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Any recent fics you read that you liked? And what about that bottom louis fic rec you promised? ;))

I will do the recent fic list because I have had some awesome fics to read in the last few days. Also, I am gonna limit it to 10 fics lest I get carried away. On to the fics!!

Like an Endless Summer by objectlesson @horsegirlharry

Louis is a riding instructor at a summer camp, and Harry is a fellow counselor who he’s been successfully managing his crush on for the last two summers. That is, until Harry shows up this year leveled up and lethal, and all Louis’s formerly perfected veneer of nonchalance melts like a Popsicle in the sun.

**This is delightful. An absolute treat!!

Or Brûlant by iris_avis (starryeyedlarry) (WIP) @iris-avis

After completing his prestigious dance training overseas, Harry returns to England to begin teaching in one of London’s elite ballet schools. Only, certain dancers aren’t too happy to have him suddenly on board. Or his well-fitted lycra uniform. Throw in some unusual dynamics, tense elevation demonstrations and an unlikely dance partnership, and you’ve got yourself a pretty interesting edition of Matthew Bourne’s ‘Swan Lake’.

Or the one where Harry is the new ballet teacher, despite him being younger than everyone in his class, and Louis is less than impressed by his inescapable talent. They sort themselves out eventually.

**I am in love with this fic. Listen, even if you don’t love ballet, you will love this.


cupid’s defence by rhuubarb  @rhuubarb

“Of course, the ONE time a ridiculously attractive man shows up at Louis’ home, butt naked, he turns out to be an arrogant love god. Not only that, but he’s an arrogant love god facing a multi-million pound lawsuit, possible banishment from Mount Olympus, and a shit ton of adjustment issues.”

Alternatively: Harry is Cupid, Louis and Liam own a law firm, and they’re all getting sued.

**HARRY CRIES GLITTER!! NEED I SAY MORE?!?! But in all seriousness, this fic is gold. Go read it!!

Carry This Feeling by Awriterwrites, dimpled_halo @dimpled-halo @a-writerwrites

Harry knows, objectively, that he shouldn’t try to get his ghostwriter into bed. He knows. But…he finds it hard to resist temptation when Louis waltzes into his home and his life and turns everything upside down. And, as it turns out, Louis might just need a little turning upside down too.

**This fic was a treat to read. Harry is a troubled soul and Louis helps him figure himself out.

under me, you by hazzafrazza (colberry) @colberry

You Won’t Believe Who Was Spotted Leaving Harry Styles’ Primrose Hill Pad!

If Harry was being completely honest, it probably wasn’t the best idea to be a world-renowned popstar and an infamous vigilante.

(Especially when all the comic books said never reveal your secret identity to keep your loved ones safe – which was all well and good, until Louis.)

Or: Harry wants a lot of things – fame, glory, Louis – but that last one is particularly hard to get when everyone thinks you’re dating your secret superhero alter-ego and suddenly you’ve become your own worst cockblock.

**This is fucking hilarious!! A very funny twist to your vigilante fics!!

Your Mess Is Mine by amory @amories

Louis is the father to the most brilliant little boy in the world who is all Louis really needs, or at least that’s what he tells himself. Harry is a gorgeous boybander fresh off a two year break and a massive scandal that’s left him a little broken and more than ready to move on.

They fall in love.

**I have been following this one since it had been a WIP. It is a good read.

Through Eerie Chaos by MediaWhore @mediawhorefics

For as long as anyone can remember, Old Hillsbridge Manor has always been believed to be haunted. Everyone in the village agrees and keeps a respectful, fearful, distance. New in town after a bad breakup and an internship that led to disappointment rather than a permanent job, Harry Styles figures taking pictures of the decrepit building could be a great new creative project. Or at least a much-needed distraction while he searches for a job and crashes at his parents’ new house. No one warned him about the apparitions though; about the music, the laughter, the people who flicker and vanish when you call after them, the echoes of a past that should be long gone… Harry has never believed in spirits but even he can admit that there’s something weird going on. What starts as mere curiosity evolves into a full-blown investigation and soon enough, Harry finds himself making friends with an aristocrat from the 1920s and struggling with finding the best way to tell him that he’s dead.

The Ghost Hunter AU where Niall lives to prove ghosts are real, Zayn is a skeptical librarian and Harry gets caught up in a century-old mystery and catches feeling in the process.

**This fic has probably been recced everywhere in every list as it should be. It is one of the most unique fics I have read. Also, the feels are real. Get ready to cry.

picture you staring by turnyourankle @floralhoran

If there’s one thing Louis won’t stand for it’s being replaced as his nieces’ favourite uncle.

Especially by some bloke they met barely hours into their holiday in Portugal who’s not even related to them.

**This is very short and very sweet!! Like super sweet!!!

Packed Lunches, Sticky Fingers and Accidental Levitation by LadyLondonderry @londonfoginacup

Harry Styles is a skilled work-from-home potionist five years out of university with a steady job, a house, and… eight kids.

He also might be heading towards a breakdown if he doesn’t get a bit of help.

Enter a meddling pixie and an old university friend he might or might not have had a lot of feelings for.

**This is the fluffiest fic I have read most recently. It is endearing with a very unique setting!! 

Runaway Land by daggerinrose (WIP)

Louis is sure he’s stumbled upon a secret, underground nightclub, though that is far from the truth. He’s also pretty sure he’s stumbled upon Apollo, which… isn’t very far from the truth, actually.

