyone, I’m sorry!

InuKag Last Day Bonus: Thank You Cynthia

I can’t believe InuKag Week is actually ending today. It’s been such an amazing fun wild seven days, and it’s felt like an avalanche I was snowboarding on from the very beginning on Monday to the last today. 

All the content has filled me with so much InuKag love, I didn’t even think I was capable of loving this ship anymore than I do, but everyone combined putting out amazing effort to post or reblog or submit, it’s almost like we were all together at a week long festival just happy to be around. I’ve discovered so many people from this event, my following list has GROWN exponentially haha. 

Last year I made a post like this thanking the fandom, and trust me when I say none of this is possible without the participation and love of a large group of people supporting us throughout the entire thing. You all are the heart and soul of this machine, and it doesn’t have a purpose without you. 

But this year I want to Thank Someone very special and dear to this fandom and myself:

@inukag aka Cynthia, has given so much to make not only this event, but our corner of the InuKag fandom an incredibly fun and interactive place. Last year when we did InuKag week together, we were both already excited and expectant for InuKag Week 2017, and before we knew it, IT WAS 2017, and she had taken care of ALL the prompts, ALL the edits, she REVAMPED the theme of this site, and from the very start on Monday at midnight, she was checking the tags, answering asks, doing it all while I was sleeping

(And “Family” day btw? I’ve already told you, but it WRECKED ME. Like a damn wrecking ball, Miley Cyrus aside, it ended my life over and over and over again.) 

She can try telling you we were a team today, but if we were a team, she was my leader and I followed a few miles behind in absolute awe. 

She needs 100% credit for this week, and WHAT BETTER PERSON to give credit to for InuKag week if not the sole owner of the canon InuKag url. (Doesn’t get better than this, folks)

Maybe you’ve known her as “towards-tomorrow” or maybe you’ve just gotten to know her these past two years as “inukag”, but I can promise you that if you’ve ever looked up anything remotely InuKag, you have probably liked or reblogged her gifs and beautiful gorgeous edits or analysis essays. Her imprint on this fandom echoes out from years and years ago to the present. 

She’s been patient and tolerant and kind, digging through canon material to explain things to us- us who have no clue what chapter is what. You could ask her “what chapters did Kagome get mad at Inuyasha?” and she’ll pull out annotated pages with highlighted quotes and footnotes. 

This girl spent days and sleepless hours making sure the promos for the InuKag Week 2017 Master Post were perfect- sometimes, sometimes I wish everyone got a behind the scenes look at how she spends meticulous time making sure every frame is perfect, making sure she has the right English verbiage, going through drafts and drafts on her tumblr until she has it just right. Still kicking herself sometimes for it not being as perfect as SHE wanted it to be, even though it’s BEYOND PERFECT to everyone else. 

She spent time thinking “How can we make this as inclusive as possible?”. She thinks of ideas on how to make it so every single person can do SOMETHING as long as they want to and have the means to access a computer or phone. 

This InuKag Week has by and large been even more fun and successful than the last, and I just want to take a moment to Thank You

This fandom doesn’t deserve you, it’s never deserved you. And even when you’re burnt out, even when you’re wondering “is it even worth it”, you pull it through and manage to host an entire week long event that ignites us. 

You are the Queen, and this week would never have functioned the way it has without you. 

(We look professional af Cynthia and it’s all because of you.)

One day you might be making events or sites for big corporate companies (maybe a small indie firm), or sit in a really nice office with a window, and I really hope you remember the impact you’ve made in this VERY LARGE corner of the fandom.

I love you, and thank you thank you thank you. 

There’s still the rest of today to enjoy our favorite Soul Mates, so take a break, enjoy your weekend (what’s left of it!) and look back at all these wonderful people celebrating with us. Bask in it. 


- Until the next sappy long post on this blog, Mod: Lali

I just want to let everyone know that my blog is 100% a safe space for you. I don’t care who you are. what gender, race…I WILL LOVE THE HELL OUT OF YOU 💕. if you’re kind to me, I’m always kind to you. plain and simple. I care about your heart, not if you’re the color purple or whether or not you have an open relationship with a damn tree. none of that will ever matter to me and I just really want to make that clear and let each and every one of you know I love you very much.

Hi, guys! 

So, I was going to wait until I reached a milestone of followers to make this post, but I couldn’t wait lol

Anyway, I really want to thank everyone who has read my stories, commented, liked it, etc. because you have no idea how much it means to me.