Modern Greek mythology AU

**Again, a very unique fic. It is quite intense, and thrilling. Go give it a read!!

All is fair in love and war by weddingbells @babygotstyles

The Nanny AU in which Louis is the sassy gay Nanny-by-accident taking care of the kids of movie director Harry Styles. Also there’s Liam as the butler, Niall as Louis’ best friend, Zayn as the model/actor and Nick as Harry’s partner from work that maybe wants a bit more from Harry than cooperation.

**This is hilarious, Also, Nick is a dick. So, you know, a warning…

That’s How I Know by allwaswell16  @allwaswell16

Louis Tomlinson has just landed his dream job, coaching soccer at Augustus University. When he moves into a new house near campus, he meets his very fit new neighbor, English professor Harry Styles. Although their first meeting leads to an instant mutual dislike, the more Harry gets to know Louis, the more he likes what he sees.

Or the one where Harry’s African grey parrot spills his dirty secrets to his very hot neighbor.

**This one was so good, guys. You will fall in love with Darcy, the parrot. And it got me looking into parrots and stuff. They are awesome!! But read this fic first!!! I am also quite curious about the writer. I really liked their writing style and would love to read more of their works!! 

The Fairy Ring by thedeathchamber @louehvolution

Harry has dreamed of a world outside the tiny village of Holmes Chapel for as long as he can remember… a world full of magic and adventure and true love.
It was nothing but a childhood dream, however, until an old family friend comes bearing word of a plot against Harry’s life and a very dangerous truth: Harry is the rightful heir to the crown and must embark on a perilous quest to reclaim his throne from the ruthless would-be King Simon.
But in the end Harry will find himself fighting for more than a crown, and on the verge of losing something much more precious than his sovereign power.
Because magic might be real, but life is not a fairy tale, and Harry is a prince up against a very big dragon.

Or: a medieval fantasy AU in which Harry is a prince in disguise and Louis is the king of the faeries.

**A fantasy au!! Very interesting read!!

The Sweetest Incantation by smittenwithlouis @smittenwithlouis

Harry has been alive for decades, and yet he’s never been as confused and dumbfounded. He’s a witch, for God’s sake. Can’t get much weirder than all the magical things he’s experienced throughout his lifetime. Never in a million years, however, would he have expected to be mere inches away from a hybrid.

Or: Harry is a witch who’s still working on developing his powers and Louis is a werecat who falls into his life and turns it upside down.

**I LOVED THIS FIC!!! I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS FIC!! i WOULD GIVE MY LIFE FOR THIS FIC!! I mean, KittenHybrid!Louis, Witch!Harry, Matchmaker!Steve!!! What else do you need?!?! Go read this, right now!!

Hey Taylor, just a little life update.

So I’ve just come off of summer break and I spent the entire summer working at PwC which is one of the worlds largest accounting firms. I had a blast there during the internship and for the first time in my life felt like my career was finally falling into the right places. Everyone at work knew I loved you and your music because on a daily basis I’d get told to turn my headphones down because the entire team can hear me listening to OOTW Tour Version. It was such a good summer and the people around me only encouraged me to pursue my passions of potentially moving out to the west cost or maybe even to London to start work in Law doing contract defense and formations.

But this amazing summer didn’t come without the biggest surprise of my life. My parents found out that I was gay and everything changed in an instance. Because I come from such a conservative country they immediately told me that I was wrong in every single way possible. A lot has changed in my personal life because of that. I’m currently the happiest I’ve ever been because I’m living my best and true life but everyone in my family is categorically against it. If I used to listen to your music a lot before, I listen to it more now because it’s the one stable force I still have to rely upon and you as my idol keep reminding me why I’ve gone to school and want to achieve everything I have ever imagined. I truly try to emulate your business choices on a daily basis.

From here forward I’m looking to go to Law School so I will be studying for my LSATs over winter break so hopefully I do well. My top schools are Georgetown, Stanford, UChicago, Columbia and London School of Economics. I’m finishing up School in May and will be taking a little time off to travel if I have the money before returning and spending the rest of Summer passing a few parts of the CPA exam. I’m excited for reputation because I finally I have new music to help me study…. or to distract me from it altogether.

I love you and I hope to see you soon buddy. Keep living your best life!!

Monday Larry Fic Rec

Hello, hello! 

Just wanted to apologise for how long it’s taking me to reply to everyone, I’m trying my hardest I promise! 

Anyway! Here’s some new Larry fics I enjoyed:

cupid’s defence by rhuubarb:

Summary: “Of course, the ONE time a ridiculously attractive man shows up at Louis’ home, butt naked, he turns out to be an arrogant love god. Not only that, but he’s an arrogant love god facing a multi-million pound lawsuit, possible banishment from Mount Olympus, and a shit ton of adjustment issues.”

Alternatively: Harry is Cupid, Louis and Liam own a law firm, and they’re all getting sued.

Jealousy loves company by sweariwouldnt:

Summary: How Harry and Louis work together throughout the years to try and keep the green-eyed monster at bay.

Flying With Broken Wings by Snowy38:

Summary: "So, Harry,“ Louis finally pipes up when the others have bundled into the toilets in a heady charge.

Harry squeezes his bun with a gentle hand, still sipping his tea with his knees bent up in front of him.

"So,” he echoes.

“What do you do?”

Louis looks tired, but not in the same way Harry feels tired. His eyes are a bit squinty and blood-shot and he’s blinking frequently, flicking his fringe away from his eye. He’s sprawled in his chair rather than curled like Harry is.

“I’m a ballet dancer,” he offers. “In my last year of ballet school.”

Louis leans up to fetch his coffee, taking a sip and wincing. His voice is huskier when he speaks again.

“Fuck, that sounds like hard work.”

Harry nods.

“It is.”

I’ll Colour Me Blue by veegirl:

Summary: There’s a flicker of something familiar in the corner of his eye just when he’s turning left, towards the little cafeteria he has to walk through to get to the exam room. He doesn’t even really see it, he just recognizes the laugh. It isn’t that loud, but the hall is rather quiet, what with only a low chatter right on the edges of the space through which Harry’s gaze zooms.

And that’s- Yeah. That’s Louis. 

Or the college AU in which Harry and Louis have a past they are both doing their best to forget, and everyone majors in philosophy.

Avalanche Drops by larrymylove:

Summary: A decade of pranks, of fights, of yelling at each other, hating each other, getting under each other’s skin, and all for what? None of it seemed important anymore……

Louis couldn’t help but wonder what the past decade could have been if he hadn’t made such a fuss over the stupid stapler, if he’d just moved it all the way back onto his desk as Harry had asked, if he hadn’t placed Harry’s own stapler in a mold of jello. What would it have been if he’d just reached across the desk and had shaken Harry’s hand and had said, “Hi, I’m Louis. It’s nice to meet you.”

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson have spent the last ten years working at the same company, and driving each other absolutely crazy with pranks and fights and competitions. So when Harry’s job is in danger, Louis should be celebrating. A life without Harry Styles in it is something he’s wanted for years, right? So why then is he trying to do all that he can to keep that from happening? And what is he supposed to do when Harry thinks it’s just another one of Louis’ pranks?

One Day, Maybe Next Week by kikikryslee:

Summary: Louis was staring at him, expecting a response, and Harry was supposed to be the one coming up with that response, and he was so not prepared, so he blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

“Where were you? You weren’t on the bus for a few days.”

Louis raised an eyebrow. “What?”

“Uh… Sorry, I just- Um, sort of noticed that maybe you weren’t on the bus since last week. Not that I watch for when you’re on the bus or anything. That would be weird. Obviously, you have your own schedule, and I have mine. I just saw that you weren’t here, so I wondered what you were doing, or if something bad happened, like you got kidnapped or something. God, that sounded creepy. I promise I’m not threatening your life or something. Jesus, just stop me. If you have pepper spray, I would totally understand if you got me in the eyes right now.”

Louis had his lips pressed together at this point, holding back a laugh. Harry really didn’t blame him for that.

Or, the one where Harry just really wants to talk to Louis. And when he finally does, everything he says just comes out wrong.

Babe, There’s Something Lonesome About You by Anonymous:

Summary: Louis is a hedge witch, who lives a lonely, solitary life. He’s quite happy with his shop in Door County, selling New Age magics to the tourists. He also has his cats and his birds to keep him company. But his best friend Liam thinks he needs someone around, and he’s got just the person: Liam’s friend Harry is coming to the area for the tourist season and since Louis has all this space….

Magic Everywhere We Go by casuallyhl:

Summary: Fifteen years after first meeting Louis at a mutual friend’s birthday party, Harry is just as in love with his husband as he was on their wedding day. And with the birth of each new child, Harry seems to have only grown to love him more.

And now Harry is spending four days at the happiest place on earth with all of his favorite people – his mum and stepdad, his four beautiful children, and his perfect husband.

Life couldn’t get any better than this.

Or, Harry and Louis go on holiday with their family to Disney World.

Don’t Break My Faded Heart by harryitscoldoutside:

Summary: Harry Styles signs up to teach a dance class when he knows exactly nothing about dance. Louis Tomlinson is responsible for running a bar and raising a daughter.

or An AU where Harry wears his heart on his sleeve and Louis is entirely too closed off for the sake of his daughter.

Every Story Has Its Scars, Ours Is a Brand New Start by Rearviewdreamer:

Summary: Life as a devoted husband and an amazing father turned out to be a little different than Louis had expected. Everyone tells him it doesn’t have to be that way; that he’s worth more and that he’s so much stronger than any one person trying to keep him down. It’s all just words though until he meets the one person who makes him truly believe it.

Such Good Luck by Anonymous:

Summary: Louis smiles at Harry’s words, leaning into his touch. “Tell me again.”

Smiling, Harry takes Louis into his arms. Pressing gentle kisses to his face, Harry murmurs, “In six months’ time, I will have my twenty-fifth birthday. On that day, my portion of the inheritance will become legally mine. And I plan that very day to announce to my family that I have found love.” Harry chuckles as he runs his lips lightly along Louis’ cheekbone. “That, in fact, I found love when I was twenty-one years old, and that I have loved and been loved every day since.”

Or, an Edwardian AU where Harry is a young aristocratic lord and Louis is a working class dairy farmer. Secrets are a necessary part of their relationship, but Louis has one that could topple their whole world.

Starring Role by KrisStylinson:

Summary: Whilst everyone bustles about, Harry sits and scans the crowd in hopes that some version of a Prince Charming will burst through the doors and inform Harry that he’s his coveted on-screen boyfriend. Maybe he’ll be taller than him. Or smaller, Harry is fine either way. Just not a size difference that will make the kissing scenes awkward. Or maybe it’ll be one of the guys Harry saw the day of his own audition. Quite a few of them were fairly attractive—not that Harry’s shallow about that type of thing, but. He won’t complain if they give him a handsome man to do nude scenes with.