I made this blog out of a whim to post my stories (away from my other blog) and I can’t believe how good of a decision it was to do it. 

This fandom is fucking awesome. Every single one of you are so supportive of others and nice and TALENTED. I can’t believe I’m surrounded by such a talented group of people whether it be by writing or fan art – you guys are fucking great. 

I started writing fanfiction when I was a sophomore in high school and that was seven years ago. I hit a slump and was deep in writer’s block, then just these past few months, I gained the inspiration to write again (except it wasn’t for Robert Downey Jr., lmao)

Honestly, this post is to simply thank you guys for following me, for reading my stuff, etc. 

To share the love for a certain actor with a group of the most talented, supportive, and nicest people makes me so happy that I joined this fandom. The feeling of banding together and freaking out whenever there’s a new JDM pic or if he tweets or even his scenes from the stuff that he’s done, it will never get old. 

ALSO YALL CHEER EACH OTHER ON WHEN HE MEETS FANS AT THE CONS AND IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY (especially since I’ve seen a few people from other fandoms get angry at fans meeting their fave actors)

Ugh guys so seriously, thank you. Not only for reading my stuff, but for also welcoming me into this wonderful fandom. 

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anonymous asked:

In my mind, Jasper eventually gets fed up with the Cullen's treatment of him and leaves, and the occasional visit because Alice. I think once Jasper finally does this, Rosalie decides she's done being the scapegoat and leaves, too. I can see Rosalie and even Alice following the "diet" still, but Jasper probably doesn't angst as much when he slips and Emmett is just happy to be out of Calculus in my head. What do you think?

This is undoubtedly possible. 

The most crucial thing when writing found families, I think, is giving all the characters a clear reason for loving each other and wanting to be together. In more dramatic works, it can be something as basic as “we want to save the world” or “everyone else is dead”. Because Twilight has lower stakes, all the Cullens need to have distinct, convincing motivations. Jasper, Alice, Rosalie and even Emmett, as you point out, don’t necessarily have those. 

To begin with Alice, it seems like she had a series of visions and decided that she was destined to join the Cullens. Still, she acknowledges that her gift is fickle. Her visions certainly didn’t imply an eternity with the family, and she may very well decide to leave, taking Jasper with her. And, speaking of Jasper, it’s hard to pinpoint anything in the text which suggests that he’s happier with the Cullens than he would be with just Alice. Either of them could easily grow impatient/bored/stifled and leave. (From a purely pragmatic standpoint, it seems like Alice and Jasper bring a lot of benefits with them. She’s responsible for the Cullens’ wealth, whereas he keeps the peace and is a competent fighter. In other words, there’s nothing keeping them in the family.)

Although Rosalie is tremendously loyal to the Cullens, I’m not really sure why. Is it just the concept of family? Does she like them? Do they provide her with emotional support/intimacy/connection? None of that makes it onto the page, and the amount of sheer malice they ascribe to her is astounding. Anyway, I could see her getting tired of that– as you say– and leaving, Emmett going with her. He already appreciates “breaks” from the family; I can’t imagine him minding seeing them periodically instead of all the time.

let’s chat 10

okay everyone needs to go follow @cursivesugg IMMEDIATELY. I am absolutely IN LOVE. What a great way to start my Sunday morning. I’m sick in bed, can’t go to church, so I’m sitting here listening to my Christian music playlist to make up for the lack of church and I’m reading these imagines. Weird combination, I know, but I am so content.

Go follow RIGHT NOW I know you won’t regret it xxx

1140 Headcanon Giveaway!

Hey everyone!

I just want to say thank you so much for being faithful followers! Even though I have been distant lately, due to a nasty breakup and me moving getting settled into my new place you all have been showing me love and kindness. Now its my turn to give the kindness back, I want to do a giveaway for you guys as I am finishing requests I have received which I also want to thank you all so much with your patients on them!
I am finally settled into my new place and happy as can be, thank you all for helping through the hard times here lately

You must have to follow me and order to win all you really have to do is share this in order to win!
Pick your favorite voltage character of your choice, and live into your own story with your name and his name. If you want it to be fluff,smut, breakup&makeup which ever you like, you pick and choose.

You all really do mean so much to me, and I am happy to say I am officially back!!