His fantasizing gets cut short when in walks Louis Tomlinson.

Louis Tomlinson is an undeniably talented and highly revered actor to anyone who knows anything about film, Harry definitely included. But before that, he was Harry’s all-consuming love of a lifetime.

Pairing: George Washington x Reader
Trigger Warnings: None I don’t think other than badly google translated French, a lot of dialogue, not one of my best buuuut whatever lol
Inspired by this post by @i-am-a-person-a
Thanks for everyone who followed, love y'all!! This one’s a little different, kinda more fun than sad or angsty. A lot of it is just solidifying George’s character, so I’ll probably do another one soon lol

Alexander walked into his new job with high hopes, clutching a briefcase in one hand and buttoning his suit jacket with the other. He quit the job at his old law firm, mostly out of pride, partially out of lack of passion. He couldn’t work somewhere where the employees didn’t love their job. And he hated his extremely rude asshole of a boss. Almost immediately, he was offered a job at Washington Law Firm, which he graciously accepted.

He knew most of the lawyers there, and was friends with them. John Laurens dealt with biological cases, Marquis de Lafayette was assigned international cases, Hercules Mulligan with domestic cases, so on and so forth. Of course, there were lawyers he didn’t like. Like Thomas Jefferson. His rival since freshman year of college.

But he was determined to make the best of it.

“Alexander, hey!” John shook his hand as Alex arrived. “Finally decided to move to the dark side, huh?” They both laughed, rejoicing in their rekindled friendship. “Please,” Alex started, “If anything, this is the light side. Don’t get me started on Adams.”

“Is that Hamilton I hear?” A French accent called. Out of another office walked Lafayette and Mulligan, eager to see their college buddy. “Lafayette, comment avez-vous été?”

“Aussi bien que tout Français en Amérique.”

“Je jure que vous aimez l'Amérique plus que les Américains.”

“Guys, you know I don’t speak French.” Mulligan groaned jokingly. They all laughed as he greeted Hercules with a, “Hey, man, what’s up?”

As they were all mingling, a tall man stepped out of his office, files and folders in hand. He glanced around, his face stoic, before walking towards the reception desk. Alex looked over at him in awe, “Is that-”

“Yep. That’s the CEO, George Washington.” Mulligan answered, lowering his voice to a whisper. Washington was a strong, buff looking man with the expression that reminded someone of a rhinoceros, very hard and stern. “He served in the military for a few years before becoming a lawyer.”

“I don’t think I’ve even seen him smile.”

“Oui, me, as well, mon ami.”

“He can’t be that bad.” Alex rolled his eyes, looking back at his friends. “He’s not a bad person. Just… intimidating.” John replied.

Then, Washington’s expensive shoes clicked against the tiled floor as he made his way over to the group. “Alexander Hamilton, I presume?”

“At your service, sir.” Alex replied, firmly shaking his hand. He could feel the callouses in Washington’s hand from years of service. “I’ve got some cases for you, if you’re ready.” George said.

“Of course.”

“Have the paperwork done by the end of week, on my desk.” George handed Alex all of the files and folders, causing his eyes to widen. “The end of the week?” He asked.

Washington’s eyebrow quirked up, his hands in the pockets of his suit pants. “Unless you’ve got some other job to be doing all week, in which case I can find someone else to do yours.”

Alexander quickly shook his head, “No, sir.”

George gave him a firm nod, “Good.”

As Washington walked away, Alexander stood shocked, staring the work before him. The guys all patted him on the back. “I almost lost my job on the first day.” Alex said to himself. “Don’t feel bad.” Lafayette consoled. “He’s just in a bad mood because his girlfriend is out of state.”

“That man has a girlfriend? How is she not terrified?” Alex asked.

“We’ve never met her, but we’ve heard the receptionist talk about her.” John said. “She, apparently, is the exact opposite of Washington.”

“Maybe she’ll be at the luncheon in a couple months.” Mulligan mentioned.

“As much as I love to gossip about my boss’s girlfriend, I have paperwork to do.” Alex excused himself from the group. He walked to his office at a calm pace, only slowing to sneer at the office with Jefferson’s name on the door.

Hours later, after everyone had left, he was still sitting at his desk. As he pulled on his own hair while signing a piece paper and moving on to the next case, he muttered, “Washington’s girlfriend needs to come home right now.”


It didn’t take very long for Alexander and George to become acquainted, just a few months. It also didn’t take long for George to realize Alexander was very opinionated, and had almost no self control. “Hamilton, my office, now.”

Alexander walked in and closed the door behind him after assuring his friends that it was nothing. “Sir, you and I both know Jefferson started this war.”

“And I’m leaving it up to you to end it, Alexander.”

“But sir-”

“Look, we have this luncheon coming up for the merger and I need everyone on their best behavior, especially my right hand man.” George reasoned with him. Washington Law Firm was then merging with the Schuyler Firm in order to expand their reach around New York City. “Yes, sir.” Alexander nodded glumly. “When’s that thing again?”

“The luncheon?”



“Yes, the luncheon, when is it?”

“It’s tomorrow.” George deadpanned. Alexander started laughing, only stopping when he realized Washington wasn’t laughing with him. “You’re not laughing?”

“When have you ever seen me laugh, Hamilton?”

“Fair enough.”

“Bring Eliza. She’s probably the only one who can actually control you.”

Alexander nodded, looking down at Washington’s desk. He noticed a picture. It was Washington, actually smiling. His face was pressed up against a woman’s; she had Y/E/C eyes, Y/H/C hair, and a dazzling smile. “Is that your sister, sir?” He asked, nodding to the picture.

Washington looked down at the picture. He had to will himself not to smile at the picture of you, remembering the day it was taken, “That’s my girlfriend.”

Hamilton’s eyes widened. “Your girlfriend?”

“Am I not allowed to date, Alexander?”

“No, sir. I mean, yes, sir. I mean-”

“Go finish your paperwork, Hamilton.”

“Yes, sir.”


Alexander and the guys, along with the Schuyler sisters, Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy were sitting at a table, observing the guests at the luncheon. They were all giddy to see Washington’s girlfriend, who’d been the subject of many, many bets. “Ten bucks on her being a female Washington.” Angelica said.

“No way! She’s probably really nice.” John disagreed. “Nicer than the General?” Mulligan joked, using his secret nickname. “Impossible.”

“Guys, look! There he is!”

You and George had just checked your coats in before walking into the dining hall. George looked over at your grinning lips before pecking them, a small smile breaking out on his own. “Calm down, Y/N, it’s not that exciting.”

“Are you kidding? I get to meet all of your work friends.” You said happily. You almost tripped over your own feet, your heels not allowing you to walk as fast as you’d like. “You mean my employees?” He chuckled.

“Eh, same difference.”

As you drank from the glass of champagne that your boyfriend offered you, you saw two men standing off to the side, casually glancing at the both of you. “So,” You said, “Introduce me to people.” You smiled. “I want to be in the know.”

“It’s a law firm, babe, not a soap opera.”

“Just do it.” You laughed, practically dragging him over to the two men. “Lafayette, Hamilton, this is my girlfriend, Y/F/N Y/L/N.” George introduced you lovingly with a smile plastered on his face.

That was what you loved about George. He didn’t feel the need to show you off; you showed yourself off (which was actually you showing him off, but he didn’t need to know that). He would just stand back and smile, watching you as if you were the only woman in the world. And to him, you were. As long as you were with him, he didn’t need anyone or anything else. He was as faithful as they come.

“It’s a pleasure, mademoiselle.” Lafayette lightly shook your hand. “Pardon my asking,” Alex started, “But how do you get him to smile? I’ve been trying for months.” He joked. Washington cleared his throat loudly, causing Alex to straighten up quickly. You laughed and hit George’s arm, “Stop it!” You told him. You turned to Alexander, “I didn’t know a smile was such a rare occurrence for Mr. Washington.”

George’s cheeks heated up, the blush fanning across his face. “This is the first time any of us have seen him smile, l'honneur de scout.” Lafayette grinned.

“I’ll have to work on that then.” You beamed. You intertwined you fingers with George’s before turning to him, “Come on, baby, I want to meet more people.”

George barely had time to say goodbye to the laughing pair before Y/N pulled him towards another group of people.

And that was what he loved about you. You were so happy, bubbly, and outgoing. He felt like he could do anything with you by his side. You were always the strong back bone pushing him in the right direction, in business and in his personal life. Whenever he needed to smile, you made sure he did by doing one thing: being yourself.

About an hour later, George was pulling you into an empty hallway. “George, what are you doing? I was going to talk to Eliza.”

“I just want a minute alone with you.” He said, leaving kisses all around your face. You giggled, “Ohh, Mr. Washington is starting a scandal.” You joked. “Shut up and kiss me.” He chuckled.

With that, you closed the gap and your lips molded together. The never ending sparks of your relationship pulsed through both your bodies. You felt his love for you in such a simple, yet passionate kiss. If you weren’t excited and happy, you probably would’ve cried. You finally found someone who you loved, and who loved you back. You were convinced that nothing could be better than that moment.

That is, until he proposed twenty minutes later.

That was probably better. Probably.

Suspicious Partner Episode 35-36

Finally some real answers! At least about one case, and I don’t know if Bong-hee will find justice for her father but now everyone who matters knows the truth.

If one person shined today, it was Eun Bong-hee. From kicking some serious Hyun-soo ass to finding out the truth about how her father died, she was courageous, levelheaded and mature in the way she handled everything.

The new and game changing information regarding her father had to be the biggest blow for her. But I’m glad she is taking her time to find a way back to Ji-wook, and not immediately be at peace with it. She understands it was in part beyond him and not his fault what happened.

Bong-hee is also taking no prisoners when talking to DA Jang. I thought that when she finally got to confront him it was going to be incredibly dramatic but Bong-hee handled herself with so much grace that he put the old man to shame for his own arrogance. It was way more satisfying than seeing DA Jang destitute from his job or behind bars.

Speaking of DA Jang, what the hell is he doing with Hyun-soo? Where is he taking him? Why did Hyun-soo give a cryptic comment and smile all the way through the episode? Did they reach a deal? Seriously? With the man who killed his son? I can’t believe it.

And why haven’t we got answers in the Hyun-soo case? I thought that with his amnesia and him trying to figure out the truth behind his actions, we would get some glimpses to what happened to that young girl he holds so dear. But all we got was one flashback of her running through a shady and secluded place.