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can I share my headcanons about newsies and their dogs? jack: scruffy little terrier that follows him everywhere davey: big goofy lab/shepherd mix with a big fluffy tail that's always wagging crutchie: some sort of dachshund mix- a funny looking little guy but crutchie loves him to death spot: big gray pitbull that everyone is scared of but is actually a total sweetheart

This is cute!!! I love dogs!!

anonymous asked:

I followed your blog for the longest (by that i mean when you were still posting about snape 😢) and it's just gotten better over time i love it - @blaire-white

Dude I still love Snape. But right now I’m in my Credence phase. Love em both. 💖

I still reblog Snape related stuff from time to time. :)

This message is so sweet. Honestly thank you so much for this.

I’m so happy that you and other people have really loved my opinions on these social issues about feminism and BLM.

Honestly, it’s so empowering.

For the longest time I’ve been on here I had a really difficult issue of expressing my feelings about these movements. I was scared of confronting my feelings to my followers about it.


And a couple of days ago, I finally did it.

And A LOT of people didn’t like it.

From the day I said “I support cis white men” to today, I have lost a total of 50 followers.

I felt ashamed. I felt dumb.

But now I feel better. Because now I am able to be myself. I’m able to show this website why some of these movements are so toxic and disgusting.

I was hated. But I knew it was coming.

I’m going to say it again,






And lastly,





anonymous asked:

do you ever feel pressure to like be "prefect" in your relationship because you made it public and you share your relationship with your followers?

absolutely not. I guess in the back of mind I’ve been like “gee it’d be really awkward if we broke up and I think a few people might legit cry” but everything we share - how sappy and gross and happy we are - that’s all real and genuine. We have our disagreements and general bad days as a couple but I love her so much and I want to be with her forever, and because I don’t get to share that yet with everyone in my life outside of Tumblr, it’s been a wonderful outlet to have people on here support us and have people to share with and talk with publicly and privately about our relationship.

I’ve mentioned a few times how hard it can be sometimes because I’m not out to my parents yet and I feel like that can be a major stressor, but I also hate bringing it up because people have been real assholes and saying things like “just tell them it’s no big deal!” and “if I can come out to my homophobic parents then so can you!” It’s not helpful and supportive at all and the fact is I honestly cannot tell how they’ll react - especially my dad who has said how “he likes how in some cultures they kill people for being gay.” But that’s a whole different rant. Bottom line: don’t tell me when or how to come out thx!

But yeah, that’s the long answer I guess.

anonymous asked:

I want to be your friend but you are so cool but I am so not cool what do I do you are the graceful space queen striking fear in the hearts of your ememies and awe in the eyes of your allies and I am a mashed potato in the mud I'm so sorry (for what I am sorry, I shall never know)

i am also a potato

like normally id be more reassuring and stuff but right now i am an insomniac potato who slept 3 hours last night and then played a video game made for 12 year olds for another 6 and forgot that its mothers day and i was meant to give my mum her card at breakfast whooops

rumours of my coolness are greatly exaggerated and i am a meme nerd like everyone else i just. dont usually show that on this blog because its got. so many followers im faintly intimidated to be human here.

if u wanna be my friend come talk to me. i! love! attention! but also be warned that like. 5 different friends of mine have messaged me recently going ‘hey what’s up we havent spoken for months’ and the answer is ‘i am fine i just literally forgot about time passing and am so so bad at maintaining social relationships’ so theres that

but yeah sure go ahead come at me friend

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has reached out and supported me during this incredibly shitty part of my life. Friends, mutuals, followers, all of you have been so supportive and I’m so blessed that I have such amazing and loyal friends by my side. I wish I didnt have to have you guys worry this much but the fact that you all care so much brings me a form of peace in literally the worst time of my life.

I love you all.

everyone following me is the reason I didn’t delete this blog as soon as I got that ask abt ‘oh nor calls den bro because he wants to hide a crush.’ like under normal circumstances if that were any of my other blogs (excluding 2 others; my main and another one) I would’ve straight up deleted because of people purposely triggering me.

tdlr I love All of u and I have no idea why ur all following me after I’ve been so hateful towards den//nor and fujioshis (no romo tho) ❤️❤️


Since everyone seemed to like my Voltron/Guardians of the Galaxy cross over here’s some more! :D Because Keith sees Lance as a disgusting heathen and… well… Rocket Pidge was necessary. + rover! (sorry it’s pretty sketchy)

I post more frequently on my Insta so if you wanna come say hi I’d love that! :D Thank you so much for everyone who followed me over the last 24 hours!! It means so much to me I couldn’t believe it.


congrats on anime debut!!! 


(also on pixiv)