Moving on to lighter plot points, for once I think Yoo-jung did the right thing. The way she asked Eun-hyuk whatever they were friends was phrased in a complicated way, but when she said to herself that she had done the right thing (which I agree) I knew she had let him know that she has never, doesn’t and never will see him in any other capacity more than a friend. Even with Ji-wook out of the picture.

It broke my heart for Eun-hyuk but I think this is the closure he finally needed. That hospital scene, when he was fussing over Yoo-jung being hurt, I could see how earnest he is towards her and I’m truly sorry she doesn’t feel the same, but that’s life. Sometimes no matter how much we want something, it’s not meant to be. I have to give credit to the show for giving us a really rich and non-conventional second leads drama that actually seem like they won’t be ending up together and neither has feelings for either of the main leads. Can we get more of this kind of storylines in Dramaland?

Of course, I cannot not mention the scene between Bong-hee and Ji-hae. I know I was supposed to feel heartbroken over their pain but the fact that these two frenemies have become each other’s besties, it’s simply too hilarious not to laugh and found them endearing through the entire moment they were sharing.

I knew Ji-hae had a crush on Eun-hyuk but I didn’t think it was strong enough for her to drink her sorrows away or cry for him after she saw his attentiveness towards Yoo-jung. I guess that’s when she realized that maybe it was all in her head.

Personally, I hope she’s wrong. I like the idea of Ji-hae and Eun-hyuk, and like I mentioned yesterday I think her storyline has proven to be one of the best and more compelling ones in the show, even if she was mostly in the background until lately. She has grown up a lot and I want her to be happy, same goes for Eun-hyuk, and for some reason I feel they are well suited for each other.

Jae-hong is still around and everyone loves to dot on him. He’s even participating in the law firms reunions… they are totally keeping the kid, right? Why not? I don’t know if they will go as far as to adopt him but this could be a chance for him to have a real family who actually loves him. Plus he’s adorable and sassy which fits perfectly well with these odd family of foolish fun-loving lawyers. I also love the parallels between Ji-wook as a momma’s boy that sass CEO Byun all the time, and Jae-hong as a Ji-wook’s fanboy who enjoys throwing sass to Bong-hee. And CEO Byun. Pfffft!

Finally, Ji-wook is going back to be a prosecutor. I’m hoping he will take more than Hyun-soo’s case, and try to clear Bong-hee’s father reputation too. I’m sad that he will be leaving the law-firm, because it means their reunions won’t ever be the same. But does this mean Chief Bang is going back with him too? What about the rest? So many questions, this changes everything that has been so well stablished so far.

I like how the show wrote Ji-wook’s journey towards finding himself, through his lost memories and new sense of self-awareness of what he wants to do with his life. This time he’s going back to be a prosecutor because it’s who he is and where he feels at his best, not because of his father.

And as much I love Bong-hee and Ji-wook, and their pace where they take years to make a move or do everything in a few days, I hope they go with the latter this time around. They both are keenly aware of how precious life is and how it can be gone in the blink of an eye. It’s clear to everyone watching they adore each other, so it’s time for them to be shameless again and go through whatever it’s coming together.

By the way, we found out a few episodes ago what happened two years ago the night Bong-hee threw herself at Ji-wook, trying to seduce him. Do you think the last epilogue will show what happened the night he threw himself at her?

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For the fic summary, would you be able to do "The world turned upside down" with Lams? <3

I’m NOTICING A TREND in the choice of titles for all of these XD

OKAY, so I started writing this one at work Monday and then got distracted by boredom and life, so SORRY FOR THE WAIT, I still have two more to do after this.


Alex and John have been friends since practically FOREVER. Or at least it feels that way. They met during college orientation and ended up dorming on the same hall freshman year and then moved into honors housing together their sophomore year and stayed there until graduation. They got an apartment right after school and lived together all through grad school, while John worked on his masters in elementary and secondary education and Alex dove into law school. They stayed together after grad school, too–Alex got a job at a firm in the city and John got a teaching job in Rockland or Westchester or something like that and it was easier to just commute on the MetroNorth than find a new place and a new roommate and all that.

Or, at least, that’s what John told everyone, because it was less embarrassing than saying, “Actually I’m hopelessly in love with my best friend like some garbage soap opera cliche and I’ll take any excuse to stay near him even though I know we’ll never have the kind of relationship I want us to have.”

Because Alex doesn’t do relationships anymore, and John has intimate knowledge of that. John watched Alex date around in college and drag a years long friends-with-benefits thing out with a girl in their friends group, the closest he would let himself come to a real relationship. In grad school, when Alex admitted that maybe it was time to settle down, John introduced him to a classmate of his, the nicest girl he’d ever met, the only person he could see himself not resenting, should she and Alex fall madly in love and get married. Except that blew up in Alex’s face, too–he was so busy with school and with life that their schedules never meshed and, in the end, it was easier for Alex to cheat on her with his old college fling than it was to build time for her into his already complicated life.

(“It’s not your fault, John,” she said after, while John, guilty for too many reasons to list and far more than he felt comfortable admitting to, gave her hugs and tissues and brought over a bottle of wine. “He needs to grow up and learn to take other people’s needs into account–there’s nothing you can do to change that. There was nothing I could do to change that. And I told him all of that.” She paused. “And then I set a box of his stuff on fire.”)

Right after law school, Alex tries one more time–this time with a guy they both knew from college, someone from history that I’d poke around and come up with, maybe John Andre–some too-suave asshole that John never liked much, but tolerated for Alex’s sake. And it was mostly fine at first, but it started to get stilted and awkward and eventually the dude ghosted him. John took him out for a consolation drink and tried not to be too pleased that it crashed and burned.

“The shitty thing,” Alex said, three vodka tonics into the night, “is that we’re not friends anymore! Like, I don’t have a ton of friends! And I liked him! I liked him, I liked…all of them. Eliza. Maria, too! When we were just hooking up, it was fine, but then I went and messed up with her and Eliza and…that’s what I need again. No more relationships–they ruin friendships. I can only date people I don’t give a shit about or like…hook up with my friends.”

“That’s…a way to go about it,” John says, and ignores the sinking feeling in his chest.

“You gotta keep me from crashing and burning like this again, man. Pinky swear.”

And he holds up his pinky and John fucking does it, even though he knows it’s the final nail in the coffin of any relationship they might have had.

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Channel Orange

Anytime I listen to Channel Orange it reminds me of the summer of 2012, the time I had fallen in love with my closest friend but couldn’t tell her because she was in a relationship with someone else. Hearing a song like Bad Religion made me understand the essence of Unrequited love. 

The different vibes that were around in London as it was the Olympics. Everyone was so patriotic and nicer we all seemed to put our differences aside to support Great Britain, I loved it. 

I had gone to see Coldplay in June of that year, this was my first ever concert it was an amazing experience, I felt extremely happy and free. I also had the opportunity to work in a Law firm in the city the soundtrack for that period of my life was Channel Orange, the early mornings at Kings Cross, the cups of Starbucks coffee waiting for the train to my destination. 

I’ll cherish this album forever because of the memories that came with it. 

On the Line- Part 11

It was a silly dare, a fun game at your best friend’s bachelorette party. It was late, and you were all drunk and tired. None of you were thinking straight when you started playing truth or dare, and that’s how you ended up calling a local phone sex hotline. It was stupid and silly.

But what happens when you hear that voice one night, out in public? What happens when you meet the man you’ve been talking to? When you meet Sam?

Part 1  , Part 2, Part 3,  Part 4, Part 5, Part 6,  Part 7, Part 8Part 9, and Part 10.

Summary of Part 11: Some huge happy changes take place, but nothing good lasts forever, does it?

Warning: Smut

Word Count: 2400ish

A/N: Sorry, y’all.

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John Blake and Bane: The Fettered and the Unfettered

So, I was browing TV Tropes (as I so often do) and I found the perfect description of John (also my favourite character archetype). Then I clicked on the opposite trope, and it turned out to be the perfect description of Bane. The two tropes together are why I love writing them, complete dysfunction and all.

*weeping forever*

John Blake: The Fettered

It’s common for a Fettered character to be a police officer, paladin, soldier, or other law enforcement/martial profession focused on bringing peace and justice to the world.

John Blake, Gotham PD, everyone. (…sorry, I’m always gonna find that adorable XD)

That said, choice and freedom are an important aspect of a Fettered character; while they freely choose to adhere to a code, the temptation to desert it is always present, but placing their trust in these ideals serves to give them and others strength to stand firm. … Choosing to live by these ideals is never easy, and it has tangible drawbacks. If they put their faith in an unsound moral code, or obedience in an authority that is less morally upright than they, there will be a reckoning where they must choose To Be Lawful or Good.

“Those men locked up for eight years in Blackgate, and denied parole under the Dent Act, based on a lie?”

“Your hands look plenty filthy to me, Commissioner.”

“You were right, about the structures becoming shackles. I just can’t take it.”

John’s character arc/development, where he moves from seeing things in pure black and white to… more complicated greys, is the whole reason he makes his choice at the end between being Lawful or Good.

(Also see: my John Blake character tropes set! :D *shameless*)

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Welcome Home

Pair : Soldier!Dean x Reader, Lawyer!Sam x Reader

Music : Neverland by Ross Copperman

Request : Can you please do a one shot where both Sam and Dean love the reader. I love your riting

Oh my gosh please do a one shot of the reader having to choose between Sam or Dean! Could it be fluffy and angsty? Because they both love the reader and will do anything for her? 

Summary : An AU where Dean is in the Military, and His brother is a really known Lawyer. You grew up with the Winchesters, Being neighbors and all. They were your best friends, always being there for you when you needed them. As Dean left for the military, you and Sam grew closer. Which leads to you two dating.

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@ @ @

UHHHHH , I GUESS I LIKE YOU OKAY ENOUGH  /  sent @ for folks i love

    you only sent three nonnie but !  you’re getting more !

@eyesofwater  :  i mean , as anti - naruto as you are , i adore you milk !   i mean , i love the 2 am salting over the law -   i love the fact that you like the U.N charter and i love the Constitution and we’re like peas in a pod just eyein’ white boys tryna touch our legal documents.    i can’t wait for us to form our law firm where literally we destroy EVERYONE with our legal acumen.    also  … . uh … . .  ur a true gem.    i luv u sm

@godleir  :  ( y’all really missing out if you aren’t following honey )  i love you SOOOO much.   like poppy has been an icon for ages in my eyes and just our friendship has made me feel so much better about life in general.  you’re not only talented @ writing  , but you’re an amazing artist and you’re so funny.    i love talking to you and just <3

@bloodbites   :   mars is a meme . ..  … but my meme.    nothing is better than knowing that you created vampires in 2016 all by yourself and everyone else who says otherwise is just a Great Value vamp.    also it’s through you that i got the courage to talk to some of the people i consider my closest friends and you’ve always been there for me ily

@variforme / @unhallows   :   YOUR BIGGEST FAN SINCE 2016.    Like !!!! every since i had seiji’s old blog and u followed me on james , i’ve been a big hearteyes always. like i’m always so impressed at how you always manage to outdo yourself when new concepts / ocs / headcanons.     plus ???? you’re one of my favourite people to talk to  on this hellsite !!!!!

@sevarity  :  uhhhhhhhh BIG FUCKING MOOD I LOVE YOU SO DAMN MUCH !!!!   i only know you i don’t know any other ocs half the time !!!!!! i don’t know any OTHERS !!!!!   

other people i love :   @nottingale , @sleuthis , and @gothamcartel

You asked for it and it’s here! Rather than starting with mutuals I decided to give everyone an equal chance to get one so: guess one of my favourite characters based on the clues under the Read More and win an user aesthetic moodboard! 

  • You have to be following me
  • Reblog this post
  • Send me an ask with the number you’re guessing and the name of the character 
  • Check the original post in my blog to see which have already been guessed.

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submission: Turnabout Atsume

written by @famousinthatanonymousway

((i can’t believe i’m doing this. i cannot be l iev e t h i s. apollo is still at a law firm, and instead of a band klav works with more indie stuff in this. k i l l  m e. dedicated to shep and shoob and everyone else who enjoys cats and dumb, gay lawyers. with love, nandos.))


When he was a child, Klavier’s parents had allowed he and his brother a pet. Klavier had only been around five at the time, so his older brother had pulled the age card, and had chosen a wriggling golden retriever. 

It hadn’t really mattered to Klavier. After the initial adoption of the puppy, he’d gotten it into his head that any animal was allowed to be brought into the Gavin household. Klavier had a habit of dragging any strays that attached itself to him when he’d gotten home from school. Many a cat, dog, and amphibian had been turned down once presented to his mother and father, or worse, found when he’d managed to sneak it into his room.

It hadn’t mattered; as a child he’d loved animals, and taking care of Vongole had really only opened new doors when it came to his tolerance of how many he could handle at a time once he’d moved to Los Angeles and set himself up in his own place.

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Ghost Towns (Luke)

Requested: Nah. This is another story from my old blog that i rewrote to make it better. so i hope you guys like this as much as you loved American Beauty. Also the update day will be friday instead of thursday. -Gabby

Y/n feels like she is invisible to everyone around her. But what happens when she finds out that she isn’t invisible to Luke?


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anonymous asked:

I'm thinking about becoming a lawyer so I'm curious what made you leave it? If you don't want to answer that's OK too.

I was entirely the wrong personality type to be the type of lawyer I was, because I didn’t get enough fulfillment from my job, or from just “beating” someone, to sustain me. I am the type of personality that thrives on having lots of varied interests. I like spending time with friends and family, I like having hobbies. I like having time to write lots of fanfiction and scroll through Tumblr. In the end, I had too many things I wanted to do with my life that weren’t practicing law. I just didn’t get anything out of what I considered the silly little petty squabbles that are the day-to-day in litigation. I just wasn’t interested in the endless tiny maneuverings. I have friends who are still lawyers who thrive on the strategic competitiveness of the whole thing, but I just considered it all pointless. And when you get to the point where you consider what you do to be pointless, then that is where you need more than ever to have a life that is more than what you do. My problem was every waking moment of my life was literally consumed with work, and so from the time I woke up until the time I stumble home after dark and after dinner and fell into bed so I could do it all again the next day, I was doing stuff that I literally considered to be busy work. It was killing me. I cried multiple times a day. I wished I could just die, or wake up and be old and have had the incredibly boring life I was living be over. Feeling pointless and powerless in an all-consuming job bled over to making me feel pointless and powerless on the planet, period. 

And then, like Arthur in the coffee shop AU, I had this moment where I realized that…the rest of my friends practicing law didn’t feel that way. Like, it was an enormous chore to drag myself out of bed every single morning, and I assumed it was like that for everyone, and it turns out that it’s not. It turns out that there are lawyers out there–lawyers I’m really good friends with!–who *love* being lawyers. But they’re not me. They got a lot more out of the satisfaction of doing a good job for a client, of arguing a motion really well, of getting the right outcome in a conference call. They found it interesting and compelling and sustaining. I just didn’t. 

I can’t tell you which personality type you are. What I can tell you is that there are definitely people who adore being lawyers. If you go down that path, and you’re miserable, don’t fall into the trap I did of assuming everyone else is, too, and that’s just what life *is.* 

(I will also say, though, that I loved law school, I loved my first non-firm legal job, I love my current non-firm legal job. I just didn’t like firm practice. There are lots of different types of law, and not liking one type of law life doesn’t mean you won’t like other types.)

That was A LOT being thrown at you, and I’m sorry. I hope some of it was helpful. If this is helpful, too, know that I went into the law because I have a decently analytical brain and I’m a pretty good writer. Legal writing forced me to re-learn everything I knew, so I’m not sure being a good writer is even an advantage, but I think you should like reading and analyzing things. I’m not sure any practice of law is mechanical, except for maybe tax?